tagErotic HorrorCoffee Shop Ch. 01

Coffee Shop Ch. 01


"One mocha latté and a honey glazed bavarian donut. Syd, you need to stop eating this kind of junk and start eating healthy," said the concerned waitress. "You've been taking in nothing but caffeine and sugar and lemme tell 'ya, that's a bad combination."

Sydney smiled and looked at the waitress. "Josie, you work in a café. You practically live here. You live and breathe caffeine and sugar. You're supposed to be advertising your products, not discouraging your customers from buying them."

"I'm just saying. You're a really good writer Syd. You don't need to fuss over writing that dang book. People will read anything you write." Josie gave Sydney a trust-me-I-know look before picking up the tray and completing the rest of her shift. Sydney watched the waitress as she dodged people, chairs and tables with ease. Josie was a 30 year old single mom with short blond hair and pale skin. She was 5'4 in height with a 32 inch chest but with killer legs. Her blue eyes showed signs of exhaustion brought about by years of working at the café, Coffee Haven.

Josie could've had more. She was smart. She graduated at the top of her class in high school. She would've gone to college if it wasn't for her mother, who got lung cancer, and her pregnancy. Now, she's an overworked and underpaid waitress in one of the busiest coffee shops in Manhattan. At least, that's what she told Sydney in one of their conversations. Syd was a good friend, and if she could, she would've help Josie out a long time ago. After all, with the kind of work she has, Josie, was one of the few friends she actually had time to talk to. If it wasn't for her own money problems, Syd would've helped her out.

A struggling author in the demanding city of New York, Sydney was desperate for money. Her last three books got great reviews from critics, but they just didn't sell. Analysts blamed the bad advertisement, Sydney just blamed herself. She never really believed in her ability to write. And she wasn't getting inspired at all. She was fortunate enough to have John as a friend. John allowed her to stay in his apartment until she could afford one for herself. He even shouldered all the bills and the food and he never complained when Syd couldn't cough up any money to help out. But despite his hospitality, Syd new she was already overstaying his welcome.

Syd groaned as she had another mental block. She didn't get it. She'd been writing since she was a kid. And it wasn't like she was a bad writer, she just couldn't write. She decided to go to the ladies' room to get freshen up. She splashed some water on her face and looked up at the mirror in front of her. There she saw a 23 year old blonde with shoulder length hair staring back at her. She had the same blue eyes that Josie had. In fact, if you saw them together, you'd think they were sisters. Syd took a purple scrunchie from her bag and tied her hair up. She was wearing a knee high skirt and a long sleeved blouse.

"I look like hell," she thought to herself. "Get it together Syd." And she gave out a sigh before going back to her table. She was often at the corner of the café. The walls were lined up with cushioned couches with tables in front of them. Syd always sat at the same table. She liked the isolation because it was good for her writing. She could see everybody but they didn't really notice or see her. She could observe the actions and events in the café. Often, that served as her inspiration. But for some reason, it didn't help her out anymore.

Syd checked her watch. "6 pm" she told herself. She kept her notebook and pen inside her bag. There was a reason why Syd kept going at Coffee Haven. Not only was it because she was already comfortable with the atmosphere, it was also because, at night, it was the greatest hot spot for the Manhattan artists. The lights were dimmed and Syd knew that it wouldn't be long before the nightly "sharing" would take place. Her corner became dark and there was no sense in writing in that type lighting anymore. The stage was the only part of the café that was well lit. The room was getting filled up by more and more writers. At 7, Leslie Parks went up the stage and sat down on the chair at the center of the stage. Leslie was a composer who sang every once in a while. She started out a few months before and was quickly gaining a good reputation. Everybody had been talking about her and they all said nothing but praises. She spoke a few lines about herself before she sang her latest composition. Syd was one of the few people who admired Leslie not for her talent, but for what she sang about. Her words weren't sad, but they were able to speak to the hearts of those who would listen. Syd got so absorbed by the stage that she didn't notice the rough hand slowly sliding up her skirt. She would've screamed but the man muffled her with a deep, passionate kiss.

"Did I scare you?" asked the man with a smile. His emerald green eyes were filled with lust as he looked wickedly at Sydney's chest.

Syd smiled when she saw the man. She recognized the silver ring that was shaped like a snake eating itself. "Yeah John, you did." She replied before giving him another long kiss. She opened her legs wider so John could feel her pussy through her underwear.

"Sorry, you're just so hot, I couldn't resist," he replied and continued to caress her pussy.

John and Sydney were friends, but they also liked to fuck each other. Often, Sydney felt that John was only keeping her for the sex. That thought made her feel like a slut. But she needed a place to stay and she was happy to do him anyway.

"Let's go then?" Sydney asked with a smile.

"No, I wanna do something impulsive tonight," John replied with a glint in his eyes.

Syd didn't know what John had in mind. But whatever it was, She knew it was gonna be good. John looked around to see if anybody was looking. He was happy to find that everybody was still busy watching the things going on at the stage. He took off Sydney's panties and stuffed them in his pocket. He started caressing her clit while unzipping his pants. He took out his thick, 8" cock and rubbed it gently. He was already hard before he got to the coffee shop. He had been thinking of Syd all day and he couldn't wait to fuck her.

Syd saw his erection and she instantly knew what he wanted. Syd lowered her head to suck his cock. She was happy to see that the table cloth covered them. The last thing she wanted was to get kicked out of her favorite café by her peers because of lascivious acts. She took his head inside her mouth before moving down to his shaft. She squeezed his balls and precum filled her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down before taking his manhood deep inside her throat. She started to gag but kept going making John moan softly. He started fucking Sydney's mouth while fingering her ass and pussy at the same time.

"Mmm baby, you're so hot," said John as he fucked her mouth. John raised Syd's head and kissed and sucked her neck. He lifted her, sat her down on his lap while facing him, and made her wet pussy slide down his long hard cock. He started to unbutton her blouse and was thrilled to see that she wasn't wearing any bra. He sucked her sensitive nipples until they were rock hard. She gave them a hard squeeze before grabbing her ass. John thrust his hips upward until his dick reached in as deep as he could go. He started to make short but hard strokes that made Syd's B cup tits bounce all over.

Sydney let out soft moans and short breaths as she grinded her hips in circles to make John's dick move wildly inside her, giving both of them more pleasure. She grabbed his balls and caressed them between her fingers while sucking his tongue. "More baby," she whispered before nibbling his ear.

Syd's soft voice turned him on and John responded with faster and harder thrusts. He took a spoon from the table and made Syd lick and suck the handle before shoving it up her ass. The shock made her cry but got pleasure from it right after and she started fucking her ass with it.

The thrill of fucking in public and the wild, hot sex made John so horny that soon he was ready to burst. He grabbed Syd's hair and pulled her ear towards his mouth. "Sorry Syd, I'm cumming inside you." He whispered.

Before she could reply, Syd felt John make harder and faster strokes He fucked her so hard that Syd was going to cum too. Sydney clenched her teeth and arched her back before exploding all over John's cock. Her pussy tightened which squeezed his cock and he started shooting wads of hot, stringy cum inside her abused cunt. John lifted Syd off his cock and they both watched as a mixture of their cum started flowing out of her pussy down to the floor. They gave each other a soft kiss and started to clean up the mess before anyone noticed. Sweaty and exhausted, they left the café just as the people started applauding the final act for the night.

"Thanks John, I needed that," said Syd with a smile as they entered John's Porsche. "Wait a minute, no offense John, but, you own a bookstore, and I know how much you earn, so how can you afford a Porsche?"

"What do you mean by that?" replied John with a sly smile.

"I mean, this is a red 1997 Dodge Viper. Buying a used car like this will cost you around $42,000. You have a very expensive taste."

"I like the name."

"You mean viper? Why?"

"I like snakes."

"Like your silver ring. Where'd you get that by the way?"

"I asked a friend of mine to forge it for me."


"I believe in immortality," John replied before laughing softly.

"Wow, that is so not vague at all," said Syd in disappointment.

They drove through the night until they reached John's apartment. He lived on the 4th floor of an old apartment building which was converted from an old art studio. The owner was an artist who loved the renaissance period. He tried to incorporate their style in the building. This explained the symmetrical designs on the walls and the intricate circular décor found all over the building. Most of the apartment was finely furnished wood except for the brick fireplace in the middle of the main living room. They took the stairs which was the only way to get up to their room since there was no elevator in the building.

John opened the door and a quiet and simple living room greeted them. Syd sat herself on the white couch facing the TV and grabbed herself a copy of the New York Times. John went to the kitchen to get a couple of beers and sat beside Syd before switching the TV on. Syd took the phone and ordered pizza, just as the anchor stated his report about a serial rapist.

"In other news, the New York Police Department is baffled by a new case of rape going on in Manhattan." said the newscaster in a serious voice. "It seems as though the suspect is only interested in blonde women who are in their 20's and 30's. The suspect has taken his 5th victim and is still at large. Police reports say that the suspect leaves unusual markings. The victims, although found unconscious, were unharmed. They were found tied down using hooks screwed to the floor or wall in the middle of a circle. They were left there naked and on their bodies, the word "olam" was written. The words and the circle seem to have been written with blood but not of the victims. Police are still conducting investigations on whether it is the suspect's blood. All women are urged to be careful whenever traveling the city, especially for blonde women. If going out at night is unavoidable, it is advisable for women to travel with companions or bring with them safety devices such as pepper sprays."

"That's weird," said Syd as the news ended. "You think he'd go for me?" asked Syd with a smile. John kept silent. It was as if the news concerned him deeply. "John, you ok?" said Syd.

John stood up and went towards his room. "I'm tired," he said before he locked his room.

"What's his problem?" asked Syd to herself. "And where's the pizza I ordered?"

The next days came and went and Syd's life was the same as ever. Going to the coffee shop, trying to write, but nothing came.

"Josie, I'm in a slump. I can't write for crap," cried Sydney as she hit her head on her usual table. "I've been sitting here for weeks now and I think my butt made an imprint on this couch. Help me out." Josie remained silent; she was staring into space while sitting across Syd. "Josie? Are you ok?"

Syd took Josie's hand and gasped. A tattooed word was on her wrist; 'olam.' "Josie, wh-what the hell is that?" exclaimed Syd.

Josie took her hand back and slowly faced Syd. "I'm a victim Syd, I'm a victim," she muttered back. Josie relayed the story of her rape. How last night, she had to stay late at work because the guy who was supposed to change shifts with her phoned in sick. And how a man grabbed her from behind and drugged her to make her fall asleep.

"Although, my case is quite different," said Josie. "He wasn't harsh, he was actually gentle. And he didn't tie me up or painted anything on my body. He even allowed me to put my clothes back on. But after that, he gave me something to drink that made me fall asleep. Next thing I know, I had this tattoo and I was back at the coffee shop. I was home by 3 am. I never saw the guy, and I haven't told the police."

"Well, are you ok? I mean are you hurt, or scared, or anything?" asked Syd.

"I'm fine, and, I hate to say this but," Josie paused for a while before speaking again. "I liked it Syd, I liked it."

Syd sat in awe. How could a man be a rapist and yet be so gentle at the same time? Syd was instantly hit with inspiration. She knew what she wanted to write about. But that meant that she needed a one on one with a serial rapist.

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