tagSci-Fi & FantasyCockweasel Meets The King

Cockweasel Meets The King


The merchant gave a deep moan of pleasure as his thick, rock hard cock slid into the gorgeous brunette's wet mouth. He arched his back as she sucked his length deep into her throat, her red lips forming a tight seal around the very base of his shaft.

He moaned again as the brunette's head began to move up and down in his lap, and he reached down to cup and squeeze one of her heavy, bare breasts, his fingers encircling her nipple and pinching lustfully. The fifty two year old merchant was not exactly handsome, in fact he was balding and fairly overweight, yet here he was with this stunning brunette sucking his hard cock. She had the body of a courtesan, slim and perfectly tanned, long, elegantly slender legs, a beautifully rounded ass and large, flawless tits, not to mention the face of a princess.

"Oh fuck yeah!" grunted the merchant. The girl on her knees at his feet was sucking earnestly at his cock, her tongue doing amazingly pleasurable things as she sucked him deep and fast.

He seized one of the brunette's big hooters in his hand, giving it a hard squeeze, "You've got fucking great tits baby." The merchant then gave her other tit a sharp slap, watching the firm orb quiver and the nipple harden as she popped her mouth off his cock and gasped in surprise at his roughness.

Both of the merchant's hands then moved to her head and he grabbed two handfuls of her glossy brown hair. "Suck that cock bitch!" he said with a horny growl, pushing her head down, her mouth sliding over his cock and plunging downwards until her chin was pressing into his balls, her nose on his flabby belly and the tip of his cock lodged into her throat. He held her head down for a few seconds, hunching his hips up off the chair and humping against her face. When he released her she came up off his cock gasping for air.

The brunette gave him a wicked smile as he leant forward and reached out with both hands, grabbing both of her breasts for a quick and eager feel.

"Okay baby," he said, grinning in anticipation as he groped her tits roughly in his hands, "get sucking!"

The merchant sat back as the beautiful, busty brunette leant forward once again, her head dipping back into his lap to pleasure him with her talented mouth.

"This is the fucking life!" murmured the merchant, his grin spreading wider as he patted the girl on the top of her head. He groaned as her full lips bobbed over the head of his cock, sucking noisily.

She moved her mouth lower, juggling both his testicles on her tongue, and lapping at his hairy ball-sack, before moving her mouth back up his hard shaft and slipping her lips eagerly over the head of his dick again.

For a couple of minutes she alternated places, working at his testicles and the hard shaft of his cock with her tongue. Each time she plunged her mouth back down over his erection, she sucked him all the way to the hilt, her lips pressing around the very base of his shaft and her nose buried in his pubes.

It was all too much for the lucky merchant, he launched himself unsteadily to his feet, his balls churning as he stood over the kneeling beauty, tightly gripping the base of his cock in an attempt to slow down his impending climax.

"Are you ready for it?" he gasped, his face flushed with his arousal from her oral attentions.

"Give it to me," she breathed huskily, opening her mouth to receive his load.

The merchant groaned lustfully, pushing the head of his penis into her waiting mouth whilst still gripping the base of his shaft. His other hand went to the top of her head, spreading his fingers over her skull to hold her in place as he began to jerk on his cock, masturbating himself into her mouth.

The hot young brunette sucked noisily on the head of his cock as he stroked himself faster and faster, the side of his fist banging against her lips. With a loud cry of pleasure his cock exploded, cum flooding into her mouth as he orgasmed.

"Oh fucking yesss!" gasped the chubby merchant, his knees sagging slightly as he unloaded into her willing, sucking mouth.

Both his hands went to her head and he once again pushed himself deep into the brunette's mouth, his dick convulsing as he came heavily. The brunette's eyes went wide at his sudden intrusion into the very back of her mouth, but she didn't miss a beat, swallowing his load without choking.

"Ah, that's so good," breathed the merchant, backing off somewhat and letting the beautiful brunette take over, her mouth gently sucking the last drops of semen from him as he closed his eyes and basked in the pleasurable and satisfying sensations.

When he was finally spent he stepped back and slumped onto his chair, a big, contented smirk on his face.

The kneeling brunette licked her lips and wiped a few stray drips of sperm from her chin and the corner of mouth.

"Now," she announced in an abruptly business-like tone of voice. "About those customer lists..."


In her next appearance, the brunette was now fully clothed.

The dark haired cocksucker, Jenn Raventail, was wearing a tight fitting, brown leather dress. The hemline of the dress sat well above her knee, revealing a generous portion of her spectacular bare thighs as she sat cross legged in a high-backed, wooden chair. The bodice of the dress was tight across her substantial bosom and she was wearing knee-high leather boots that had quite high heels on them and a pair of long knives, with engraved bone handles were strapped to her shapely waist.

"So there were no problems obtaining the merchant's list then?" asked the figure standing on the other side of the wooden desk in front of her.

"No your highness," Jenn said in reply. "I offered him the chance to fuck, but in the end he seemed satisfied with some head."

Jenn Raventail was the King's special agent. Part spy, part thief, part assassin, part bounty hunter, she did the jobs that the King wanted done clandestinely, without attention, and where he could claim ignorance. She was the best at what she did and had never failed her liege.

"Well Jenn, I've got a new job for you," the King told her, moving around the side of the desk to stand behind the chair where she was sitting. "Fancy a trip to the city?"

"Grime, smog, crowds and over-confident thugs?" Jenn said with a grin, "Absolutely. What do you have in mind?"

"The Temple of Swords," the King replied. As he spoke he reached down over Jenn's shoulder and cupped her full left breast through her leather dress, the gorgeous brunette didn't flinch, even smiling slightly as the King began to feel her up.

He gave her tit a firm squeeze as he continued. "There's a paladin there called Sir Cockweasel." The King started to unlace the bodice of Jenn's dress.

"Cockweasel? Cute," remarked Jenn. She licked her lips as she the King slipped his hand inside the bodice of her dress.

"Mmm, nice," breathed the royal. His groping fingers encircled Jenn's ample breast and gave it a firm squeeze, admiring the smooth firmness of her boob. He seized her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and gave it a pinch and a twist.

Jenn gasped as he mauled her tit, "So what's the deal with this Sir Cockweasel then?" she asked.

"He's been boasting about certain... activities he was involved in during the war," explained the King as he fondled Jenn's lovely big breasts, moving his hand over to her right tit to squeeze and caress it as well. "Stand up," he instructed her.

As Jenn uncrossed her legs and stood up, he guided her forward, pushing her against his desk and moving to stand right behind her. He pressed his crotch firmly against her nicely rounded posterior and rubbed his hardening erection against her ass through their clothing.

"What sort of activities?" asked Jenn.

The King pushed her upper body down onto the desk so that she was bent over the edge, the position jutting her perfect ass further towards him so that he could hump against her. "Nothing you need to concern yourself with."

"Of course, your highness," Jenn found it a little hard to maintain the conversation whilst she was bent over the King's desk, but didn't make any complaints. He was the King after all.

"All you need to know is that I want him brought back to me, alive," explained the King as he flipped up the back of Jenn's dress, revealing the firm, round cheeks of her ass. He slapped both his hands onto her smooth, peachy buttocks and squeezed lustfully, his fingertips sinking only slightly into the firm globes.

He released her spectacular ass and moved his hands to his own pants, hurriedly unfastening his trousers and dropping them to his ankles. His long, rock hard erection popped out, red and engorged, ready for action.

The King held his hard cock by the base and rubbed the head over the smooth round cheeks of Jenn's ass.

"Offer Cockweasel as much gold as he wants, do whatever it takes to get him on-side and get him back here without attracting too much attention." The King gave a moan of desire as he pulled apart the firm cheeks of Jenn's buttocks, exposing her glistening wet pussy. It seemed she was appreciating his attentions. "Whatever it takes," he repeated, sliding his hard cock back and forth between the cheeks of Jenn's ass, but not yet penetrating.

"So it's just a matter of zipping down to the Temple, giving this paladin some gold and bringing him back here to you?" said Jenn, trying to sum things up.

The King lined the tip of his cock up with the entrance to Jenn's moist cunt. He paused for a moment and took hold of her shapely hips, then shoved roughly forward, his cock spreading open her pussy lips and pushing deep inside her. Jenn cried out at his entrance, pushing back with her ass to draw him deeper inside her.

He drew back and out slightly, tightening his grip on her hips and then thrusting forward again, shunting her against the desk as he rammed back into her wet cunt and Jenn moaned loudly again.

"It's not going to be quite as easy as it sounds," warned the King as he started to hump against the lovely brunette, their flesh slapping together as he fucked her, each thrust pushing his cock deep within her so that he was buried to the base of his trembling erection.

"I'm sure the paladins won't just let you wander away with one of their number," explained the King as he rammed against Jenn's ass, her leather dress bunched up around her waist as he thrust himself into her. "So you'll have to be discreet, oh fuck that's good," the King groaned in pleasure as he fucked the beautiful, busty brunette, struggling to maintain his line of thought as he got more and more turned on. "And of course Sir Cockweasel may take some convincing. Paladin's are notoriously stubborn."

"I'm sure I can handle it," Jenn assured him, gasping as the King reamed her from behind. Each hard thrust caused Jenn's firm, well-formed buttocks to quiver.

"Indeed. I have every faith that you'll come through for me, just like you always do. Oh fuck!"

With that he plunged deep into Jenn's cunt, arching his back as he exploded up inside her. His buttocks clenched tight as he groaned in pleasure, his cock throbbing and spasming as he blew his load into her tight pussy.

"Yeah baby!" moaned the King, gripping her hips tightly and riding his climax deep within her snatch.

"Of course if you don't bring him back, then unfortunately there will be no payment, and I will be most disappointed," said the King when he finally pulled out of Jenn, stepping back and leaving her bent over his desk, her dress bunched up around her waist and her perfect ass left bare.

"Whatever happens, my name is not to be mentioned." He moved around to the other side of the desk near Jenn's head. "Clean please." she leant forward, smiling as she opened her mouth and sucked his cock gently inside. The lovely brunette slurped noisily as she sucked up the combination of his spent load and her own sticky pussy juices, moving her mouth up and down her boss's shaft as she sucked him clean.

The King smiled and closed his eyes; he loved briefing his best agent.


Lady Gwendallyn, paladin of the temple of swords, knelt on the floor beside the bed topless.

In front of her, naked from the waist down was Sir Cockweasel the goblin paladin and her cohort of numerous adventures.

"This wasn't what I had in mind Cockweasel," Gwendallyn muttered in irritation. The beautiful blonde paladin's full, firm breasts thrust proudly from her exposed chest, the small nipples that topped the sizeable peaks were stiff and goose-pimped from the cool air.

"Hey now!" protested Cockweasel, waggling his green finger at her. "You said no cocksucking or fucking. That my dick wasn't allowed in your pussy, mouth or ass. You didn't say anything about no titty fucking."

Gwendallyn sighed, the action causing her impressive rack to jiggle. Cockweasel was right. She thought she'd negotiated the terms of their deal down enough so that at the most she'd have to give him was a handjob, but it had turned out that the goblin's devious little mind was far more perverted than hers.

To be fair though, Cockweasel had more than fulfilled his side of the bargain. The two of them had been sent to the Amazon tribes on a diplomatic mission by the Lord Knight Jontar. The whole mission had the potential to have been a political disaster; Gwendallyn knew that the goblin's hormones would have been in overdrive amongst all those statuesque Amazonian warriors. Amazingly, Cockweasel had kept his promise and kept his hands, and penis, to himself for the entire trip, and the mission had been a complete success.

"Okay Cockweasel. Fair enough. You can fuck my tits then. But make sure you cum on my chest, not in my face. I don't want to get it in my eye again."

"Whatever sugar-tits," agreed Cockweasel. "Now bring those fun bags over to Cockweasel!"

Lady Gwendallyn shuffled closer and Cockweasel reached out, grabbing her ample breasts, one in each hand. He pulled the busty blonde forward by her tits so that he could wrap the vast melons around the already hard shaft of his cock, nestling his eager erection in her deep cleavage.

"That's nice and snug," murmured the goblin as he started to slide Gwendallyn's breasts up and down the sides of his cock, his hands pressing the ample globes together to form a snug sheath for his prick. Gwendallyn's big jugs felt so warm and soft around his prick.

After about a minute of this he paused. "Hmm, not quite right," he murmured. "Need a bit of lubrication."

Cockweasel bent down licked his tongue across the inside slope of Gwendallyn's big right breast, causing the beautiful blonde paladin to gasp in surprise. Cockweasel gave a moan as he ran his tongue up the length of Gwendallyn's cleavage and then sucked her left nipple in his mouth. The goblin gave a small moan of appreciation as he nursed gently on her tit and then worked his mouth across to her other breast, giving her right nipple a similar treatment.

After a couple minutes of that he leant back on the bed. "Lick my cock a bit," he instructed. "Get it nice and wet."

Lady Gwendallyn frowned at the horny goblin's request. "Hang on! I said no blowjobs!"

"You said I wasn't allowed my cock in your mouth," corrected Cockweasel, although technically she had said no cocksucking. "You didn't say anything about licking. Just make sure you keep your tongue out and it'll be within the rules."

Lady Gwendally sighed, she didn't particularly want any chafing in her cleavage so some lubrication wasn't a bad idea. "Fine." She bent down into Cockweasel's lap, her tongue coming out to swipe across the head of his stubby green erection. The gorgeous blonde grimaced slightly at the taste of him, but pressed on, running her tongue down the side of his hard shaft and licking him around the base.

Cockweasel moaned contentedly as the busty knight licked him all over his penis for several minutes. Even spitting on the head of his penis a couple of times and using her tongue to spread it down his shaft. By the time she was finished his erection was more than sufficiently slicked up.

Cockweasel grabbed Gwendallyn's tits again, and pulled her chest down towards his lap. The busty paladin helped the goblin press her big boobs around his cock, the soft melons hugging his erect snugly.

"Oh that feel great baby!" breathed Cockweasel as Gwendallyn started to rub her big tits up and down the goblin's hard cock. Cockweasel placed his hands on Gwendallyn's bare shoulders to urge her faster as she began to bounce her rack up and down over Cockweasel's erection. The wetness of her saliva on his trembling shaft allowed her to fuck his cock rapidly with her big tits.

Cockweasel let Gwendallyn pump her fat tits over his cock for several minutes before he again stopped proceedings. "Still not quite right. Lie on your back on the bed," instructed the goblin as he climbed to his feet.

The topless paladin lay back on the bed, her full breasts jutting up impressively from her chest as she watched, bemused, as Cockweasel walked over to a plate of food on a table on the other side of the room. What was he up to now?

Cockweasel scooped out two handfuls of soft butter from a small bowl next to a loaf of bread and made his way back across the room to the bed.

Grinning eagerly, the goblin straddled Lady Gwendallyn's stomach and pressed his butter covered paws down onto her large knockers.

"I love these puppies," murmured Cockweasel as he started to grease up Gwendallyn's ample bust with copious amounts of butter. "I've been wanting to fuck these things since I first met you," he told her. "I can't believe it's taken me so long to get around to it."

Cockweasel's green hands were sliding all over Gwendallyn's slippery boobs and he started to squeeze and grope her as he rubbed. When he was finally satisfied and Gwendallyn's breasts had been thoroughly manhandled, he shuffled up her body and positioned his cock between her tits again.

The goblin's slippery, butter covered hands pressed Gwendallyn's big tits together around his cock, forming a tight, slippery sheath for him to fuck. Gwendallyn craned her neck up to see as Cockweasel started to fuck her big tits, thrusting his erection between her gigantic hooters. With each thrust, Gwendallyn could see the shining green head of Cockweasel's cock poke through the top of her cleavage, greasy with a yellowy sheen of butter.

"Oh yeah!" groaned Cockweasel, his hips were now jackhammering, his hard cock pummelling eagerly into her cleavage, the inside of his thighs pressing against the underside of Gwendallyn's big soft tits as he thrust up between them.

Each time Cockweasel shoved himself between the paladin's tits, the motion causing her titflesh to jiggle and shake across her chest.

Gwendallyn brought her hands up to help him hold the sides of her tits, keeping the sheath around the goblin's cock as snug and tight as possible, maximising the slippery friction and stimulation the titfuck was sending through Cockweasel's prick.

The goblin moaned, pinching the busty blonde's hard nipples as he thrust between her huge boobs. The sensation of his hard cock sliding between the soft globes of her breasts was magnificent.

Cockweasel groaned, his hips bucking with wild abandon as he fucked the paladins big tits.

"Ohhh fuck!" the goblin gave an almighty groan as he thrust up into the curvy paladin's cleavage.

Lady Gwendallyn's eyes went wide as she saw the head of the goblin's green cock emerge at the top of her cleavage and Cockweasel gave a loud cry. She saw the slit on the head of his cock pulse and then a thick robe to sticky cum spurted from the tip.

Gwendallyn's eyes went wide and her mouth opened in surprise as Cockweasel's cum splattered into her face. The biggest rope landed right in her mouth, but one large droplet went in her left eye as well, forcing her to squeeze her eyes closed in irritation.

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