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Cockwhores Sexfest


I love turning my husband into a fuckboy. He's always been a great fuck with a thick, 9 inch cock. But he's turned into a great ass and pussy worshipper and also a wonderful cockwhore. He worships my bald pussy and loves to suck and lick my asshole. We love sex. He also loves cock. It started with dildos and strap-ons and cum squirting rubber cocks.

Now he's my fuckboy and I'm his slutty whore.

One day an unmarked package arrived in the mail addressed to him so I called him at work.

"What's in this package, I'm going to open it." I breathed into the phone

"It's got surprises for our next fuckfest," he replied

I quickly hung up and opened the package to reveal a life-like, thick 10" rubber cock with balls and a suction cup. It also contained a strap-on harness with a cock attached and a hole in the crotch. I loved the look and feel of these new toys and I wondered what kind of depraved sex my husband was going to get us into. My pussy was dripping wet now but I continued my search. Next was a double headed dildo slighter smaller in diameter than the cock and balls, but over 14 inches long and still big. God, I love big cocks! And finally two cock rings, one rubber and one leather. Wow, I was so fucking horny; I just had to have one of those cocks in my pussy fucking me.

I called him back.

"You really got me ready to suck and fuck baby. When are you coming home?"

"I'm going to fuck all your holes baby," my husband said. "I'm going to put on the strap-on, squeeze my dick through the hole so I can fuck your pussy and your ass at the same time. I'm going to cum in your ass while I stick that rubber cock in your mouth. Would you like that slut?"

"Uh huh," was all I could say. And "I'm starting without you." Then I hung up.

I quickly got naked and took my new toys to the sink and gently washed them all the while feeling the cocks, paying special attention to the cock with balls. It felt so life-like so I stuck it in my mouth while I washed the others. Oh how I love a hard cock in my mouth.

I put a towel down on our bed, got the lube out and began to fuck my pussy with the gorgeous, rubber dick. I got it all the way in so the rubber balls were touching my clit while I fucked myself. I started slamming myself with that hard cock while the balls rammed my clit. I took it out of my pussy and stuck it in my mouth and got the double dildo and fucked myself with it, all the while sucking the cock with balls that I just fucked my own pussy with. Oh, how I wish I could lick my own clit!

Then I heard the door and knew my husband was home. "I'm in the bedroom."

He walked in and saw me with a cock in my mouth and one in my hot pussy.

"I see my slutty whore likes her new cock toys. You look like a naughty fuckslut! A dick in your mouth and one in your slutty pussy. I bet you can't wait to get ALL your holes filled. Huh baby? I see one more fuckhole that needs to be filled."

He immediately stripped naked and his cock was rock hard and ready.

"Are you my cockwhore?"

"Yes!" I replied

"Do you like being a slut?"


"Say it!" he commanded

"I like being a slut."

"Say you love it!" he demanded.

"I love being a slut!"

"Do you like cock?"


"Say it, slut!"

"I love cock. I love cocks in all my slutty fuckholes!"

"Tell me you're a fuckslut and like to get fucked in the ass!"

"I'm an asswhore and cockslut that needs to be fucked in the ass. I want to suck your cock with my asshole!" The words came from me so easily.

He got down and starting sucking and licking my pussy while I continued to fuck my double dildo cock. He sucked my clit all the while making it so fucking wet with his hot, wet mouth.

"You love cocks and you're going to cum on that big dick while I suck your pussy!"

And I came so hard I was dizzy.

He then pulled the dildo out of my freshly fucked pussy and shoved the cock in his mouth. That's when I knew he would become a cocksucker for me.

"Wow baby, you really look hot with a cock in your mouth," I said. "Are you a fuckboy now, or have you sucked cock before?" He didn't answer, just continued to suck that dildo. Then he stood up, still with the cock in his mouth and put the strap-on harness on and squeezed his hard dick through the hole in the leather crotch. His shaved balls and hard cock were all the way through the bottom of the strap-on and the rubber cock was just above it sticking straight out at my face and cock hungry mouth. Yummy, two cocks to suck and get fucked with at the same time! He slipped the double dildo out of his mouth and handed it to me. I grabbed it with slutty lust and held it to my lips.

"Are you ready to suck cock for me slut?" My husband asked.

I dropped to my knees in front of him a wrapped my lips around his hard shaft as the strap-on cock rubbed against my forehead. I felt like a complete tramp and a whore lusting for more cocks. I bobbed on his dick for a moment.

"Now suck the other hard dick, baby," he whispered

So I began to alternate between my husband's cock and the strap-on cock just above it. The lust in his eyes told me he loved to watch me suck cocks!

"Are you ready my slutty whore? Are you ready to get fucked?"

"Yeah baby, fuck me with your dicks! I need cocks in all my fuck holes!"

So fuckboy laid me on the bed, spread my legs and started licking and sucking my asshole. He moved to my pussy and back to my ass. I came in his face. I thought, wow, I have a great pussy and ass licking fuckboy that likes a cock in his mouth too! And now he's going to double fuck me.

He lubed the strap-on like he was fisting another dick.

"Yeah, baby. Stroke that cock for me." I purred.

"I'm getting these cocks nice and hard and ready to fuck your sweet horny ass and pussy." he said and then slowly worked the fake cock into my pussy.

And then he fucked my ass with his cock just below the strap-on dildo. He worked his lubed up fuck stick into my wanton asshole and started to fuck me. Now both my holes were filled and he pumped faster.

"Oh my god! Fuck my slutty ass, fuckboy! Fuck my pussy and ass together! I need cocks in my holes and cum in my face!" I shouted.

"Tell me how you love to fuck!" He whispered.

"I love to fuck cocks. I love to suck cocks and eat cum. I need cocks in all my slut holes. I need to get fucked and have you cum in my ass. Cum in my ass! Cum in my ass!"

Fuckboy took the rubber cock with balls and stuck it in my mouth which I greedily wrapped my lips around and sucked like it was his! My muffled talking was barely understandable!

"Coom ma mouff, cumm n ma assho," I mumbled with a dick in my mouth, one in my hot pussy and my husband's hard dick slamming my ass.

And then he shot his load deep into my asshole and made me cum like never before. Holy shit I was becoming a true fuckslut, cum sucking and ass fucking whore and I loved it. All my holes filled by my dildo sucking, big dicked husband.

He was still hard when he pulled his cock out of my ass. I let the fake cock fall from my lips and he lay next to me to catch his breath.

"I want you to sit on my face." He whispered. "I want your pussy and ass riding this!" he said as he took the suction cup side of the fat rubber cock and stuck it in his mouth. The dick was standing straight up from his mouth with the balls just above his lips as he lay on his back. What a sight! My fuckboy with a dildo in his mouth ready for me to fuck his face.

"Get up here and squat down onto this big cock and ride my face." I did what I was told and because my freshly fucked pussy was still lubed up, I easily got the 10" inch rubber dick inside me. I was riding his face and my ass was rubbing his nose as his cum dripped out of my ass. I grabbed his still hard cock while I was bouncing on his face all the time feeling the huge rubber cock in my pussy.

"You like my ass in your face, fuckboy? You like me fucking your mouth dildo and jerking your hard cock? I'm gonna cum on your little fuckface, slutboy!" After about ten minutes of fucking the rubber cock stuck in his mouth I came all over that face of his and all over that dildo. I got off his face, pulled the suction cup end out of his mouth and turned the fake cock around to my husband's mouth. "Wanna taste this big, pussy soaked cock? It's got my cum on it. Wanna suck this dick for me?" So I stuck dildo cock in his mouth and he loved it! "I can tell by how hard your cock is that you love to suck a cock that just fucked your slut wife's pussy!" Mmmm is all he could say. How would you like a hard cock in your ass baby? Just like you fucked my ass, would you like me to fuck your ass, baby?" All he could say with that rubber dick in his mouth was Mmmm.

"Put this pillow under your ass, I'm gonna make you a cockwhore." I grabbed the double headed dildo and started sucking it. "You like watching me suck cock, don't you baby? Almost as much a s sucking cock yourself." I lubed the double dildo up and rubbed some lube on my husband's asshole too. He moaned, so I went further. I slowly worked the dick into his butt hole. Just rotating the head of the rubber two sided cock. Then I pushed a little harder and it went right in! Wow, what a slut!

"Does my fuckboy like cock in his ass?" I had the double dildo in his ass and about half was sticking out so I opened my legs and moved my ass to his and placed the other end into my pussy. Now he was in a sitting up position with a cock in his mouth and his legs spread with the double dildo in his ass. I was facing him in almost the same position with the other end shoved into my hot pussy. I started to gyrate my hips and thrust forward to try to "fuck" him. It was working! I was fucking my husband's ass with a dildo in my pussy.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass, fuckboy! You like being a fuckboy? You like getting fucked? You like sucking cock and getting fucked you little slut? You like when I call you fuckboy, don't you? You're a cock sucking, ass whore. C'mon bitchboy ride my hard dick! Fuck my cock! Cum for me. Jerk your meat for me fuckboy. Cum all over yourself while you get fucked! I want to see you squirt all over yourself!"

And he stroked his cock for me. While I came, he squirted a huge load straight up and over to his chest. Some cum landed on his cheek and chin. I quickly pulled out of him and sat by his face. I took the cock that was still in his mouth and slapped his face with it. I then rubbed the cum from his chin and cheek onto the dildo and fed him the fake, cum covered dick.

"Suck that cum filled cock, fuckboy. Eat that cum you slut! You like eating your own cum, don't you?"

He could only answer Mmmm.

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