tagErotic HorrorCoffee Shop Ch. 02

Coffee Shop Ch. 02


"Finally, you're awake," said a man to Josie as she regained consciousness. "I was worried that you might have died on me."

"W-where am I?" she asked the man without looking at him. Her head was still spinning from the drug that made her out cold.

"That doesn't matter, just lie down and relax." replied the man.

"Lie down?" she thought to herself. Only then did Josie realize that she was chained down to a little but soft bed. She couldn't see much, partly because her vision was still blurry, and partly because the room was dark. From what she could tell, she was in a small room, with grey walls. It smelled of dust, moldy clothes and rust. On one wall, there was a corked board that was littered with pictures, and on the other was what seemed to be blood stains. She became scared and she knew she was with the serial rapist that she heard about on the news. She wanted to know where she was but she just couldn't think of any place. She could make out some cans of paint and brushes. Her best guess was that she was in a basement of some house.

"Are you cold?" asked the man softly. His voice had a melancholic tone that seemed both sad and sexy at the same time. "Here you go," he said as he covered Josie's naked body with a thin blanket. "I'm sorry I already took out your clothes, I didn't want to have to rip them off you if ever you struggled. I don't want to hurt you."

"Hurt me? What do you mean?" asked Josie. She turned her head and saw the man step into the moonlight that entered the room from a small window. The light however did not help much. It only gave Josie a view of the man's silhouette. He had a lean body, like that of an athlete's. He was about 6 feet tall with dark colored hair. The man started to approach her and she saw what she thought was a smile across his face. He touched her face and she felt his rough and cold hands on her smooth skin.

"You're beautiful, but you seem to be too stressed out, let me help you relax." said the man as he removed the handcuffs that were restraining her.

"Why let me go now that I'm awake? It'll be easier for me to run away."

"I know you won't." replied the man before he gave Josie a kiss.

Josie felt the man's tongue explore her warm mouth. His tongue tasted sweet and was so irresistible the she had to let her tongue slide against his. The kiss was mild but strong at the same time. The man broke the kiss and left Josie wanting more.

He saw that she wanted more and gave out a smile. He took of his clothes and got on the bed. He made her sit on the bed and lean against the wall. He pinned her there and gave her a longer kiss. Spreading her legs, he removed the blanket covering Josie's body and made her feel the cold air on her wet mound. He then lifted her legs onto his shoulders and pressed his hips against hers to make her feel his growing erection.

"I'm not much for oral, I hope you don't mind." he whispered as he rubbed his cock's head on Josie's hole, teasing her. He spread her juices all over her clit before slowly inserting his cock into her, inch by inch. He felt Josie's body shudder as he slowly invaded her and once he was completely inside her, he felt her warm cum drench his dick.

Josie couldn't believe that she came so fast, but her last sexual encounter happened 12 years ago and that was with the man who left her alone and pregnant. Her pussy needed and wanted the attention so badly that she didn't even care that she was already getting raped.

"Oh God," said Josie as the man started to hump her. She could feel his thick cock stretch her tight pussy. She had only been fucked once or twice before and her c-section kept her pussy from widening. She only satisfied her sexual desires through fingering herself and didn't even have the time or energy to buy herself a dildo. Josie had forgotten how good it felt to be fucked and she was glad that the man reminded her.

"I want you lying down." said the man as he laid her down without taking out his dick. He started to fuck her faster and harder while fingering her ass. He took her legs and wrapped them around his body before kneading her breast and pinching her nipples.

Josie pulled the man's body closer to her to limit his thrusts. He felt his dick go deeper into her and she moaned out loud. "Oh, God, yesss. More! I want more!" She screamed as the lean bodied man pounded away at her pussy. She started to buckle and tremble as her body was set for another orgasm.

"My turn," said the man as Josie's body fell into exhaustion. He started to hump her frantically until his cock couldn't hold his cum much longer. He pulled it out from her sloppy pussy and squirted his load all over her face. He wiped it off with a towel before handing her clothes to her. When Josie finished putting back her clothes on, the man handed her a cup of coffee before kissing her goodnight. Josie fell asleep and woke up in front of Coffee Haven and rushed to her house.


"Crap, what time is it?" Syd asked herself as she lifted her head to look at the wall clock. She fell asleep in front of the computer while working on her book.

"10, and that's AM by the way," said John with a smile as he handed Syd a cup of coffee. "You were up all night. What were you doing?"

"This book. I just can't finish it. I need that interview."

"That exclusive you've been praying for? D'you honestly think that'll happen? I mean, what criminal would be crazy enough to actually go to a writer and spill out his secrets. Even criminally insane people wouldn't go for it."

"Thanks for the support."

"I'm just saying. You're killing yourself by watching news reports, reading newspaper articles and searching the net for any info about this guy. You haven't gotten any sleep since he raped that waitress. You need to forget about this thing for a moment. I mean, this guy's been out, fucking blondes for a month now and he still hasn't been caught. What makes you think you can catch him?"

"Look, this story is the one thing that could actually lift my career. Plus, if I find out who this guy is, I can help that waitress, who, by the way is my friend!" shouted Syd as she stormed into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and got herself some left over Chinese food for breakfast.

John went after her and hugged her from behind. "I'm sorry, ok? It's just that, I'm worried about you."

"I know," said Syd "thanks, but I'm fine."

"I love you Syd, and if you'll just marry me, you won't have to write anymore."

Sydney already knew that John wanted to marry her. After all, he had proposed the week before. But Syd had to refuse; she needed to finish her book, whatever it took. "I'm sorry John, but..."

"Shh. Don't speak." said John as he pressed a finger on Syd's lips. "You don't have to say yes, not right now. Just, think about it, ok? I have to go, I still have to open my store." said John before he left.

Sydney sat down on the chair and took a sip of her coffee. She couldn't get her mind off the rape case. Josie had given her the details the week before and she'd been dreaming about it ever since. Sydney couldn't help but recall the scenes of her dream. It seemed so real, so detailed that it felt like she was actually watching them do it. Slowly, her hands found their way to her shaved pussy and she fingered herself to orgasm. She felt guilty about pleasuring herself to Josie's story, but it was so hot. Even Josie herself admitted that she liked it.

Sydney got up and went to take a shower, after which, she dressed up and went to a clothes store nearby. She had always worn clothes that were comfortable and casual. Her profession allowed her to wear anything she wanted. But that night, she decided to try something new. She entered the store named "Playful and Naughty". "They should've just named the store 'sex'," she thought to herself. Syd was looking for something sluttier than what she'd normally wear. She found a crimson red tank top that showed off her cleavage. It was made out of a thin material that was almost see-through. Next she got a black mini skirt that showed off her legs. She got some red 5" stiletto shoes that matched her blouse and chandelier earrings. That night, she put on her outfit with her black thong, got her purse and headed out for the door.

"Damn Syd, you look so hot. Wanna go to bed with me for a while?" said John slyly. "I can make that outfit worth it."

"Maybe next time John, I'm out to get raped."

John couldn't believe what he just heard. "Are you friggin' kidding me? That's crazy Syd! You can get killed!"

"Remember the news reports John? This guy doesn't kill. And you can't stop me now." She replied before walking out into the night.

She started walking up and down the streets. The rapist didn't stay in any specific place so she just walked around. When she was too tired, she went to Central Park and sat on a bench. Some guys would pass by and stare at her devilishly and her confidence went up. An hour passed and nothing happened. She saw some bushes shake and heard moans coming from behind them. She wondered if she was going to get the same action that night. The moans grew louder and she knew that the couple was nearing their orgasm. She looked at her watch and saw that it was already 12. Josie told her that she woke up at 3 am. If that was the case, the rapist should've seen her by now and taken her. Reports say that the police suspected that the rapist used a car to get around. Syd got anxious, if he used a car, he was sure to pass central park.

Syd was sitting on a bench facing the road. "The rapist is bound to see me." She thought to herself. The couple stood up and looked exhausted but satisfied. The guy looked at Syd and she saw his tool come back to life in his pants. His girlfriend noticed it too and she slapped him before running off. Syd liked the attention, but got more disappointed that it didn't come from the rapist. She waited longer and at 3 am, she went back home.

Disappointed and tired, Syd took off her clothes and crawled on the bed to lie down next to John. He woke up and hugged her tight. "You ok?" asked John.

"Yeah," replied Syd. "Make love to me John."

John lifted Syd and carried her to the bathroom. He set her on the bath tub and filled it with water. He took off his own clothes and got in with her. "I know you're tired", he said, "let me do all the work." John started to stroke his cock before slowly inserting it into Sydney. She moaned as her tired pussy tasted his dick.

"Thank you John, thank you," said Sydney as they made love through the night.


Sydney woke up at 1:00 pm the next day. John was already gone, perhaps to his bookstore. She put on her robe to cover her naked body and went to the kitchen for some coffee. She sat down on the couch and noticed John's shoes scattered near the door. "Slob," she thought and smiled before picking them up. Then, she noticed something strange. There was something red on the sole of his shoes. "Blood" she whispered.

Syd tried to recall the latest the news report that she read or heard. They said that the blood found on the women were that of a lamb's. At that moment, she realized something; maybe the women were sacrificial lambs. But that thought just confused her even more. If she was right, then why kill lambs instead of just sacrificing the women themselves?

Sydney went to her desk and saw what she had. During the olden times, particularly in the biblical period, lambs were usually killed and offered as sacrifices. And the word olam which was written in blood on the bodies of women meant "eternity." Sydney knew there was something more behind the story. And despite her failure last night, she found herself even more attracted to the mystery of the serial rapist.

Syd picked up the shoes as she dreamt of meeting the rapist. She suddenly noticed some more blood stains that were peeking through the door. Sydney became worried. She realized that those stains were not present when she came in. She opened the door too see blood stains that lead to her apartment. Sydney felt scared and exhilarated at the same time. What if the rapist followed her? What if she could've talked to him? What happened to John? Did the rapist kill him? Is the blood on John's shoes his? A lot more questions entered her mind and soon she didn't realize that she was following the footsteps.

Sydney walked on, despite the fact that her neighbors could just see her and that she was still naked beneath her robe. The footprints led her to the door of the attic. Sydney never really cared about the attic before, but now, she felt something strong about it. She turned the handle and entered the musty room. She turned on the lights and when the dust cleared, Sydney got shocked with what she saw.

On the walls was more of the blood that made the footprints. Even the floor was littered with blood. On one wall, Sydney saw a collage of pictures of women with blood. There was also a bed in the room, its sheets had cum and blood stains all over. She noticed what looked like a name tag on top of a pillow. Sydney picked it up and cleaned off the blood on it. She almost cried as she recognized the tag and read the name. "Josie." she exclaimed.

"Yes, she was here, and she felt good." said a voice behind her.

Syd turned to see where the voice came from. She shook in fear when she realized who it was. The man stood, blocking the doorway with an eerie grin on his face. He closed the door and locked it behind him before approaching Syd. He held her by the neck almost choking her. He then took a syringe filled with a drug and carelessly inserted it in Sydney's neck.

Syd fell back on the bed as she held her friend's name tag. She felt the drug spread all over her body through her bloodstream. The man then took off her robe and exposed her naked body. He cuffed her to the bed and smiled before walking towards the door. Sydney was in shock, she couldn't believe it. She was in the very room where the serial rapist took his victims. She had wanted to meet the rapist face to face, and now that she has, she wished she hadn't desired to meet him at all. She squeezed the tag even harder, and she managed to muster up enough energy to say her thoughts before she lost consciousness. "W-why?" She asked with tears in her eyes. "Why did you do it, John?"

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