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Coed Apartment Wrestling


Back in 1977 I couldn't exactly say how I felt about it. I still don't know. Over the holidays that year the movers and shakers in the AHW scene gathered for some holiday cheer at Dave Moll's. Over the course of the evening one of the women, a tall, leggy blonde named Saundra brought up the topic of men in AHW.

"Men," replied Moll.

"Yes, men," said Saundra.

Moll probed her a bit, asking "What exactly do you mean? Do you mean men against men, against women, for the usual stakes, what, exactly?"

Saundra laid out her idea. "I'm proposing that we open apartment wrestling to men. Not men versus men, mind you, but men against women," she told us. She continued, "Because of the size and strength differential, two women against one man." After a pause, and a thoughtful sip of Veuve Cliquot, Saundra added, "And the same rules."

Men? AHW?

Moll called me in to talk sound me out on it. "In theory, sure, why not, Dave" I said. "Why shouldn't men and women compete, but men in apartment wrestling? Come on, Dave," I continued. He rolled a Jamaican cigar between his fingers, Macanudo I think, and then lit it. Exhaling, He told me "Let's set it up. Let's do it. Just this once, as a special event, and limited to a list that I'll give you." "Alright," I thought. He knows what he's doing. "Call Saundra and arrange a meeting between the three of us," he told me.

We met and set it up. It'd take place New Year's Eve and in front of a very select crowd. These people were among Dave's closest friends, and some were known swingers, quite liberal in their tastes and rather expansive in their forms of enjoyment. Except for the women fighting as a tag team, it would be the usual rules. Saundra and Dave personally saw to arranging for the fighters.

The night arrived. Tuxedos, gowns, more Veuve Cliquot, smoked salmon, the whole nine yards. The battlers were ensconced in their respective rooms. The women were a pair of stunning redheads named Janet and Alix. They stood 5'9", weighed about 140 pounds, with 36-26-34 figures. Both were attractively muscled, well defined beauties. Janet, with dark red, shoulder-length hair, severely pulled back into a bun, donned a skintight, royal blue bikini and bra. Alix, a shorthaired beauty with bright red hair, wore a gold, metallic number held together on the sides by small, gold metal rings. Their skins were lightly oiled. They were confident, excited, aroused, and hungry. Their nipples stood out, the low-riding bikinis hugged their asses, and outlined their cunts. These vixens attended to every detail, even going to the point of making sure that their nail polish matched their bikinis.

John, their opponent, waited in his room. He was close to 6', about 180 pounds, and muscular. John had done some bodybuilding in his time. He was in superb shape and wore his black hair in short braid reminiscent of eighteenth-century sailors. Lightly oiled like Janet and Alix, John stood before the mirror in a custom, posing bikini. It seemed to have been painted on his body. Made out of a silver snakeskin pattern, it outlined a large, semi-aroused cock. His bikini's material was thin and molded to him. It would be evident to all just how well the bikini outlined his aroused cock. An arrogant man, he admired his looks. He couldn't wait to impale Janet and Alix and enjoy them for the evening. John couldn't wait to be at them.

The three grapplers entered the room to the sound soft applause, appreciative murmurs, and barely audible comments. The audience looked over the combatants and they one another.

Janet was first. She crouched and circled slowly toward John. As they approached each other and circled, John made the first move. He moved toward Janet, feinted at her with his arms, as if to grab her, but instead used his right leg to sweep her feet out from under her. She was down on her back in a flash. John quickly put her into a bow and arrow, pulling the blue-bikinied beauty's left arm and leg, pressing his right foot into her side. John grinned lustfully, thinking that this was all too easy. Tonight would be one of the world's great fuck fests, he thought. Saundra, sitting across the room from Dave, eyed John as his muscled rippled and stretched, the tiny bikini outlining the curvature of his now fully aroused cock.

Save for grunts as John pulled her arm and leg, Janet was silent, but not for long. She whipped her right hand around and sunk her painted nails into John's left calf. The shock alone was enough to make him let go and fall on his ass. Rather than attack, Janet, cool and calculating, tagged Alix who charged into John, dropping onto his six-pack stomach with her left knee, knocking the wind out of him. Stunned, surprised, and more than a little bit shaken, John grasped his abdomen as Alix stood and slammed her right foot into his side repeatedly. She was only warming up.

Quickly dropping atop John's chest she put the muscleman into a schoolgirl pin, smothering him with her golden-bikinied pussy, roughly pulling his heads deeply into the cleft of her loins. Alix rolled to her side, turning her hold into a cruel scissor hold. John thrashed a bit and then concentrated on breaking free. Luckily for him the oil coating Alix's lovely thighs and legs let him work his head free. He rolled away and stood. Shaking the cobwebs from his head, John stretched his arms and legs, and then approached Alix cautiously. She crouched and waited for his approach. When he was a short distance away she leapt, hoping to wrap her steel legs around his waist and arms about his head. Instead, John caught her in his hands and lifted her ceiling-ward. Dropping to left knee he brought Alix down, planning on smashing her cunt into his raised right knee. John miscalculated. The distance wasn't great enough, and when Alix's cunt met instead John's thigh she locked her legs around it and then her arms around his head, suffocating him between her full, oiled, sweating breasts. John responded with a bear hug. What a magnificent sight. More than a few women in the audience were squirming in their seats. If I wasn't mistaken, one was rhythmically, albeit surreptitiously, or so she thought, grinding herself into the leather seat cushion. If the other men were like me, they were most definitely sporting wood.

John tried to stand and free his leg from Alix's steely vise. She only tightened her grip and caused him to fall to the floor. Both struggled in each other's arms, muscular bodies, coated in an oily, sweating sheen, revealing bikinis highlighting their forms, neither ready to quit.

Alix was strong, but she wasn't about to match John head on for long. She wanted to have the energy for her post match delights with John. As they struggled on the floor, Alix maneuvered their intertwined bodies toward Janet's corner. Alix's hand darted out and in a flash Janet jumped in. John was in a bind, but he didn't know it. Rather than letting go, he continued squeezing the red headed grappler. He was on top and could feel Alix weakening. Janet calmly walked over and grabbed his pigtail, wrapping it in her fist, and pulled his head backward. It forced John to loosen his grip on Alix just a bit, allowing her to escape.

John turned to face his new assailant who let go of his hair but then grabbed John's snakeskin-covered cock and balls and squeezed, bringing the big man to his knees. With her free left hand, Janet once more grabbed his hair and pulled it downward. John's body wanted to go in two directions. Janet was clearly enjoying herself. She squeezed harder. After what must have been an eternity, John cried out in surrender. She let her victim fall. If Janet's crushing John had been ugly, what followed was even worse. There wasn't a man in the audience who didn't feel for John as that cruel beauty crushed his manhood. Janet removed her bikini top, unleashing her fabulous tits, and tied John's hands behind his back. Rolling him on his back, she parked her lovely ass on his face and began massaging his aching balls. Despite the pain, John's cock was rising. With her free hand she slid her blue bikini to the left of her shaved cunt. John knew what she expected. So far, John's punishment, except for having his walnuts cracked, seemed to be a good deal. I didn't know one man in the room who wouldn't have wanted to lick that vixen's pussy and have his cock massaged by her.

The scene engrossed us, and John was engorged by it, his hips starting to shake. Everyone was distracted and failed to notice that Alix had slipped away to her room. When she reappeared we took notice. Boy, did we notice.

Alix changed from her golden bikini into a black, latex dildo bikini, corset, gloves, and spiked, thigh high boots. She held her bikini in one hand. A gasp went up from the all of us, all of except Saundra and Dave who grinned knowingly at one another. Alix sat on John's throbbing cock, still imprisoned in its silver bikini, and embraced Janet. The two passionately kissed and began stroking each other. Janet stood, and in doing so revealed to John's eyes a bright, red headed, dominatrix sporting an eight-inch rubber cock. To say that he panicked would be an understatement. Alix took her bikini top and tied together John's legs. She stuffed her wet panties into his mouth. Janet left and returned with a jar of lubricant. Setting it aside she knelt before Alix and took the dominatrix's cock in her mouth while stroking her pussy. Alix's hips gently swayed as Janet swallowed her cock and brought her to arousal. Alix gently stroked Janet's beautiful hair, now undone, and with her other hand pinched, twisted, and pulled her own nipples.

Janet went to her hands and knees, presenting her lovely, rounded ass to Alix, who dropped to her knees and pressed her crotch into Janet's waiting fanny. Bending over Janet, Alix gently and then roughly kneaded her submissive's tits and twat. Alix slid her panties to side once more, this time for Alix's cock. John was momentarily relieved, albeit fearful, and as he would soon discover, for good reason. Alix placed the tip of her cock into Janet's soaking snatch and gently drove it in. Janet gasped and then moaned with delight. Alix established a driving tempo and soon her glistening cock was thumping against Janet's ass into her cunt. She grabbed Janet's long hair, pulling her head back, thrusting her tongue down the submissive's throat while slapping her clit with her free hand. It didn't take long for Janet to cum. She let out a roar, bucking so madly that it looked as if Alix were riding a bronco—she was. Alix turned to John, waving her cum-coated cock in his face, letting him smell Janet's juices. She pulled her gold panties from his mouth and slipped her cock in, causing him the gag. She only laughed coldly, commanding him to "suck my cock, you bitch." He did. "You like her pussy, don't you? You certainly are enjoying my cock and her cum," John. He had no other choice.

I started to get up, but Dave motioned me back. Saundra was drinking in all of it. Most of the audience was taken in. Dave appreciated the entire spectacle.

Alix stood up, and as if on cue Janet smeared a handful of lubricant on Alix's cock John started shaking his head, repeatedly saying "no, no, no." When Janet finished lubing Alix, she picked up the brazen, bright-haired beauty's bikinis, stuffed them once more in John's mouth, and brought him to his hands and knees. Alix slapped his ass several times, causing him to start. She then massaged it, and followed by sliding his wet, oily silver bikini to the side. Smearing some lubricant in his ass, she mounted John as if he were her prize bitch—he was. Alix's golden bikini muffled his scream. She told him to relax and enjoy the ride. Alix buried her cock to the hilt. With one gloved hand she pulled his pigtail back like the reins on a horse, with the other she slapped her mount to get the most out of him. Once John accepted the inevitable and relaxed Janet gently pulled the bikini gag from his mouth and untied his hands and legs. She slid underneath, positioning her pussy beneath his mouth and her mouth under Alix's waiting cunt.

John's cock was once again full and throbbing, trying to rip through the posing bikini. Unlike Janet he'd had no release. She slipped his cock out of the bikinis, hanging over the top with his balls snugged up by the silver snakeskin. Rather than enjoy John's Johnson, Janet went to work on her lover's snatch, playfully nibbling her labia and clit. Alix stopped slapping John's ass, she was getting the ride she wanted. With her free hand she reached below and wrapped her fist around her mount's cock and started stroking him.

It didn't take long for Alix to increase the tempo as she rode John. The pistoning, combined with Janet's artful tonguing brought her to an earth-shattering climax. She graciously increased the tempo and grip on John's cock and let him explode over Janet's tits. Not soon thereafter Janet had her second orgasm. Janet wiped the pool of cum from her chest with her hand and deposited it on John's ass, rubbing it into his bikini. Alix and Janet were done. They'd proven their point, that women ruled apartment wrestling. They left John, broken and fucked in more ways than one, lying on the floor.

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