Coed Vampire


After showering together, and still in their human form, they lay naked in bed, although neither was interested in sleep yet. While they fondled each other, building up to more sexual fun, the vampires discussed what had happened that night. Conrad complimented Buffy on how quickly she had developed the homing sense, which puzzled her, because she had not even thought about it, just headed in the direction she knew was right.

Buffy suggested they return regularly to call on Jeanette, where Conrad could feed on the bitch and use her sexually while being videotaped, strictly for their own amusement. He vetoed the idea of taping the encounter, but was agreeable to returning to feed off the beautiful young woman and get sucked off again, or whatever sex act seemed like the most fun at the time.

"Vampires don't appear on videotape or photographs, so all you would have would be a tape of Jeanette simulating a sex act. I would only want to go back about once a month, because it might hurt her otherwise. It might even turn her into a vampire, and I know you don't want that."

"Hurting her would be okay, but I don't want to turn her into a vampire either, and be stuck with taking care of her. Okay, maybe once a month."

Their conversation and critiquing continued, until Buffy bent over her mate and took his cock, which was almost hard by then, into her mouth and started gently sucking. Wanting something a little different, she moved her body and slung her leg over his face so they were in the 69 position, something else she enjoyed doing. Slowly moving her mouth up and down, she took his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat with every stroke, while his agile tongue and lips caressed her pussy, until they both climaxed. It was late then, and they were both tired, so they slept together again until the late afternoon.

Life continued routinely for the pair of vampires. They continued with the night course, but Buffy had to drop out of the classes she had been taking during the daytime. After the night classes ended, they went out to prey on any person available, sometimes including their classmates. During these nightly forays, she continued developing survival skills, and no longer collided with anything when she flew among tree branches. She also developed a knack for putting a victim into a trance and was unerringly able to feed on their blood without taking enough to convert them to vampires. Early one evening, before going to their class, she looked at the calendar and realized it had been over five weeks since Conrad had drunk Jeanette's blood and been sucked off by her.

She told her partner. "It's been five weeks now. Do you want to go back and feed on Jeanette again?" In the interval, Buffy had decided what kind of sex she wanted to watch him force her former rival to do. They were no longer living in the same dorm, but she still liked the idea of doing nasty things to the bitch or of watching things done to her.

"Sure, why not? What do you want me to make her do for me?"

"I'll tell you when we get there, but it'll be pretty gross."

"Gross I don't mind. It's late enough to go to class, if you're ready to go."

After the class ended, Buffy once again reveled in her soaring flight to the room in the dorm where Jeanette was still living, and they landed on the windowsill and peered inside the dark interior. They recognized Jeanette and saw another woman asleep in a bed across the room, probably her roommate, and prepared to make their entrance. The window was open a few inches, and they easily slipped in and jumped down to the floor, where they assumed their human forms.

The roommate might have become aware of the presence of interlopers, or some other thing might have awoken her, but she stared into the darkness and saw two pairs of eyes. A second later, she no longer controlled her mind, and Buffy told her to go back to sleep, which she promptly did, and she did not wake up until it was time for her to prepare for morning classes.

The primary object of their depredation was still asleep, and Conrad walked over to her bed and placed his hand on the big, succulent breast which was spilling out of her nightgown. She woke up then; he caught her eye and put her under his power. After dining on the blood from her jugular vein, the next thing he told her was to get out of bed and remove the gown. He still didn't know exactly what his partner wanted him to do to her, but he was sure he it would be fun for him and for Buffy.

"Tell her to lie face down on the bed with her pillow under her waist."

Conrad passed on the order, and the sexy naked brunette did as he told her. Buffy removed the small bottle of Aqualube she had carried in her pocket and told her partner what she wanted him to do - make Jeanette reach back and spread her ass cheeks. He grinned, because the entranced woman had a very shapely ass, and he knew he would enjoy fucking her there.

With their prey lying quietly and waiting for the next order, Buffy approached and placed the nozzle of the plastic bottle at the entrance to the hole Conrad would be fucking momentarily. She squirted in enough to allow an entrance, but not any more than that. She did not mind if her rival felt a little pain, and considered it to be good for her.

Conrad needed no further directions. After using some of the lubrication from the bottle to coat his hard shaft, he knelt between Jeanette's legs and guided his cock to the small hole she was creating for him. He could see she was going to be very tight, so he reached between her lovely cheeks, used his thumb and fingers to pry her rosebud open farther, and placed the tip of his cock at the center of the expanded opening. With a firm push, the head wedged into the tight place.

Jeanette murmured something, but whether it was from pain or pleasure, the vampires didn't know and didn't care. Conrad thrust forward again and almost an inch of his cock burrowed into the tight ass of the prone woman. This time, she made a slightly louder sound, and Buffy smiled, because she was sure it was of pain.

"Keep giving it to the bitch," she encouraged her partner. "All the way in, and fuck her good." Buffy was so turned on by the sight of her enemy getting her ass reamed she reached into her panties and started playing with her clit.

Conrad grinned at the thought. The brunette's ass was the tightest place his cock had ever been, and he was sure he was taking her anal cherry. A series of short, firm thrusts finally drove his entire shaft into her, and he sprawled on top of her reveling in the sensation and thinking he would fuck more women's asses in the future. For almost a minute, he stayed where he was, letting the involuntary movements of Jeanette's abused body send thrills of pleasure all through him.

Finally, holding to her shoulders for leverage, he drew his cock part of the way out and plunged it all the way back in to the tight, oily hole. Over and over, he fucked the brunette's succulent ass, while watching his partner in depredation playing with her clit over the erotic and entertaining sight. Buffy leaned over the face of the woman being fucked and grinned about the moans she heard. She was confident it wasn't pleasure; the other woman must have been in considerable pain from having her virginal asshole stretched the way the male vampire's cock was doing.

The minimal amount of Aqualube, combined with what Conrad had used to cover his hard shaft was enough. There was no friction for him as he drove his cock in and out of Jeanette, just a feeling of extreme tightness and exquisite pleasure. He felt his climax building up and decided against trying to make the fucking last. There was no concern at all with the pleasure of his involuntary partner, and he wanted to shoot his cum directly into her ass. Faster and faster he fucked her until his climax exploded out of his cock. He kept going and ejaculated twice more before he was through with the woman on the bed.

Buffy wasn't through yet. For one thing, she was still playing with her clit, but what she wanted to do next would be enough to get her off. "Make her lick off your cock," she urged Conrad.

He grinned at the thought. The vampires were partners, and he was not under her command at all, but he would usually do what she wanted, and he decided this was one of the times. He carefully pulled his cock free from the extremely messy hole where it had been and issued more commands to the woman who was totally under his control.

"Get up and kneel in front of me and clean my cock off with your mouth," he ordered Jeanette. "Lick everything off and swallow it."

As Buffy watched gleefully, the other woman unhesitatingly did as she was told, holding the shaft in her hand and taking it into her mouth to do as the vampire bade her. Carefully, not missing anything, she used her tongue and lips to clean off the noisome mixture of lubricant, Conrad's semen and her own fecal matter. Diligently, she licked off and swallowed every speck, until his cock was free of anything that didn't belong there, even sucking out the residual cum that was oozing out of the slit on the end.

She had considered making Jeanette bring her to an orgasm by licking her clit, but after she realized what had just been in the brunette's mouth, Buffy changed her mind. She was so aroused anyhow, a few more strokes with her fingers gave her enough of a climax for the time being. After she had fed on the other woman in the room, Conrad and she would fly back to his apartment where they would get it on together.

Usually, Buffy would have sucked the blood of whatever man had unknowingly been her sex partner, but that night was not an ordinary one and would be different. This was not a problem, because she simply bent over the sleeping roommate and took enough blood from her throat to make a satisfying meal, with flavors of ground beef and garlic, before straightening up again.

Conrad gave another series of orders to Jeanette -- that she should go back to bed and sleep, and that she should not recall anything of what had been done to her that night or what she had done. It was a certainty that she wouldn't anyhow, but the vampires never wanted to take any chances on some victim remembering and recognizing them. They were also reasonably sure she would not recognize the taste of her own feces in her mouth when she woke up, and would just wonder what the horrible taste was before rinsing it away.

After flying back to the apartment they shared and reverting to human form, Buffy wrote a big red "J" on the calendar for that same date on the next month. She was already looking forward to watching Conrad as he fed on Jeanette and did something else humiliating and disgusting to her. It might be fucking her ass and making her lick off his cock again or she might think of something else by then. Buffy was even considering having Jeanette eat her pussy, and feeling bad she would not be able to videotape the scene, besides being afraid the other woman might not be very good at it.

Life continued for the two vampires. They preyed on unsuspecting people in town and on the campus, usually taking sexual satisfaction from them as well as nourishment. Sometimes they also cavorted together on the bed they shared during the days, and sometimes just sleeping there. The date of their next visit to Jeanette drew nearer until something happened one night that would alter Buffy's life and end Conrad's.

They flew out one cold and fogy night in search of prey, but were unable to find any until late. What few people were abroad that night were all in places too public for the vampires to be willing to take a chance on being seen. Finally, Conrad spotted a man carrying a stick and hurrying along a path in a wooded part of the town and decided he would be their first victim. After he fed, they would find somebody for Buffy and call it a night.

They landed in the grass just off the path a few paces in front of their intended victim and assumed their human forms. While Buffy remained out of sight, her companion confronted the lone man, whose grip on his walking stick tightened, as if he thought he was about to be attacked and that he could use it to defend himself. Conrad looked at him, sent out a command by thought after catching his eye, and confidently approached. Instead of standing passively, the man, who was expected to provide an easy meal, swung the stick, bringing the knob on the end down hard on the vampire's head.

As Buffy watched in shock and dismay, her companion and mentor and regular sex partner, whom she had always considered to be invincible, collapsed onto the ground. Seconds later, he shriveled up and seemed to turn to dust, which blow away. While she remained hiding behind a tall bush, the man stared at where the body should have been lying and at the stick in his hand before dazedly shaking his head and hurrying on his way. Not knowing what else to do, she decided against doing any more hunting that night and flew back to the apartment where she would be living alone for an indefinite period.

She lay, frightened, in bed by herself before falling asleep just before sunrise. After she woke up, Buffy was still too scared and depressed to go out hunting by herself, so she read some of the information Conrad had on vampires and their vulnerabilities. She also remembered what he had said about how large quantities of silver could protect a human from being put into a trance, and realized the shiny head of the walking stick the man had been carrying the previous night must have been silver, and it had protected him from Conrad before being used to kill the overconfident vampire. It hadn't been The Lone Ranger's bullets or a silver-plated knife that had done in her male partner; it had been another form of silver.

Buffy was still too frightened to go out the following night but, after sleeping the next day and having neither fed nor fucked in three nights, her needs for sex and food were both nagging her. She couldn't continue to mourn Conrad; she had her own life to live and needed to satisfy both hungers. The class she was taking did not meet that night, so she waited until late to take off from the open window and fly high over the wooded area of the campus. It was a clear and pleasant night, and she hoped to find a romantic couple on the grass in one of the small clearings.

With her extremely acute vision, she had no trouble locating the people she was looking for. In the center of a thicket of shrubbery, a man was lying on his back on top of a blanket spread over the soft grass, and a woman was straddling him in the Female Superior Position, slowly moving back and forth and taking his cock deeply into her pussy. Buffy landed, reverted to her human form, and approached silently until she stood a few feet away and was able to catch their attention by clearing her throat. The startled pair looked at the intruder and were under her power before they could say or do anything.

Buffy's first order was to the woman. "Get off him and lie down over there," she said, pointing to a spot a few feet away. With no hesitation, the woman did as she was told.

The man was still lying on his back, and Buffy straddled him with her pussy directly above his hard cock. She was so horny and so turned on by the sight of what she had interrupted, besides her own normal vampire lust, her juices were dripping down and covering the big erection that was now hers to enjoy. Holding her pussy open with her index fingers, she lowered herself until she made contact with the head of his cock. Still spreading her lips with the fingers and thumb of one hand, she lowered her body until the head wedged into her.

"Oooo, yeah," she sighed. "That's what I've been missing."

While the man's intended sex partner lay beside them staring into space, Buffy lowered her pussy until his entire cock was inside her. It was thick and long, one of the best she had ever gotten into her pussy, and exactly what she had been needing. Buffy started slowly raising and lowering her body, taking the big shaft in and out of herself. The man lay quietly on his back, doing nothing, but that wasn't good enough for the horny vampire.

"Shove your cock up into me when I lower my pussy," Buffy commanded him. "Ah, that's better," she murmured as he started doing her further bidding.

Her arousal was so high and her need so great, it only took a few minutes of the action until Buffy felt her orgasm stirring inside her body, building up in the old, familiar way. She changed her movements slightly, leaning back as she raised her pussy so the top of the man's cock massaged the base of her swollen clit with every stroke.

"Yes! Yes!" she whispered. "Now, fuck me faster!"

She started moving up and down faster, and the man matched her. She could see his body writhing on the ground under her, so she ordered him to refrain from coming until she said otherwise, and to continue fucking up into her pussy. Faster and faster, she moved up and down, until she felt her climax rising to overwhelm her. She wanted the man to come too, because she had noticed he and the woman had not been practicing safe sex, and Buffy wanted to feel his cum as it spurted into her.

"Okay," she gasped, while in the throes of her climax. "Come now, and shoot your juices into me."

Once again, the man did as he was told, and Buffy relished the feel of a hard burst of semen spraying into her pussy. That was enough to finish bringing about her own climax, and she gave a great sigh of relief and relaxed on top of the man for a few minutes.

However, that hadn't been enough to satisfy her, so she turned to the woman who was still lying beside them. "Move over here and lie on the blanket next to us," she instructed her.

With the woman in the desired position, Buffy removed her pussy, dripping with her own juices and the young man's semen, and straddled the face of the woman who had been his intended partner. "Lick my pussy," she ordered, and reveled in the feeling of the woman's tongue as it began stroking her where she wanted and licking off the mix of juices.

After a few minutes of the lingual caresses, her pussy had been licked clean, and Buffy was ready for more. "Keep licking me," she told her victim. "Lick all over my pussy, then suck my clit until I come."

With no hesitation, the unknown woman started licking the pussy above her face, cleaning off whatever semen of her intended sex partner was still there, as well as the juices Buffy was continuously producing. When those were all gone, she started licking the swollen lips and clit that were placed directly above her mouth. The pleasuring tongue moved up and down and back and forth, quickly bringing the vampire to the brink of her second climax of the encounter.

"Now, suck my clit. Suck it and lick it until I come." Buffy moved in closer, almost forcing that swollen morsel into the willing mouth.

For the next few minutes, there was silence, with not even the lapping noise of the woman's tongue to be heard. When Buffy started coming, her legs clamped reflexively onto the head of the person whose tongue had brought it about. "Keep sucking! Keep sucking," she demanded, and her orders were obeyed with no hesitation.

As she continued coming, Buffy ground her needy pussy against the face of the woman she held enthralled, until all her muscles clenched and she uttered a soft cry of ecstasy. After that orgasm she relaxed, staying on top of her victim but being sure to avoid smothering her, while she rested enough to regain her strength. One of her needs had been satisfied, and the other would be easy to take care of. She removed her pussy from the face of the woman and bent over her exposed throat to help herself to a nourishing meal of her fresh blood, which was sweet, as if the source was a heavy consumer of candy.

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