Coed Vampire


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Our bodies are different from humans. For one thing, neither of us has any blood."

Buffy was horny enough to take him at his word. "Okay. In that case, what are you waiting for?"

He wasn't waiting, at least not any longer. Conrad leaned forward, one hand steering his cock and the other placed on the bed beside Buffy to support his weight. She reached down to spread her pussy lips and he pressed the end of his cock against the small hole she was creating and rubbed it in the wetness.

"Ooooo, it already feels good," Buffy murmured.

It quickly started feeling better as Conrad thrust forward and the tip, followed by an inch of his hard shaft wedged inside her. His cock was much smaller than many that had filled her pussy but, with Buffy's extreme sensitivity, it felt at least as wonderful as any of them. A flood of bliss washed over her body, and she sighed happily again. With the next thrust, almost the entire remaining length plunged into her, and she fucked her pussy back to meet it.

Having no need to steer his cock any more, Conrad sprawled on top of Buffy and slid his arm under hers. Almost as a reflex action, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face down so they could share a long kiss. They remained in that position, their lips plastered together, their tongues getting acquainted and his cock buried in her for almost a minute, before he began slowly drawing it back from her.

When just the head was still inside his partner's pussy, Conrad paused for a few seconds before starting to plow his cock back into the wet pink hole that felt so good. Buffy felt his hard cylinder surging into her and she spread her thighs wider, hooked her ankles around his legs and pulled herself against him. Their bodies came together with a pleasant squishing noise, and juices from her pussy spattered over both of them. Once again, Conrad remained in that position for a minute and let waves of pleasure inundate both their bodies.

The next stroke was the same, except he didn't take so much time before he started the following one. The third was like the second, and so were the many that ensued. Buffy rammed her pussy back to meet every stroke, and her level of pleasure rose until she was tossing and bucking under Conrad and her body was rocking from side to side. With her heightened sensitivity, this was the greatest fucking the hotsy had ever gotten, and Buffy knew she was almost ready to explode into her climax. She also knew what was needed to reach that point and begged her partner to give it to her.

"Fuck my clit, Conrad," she pled to the vampire who had brought her to that state. "Fuck my clit and make me come."

He was glad to hear that, because Conrad was also ready for his climax. Changing positions slightly, he moved up higher on her body so he was driving his cock down into her pussy and massaging her clit with every stroke. He started to fuck her faster too, and felt his climax building up rapidly and preparing to explode, like a volcano that had built up underground and was on the verge of erupting.

"Yes! Yes! Like that!" Buffy urged him. Seconds later, she cried out ecstatically that she was coming.

Her legs clamped around Conrad's hips, holding her body close to his. As he drew back for another stroke, she rose with him and, when he thrust forward again, he mashed Buffy into the mattress, evoking a loud howl of joy as his cock drove even more deeply into her pussy. Her arms had been waving at her sides, but she wrapped them around Conrad's neck and rode up and down with him as he pounded his cock into her. When she climaxed, every muscle in her body clenched, and she drove her long fingernails into his back, but he didn't seem to even feel it.

After her spectacular orgasm, Buffy sprawled on the bed, unmoving, as Conrad continued to drive his cock in and out of her. When he climaxed, he grunted and sighed in pleasure and a big gob of his semen spurted into her pussy. He kept fucking until he ejaculated again, and sprawled on top of his partner, where he lay until he was ready to move again. His actions didn't amount to much then, just pulling his softened cock out of the dripping hole where it had given and received so much pleasure.

To Buffy, the sex had been great, mainly because of her heightened sensitivity, and she wanted more. His cum and her juices were dribbling from her pussy, contributing to increased sexual arousal, and she wanted more. With Conrad lying beside her, she sat up, leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. Her own juices, combined with semen was something she had never tasted until that night, because she always practiced safe sex, and the combination pleased her taste buds far more than she would have expected. However, even though she rolled his flaccid cock around in her mouth for ten minutes or more, it wasn't even close to being hard enough to do anything for her.

"I'm not as young as I used to be," Conrad told her. "But I'll be ready for more in a few hours. You know, we still need our sleep, but you'll have to get it in the daytime now. You might as well stay here, because there's still a lot you need to know about your new life."

"I know there is, and it's your fault I'm a vampire, so you owe it to me to teach me. I know about sunlight and crucifixes, but what about silver bullets? What about wooden stakes through the heart? What about garlic? That guy's blood I sucked tasted of garlic, and I liked it." She had tacitly agreed to spend the night in Conrad's bed, and her hand was fondling his cock, but it was still too soft to do much of anything.

"I like garlic too, and it's completely harmless. I don't know how that story got started, but people are always telling lies about us vampires. Direct sunlight is the biggest danger, but you just have to stay inside during the daytime to avoid it. You can burn yourself on a crucifix, but they're pretty harmless outside of that. Don't worry about somebody crossing his fingers and waving them at you, because they can't hurt you at all. Silver can be deadly, but how often are you going to run into The Lone Ranger, and nobody is likely to carry around a silver plated knife.

"Even when it's not a weapon, silver can be a problem. If people are wearing a lot of heavy silver jewelry, you might not be able to take control of their minds, but earrings or a ring on a finger would be too small to be a problem."

"Is there anything else? What about a wooden stake through the heart? How about a wooden arrow?"

"As long as you don't lie down and let somebody pound a wooden stake into you, you don't have to worry about them. An arrow shot from a bow isn't any danger either, because the killer has to have physical contact with the weapon or anything else to be dangerous, even in the heart. Except for the things I mentioned, we're pretty much immortal. We don't even age. How old do you think I am?"

"About 20 or 25 or so."

"I'm 250 years old. I was 22 when I was turned into a vampire, and I haven't aged in all that time. You won't either; you'll never gain weight and even your hair won't grow any longer. You'll always look young and sexy, just like you are now."

Buffy smiled at that thought, especially at the idea of not gaining weight. Her hair was long enough too. She was too young to give much thought to getting older, but she knew some girls did worry about that.

"Can I put some guy into a trance like you did that creep tonight? By the way, what happens to him now? How do I do that?"

"You can, but I'll want to be there to see how you do. You just look at him and think at him and it works; I don't know how it works, but it does. That guy should have come to after about an hour. He'll be okay, if you're worried about him, unless somebody comes along and robs him." Conrad chuckled at that possibility. "It would serve him right."

They continued to talk through the rest of the night, while Conrad got sleepier and Buffy fondled his cock looking for one more fuck before retiring. After about an hour, when she felt it begin to stiffen, she leaned over to take it into her mouth again, and sucked until it was ready. This time, she got on top, and her orgasm that time was the best one of the night. She was exhilarated from everything that happened to her, but tired, so the new vampire and the old one curled up together for a long day's sleep.

It was still daylight when they awoke, but they could tell night was not far off. Conrad had been careful to find a dwelling with all the windows having a safe northern exposure, so there was never any danger of deadly rays of sunlight finding their way inside. After they had washed up a bit -- neither of them had to use the toilet and never would -- Buffy wanted to fuck before going out to seek fresh blood to feed on. Although she was a hotsy, Conrad cautioned her about too much of a good thing.

"Everything we did last night was great, and we'll do more of it in the future -- a lot more -- but we sort of have our choice of any partner we want, so I'd rather we went out and found hotties for both of us."

Buffy liked that idea too, but the first thing she wanted to do was to bring all her things from her dorm room. Some of them would be pretty useless in her new life, but she wanted to keep them anyhow. Conrad was agreeable so, once the sun had finally set, he drove over to the dormitory. They walked to the second floor and down to the room Buffy would be leaving and set to work packing her suitcases with clothing and personal items. Some of the latter would be of no use to her, but she didn't want to leave them behind for fear of arousing somebody's suspicions. On the way back out to the hallway, they encountered Jeanette, a tall, bosomy brunette, and one of Buffy's chief rivals among the women in the dormitory.

"Hi, Buffy. Are you moving in with your boy friend? Or girl friend?" Jeanette simpered when she saw Buffy and Conrad exiting the dorm room heavily laden with suitcases and other things the blonde was taking with her.

From somebody else, it might have been friendly curiosity, but from the woman who was questioning her, especially in that tone of voice, it was recognized as a catty remark. "Why, yes, I am, Jen. Would you give me a hand please? There's one more small bag still inside. Can you bring it down to the car for me?" She winked at Conrad as she spoke, letting him know what he would have a chance to do, once the nosy bitch got into the vacated room.

Jeanette walked into the empty room, followed by Conrad and Buffy. Seconds later, she had a vacant look on her face and, a few seconds after that, the male half of the predatory vampire team was at her throat enjoying a fine meal. One of the reasons for the animosity between the two young women, although they pretended to be friends, was they were probably the two best looking women in the dorm, which gave them a certain status in the eyes of the others. In the case of Jeanette, it also made her the next woman who would suck off Conrad.

Less than a minute after dining on her blood, he and his beautiful prey were removing each other's clothing, while Buffy watched and smiled at what her rival was doing and what was going to be done to her. She wished she had a video camera to record Jeanette's abasement, but had to settle for enjoying the scene herself. The brunette sometimes bragged about seducing some of the biggest men on campus, but she would be on her knees that night, sucking off a man whose name she didn't even know. While she watched, Conrad held the big breasts in his hands and kissed and licked them. That was as close as he would get, because he feared what his fangs would do once they sensed the blood flowing through those succulent globes.

There was no danger from Jeanette's mouth, however, and he sat on the bed while the tall, naked brunette knelt before him and leaned down to lick the head of the erect cock in front of her. With Conrad giving directions, she spent a half hour sucking him off. Some of that time, she had his cock deep inside her mouth while she slowly bobbed her head, while other times she wrapped her luscious breasts around his shaft and caressed him between them.

Whatever he told Jeanette to do, she did, sending thrills of pleasure through his body, until he finally climaxed into her mouth, squirting his cum all over her tongue and the insides of her cheeks. After she was through sluicing all his semen into her mouth, including what had still been inside his cock, she avidly swallowed it and raised her head, licking her lips and awaiting further orders. He knew Buffy and he still had things to do, so he just directed her to put her clothing back on and go to her own room and go to sleep in her bed.

After she left, the two vampires, still in their human form, left the dorm room again and took the elevator to the ground floor. It was late enough by that time that they saw nobody else in the hall or the lobby, so they carried the bags out to Conrad's car, loaded them inside and drove to the apartment where they would be living. Because of the heavy loads they were carrying, they took the elevator to the top story and left them piled on the floor of the living room. They would put them into the closet or otherwise unpack later.

Buffy had a need that was more urgent than hanging up clothing. "Conrad, I got so turned on watching Jeanette sucking your cock I need some too. I also think I'll have to feed before it gets too late to find anybody."

"No problem. We can take care of this stuff later," he said while waving his arm at the baggage on the floor. "Do you want to fly back to the same place we were last night?"

"Okay, but I better not feed on the same guy, if I don't want to turn him."

A few minutes later, after flapping their arms to become bats and taking off from the window sill, they were flying high in the air over the town and over the campus. Buffy loved this part of being a vampire. She had always had fantasies of soaring above the trees like a bird, but never thought any of her daydreams could possibly come true. She followed Conrad back to the wooded area where she had first feasted on a man's blood, but about half a mile from that exact spot. When they landed, she kept collisions with branches to a minimum, because she was starting to get the knack of flying. Seconds after landing on the grass, they resumed their human form.

With their extremely keen eyesight, even in the dark, they picked their way to a pathway, where they stopped to listen for voices or other signs of possible prey. Conrad apparently heard somebody, because he gestured for Buffy to follow him. Making no noise, they followed the path until they were close enough to hear soft murmurs and rapid breathing. Behind some bushes, they found what they were looking for -- a man and a woman fucking in the grass. After listening to the whispers for a minute, it became obvious they had come across a couple, rather than a man raping a victim.

Trying to put the people in a trance, Buffy stared at them attempting to send them her thoughts, but to no avail. Conrad saw how she was staring at the man and woman and realized what she was trying to do, and put his hand on her arm to hold her attention.

"You have to catch their eye to make it work," he advised her in a whisper. You follow me and take the man and I'll take the woman."

They slowly approached until they were close enough for Conrad to exercise the mind control Buffy still had to master. They were completely quiet so, even if the couple had not been so wrapped up in each other, they would not have heard their approach. When they were close enough, Conrad deliberately set his foot on a dry branch lying on the ground. It broke with a loud "snap" and they saw the pale faces of their victims-to-be, looking like deer caught in the headlights, staring at the source of the interruption. The amorous couple saw the intruding man and woman watching them; eye contact was made and, less than a second later, their wills were no longer their own, and the vampires were free to do what they wished.

Buffy had gotten even more aroused at the sight and knew what she wanted. "Take your cock out of her," she said to the man, who obeyed immediately, and got to his knees between the woman's legs, his erection, long and thick, pointing at the horny female vampire.

She grinned at the sight, and gave further orders. "Lie on your back," she told him, and he did so with no hesitation or resistance.

Buffy was wearing the same short skirt she had worn the previous day, and she pushed her panties down to the ground and stepped out of them. As he lay flat on his back with his cock sticking up in the air almost like the Washington Monument, she stood over him with her feet on either side of his legs. Slowly, she lowered her body until one knee was on either side of his thighs and the object of her lust was at the entrance to her dripping pussy. Still grinning lasciviously, she rubbed the head of his cock in her wetness and guided it into the pink hole that was so eager to be crammed full.

"Ooooo, yeah," she sighed after the initial penetration had been made.

The man's cock was covered with juices from the woman's pussy, and the combination of them and those of Buffy allowed her to easily envelop the entire length. With the big organ buried to the hilt inside her hypersensitive pussy, Buffy stayed in that position and let waves of pleasure sweep over her body. When she finally started moving, it was to raise her body slowly until just the head was inside her, pause, and lower her pussy to envelop the entire length again. The fucking she was starting to do felt better than any other sex act of her life, except for what she had done the previous night with Conrad.

As she continued, it got better. Buffy had always liked the cowgirl position, and it was especially good when she was in full control of the man. She directed the whole sex act, telling the man when to thrust up into her pussy and to refrain from coming until after she had reached her orgasm. When the time arrived for that glorious event, she leaned back and started fucking herself faster, while he continued obeying her orders and matched her pace. His cock raked across her clit, driving her toward an orgasm and, when her climax was imminent, she ordered him to come.

"Okay. Come into my pussy now. Oooo, yeah, like that," she added when a big spurt of his semen gushed into her exactly where and how she wanted it.

After her orgasm, Buffy rested for a minute while the man's cock still filled her pussy. When she was ready, she got to her feet again, smiling at the sensation of her juices and his cum trickling down the insides of her thighs. She would wash it off later, but it added to her pleasure then, so she left it alone for the time being.

Conrad smiled as he watched his protégé enjoying herself carnally, followed by feeding at the throat of her former sex partner. He had refrained from fucking the woman or having her suck him off, because he was still so satisfied from the terrific blow job he had gotten from Jeanette. He also didn't bite and suck her throat because he had filled up adequately on the blood of the tall brunette beauty, but he thought it probable that he and Buffy would enjoy themselves together later that night, before turning in for a day's sleep. He would be horny again in a few hours, especially when they would be spent in the company of his beautiful and horny protégé.

"Well, you've eaten and fucked and so have I. Or been sucked off, at least. Are you ready to head for home yet?" he asked her.

Buffy nodded her head. Leaving the unknown man and woman lying naked in the grass, they began flapping their arms and, seconds later, two bats were soaring through the air high above the campus. Conrad let his companion lead the way and was gratified that she flew unerringly to the same window where they had launched themselves an hour earlier. She had apparently developed the homing sense she would need in her life as a vampire.

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