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Coffee Shop Payback


Cheerfully helping ticked off people returning broken electronics was not my idea of fun right now. Five minutes before, my shift lead had ripped me a new one for not being polite enough to some crotchety old jerk that had tried to return a tablet he said "just stopped working" and called me a liar when I pointed out the still-sticky residue of soda all over the back of the unit. Screw this, it was time to get away.

As luck would have it, just as I reached for the 'lock' button on the register, this girl walked up to the counter and dropped a mangled camera on the counter. Flashing me the sweetest smile, she sighed and said "Can you be a dear and give me a refund on this? I just got this, and for some reason it's not working anymore."

Instantly in a better mood, I did my best to hide the smile attempting to cross my face. Gee, I wonder why it's not working? Before I could give her a smart-alek reply, she handed me a receipt showing she had in fact bought it here, and only two weeks before.

"Perfect" I thought, "this should make the boss happy, but I'm gonna run this refund and be polite to this poor girl."

"Well miss, I'm not really sure why it would stop working, these cameras are usually reliable. Can you tell me what's wrong?"

Her smile faded fast, just as fast as the rest of her face darkened. "It's kind of a long story. My boyfriend Mark had been using it a lot lately. So last night I went to surprise him at his friend's house where they were partying. I walked in and no one saw me since they were all focused around the computer, so I went to stand behind them."

"Right before I could see the screen, one guy said something about being glad Mark got some more pics for them to enjoy. Another guy asked if he could get copies again, and Mark said he could. Then I stopped short when I saw what they were looking at. It was me! Naked! I saw several I knew he took of me and a few I didn't know about. He was being sneaky and taking pics of me in the shower and changing."

"Even though I was silent, someone finally sensed me behind them and turned around. He yelled, and they all turned. Then it got loud for a while as we yelled some. I yanked the camera out and went to my car. He followed me and got in while we continued to yell. So then we argued the whole way back to my apartment. And in the apartment. We threw some things, and yelled a lot. So I kicked him out, and.... Well, I'm sorry, I'm sure you don't need all those silly details."

"Anyhow, long story short. I got up this morning and found the camera like this, and I tried to turn it on and it didn't work. So here I am. I don't need a new one, I just would like my money back to pay some clothes that were ruined by some red wine that spilled last night."

Laughing to myself, I knew 10 seconds into her story that I'd take the camera. It would make both of us feel much better.

"Ok, sounds reasonable enough to me, I guess it must be some internal error thingy. Just let me get a few things from you on this paperwork, and I will credit your card right away."

Her face lit up again as she smiled and took the pen from me. As she bent over to put in her info, I couldn't help staring down her shirt. Hey, I'm a normal guy, I won't refuse a nice boob view! But I stared too long. She looked up and caught me red-handed.

"Hope you enjoyed the view, you pervert."

Looking up, I saw her expression didn't match her tone.

"Uh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare, I just couldn't help enjoying the view. So, uhhh, let's see. Yup, that should do it for the paperwork. I'll get this sent in, and your credit card should be credited in 3 to 5 business days."

"Thanks so much for your help."

She spun on her heel and walked away. With a quick thought, I forced my eyes to unglue themselves from watching her ass swaying under the thin skirt as she walked away. Picking up the camera I opened the accessory cover and saw my hunch was right. The memory card was still there! A quick mental battle ensued, with the 'nice guy' winning. Tossing the camera on the shelf under the counter, I jogged down the aisle towards the door. Just before she left the store, I caught up to her.

"Excuse me miss!" I called.

She turned back with a confused look on her face.

"Yes? Did I fill out the papers wrong or something?"

Shaking my head 'no', I held out my hand. "That stuff is all good, but you may want to keep this from falling into anyone else's hands. You forgot it in the camera."

Hey eyes dropped to my hand and instantly her face turned bright red.

"Oh no! Thank you so much! I can't believe I left that!"

She took the small card from my hand and put it into the side pocket of her purse. She looked back at me, her cheeks still pink.

"But after I told you what pictures were on there, I can't believe you didn't keep it. Was that little peek you had earlier enough for you?"

Now it was my turn -- I felt my ears start to burn a little at her reminder.

"Honestly, I did think about keeping it, but I figured you didn't want any more eyes invading your privacy. Besides, you probably would have come back looking for it, and the last thing I need is to get in trouble. Again."

"Ah, you're so sweet. Please let me make it up to you. Can I take you to lunch or something? Coffee maybe?"

"You don't have to do that, but I was actually on my way out before you came to my counter. Do you want to meet up at the coffee shop across the parking lot?"

"Deal. When?"

"Can I meet you there in about 5 minutes? I need to go clock out real quick."

"Sure, see you in a bit."

She turned to leave but stopped halfway into her step. "By the way, my name is Karen, and it's been a pleasure meeting you. Truly."

With a smile I reached out to shake her hand. "My name is Shawn, and I agree, it is a pleasure to meet you too."

We both turned away with a smile, and my smile never faded as I walked back to the break area to pass the word I was going out for a bit.

A few minutes later I walked into the coffee shop to see Karen waiting at the counter. We ordered, and she insisted on paying. Although it always bugs me to have someone else pay for me, I let her get the couple bucks for my java. Waiting for our drinks, we easily fell into conversation. Not at all unexpected, within about two minutes, she had turned the talk to her rough night.

As we got our drinks and made our way to a table hidden in the far back corner, she was telling me about how she had looked through pictures on the camera and found several nude pictures that were of various private areas that were not hers. I'm guessing that those pictures were not very popular.

"So ya, I read him the riot act for cheating on me, as well as sharing me with his friends. I have no idea how many people have seen me naked, or with various... um... things inside of umm... me."

She was staring deep into her drink as I watched the red creep up her face.

Hoping to distract her, I broke the silence. "So for just a few little things like that, you broke up with him? Really? You are just so mean, Karen."

She looked up at me with fire in her eyes, but that quickly went away as she saw my smile.

"A few little things, huh? Smartass. I should smack you for that, but I...... Oh great."

Now slightly confused, I thought I had broken the tension, but the fire was back in her eyes now. She was staring towards the door, and I followed her gaze to find a guy walking towards us. He was wearing a uniform shirt from an auto shop down the road, and the name tag said 'Mark'. Oh boy, now I bet I knew why she stopped talking and got pissed.

The flurry of words between them aren't fit to print; well her words weren't, he was on the defensive and trying his best to apologize and get her to announce them as 'a couple' again. It clearly wasn't working.

About a second I was wondering how he happened to be here, Karen asked Mark the exact same thing. He had happened to be in the same parking lot and saw her car, so he started looking for her, walking through every store, and well, there we are!

All I could do was try to scoot down in my seat and become invisible as possible in this awkward spot. Well that didn't work at all. Mark pointed to me and asked Karen "And who is this? Did you go and grab a new boyfriend already? Are you that much of a slut?"

Her face darkened menacingly. "No, you ass. Shawn is a friend. Just a friend. And I'm not a slut, you were the one getting around, and the one that was sharing way too much of my body with your friends. I have no idea how many of your friends are imagining the naked pictures of me whenever they see me in person."

"Babe, it was only a couple of them, really, I promise."

"Too bad, but I don't believe a word of it. I know how many people I have LET myself be naked in front of. And because you came in here, I just now decided, that as of this morning, there will be one more. Hell, maybe four more. Or maybe 10. I just don't know yet."

Mark's expression turned upset, then confused. "What? I don't get it. What the heck are you talking about babe?"

"For the last time, don't call me 'babe', you lost that right. Actually, don't call me anything. Don't even call me! I have had enough of you and your crap. We are done, over, finito, kaput! Now for that part about who has seen me naked, and who will be seeing... Not that it's any of your business, the next person to see me will be Shawn here, I think I owe him that after everything he has done for me."

Now it was my turn to look confused. Karen winked at me as she stood up and took a step towards me. "I hope this be enough of a token of my appreciation. I know you could have kept it anyway, but you were a real gentleman about it, so thank you. Besides, I don't have a camera so I don't need it any more. I wasn't going to do this until idiot-boy over here came in and got me mad."

While she was talking, she bent over in front of me to retrieve the memory card she had put in her purse. On impulse, just to try to be funny, I leaned to the side and peered over comically and acted like I was trying to look down her shirt again.

It worked just like I was hoping it would, and Karen had a good laugh. She smirked a little, but the smile was still in her eyes. "Again? Must you always such a perv Shawn? You really couldn't wait to get the memory card home?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Guilty as charged. I couldn't help it - the real thing is always so much better than pictures anyway."

With her hands on her hips, Karen stood up straight and stared at me, appearing to be deep in thought. After about 30 seconds of thought, she slowly said "Ya know Shawn, you're absolutely right. The view isn't all that great I think, but it IS live and in-person."

After a quick look around to ensure everyone was pointedly ignoring the arguing couple, she gave me a smile, then turned her face back to Mark. She slowly started to unbutton her shirt, but kept her eyes on Mark. His jaw worked soundlessly as he watched.

Karen softly said "If you want a ghost of a chance to get me back, you will stand right there and watch. Don't say a damn thing, just watch, you bastard. You owe me a lot more than just this."

Her shirt was fully unbuttoned, but she still held it together. Painfully slowly, she pulled it apart, exposing her pale skin. The peach color of both the bra and shirt matched and was a beautiful complement to her skin. She was still staring at Mark's face and paid no attention to the huge smile splitting my face.

"Keep watching, jackass. You sure seemed to like it when your friends saw me, don't you like it that this guy is watching? Oh wait, there's still clothes in the way, sorry."

With a hand up the loose short sleeves, she pulled down her bra strap on one side, then repeated it on the other side, then slid her arms out from inside the straps. With only a moment's hesitation she pulled down the pale bra, exposing her awesome boobs to me and only me. A flick of her wrists rotated the bra around so the latch was in front and a moment later it was unfastened and she tossed it down on top of her purse.

Karen pulled her shirt open completely and grabbed both of her breasts, squeezing and rubbing them. "Ya, that feels better. Gotta rub out the tension."

Not waiting for Mark or I to respond, she pinched her nipples lightly and sighed "Oooohh, that feels good too."

She suddenly stopped moving her hands and her eyes moved down from mine and she giggled a little.

"Apparently you like this too. Oh wait a sec.... Did you want to help?"

I stopped staring at her bare boobs for just a moment to look into her eyes.

"Do you mean....."

"Well ya, silly. Help me a little. This isn't just a spectator sport you know."

Not totally sure this wasn't really all just a dream, I took only one step forward and paused with my hands halfway up.

"Don't act all shy, it's OK. Here, let me help you."

She took a step towards me and reached for my hands. Grasping the back of my hands she guided them the last few inches and placed them firmly on her breasts. Karen even moved them around a bit to help encourage me.

"There you go, that's much better" she said, closing her eyes and smiling softly.

"Mmmm, ya, that feels good Shawn. Don't forget to pinch too. Just a little though. I kinda like that."

With her encouragement I did pinch her nipples a little, then held onto them as I shook her boobs side to side gently. Not really expecting a response, I did have to smile as she moaned lightly. But what I really like was just holding them, so I moved back to the hands-on position. Always moving, just caressing and squeezing, loving the feel and the look of her soft breasts. They were just a little bigger than a handful.

I was so focused on my task, the feeling her hands on my wrists shocked me a little. Stopping my movements, I looked up to her face to see the passion in her eyes and noticed her excited breathing.

"You have got to stop for a second, this is just too much."

With a look of regret that matched mine, Karen took my hands off of her boobs and pulled her shirt back together, but she didn't button it back up yet. The three of us just stood there awkwardly for a minute. How do you really make 'that' move to transition back to whatever we were doing before?

With an sly grin she took another step towards me and quickly grabbed my cock, squeezing it through my jeans. As she held my cock she looked up at me and whispered "Now I know what you thought of that, why don't you find out if I liked it as much?"

Apparently my normal filters were not working right. How often do you stand next to a girl that's mostly still a stranger and grope her crotch? Without a second thought I bent over slightly to pull up her skirt and eased my hand in to feel her smooth thigh. Following it up, I stopped as I felt her panties then moved my fingers into the gap between her legs. The heat from her sex was obvious before I got to my destination. Her panties were soaked with her excitement, and as I stroked her clit softly she started to move her hips with me.

She gave me "that look" as she let go of my cock and quickly pulled my hand away from her.

"Very sneaky, mister. None of that. Well not yet at least."

Karen looked around again as if she just realized where we were. Her eyes got wide as she looked over at Mark. Curious, I followed her gaze and I was kind of surprised as well.

She shook her head as she looked back up. "Didn't expect to see that you were enjoying this as well Mark. Did you do that when you were sharing my pictures too? Wait, don't answer that, I don't want to know. Tell you what, let's all have a seat here and calm down for a minute."

Obediently, Mark and I sat down, and Karen pulled a chair around and sat between us, making sure her shirt was as decent as it could be without fastening it, but she left her knees apart to get some air to cut down on the humidity.

"Got another idea here guys. Mark you still owe me, so I have a task for you."

"Sure babe, errrr, I mean... Sure Karen, what can I do for you? You only have to ask."

She looked around the room again, watching the people as if evaluating them.

"OK, tell you what. You see that guy sitting by himself over there in the blue t-shirt? He's wearing those dorky sunglasses. Ok, now you go over to him, sit at his table with your back towards us, and tell him that I want him to join us for a few minutes if he can keep his mouth shut. I'm going to show off some more, but you don't have to say that if you don't want to."

Mark's eyes got huge as he realized what she was asking him to do. It was clear he was not comfortable doing this, and the mental struggle in his head was almost audible. Her request won out though, and with a look of resignation he shook his head and got up slowly. He left without a backwards glance at us.

As soon as he was gone, Karen turned back to me.

"Shawn - quick, get out your cell phone and turn on the camera, I just had another thought. Start taking shots once it's ready, then again every few seconds or just whenever you see a look you like."

She teased her hair for a moment and nodded at me. Click When she looked back over her shoulder, her shirt opened a bit showing half of one breast. Click She pulled her shirt apart a bit more. Click click One full breast was now showing! Click Now looking at me again, she bit her lip and slowly pulled up her skirt. Click click click! Her tight white cotton panties exposed with a wet spot clearly showing -- click She leaned back in her chair and leaned her head back over the edge. Click click Now she pulled her shirt completely apart and fully exposed her torso! Click click click! She stared directly into the camera as she reached down and pulled her panties to the side, showing me her glistening wet pussy! I hit that button as fast as it would let me!!!

Slowly she fixed her clothes and sat up, almost completely decent again. A few more pics were taken because I honestly couldn't stop hitting the button.

Karen turned to look back for Mark just as he and the other guy stood up. She turned back to me and motioned "Shhh".

Leaning towards me she said "Those are for you ONLY, please don't let anyone else see them, OK?"

"Deal" I replied, "no one but me sees these. Thank you for this! Oh, and by the way, my right arm is getting sore just thinking what these are going to do for me later tonight!"

Karen burst out laughing just as Mark arrived. He looked back and forth between us in confusion.

"Sorry" Karen giggled, "Shawn totally caught me off-guard with something. So Mark, how about introducing us to your new friend?"

Mark started to say something, but was mute for the moment. The other guy spoke up, "Hey guys, my name is Devin, nice to meet you."

Everyone else was quiet, so I piped up. "My name is Shawn, and you know Mark, and this is our good friend Karen."

Devin shook hands all the way around, but as he got to Karen, he hesitated since he wasn't expecting to shake hands with a girl whose shirt was falling open, showing the inside curves of her breasts. He kind of recovered, but his eyes never left Karen's chest.

Mark stayed off to the side, but us other three were all within about two feet of each other . Devin finally broke his stare and looked around for a chair. As he started to move, Karen grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Actually Devin, I had an idea for something, but you should probably stay standing if that's OK with you."

"Umm, sure, why not? So what's your idea?"

"First of all, did Mark tell you why we are here and why you were invited over here?"

"Kind of on both counts. It sounded kind of hokey, but since I've got a long lunch hour today and I'm bored, I thought I'd go with the flow."

"Hmmm" Karen replied, "So did he tell you that I kicked him out for cheating on me as well as sharing our private pictures with all of his friends? Not just showing, but also giving them naked pictures of me. And that him being here, and what we are doing, is kind of a punishment to him, as well as a requirement for me to even start to consider taking him back?"

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