tagGroup SexCoed to Cockslut Ch. 02

Coed to Cockslut Ch. 02


The next day couldn't come quickly enough for me, I wanted to see if my suggestions to Lucy had really taken hold.

Claire had gone to university as usual, but didn't stay long as she had only one class. She arrived home around one, just as I was preparing lunch.

Claire had an amazing figure, and she liked to show it off. Tight tops and short skirts were not uncommon, and today was no exception:- A skin-tight red halter neck showed every curve of her 36 DD size breasts, coupled with a short denim miniskirt that barely covered her ass. She made me horny just looking at her.

'Hi honey,' I said, finding it difficult to take my eyes off her tits, 'how did it go today?'

'Same old, same old,' said Claire. 'I saw Lucy this morning though, she was giving some jock a blow job in the girls toilets, and not caring who saw her either. I never thought she had it in her, the dirty bitch!'

I moved up behind her and kissed her neck, my already hardening cock pushing into the small of her back. 'Sounds like she's adapted well to her hypnosis then!'

I continued to kiss Claire's neck, and moved my hand up to her right breast. 'Stop it,' she said, 'leave it till later when Lucy arrives,' but I continued, softly squeezing her hardening nipple. Moving my other hand up her leg to her knickers, I stroked her pussy through the soft lace of her panties. They were already damp with her arousal, and I knew that there would be no more protests. I slid them gently down her thighs, and she let out a loud moan as I began to explore her sex, her juices coating my fingers as I played with her clit.

I pulled her halter neck over her head and her large tits bounced free, and she looked at me with pure lust in her eyes.

I opened my trousers and pulled out my cock; she knew what was coming and leaned over the worktop, ready to be taken. I lifted her left leg onto the bench and she was 'table ready' for my cock.

I rubbed my fully erect member along her slit, teasing her, my pre-cum mixing with her juices. She pushed back against me and the tip parted her outer lips. 'Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard,' she said. I leant forward and grabbed her tits, squeezing her left nipple, and thrust all of my 9 inch cockmeat into her. She screamed loudly as the first of her orgasms hit her, the walls of her cunt contracting around my hard cock. I pulled out and slowly pushed back in, savouring the sensation, her hips pushing backwards to gain maximum penetration from the intruder that was my cock.

My thrusts got harder and faster spurred on by Claire's almost continuous orgasm. My balls started to rise, and my cock began to swell and I knew that I was going to cum. Claire did too, and ground her hips into me as the first spurt of cum filled her womb. 'I can feel you coming inside me, fill me up with your seed, fill my hot cunt with your cum.'

Spurt after spurt exploded inside her, oozing out around my cock as I pounded her wanton sex.

I pulled out slowly, leaving Claire's pussy lips open and dripping with cum.

Five o'clock arrived and the doorbell rang. Claire answered the door to Lucy, who looked absolutely stunning. Her white blouse did nothing to hide her dark nipples which were clearly visible through the thin material. There was no bra, and I was willing to bet there were no knickers either. Her tits were large, maybe 36 D, but pert enough even without the underwear. She was wearing a gray pleated mini-skirt, and black thigh length stockings, the sexy school girl look.

'Come here Lucy,' I said, feeling blood rushing to my cock as I looked at her.

'Yes master.' I was pleased she called me Master.

I kissed her, and she responded hungrily, and reached for my semi-hard member. Moving her hand slowly up and down its length, she dropped to her knees and licked the small drop of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. I removed her blouse and played with her full tits, squeezing and twisting her swollen nipples.

She began to swirl her tongue around the swollen head of my cock and massaged my heavy balls. Her tongue darted up and down the length, and then she took it fully into her mouth, bobbing up and down until she could take no more into her throat. I was in heaven. Claire watched from the side, her hand in her knickers as she watched her fella being sucked off by her friend. In no time at all, I felt my balls rising, and I knew I was going to come. On the point of no return I pulled out of her mouth and emptied my balls all over her face, my cum dripping onto her large tits. The sight was amazing. Claire walked over and began to lick my seed from Lucy's tits, sucking on her nipples, and sending Lucy into spasms of ecstasy as her orgasm flooded over her.

Lucy, now completely conditioned, began to rub Claire's clit and then slowly pushed two fingers into her hot cunt. I watched as Claire's juices ran down Lucy's hand as she brought her to an amazing climax. Soon I was hard again, and I knew I needed to fuck. I rubbed my cock head along Lucy's slit, teasing her, she pushed backwards and I entered her slowly. See was tight and her cunt muscles gripped my cock like a vice. I motioned to Claire to come over and she opened her legs wide as if willing me to fuck her instead. Her fat juicy lips looked inviting and without thinking I pulled out of Lucy and entered Claire in one stroke. She met my thrusts, and wrapping her legs around my back we fucked each other hard and fast. In no time at all my balls were rising and we both erupted in a simultaneous orgasm. Pulling out of Claire I watched as Lucy delved between her legs and began to lick the cum that was oozing from Claire's swollen lips. Claire moaned heavily as Lucy brought her to another orgasm. With that we all collapsed, spent from our exertions. The room smelled of sex, and it smelled good.

'Lucy, go home, shave your pussy, and be back here at 5 tomorrow; oh, and bring one of your girl friends with you,' I said cheekily.

'Yes Master,' she replied, and got up and left.

Claire looked at me, and giggled. 'So you want to add another girl to your Harem then? I'm looking forward to it already, the sex is amazing. '

The next day the door knocked at 5pm as expected, and there stood Lucy in the shortest and tightest of black dress's that I have ever seen. Her cleavage was on full show, the top of the dress just high enough to cover her fat nipples that were hard and could clearly be seen poking through the material. In contrast, beside her was another girl, her hair tied back, unflattering jeans and a loose top, hiding what figure she had completely.

'So Lucy, who is this?,' I enquired.

'My cousin, Jemma,' she replied. 'She over visiting for Spring Break while her parents are on holiday'.

'Welcome Jemma, come in, come in. Did Lucy tell you why she she's here?'

'Not really', she answered, 'she just said that she came here every day for some fun and that I would enjoy it too.'

'That you will my dear, just relax and let everything happen'.

She sat back into the chair, and Claire walked into the room, wearing only a quarter cup bra, stockings and a pair of the smallest panties, in fact they were just big enough to cover her sex. 'Jemma, this is my girlfriend Claire, she'll keep you company while Lucy and I go and get some drinks. Is Vodka and Orange all right Jemma?'

'I guess so,' she replied.

Lucy followed me into the kitchen. 'You do look good tonight Lucy,' I said pulling her to me. I kissed her passionately, and slowly peeled her dress off her shoulders, revealing her large rounded breasts. Squeezing her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger she moaned softly and moved her hand to my crotch, rubbing my already hardening cock. Soon we were both naked, my fingers exploring her sopping cunt, while she stroked my cock to full hardness. She dropped to her knees and took the bulbous head into her mouth, but just then I heard a noise at the other end of the kitchen. Looking up I saw Jenna watching us.

'I was looking for the loo,' she said, whilst not taking her eyes of Lucy bobbing up and down on my cock.

'That's ok, it's just down the hall to your left,' I smiled, knowing that she would be back.

'So this is why the drinks were taking so long,' said Claire as she walked into the kitchen.

Jenna appeared at the door and paused, watching Lucy struggle to deep throat my 9 inch cock. 'Come in,' I said. 'I know you're interested.'

'Its just I can't believe Lucy is doing this, she's normally a very introverted shy girl.'

'Would you like to join our party?' said Claire with a giggle.

'Maybe,' and she walked over to us, nervously.

Claire removed her own bra and knickers, and grabbed my cock from Lucy. 'Come here and stroke his cock, it won't hurt you'.

My cock twitched as she touched it and she gasped as it got bigger in her hand. Pre-cum leaked from the tip, coating her hand, as she wanked me.

'Thats it,' I cried, close to cumming, 'she's a fucking natural, now suck me!'

'Like this,' Claire said, sinking to her knees and running her tongue along the length of my cock, and then swirling her tongue around my knob.

'I don't think I can do it, its too big for my mouth,' she said, but copied Claire's actions.

'Now wank him whilst your doing that, and you'll have him cumming in no time'.

Jenna was so pre-occupied with sucking me, that she hardly noticed Lucy and Claire undoing the buttons on her blouse, and undoing her front opening unflattering bra.

Her tits were now on show, a good c-cup in size and very pert with her pink nipples sticking out like rockets.

I cupped her left breast and squeezed her nipple. Claire bent down and took Jenna's right nipple into her mouth. A groan escaped from her mouth, but she carried on with the job in hand. This sight before me was too much, my balls were rising and I felt the first jet of cum hit the back of her throat. I pulled out and the remaining cum landed on her face and tits, Claire and Lucy taking great pleasure in licking it off.

Jenna quickly removed the rest of her clothes, revealing an amazing figure, and a very hairy cunt. Claire knew what I wanted, and said 'let me take care of that', and led Jenna to the bathroom.

Five minutes later Jenna emerged with a smooth hairless cunt, her fat puffy outer lips clearly visible, and her clit sticking out from its hood like a miniature cock.

'Jenna I have to have you,' I said, my cock springing back into life. She said nothing as I moved towards her, my hand finding her glistening cunt.

'I had some fun whilst we were in the bathroom,' Claire said. 'God she can cum'

My cock was so hard it pressed against her stomach, as I led her to the kitchen table. She lay back and opened her legs involuntarily, inviting me in to take her. My cock pressed against her sex, and I teased her by moving it up and down the length of her slit. Her eyes were closed as I pushed into her, slowly, so that she could get used to the size of my cock.

'God you're tight,' I said, 'are you a virgin?

'No,' she gasped, 'but I've only had sex once before, back in high school and it wasn't that good.'

I continued my push into her, and eventually my full balls slapped against her bum. I began to pull out and push back slowly, and she began to moan heavily. I got my self into a rhythm and she met my strokes.

'Fuck me you bastard,' she said. 'Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Oh my God, oh my God, I cummmmmming,' she screamed. Her juices were running down her leg, and as her cunt muscles tightened around my cock, I knew that I was only moments away from spraying her womb with my cum.

'Fill me up with your seed,' she moaned. I didn't disappoint, with one last stroke I felt my balls rise and I emptied what seemed like gallons of spunk into her, not caring that I could make her pregnant.

We lay there spent, and when pulled out of her, her outer lips were still splayed open, dripping with a mixture of both our juices.

Lucy bent down and buried her head in Jenna's cunt, lapping the spunk from her slit, and before long Jenna was erupting in yet another orgasm.

'Ladies, go home, shave your pussies and be back here tomorrow at 5.'

'You can bet on it,' Jenna said.

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