Coco Dynamo Ch. 03


He waved his finger at her, then turned and pointed to Tim, "and don't scold her unless it's playful."

"What next?" Coco asked, now thoroughly relaxed in the role of teacher.

"Umm, I don't know how to say this, but," Tim hesitated, "how do know?"

He put emphasis on the word "know".

Coco and Ben looked at each other and nodded once. A long nod knowing what was coming.

"Okay," Ben said, "we probably won't note as much vocal as things get going."

He and Coco kissed again, not bothering to hear Tim's "uh-huh". Ben was over Coco, one of her hands on the back of his head, the other on his hip. He braced himself on one hand, his other was on her waist, moving up and down.

He pulled away, she continued kissing his neck as he said, "don't maul her, see my hand. I'm not immediately going to the goods. Here's one of the most important pieces of advice I can give, write it down and underline it: Foreplay. Is. Important."

Coco let out a tiny moan and said in a breathy voice, "yes, yes it is."

Ben kissed her neck, then her collar bone, her eyes were closed and her hands directing his head. He unbuttoned the lab coat, she sat up and threw it off, their lips returned together. Her body much more visible now, just a red tube top and leather miniskirt. Here nipples stood out like turkey-testers under the cotton fabric of the top.

She pulled Ben's shirt up, he raised his arms, their kissing broken only by his shirt passing between them. Her hands ran up-and-down his slightly hairy chest.

"Wow," Tim said, rapt, only taking a few notes here-and-there, "I'm super ticklish on my chest and tummy, so I'd be giggling."

Ben and Coco broke the kiss and laughed softly. Her face was red and she quickly moved her finger tips on his belly and Ben shrunk away with a yelping laugh.

"Ticklishness is fairly common," she said. Ben moved back to her, ignoring the tickling and gently grabbed one of her breasts in his strong hand. She sighed and looked into his eyes, his other hand found her other breast and he started kneading them softly through the red strip of cotton. Tim's notes were something about groping being fine after some kissing.

Ben's fingers went under the material, gently moved the tips of them over her nipples. He pushed the material up, off her breasts and they spilled out, like gelatin. The tube top made it up the her wrists, where he quickly and firmed tightened it around them, pinning Coco with her hands together above her head. He held her arms up there and took one of her breasts into his mouth. She grinned wide and bit her lower lip, he moved to the other and did the same, she let out a tiny, "mmmm."

He let her hands go, but she kept them above her head, as he had to move lower down her stomach. He kissed her abs, following the middle line that highlighted her belly. When he got to the skirt he skipped it and kissed the insides of her thighs. She let out a moan, as his lips explored one of her favorite erogenous zones. Ben pulled the skirt down her long, shapely legs, and he kissed his way back up them, paying special attention to the back of her knee and, again, her thighs.

"I love having my legs kissed," she cooed as Ben neared the pink triangle that was her panties, "it feels sooo hot. I'm sure other girls like it."

Tim wrote, but noted down the tone of her voice, much further gone in sexual activity than the earlier, more commanding tone. Ben took a peck kiss to her pantied pussy, she let out a gentle moan. He began to work on her through the little pink thong, one of her hands was now on the back of his head, the other pulling at one of her own breasts. Ben and Coco only had eyes for each other now.

The panties were off and he was licking her up now, his tongue working over her love bean, fingers gently running up and down her wavy pussy lips. She was in a building ecstasy as Ben pushed a finger into her moist sex. Tim was doodling the techniques down in his notebook, now several pages in. He put little progression tips and arrows on what went after what. The tongue rotations and movements were given difficulty tiers and skill levels.

Coco went over the edge, grinding herself into Ben's mouth, her juices dribbling down his chin. Ben sat up, a hand on Coco's cheek, pulling her with him, her face in a recovering visage turning to a smile. Her fingers were at his belt, nimbly undoing it. His jeans were unbuttoned, unzipped, and bunched against the wall in seconds. Ben's briefs soon joined them. His hard-on was pulsing with each breath he took.

"Do girls really do that on the first date," Tim asked as Coco sank to her knees between Ben's legs, her hands gently stroking Ben's phallus. Ben ran his hands through Coco's hair as she began sucking on him and said, "some do, some don't. Me and Coco here didn't actually fool around on our first ddaaeetteee."

She gave him an especially powerful suck as he finished the sentence, his attention not on what he was doing, he almost lost it. He smiled down at her, but said to Tim, "urgh, as for stamina, since I know you're going to ask, it's not a matter of how long you can pinch it off. It's more about how long the rest of your body can hold out. Especially the legs, they go first."

Tim said, "I can hold back while masturbating."

Ben smiled, Coco's bright ponytail bouncing up and down with her head at full speed, he said, breathing heavily, "so can I, but...whew...that pinching is one thing. Leg's are another. Also, don't be aAAAAaaaaAAaa macho jerk about this."

Ben quickly pulled Coco's head back, he came near the edge, but kept her from bringing him over it. Coco just chuckled and moved her hands to his wet cock, gently stroking him.

A few minutes passed while Ben cooled down a bit. He said, "I would say a safe position for the first time is to let her be on top. She'll know how hard she wants it, the pace she'll want, so it's a safe bet."

Coco followed this by throwing her leg over him, reverse cowgirl, to give Tim a view. She lowered herself slowly down onto Ben, she said, "you should expect her to be turned around and facing you, though, this one's more for show."

She had Ben's length inside her, one heeled foot was on the couch, the other on the floor and she began a slow ride, powered almost completely by her powerful, shapely legs. She had her arms behind her, hands on his chest, Ben was in a slouch underneath her, allowing her to do this. As she picked up her bouncing hump, her breasts moved freely. They jiggled and moved in long circles, one going clockwise, the other counterclockwise. Tim wasn't writing anything at this point, hypnotized.

Ben had his hand on her pussy, rubbing her clit, and she was yowling. She suddenly dropped on him, Ben fully sheathed in her pussy, her face a red smile, the leg that was on the floor was twitching and curled up against her. Another orgasm for Coco. She hopped off Ben and lay on the couch next to him, while he stayed sitting in place. She was rubbing herself in her cool down buffer zone, Ben stroked himself watching her.

"What about," Tim began, awkward again, oddly, you'd think after seeing his friends wild love making he'd be less prudish, but the question explained his hesitance, "sticking it in her pooper?"

Coco's head snapped up, then looked at Ben, who was just laughing. He said, "first, most girls don't like it being stuck in their poopers. Second, if they do, there's some prep time necessary. Third, you never, ever stick it in her pooper unless she wants you to, and fourth, make sure you both know what you're doing, when you stick it in her pooper."

"Ah," Tim said, "so just don't stick it in her pooper for now."

"Yep," Coco said, "but me and Ben can show you how it's done now."

Ben moved his head back between her legs and began another vigorous licking, but this time, his fingers did not enter her pussy. A licked finger pushed its tip in her tight puckered hole.

Coco said with a whine at the intruder, "do yo have any water-based lube? And, some moisty-wipes?"

Tim scurries off and came back with both. The lube was some crazy Japanese brand, but a big water droplet on the side confirmed its material. It smelled of Kiwis and Strawberries. The wipes were on the table. Ben got his fingers nice and slippery and worked a second one into Coco's butt. He kept them there, letting her get used to them.

Coco moaned, "everything about this is slow with this. Moving to fast could hurt a girl."

"Um," Tim said, eying the wipes, worried "what're those for?"

"Even though I-I-Iiiiiiii," a third finger enter Coco and she rolled her head back, scintillating bolts running through her, "erhmmm, even though I prep for this before sex with Ben, sometimes little things can slip by."

"Oh," Tim said, reassured, "so nothing weird."

Coco giggled, "nothing REALLY weird. Besides, the lube can get messy and may need to be cleaned off afterward."

Ben crawled up and kissed her, his fingers removed from her butt. She got up on her hands and knees on the couch. Ben positioned his dick at her asshole and slid in. It went in quite easily, the prep and lube made it that way. Coco groaned. Ben let her get used to his cock's depth in her rear, then slowly began his pumping.

"Hey, your humping reminded me," Tim cut into the eroticism with another question, "how fast should I go?"

Ben had a steady pace going, "a medium speed is best, and being consistent and steady wins out over everything. Going too slow may not be enough to push her along," he demonstrated and Coco complained and begged for him to speed up, "while going to fast can hurt her." He didn't demonstrate this but picked up his fucking, getting to his normal rate. Coco helped him along, pushing herself back on him. She loved feeling penetration in this position like that. The mutual love-making cut through her, her heart exploding with an intense feeling for Ben, when they were like this. This feeling plus Ben's labored banging, brought her up to Orgasm the 3rrd, High Priestess of Pleasure.

Ben quickly pulled out, grabbed her hair and pulled her to her knees on the ground and came. Her mouth had opened and waited only a short time for his cum to fill it. Her orgasm rode on waves created by the sperm's smell and taste, the naughtiness that always came to her when Ben came on her, like a pornstar slut.

Breathing heavily and panting deeply, Ben said, "okay, here's another definite note: Don't cum on her, unless she's ok with it. When you're going to cum, you can ask her where she wants it. I happen to know where Coco likes it, the mouth being a place which she finds especially naughty. And, generally, girls don't swallow."

Tim only heard a few points of this and was absent-minded scribbling, Coco was toying with him, swirling the cum around on her, pushing it in and out of her mouth. A couple drips were on her chin and breasts. She gulped. Tim did too, his face beet red.

Ben was sitting on the couch, jeaned and t-shirted, Coco was wearing her panties and top, she laid on him, her head on his chest. He stroked her hair, she nuzzled him. They, and Tim, sipped a cool fruit drink out of a "space drink" pouches.

"And afterward," Tim interjected, "what then?"

Ben said, "Coco likes to lay on me, as she's demonstrating now. We both like to eat something afterward, which we'll go and do something for dinner, since it's a close enough time now."

Coco put in, "I think most girls enjoy a good cuddle, but if they don't, then don't force them. Do whatever she wants in this case."

"It's okay," Tim said, then referring to a pillow in his harem, "I've practiced cuddling with my little Rei-chan."

Coco groan and pinched her eyes shut, Ben let out a sharp gasp of air and said, "oh geeeezzz, and I touched one of those things."


The next night, Tim asked if Coco and Ben would follow him and his date around. They'd be doing a standard dinner and movie thing, and although Tim wouldn't be interacting with them, he wanted a safety blanket nearby. Coco and Ben agreed, they'd hold back and observe, acting somewhat like godly overseers.

The movie was a generic action, comedy, romance, thriller, mystery and Ben and Coco had forgotten it before they even got back to their car. The restaurant wasn't bad though, Tim had chosen well. Actually, it was quite classy, so Coco had dressed accordingly. She had a long dress on, it was tight, fitting her form from neck to knees, then it flared out, allowing some movement of the lower legs. The dress was black down the front and back, but the sides were red, down to the flare point. Ben could hear the clicking of her shoes, her height was above his, so he knew the shoes underneath that flaring material were quite daring.

They got their first look at Tim's date. He was right, she was a cutey. Around Tim's height, maybe an inch or two taller. She was cherub-y in the face, round and topped with a spunky, short hair cut. She had yellow ribbons on her hair, which Tim noticed with some significance of being from an anime. Her clothing was basic for her type of personage, a gray pleated skirt that went down to her ankles, a sweater vest with a white shirt of some kind underneath, and flat, black mules on her feet.

When Ben and Coco first sat down, they panicked when the girl pointed at Coco, who's hair was a cascading waterfall of red and black, was quite out-of-place. Coco's eyes were a dark-to-silvery gradient and were looked into by random dinner goers from all around the room. Tim didn't reveal who they were, just agreed with whatever the girl said, apparently finding Coco's look intriguing. They overheard the girl's name, Amanda. Or as Tim would say, audible from a ways away, Ama-chan.

The girl actually offered to go back to Tim's apartment, she wanted to see his collection. Her anime knowledge turned out to only be surface deep, but Tim didn't mind. Not many around him would have levels of Japan-a-knowledge that he had, so he had gotten used to others having only a low-level amount of knowledge. Ben and Coco had rushed back home, following on Tim and Amanda's heels.

Tim had set up slits in his drapes earlier that day, so his overseeing, voyeuristic and ever approving godly onlookers could peer in and make sure he was doing all right by their teachings. Ben and Coco made the short hope across the balconies outside of the apartments, only about five feet. Ben lept it easily, Coco hovered with some quiet blue magic. They looked into his low lit, pseudo-Asian room. Tim and Amanda were on the couch, a heavy make-out session, Tim's hand was on the girl's small breast, squeezing the little mound of flesh through the layer's of clothing.

"C'mon, c'mon, go man go," Coco whispered. They were leaning to one side, out of view of Amanda, Coco bent over and crouching beneath Ben, who's crotch was pressed firmly on Coco's wiggling butt. Well, it seemed this Amanda liked what Tim had to offer as they got up, hand-in-hand and went to his already lit bedroom. Amanda bounced onto the bed, laughing and still amazed at how much stuff was packed into that little room. Tim was beside her and they cuddled and grasped each other, she said something that made Tim blush. He then reached under his bed where Coco had told him to hide the harem of hug pillows. He tossed them onto the bed. Rather than be scared away by the pillows, Amanda seemed to find them hilarious, in a tawdry way. Tim looked as if he resisted the urge to say something like, "ooo, I'd love to see you like this."

Coco was surprised, Ben was too, but also impressed. The little guy had really made a splash. It looked like their job was over. Coco hopped back to the other balcony, Ben followed. The embraced under the lite glow of the half-moon above. The cool night air circled around them as Coco pulled Ben's member out of his pants and stroked it. The dress she wore forbade acrobatic actions, such as crouching, so she kissed him and jerked his hard-on. Ben reached around and pulled the zip of the down her back, it opening down to her butt. He spun her around and bent her over the balcony's railing, the "V" of the dresses back shifted down, providing him with just enough room to slip his cock between her legs, entering her moist, hot pussy. They screwed on the balcony quickly, his hand over Coco's mouth, making sure no one, especially Tim and Amanda heard there fervent humping. He came inside her, she shuddered deeply, releasing a moan in her throat. Before she could act, he straightened her and zipped the dress up.

"Hur-hur-hur, naughty boy," Coco said, she could feel the cum drip out of her pussy and down her legs, and she could do nothing about it in the tight dress. Ben wrapped his arms around her and held her. They slowly rocked back-and-forth in the faint moonlight, eventually heading inside.


"So, that girl is your next door neighbor?" Amanda asked. Her head was peeking out of the sliding door of Tim's bedroom. He was laying on the floor, his head poking out, she was on top of him, using him as a sort of big, round, warm pillow.

"Yeah, I see them do that all the time," he said, nonchalantly, "they're really open like that."

"Well, I don't think we can top them for pervishness," she said, getting back up and sitting on the bed above him, "but I think we can still have some fun."

Tim rolled over and sat up, her knees were spread a little, and she was slowly pulling up her skirt. Here white cotton panties shown, shadowed under her skirt, a small wet spot noticeable.

She said, "so, do you like my pantsu shot?"

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