Cockweasel Meets The King


Cockweasel moaned as his hips rolled back and the next couple of spurts shot up the length of Gwendallyn's cleavage and splashed against the underside of her chin and neck, giving her a thick pearl necklace.

Cockweasel pumped his hips a few more times, grabbing Gwendallyn's ample breasts in his hands and squeezing them firmly together around his cock to milk out the last drops of his load.

"That hit the spot," he murmured as he slowed his thrusts.

Gwendallyn blinked as she raised her hand up to wipe the cum from her left eye. Would she ever learn?

It took Gwendallyn about quarter of an hour to get all the butter and cum cleaned up. As she washed her chest and face, Cockweasel lay on the bed, watching her and playing with himself.

"Do you really have to leave right now?" Cockweasel asked her as she pulled her tunic back over her head.

Lady Gwendallyn turned back to Cockweasel and made a face as she saw he was hard again. "Damn Cockweasel, doesn't that thing ever go down?"

Cockweasel grinned lewdly. "If you put it in your mouth it'll go down."

Gwendallyn rolled her eyes. "Sorry Cockweasel. Lord Jontar has sent me on another mission. I'll be away for at least a week or two."

"Two weeks?" repeated the goblin in dismay. "But what about this?" he asked, gesturing towards his freshly stiffened erection.

Gwendallyn sighed in disgust. "Use your hand," she snapped, grabbing her sword belt and heading for the door, leaving the poor goblin alone in the room, his hard cock in one hand.

Cockweasel glanced down at his cock and gave a shrug. He hadn't really expected to get a blowjob, but it had been worth a try. He started to stroke his prick in his hand. It wouldn't pay to let his erection go to waste. He might end up with blue balls.

He was just getting into it when there was a knock on the door.

"She changed her mind about the bj maybe?" muttered Cockweasel hopefully.

A moment later the knock game again, louder and more insistent this time.

"Shit!" he repeated with sigh, stuffing his prick back into his pants. If it had been Gwendallyn back so soon, she probably wouldn't have knocked.

There was yet another knock on the door, it seemed whoever was there was not going away any time soon. "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming!" he called out.

As the goblin yanked open the door, his mouth dropped open in surprise at the sight that greeted him, he had been expecting one of the squires or other paladins.

Instead, standing at the doorway was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, even including the sexy Lady Gwendallyn. She was tall, brown haired, well endowed and gorgeous, wearing a short, brown leather dress that clung tightly to the interesting curves of her sensational figure.

Jenn Raventail was also a little surprised by the sight that greeted her. Sir Cockweasel the Paladin, was in fact a short, green-skinned goblin, dressed in a grubby pair of grey woollen pants and no tunic.

"Sir Cockweasel?" Jenn asked, not letting his race put her off.

The chubby little goblin managed to close his mouth and swallow.

"Are you Sir Cockweasel?" demanded Jenn. The plunging neckline of Jenn's dress displayed an ample amount of cleavage that immediately drew Cockweasel's gaze.

The goblin licked his lips. "Yes, that's me." He eventually managed to say. What was such a beautiful woman doing at his door?

"Good," said Jenn, glancing over her shoulder down the hallway to make sure no one else was there, and then pushing the small goblin back into his room with a hand on his chest. She quickly followed him inside and slammed the door shut behind them.

"What's this all about?" demanded Cockweasel, managing to regain some of wits as he was bustled inside his room.

"You're Sir Cockweasel the paladin?" repeated Jenn as they stood just inside the goblin's room. She glanced down and for the first time noticed the tent in the front of the paladin's grey pants.

"Yes, I told you that already," he replied hesitantly. "Goblin's can be paladins you know."

"There's someone that wants to meet you," Jenn told him.

Cockweasel swallowed as he glanced down at Jenn's chest, amazed at the way her tight fitting bodice was so nicely filled out. "Um... as much as I'd like to come with you, I'm kind of busy at the moment..." He was in the middle of wanking after all.

"He's prepared to pay you," she told him.

Cockweasel's eyes narrowed. "How much?"

"One hundred gold bars" she whispered, stepping forward so that she was right in front of him. Cockweasel stumbled back in surprise, his back pressing against the wall behind him.

"Did you say a hundred?" he repeated in amazement. That was a fortune by any estimate. "Who is it that wants to meet me anyway?"

"I'm afraid that my client would rather remain anonymous at this point in time," said Jenn, still standing right in front of him, only about a foot between their bodies. Cockweasel's cock was jutting against the front of his pants, pointing straight at the busty brunette, but it didn't seem to faze her.

"What does he want with me?" asked Cockweasel suspiciously. One hundred gold bars was a lot to offer someone for no apparent reason.

"The deal is that you come with me right now, then you get your gold when we get back to my client," explained Jenn. "Besides, you'll be safer with me."

"Safer? What do mean by that?" Cockweasel was starting to get confused now. Who was this strange woman anyway?

Jenn took another step towards Cockweasel, pressing her soft body right up against him now. The goblin sucked in a sharp gasp of air as he felt the brunette's big tits press against his chest and his cock jutted against her firm thigh. Normally he would have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but right now he was feeling rather confused and a little worried. Okay, so maybe he was still enjoying it a little despite his confusion.

"If you don't come with me you'll be in danger," Jenn said softly, one of her hands rising to gently touch the goblin on the hip.

Cockweasel swallowed, was that a threat or a warning? With his back against the wall he could not have moved away even if he'd wanted to, but he wasn't sure he did want to move away as the brunette's curvy body felt rather interesting pressed against him. "Danger?"

"They'll be coming for you soon," Jenn told him in a soothing voice, she stroked his hip and her hand traced up his side tenderly.

"Who?" squeaked Cockweasel, his voice cracking slightly. He was acutely aware of Jenn's body as she pressed harder against him, her ample breasts flattening against his chest. "I haven't done anything wrong?" Had he?

"So you'll come with me then?" asked Jenn seductively. She moved her thigh against him, pressing against his already hard erection. Her leg felt warm.

"I...I don't...oh shit!" Cockweasel's protests were suddenly halted as Jenn's soft hand slid down from his hip and slipped up between his legs, cupping his crotch through his pants. At the same time she swayed her upper body, rubbing her big tits across his chest. This girl was beautiful, even hotter than Lady Gwendallyn, and besides, Gwendallyn was gone for the next couple weeks, or so she'd said.

"I'll make it worth your while," Jenn breathed, leaning down to kiss him softly on the cheek as her hand began to gently massage his swollen crotch. "I can be very friendly Cockweasel. Very, very friendly."

Jenn softly kissed her way down along the goblin's jaw-line as she slipped her hand down into the waistband of his grey woollen pants. She planted a feather-soft kiss on his frozen lips as her soft hand went inside his pants and took hold of his rock hard penis, gripping it firmly.

"If you come with me, not only will you get the gold," Jenn whispered seductively as she pulled out his hard cock and began to stroke it in her soft hand, her other hand slipping down to cup his churning testicles in her palm. "You'll also get to do whatever you like to me."

Jenn kissed the still confused goblin again as she wanked him, her hand fisting over his cock as she toyed with his balls. She gently gave Cockweasel's lower lip a playful bite and then covered his mouth with a more passionate kiss, her tongue diving into his mouth. The stunned goblin's eyes went wide with surprise as the beautiful woman kissed him, his hard cock twitching in her hand.

"Oh wow!" moaned Cockweasel as they broke off their kiss, he could hardly believe this hot human had his penis in her hand. He stared down at the plunging front of her dress, admiring the ample swells of her big boobs and her deep cleavage. He looked lower and saw his hard cock in the woman's soft hand, the sight was absolutely amazing.

Unable to help himself, Cockweasel's head dropped forward and he pressed his face into the pillowed mounds of her huge breasts, burying his nose in Jenn's cleavage. This was much more in character for the horny little goblin that his previous stunned silence.

The buxom brunette opened her mouth to speak when suddenly Cockweasel cried out, his moans muffled by his face-full of big breasts. Jenn gasped in surprise as the cock in her hand suddenly convulsed, semen spurting from the tip and spattering over her stomach, drenching the front of her soft leather dress.

Cockweasel grunted into the brunette's chest, his hips twitching as his cock spurted again, splashing more of his load onto her as his weight sagged against her, his knee's weakening.

"Holy shit," groaned Cockweasel, leaning back against the wall, leaving the tops of Jenn's breasts glistening with his drool and the front of her dress sticky with his cum. He'd already worked himself up with his own hand prior to the busty brunette's arrival. Her skilful manipulations had set him over the edge, she gave a great handjob he had to admit.

"Well that was interesting," remarked Jenn, stepping back and wiping her sticky hand on her already messy dress. "We have to get out of here," she announced as Cockweasel stuffed his spent cock back into his pants, a silly grin on his face.

Suddenly there was a sharp knock on the door and they both froze in place.

"Is there another way out?" whispered Jenn, keeping her voice low.

Cockweasel's eyes were wide as he shook his head vigorously. "No." He hadn't believed her when she'd said that he was in danger, but perhaps he had done something wrong after all.

"Window?" Jenn asked.

Cockweasel nodded. He had no interest in finding out who was on the other side of the door.

"Let's go!" hissed Jenn, grabbing the goblin by the hand and pulling him across the room.

Jenn yanked the shutters open and peered outside. About ten feet below them was the roof of the Temple stables.

"All clear, let's go!" she ordered.

"Open up! We know you're in there!" yelled a gruff voice from on the other side of the door, punctuated with another series of urgent thumps on the door.

Cockweasel clambered out the window and dropped down ahead of Jenn, landing on the roof of the stables. A crashing sound came from the room above as the person outside the door attempted to ram it open.

"Quick!" urged Jenn as they hurriedly climbed down the side of the stable to the ground. Cockweasel looked up as he was near the bottom and almost stopped as he was rewarded with a great view up Jenn's short dress to her shaven mound and lovely posterior. He raised one eyebrow as she saw her pussy was completely hairless.

"Hurry!" she repeated, snapping him back into action.

They hit the ground and made a dash for the gates of the Temple compound, at this early evening time of day they still stood open. There was a crash and shouting from Cockweasel's room as they slipped out into the streets of the city.

"Go, go, go!" Jenn led them at a run down the street without pausing to look back to see if their pursuers were giving chase.

She led Cockweasel hurriedly through the city streets towards the poorer side of town near the river.

"In here!" she said as they passed a bustling tavern, busy with the crowds from the docks. "We'll lay low in the crowds here."

The tavern was thick with dock workers, local farmers and a few sailors, drinking rowdily and completely filling the small common-room. The crowd was the perfect place to hide from any pursuers.

Jenn and Cockweasel threaded their way quickly through the crowd, heading straight to the far side of the tavern, well away from the door where the crowds were thickest.

"We should be able to hide out here, I don't think they saw us come inside," whispered Jenn, standing close in front of Cockweasel. This was the busiest side of the tavern, it was standing room only. As the other customer's pushed their way towards the bar behind them, it became more and more cramped and Jenn was pressed right up against Cockweasel.

"Who were they?" asked Cockweasel, still rather stunned by the whole situation. One minute he was jerking off by himself, the next minute this hot brunette had finished him off and he was being chased through the city streets.

"I don't know," admitted Jenn. "But I doubt they were going to give you gold." Jenn felt a sailor press up against her from behind, forced into her by the crowd. Sure, there were a lot of people in the common room, but she was sure he was standing a whole lot closer than he needed to. Under the circumstances she didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention. It was possible they hadn't lost their pursuer and he had followed them into the tavern.

"So are you serious about the money?" asked Cockweasel dubiously. He still couldn't figure out why someone was wanting to pay so much gold just to meet with him.

"Dead serious," Jenn assured him. The man behind her was rubbing himself against her and she was pretty sure he had a hard-on.

"Couldn't this...client of yours, have just come in person for this chat?" asked Cockweasel.

"No," insisted Jenn. "The deal is that you come with me. Besides, I'll make sure that you're very well looked after."

Cockweasel couldn't help but glance at the cum-stains on her leather dress. Perhaps going with the the buxom brunette wasn't such a bad idea after all. With Gwendallyn going away for a week or two he would have got bored at the Temple anyway. There was only so many times he could have tricked Johanna from the Temple of Adeva into fucking or sucking him.

The crowd moved and Jenn felt the man behind her hump against her ass. She tried to look over her shoulder and at least give him an angry glare, but the crowded tavern made it impossible to turn. She stiffened when she felt a clammy, sweaty hand touch the back of her thigh.

"I'm sorry about your dress," Cockweasel said to Jenn after a few moments silence.

"That's ok Cockweasel," she replied with a warm smile. She felt the hand on the back of her thigh slide upwards. She resisted the urge to slam her elbow backwards as she felt the hand pushing up the back of her dress.

"I think the guy behind me is copping a feel," she whispered to as the sailor grabbed a handful of her firm ass, squeezing eagerly.

Cockweasel raised an eyebrow, tilting his head down and unsuccessfully trying to get a look at the hand kneading Jenn's perfectly taut buttock.

"I'd knock the guys head off, but I don't want to cause a scene," Jenn whispered. She gasped aloud as he ran his hand over her ass, then reached right up between her legs and brushed his fingers over the lower edge of her pussy.

"There's a chance those guys from the temple followed us in here," said Jenn, biting her lower lip as she felt the hand rubbing the crack of her ass.

"I can't decide if this is creepy or hot," murmured Cockweasel, staring at Jenn with a grin on his face, wishing he could see the guy's hand. Usually he was the one doing the groping so it was a novel situation to be the observer.

Jenn could feel the sailor's hot breath on the back of her neck as his index finger moved up between her thighs again. She tried to press her thighs together, but it was no use. His finger wormed it's way inside the entrance of her pussy and at the same time she felt his thumb pressing against her puckered asshole.

"Fucking hell!" she whispered, her eyes widening as his finger probed her cunt. She'd never been so outrageously groped in public like this.

"What?" asked Cockweasel, almost eagerly. The little prick seemed to be enjoying her discomfort.

"He's got his finger in my pussy," she whispered.

Cockweasel stared hard at her crotch, but all he could see was her dress.

The man's finger began to slide in and out of her pussy as his thumb rubbed at her asshole, Jenn's breathing began to become a little heavier as she felt herself getting slightly aroused, despite her efforts to resist.

"I swear, I'm going to break his fucking finger," hissed Jenn as she felt his thumb actually entering her anus. His index finger was buried in her pussy to the second knuckle.

"Fuck this," she snapped at last. "Follow me Cockweasel."

Jenn resisted the urge to punch the grinning sailor as she pulled away from him, extracting his hand from under her dress as she pushed away through the crowd. As they disappeared from sight she glanced back to see the man sucking her juices off his index finger, winking at her.

"What a fucking asshole!" she muttered.

They made their way over to the crowded bar where Jenn spoke with the tavern keeper and passed him a couple of coins. He handed her back a key.

"I've booked passage on a river barge tomorrow morning," she told Cockweasel as they made their way over to the staircase leading up to the tavern's rooms. "Until then we'll stay put here. Hopefully whoever was chasing us won't track us down tonight."

The room upstairs was nicer than Cockweasel had been expecting. The large bed on one side of the room even had clean looking blankets on it, which was unusual for a tavern this close to the river.

"This has been a crazy night," muttered Cockweasel, sitting down on the edge of the bed and shaking his head as Jenn locked the door behind them.

"Don't worry," Jenn assured him. "I'll make sure you're safe, you can trust me, I'm very good at my job." She sat down on the bed beside him, crossing her long legs as her short dress rode up her thighs displaying plenty of her long tanned legs. The action looked almost practised, deliberate.

"You remember back at the temple..." began Cockweasel hesitantly. He turned slightly to face towards the gorgeous brunette.


"When you said that you were very friendly?"

"Yes?" Jenn smiled, dropping a hand onto Cockweasel's knee as she immediately saw where this was going.

"Remember when you said I could do whatever I wanted to you?"

"I remember," murmured Jenn, stroking up and down his thigh with one fingertip.

"Were you serious?" he asked.

"Very serious." Jenn nodded in reply.

The horny goblin didn't need any more invitation. "Oh God!" he breathed as he reached up and placed his hand over her right tit, expecting at any moment for his hand to get slapped away. "Mmm," he murmured in appreciation as he gave Jenn's breast a squeeze through the soft leather of her bodice. Her boob felt so warm and soft and big, overflowing his hand as he squeezed it.

"Why don't you take your dress off?" he suggested, still testing the limits of the busty brunette's willingness.

"Whatever you want," she replied, reaching up and starting to unlace the front of her bodice. When it was loosened she stood up and shrugged the dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor and unveiling her naked body.

Cockweasel gave a small groan of appreciation at the sight of Jenn naked. She looked absolutely amazing. Her slender, lithe figure was curved in all the right places. He could see that her pussy was completely hairless, and felt an immediate stirring in his loins. Jenn's big hooters jiggled slightly as she kicked aside her discarded dress and sat back down beside Cockweasel.

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