tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCode Name Tequila Ch. 05

Code Name Tequila Ch. 05


CIA agents Chambers, Cho and Juarez were sitting in the meeting room waiting for Black Oak to join them. All of them had received pages early in the morning telling them to immediately come to CIA headquarters.

Chambers looked across at Cho and Juarez. As they had for the past week and half, they were dressed as women. Living as women, really, as Black Oak had them holed up in an apartment living full-time as women. At first it had seemed strange, that these two agents who used to be macho male CIA agents suddenly became women, but now everyone around the office was addressing them as women. Chambers bet like himself, others in the office were even thinking of them as women. For Cho and Juarez, they had become very comfortable living as women, and had started to think of themselves in the feminine, very comfortable with being called "her" or "she."

Black Oak, the senior CIA officer in charge of the investigation into the mysterious drug lord known as Aguila Roja, entered the room. Behind him was Jarvis Cleethorpe, the prime analyst on the Aguila Roja investigation. He collected all the intelligence he could find, analysed it and made suggestions on how the investigation should fold.

Black Oak and Cleethorpe took their seats. Both Black Oak and Cleethorpe were pretty sombre men, but Chambers, Cho and Juarez couldn't help but notice that both looked grimmer than usual. Black Oak folded his hands in front of him, and then nodded at Cleethorpe. The analyst cleared his throat, and then opened a folder.

"We received a confirmation today that sometime yesterday evening, Luis Tabernas was gunned down at his Ranch in Argentina. The details of the assassination are sketchy at this point, but it appears that the compound was attacked, and everyone killed. His brother Rodrigo was not at the compound during the attack, and we've confirmed he is still alive."

Cleethorpe took out three sets of photos and passed them to each of the agents. They looked at the photos and saw a smouldering compound in the jungle, surrounded by a giant red outline of an eagle. "Our guess is that the assassination was most likely carried out by the Iquitos cartel. Late last night, someone hit their main compound, killing everyone and burning it to the ground. They also left this giant calling card. A red eagle dug in a giant ditch surrounding the compound. Revenge for the killing of Luis Tabernas, we are sure."

"What about Tequila?" asked Chambers, his voice cracking with more emotion than he would have liked. Ria Ortega, aka Tequila, was a mole that the CIA placed within the Tabernas organization. Her goal was to get close to Luis Tabernas, a role she was especially suited for as she was a transsexual and Luis had a passion of transsexuals.

Cleethorpe didn't look up from the table, but said, "nothing confirmed at this point. We do know from a source in Cordoba that she was at the compound during the attack."

Black Oak nodded grimly. "We have to assume she has been killed, if not during the initial attack, then by Rodrigo afterwards. He is unlikely to trust any survivors of the attack."

Chambers blanched. He was surprised that he was experiencing such strong emotion on hearing the news. He had only really known Ria for six weeks, but during that time they spent every day together as he trained her, and he now realized he had developed strong feelings for her. Now she was gone, and Chambers couldn't help but feel he was responsible for her death. After all, he was the one who suggested her for the role.

Juarez, however, was thinking more practically. She knew that getting Cho and herself to live as women was a back up plan in case Ria failed. With her out of the equation, did that mean there was a place in the field for Juarez or Cho? "Does this mean that Cho or I is going out down to Argentina to take up the investigation?" May Juarez asked, trying to hide any eagerness in her voice.

Cleethorpe shook his head. "There is no point in that. Having a transsexual mole was of use to get close to Luis Tabernas. With him dead, there is no reason to send a ladyboy to infiltrate the Tabernas organisation."

Now it was the turn of Juarez and Cho to blanch. "What the hell, does that mean we dressed up... fuck, lived as women... for nothing?" Juarez said.

Juarez was angry. Angry that she wasn't going to get her chance to get out in the field. More than that, though, she also realized that she was angry that she was going to have to give up her life as a girl. At first Juarez had not been a fan of having to live as a woman, but over the past few weeks she had grown to quite like the feeling of wearing women's clothing, the soft touch of silk against her skin, the glow of her radiant face in makeup, even the occasional glances from men. She felt her stomach drop. Yes, she surprised herself with the realization, but she would miss those leering glances from men.

Agent Cho wasn't angry. She was depressed. She had taken to the feminization much quicker than Juarez, and Cho felt more comfortable living as a woman than she did as a man. Cho knew she would continue to live as a woman in her off hours, in the safety of her house. She was depressed that her work sanctioned life as a woman was about to end.

Black Oak shook his head. "Not for nothing, ladies. Both of you performed your tasks outstandingly. That will be noted in both your records. And, if you are willing, there is another way you can serve the mission."

Cleethorpe reached into his bag and pulled out another file. He laid out a picture of a tall, thin white man with grey hair. He was pictured in a black suit getting out of a limousine. Cleethorpe pointed at the man, "this is Dr. Hugh Patterson, CEO and chairman of PatGen, a biogenetics and pharmaceutical company based in Jersey City, New Jersey. Patterson is a very talented geneticist, and in the past 12 years has amassed quite a fortune with a series of impressive discoveries. He has also, for the past 8 years, has been sponsoring a racing team in the Pan American Racing Series."

"As you know, Pan Am Racing is a front for large shipments of drugs and weapons by Aguila Roja. Patterson purchased a team just at the same time Aguila Roja took control of the racing league."

"Further to that, after completing a number of degrees at top schools around the USA and working for a while in various pharma companies, Patterson had a bit of a 'break down,' taking off about 15 years ago to Mexico. He returned to the USA a few years later to set up PatGen, but his time in Mexico coincides with two key events. First, when he was there, the strength of the cocaine and heroin we saw for sale quadrupled while the price was halved. Secondly, he arrived in Mexico three months before the first rumours of the 'Aguila Roja' surfaced."

Cleethorpe stopped and looked up. Chambers asked the obvious question, "do you think that Patterson could be Aguila Roja?"

Black Oak answered, "it is a possibility. If not, the timings are all to coincidental for Patterson to not have a role in the organisation. There is only one way to find out, and that is to get into his personal files. The problem is, he keeps them locked up tight in his office in New Jersey. The compound is guarded by heavy security, and we haven't been able to get in there."

Black Oak looked at Cho and Juarez. "Now ladies, this may be asking too much, so feel free to say no. I know I didn't give you much choice in the living as women, but what Cleethorpe is about to propose is beyond what anyone could order you to do."

Cleethorpe took out a pamphlet for something called "Femidol" and handed it to Juarez. She looked at it inquisitively, but a few words jumped out to her, "hormone" and "estrogen" key among them.

Cleethorpe looked at Juarez and Cho. "Tomorrow morning PatGen is starting one of their human trials on a new genetically targeted hormone replacement therapy. There a two trials going on. One is for women with hormone imbalances, either due to menopause or a medical condition. The second is for male-to-female transgendered individuals wishing to start on hormone treatment to become women."

"We have two spots secured in the trial. The trial would consist of 4 days on-site to monitor the first few days of treatment, and then a daily pill with bi-weekly checks with the PatGen doctors after that. The key to our plan is that you will be onsite at the PatGen campus for four days, during which time you can break into Patterson's office and get access to his files."

Juarez dropped the pamphlet in shock. Cho picked it up and read it. The room was silent for almost 2 minutes while the feminized agents consider the proposal. Would they be willing to go even further down the path of becoming women.

Juarez spoke up. "You really think this guy could be the Aguila Roja?"

Cleethorpe nodded. "If not Aguila Roja himself, then probably one of the top five men in the organisation."

"And by doing this hormone thing, we'll have a chance to catch him," Juarez asked.

Cleethorpe nodded.

Juarez smiled as she thought of the glory of being the one to take down the Aguila Roja, a pain in the side of the USA for the past 10 years at least. "I'll do it," she said.

Everyone turned to look at Cho. She just nodded. She wasn't thinking about taking down the Aguila Roja. She was looking at one line in the pamphlet. "Breast development." She smiled at the thought. "My very own, real breasts."

* *

April Cho and May Juarez checked in at security desk at PatGen headquarters just outside Jersey City, New Jersey. The compound was massive, and protected by a huge metal fence. May looked up and down the perimeter. They were discrete, but she could see the guards posted at all the right places to have visible sight-lines. No wonder no one could from CIA could get in here. It was very well guarded.

Of course, Juarez and Cho knew what they were doing was highly illegal. The CIA had no authority to operate on U.S. soil, which meant they were alone. If things went wrong they would be "devowed," there very existence within the CIA erased before anyone could find out a thing about them. "If this goes wrong," May thought, "we'll have a long stretch in prison." Strangely, the thought didn't bother her so much when she thought of all the hungry cocks that she could feed with her ass and mouth.

April and May were shown to a small van. They got in and found themselves in a van with a number of male-to-female transgendered people. There was a lot of chatter in the van about what stage of therapy they were all that. Some of the women had been undergoing therapy for a long time, but were looking for something more effective. Others were just starting out on the path to womanhood. They were all bonded by one thought, that if the promises PatGen were making were true, womanhood was closer than it ever had been.

The van was driven to a building at the far side of the campus. The transwomen were all shown into a conference room, where they were greeted by a group of friendly people who served them coffee, tea and pastries. After another 15 minutes of chit-chat, the transwomen were seated, and two men came out. Cho and Juarez recognized one of the men as Dr. Hugh Patterson. Patterson stood up at the front of the room and started talking first.

"Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Hugh Patterson, and I am CEO and Chairman of the board of PatGen. Thank you all for volunteering for this study. We are testing a very new hormone therapy based on a genetically targeted drug, along with a number of complimentary therapies. We are very excited about the potential benefits of this therapeutic regime, as it offers more benefits, at a faster rate with many less contra-indications, or 'side-effects' than conventional therapies. You should find the benefits you would like, breast development, softening of the skin, redistribution of muscle and fat tissue to give a more feminine appearance. In addition, thanks to some recent advancements in gene therapy, we can also exclusively offer a very significant reductions in facial hair growth."

Someone from the back of the room shouted out, "what about sex drive?" There was nervous laughter from throughout the room.

Dr. Patterson smiled. "Yes, decreased libido has been an issue with previous HRTs. As our therapy is much more targeted genetically, we are projecting only a slight decrease in libido, if at all. Of course, we'll count on all of you to let us know the impacts throughout the trial."

"As you know, for the first four days of the trial, you will be confined to the PatGen campus here in Jersey City. This is nothing to be concerned about, we believe the therapy to be very safe. However, as we are still in early stages of human trials for the therapy, we want to be extra safe. After four days when we have seen no adverse reactions to the drug, you'll be free to leave the campus and continue the trial within the comfort of your daily lives."

"During the four days here, however, I am afraid you will be restricted to this building. I hope it is to your liking. Everyone has a private room with TV, stereo and a good selection of books. There are common areas if you wish to gather, a fully stocked kitchen for you to use, though we will also be providing prepared, catered meals as well."

Patterson then pointed at the other man, a smallish, wiry man in a lab coat and thick glasses. "Now I will hand you over to Dr. Gustav Gustafson to go through the details of the trial and get you set up in your temporary homes for the next few days. Thank you again for your participation in the study, and I look forward to hearing the results."

* *

All the girls were shown to their rooms on the fourth floor of the building. They were quite comfortable, with private bathrooms for each woman, and a very comfortable bed. Next the girls were all given full physicals and a complete medical history was taken. Finally, the initial drugs were administered, a set of six small pills taken orally. The girls were then monitored for an hour before being dismissed to their rooms.

When they returned, one of the other transwomen was complaining about something missing from her luggage. "I had a phone in my luggage, and now it is missing!" she said.

One of the nurses nodded. "As you were aware when you signed the forms for this study, any recording devices, including cameras, are forbidden on the premises. The phone you speak of had a camera, and so it has been confiscated. It will be returned when you leave."

Half-an-hour later, May heard a knock on his door. She opened it, and saw April. "Someone has been through my luggage," April said, entering the room and closing the door.

"Mine too," said May.

April looked around suspiciously. "Did they take anything?"

May shook her head. "No, nothing of interest. And yours?"

April laughed. "Nothing there worth taking. How are you feeling after the first dose of the therapy?"

May ran her hands down her body. "I don't know. Strange. I feel a little tender. And you?"

April tilted her head to the side. "Bloated. Can I use your bathroom?"

April went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't look any different, she thought, but she couldn't help but feeling fat. "God, what a pig I am. I'll have to start eating better," she thought. She looked at her watch, pondering on the fact that it felt tighter than usual. She bent down over the toilet, and put a finger into her mouth, "God, I hope this treatment doesn't make me an anorexic."

April retched, and the retched again. Another push of her finger, and the contents of her stomach came flowing out. She examined them in the toilet. Having eaten very little, it was mostly liquid and bile. She didn't see any of the hormone pills, which was good. They should have dissolved into her blood stream by now. She didn't want to mess up her treatment, but she did need to think firstly about her mission. She reached into the toilet and fished out the plastic bag floating on the surface. She looked again at her watch. "14 hours since I swallowed it, it should still be working."

April walked out of the bathroom unwrapping the plastic bag. She removed the small camera from the bag and handed the camera to May, who was standing on her bed having removed the air vent above her bed.

May stashed the camera in the vent and looked down at April. "Good thing they didn't recognize that these items had been modified," she said, holding up a nail file and pair of tweezers.

April nodded. "Yes, and good thing we didn't choose to hide the camera in our rectums. I have to say, that prostrate exam today was more thorough than it needed to be," April said, rubbing her bottom.

May shrugged. She had kind of liked the anal probing.

* *

The next three days passed slowly. April and May surveyed the coming and goings of the nurses and security guards, trying to plan the best time to make a move for Patterson's office. They were also waiting for the only outside assistance they would have, a security camera bypass to be set up so they could pass through by any security cameras undetected.

Meanwhile, April and May continued to receive their daily doses of hormones. For April, the first few days she felt awful. She felt fat, and found herself very emotional about the whole thing, often breaking down in tears. On the third day, though, she turned a corner in her therapy, and suddenly she felt very womanly. Especially her nipples, which suddenly were super sensitive. She found herself at one moment spending 15 minutes standing under an air conditioning vent, feeling the cold air running down onto her body and causing her nipples to stand erect at attention. She only broke away from the air vent when her moaning caused one of the nurses to come to see what was happening, and April fled in embarrassment.

May, no the other hand, noticed changes all over her body, or rather noticed a change in the sensitivity of her skin, which happened to be all over her body. Her skin suddenly felt so soft, and she found herself enjoying the feeling of her hands caressing her skin. She spent hours lying naked on her bed just running her hands across her body, until she could take it no longer and stroked herself off until she came. Exhausted, she would lie still for a few moments, until she almost subconsciously found herself stroking her soft skin again.

On the third night, the transwomen's last night in the PatGen compound, they made their move. They waited until darkness had fallen, and at just after nine in the evening April and May gathered in May's room. Both girls wore black turtle necks with black yoga pants. Both girls were wearing their wigs, but neither of them had their breast forms in. They had figured it would be a little hard to operate with the rubbery mounds in their chests.

May removed the air vent again, and the two agents climbed into the vent. May had a makeup kit with her, into which she put the camera that April had smuggled in days earlier.

The girls crawled through the venting until they came out in a stairwell on the fourth floor. May looked up and saw that the security camera's red light was off. A good sign for them. Outside, sitting in a van three blocks away, Agent Robert Chambers was controlling the cameras for the entire complex, flicking the images over to recorded images whenever the girls were in the area. He was able to know where they were thanks to a small GPS transmitter embedded in the camera May was carrying.

The girls descended to the ground floor, where May, using the nail file, cuticle scissors and tweezers from her make up kit disabled the exit doors alarm. The girls exited the building, April putting a piece of tape over the door's latch, which should hopefully allow them to get into the building again.

The girls made their way across the compound, keeping in the shadows and close to the fences. Fifteen minutes later, they were standing in the shadows looking at the main building. It was across a large open field, in the line of vision of at three guards along the perimeter fencing. The girls waited for five minutes, when at the exact appointed time, two cars collided on the street outside the main gate. The sounds of the impact and ensuing pillar of smoke pouring from one of the cars was enough to distract the guards attention for 30 seconds, allowing the girls to sprint across the open field and make it into the loading dock of the main building.

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