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Coffee with Brenda


This story follows on from my visit to Brenda Lee's shop to buy lacy underwear for another clandestine meeting with Peter O'Neill when Brenda suggested we make a date to have coffee (see Peter and Me), which became lunch and more.

It was the evening of that same day that I had a call from Brenda Lee, asking if we could make a date for a coffee as was suggested when I purchased the new, lacy underwear to please Peter; the same day I felt her finger gently touch my vaginal opening in the change cubicle at her lingerie shop. Yes, I would like to have a coffee with her, so I agreed to a place and time for the following day. I would also try to find out the reason for her touching my pussy, perhaps it was a test to see how far I would go with her. A girl-on-girl relationship would be new to me, if I discounted my all-girl college years when we experimented with each other as teenagers. Yes, it could be interesting, perhaps fun.

I was meeting Brenda at a place she chose in Bridge Street. It was one of those streets that has many boutique shops and even more coffee shops. Brenda had chosen Cath's Coffee Cup, which is a small, discreet shop, despite its corny name; it has lacy curtains across the large shop window and good coffee.

As I approached the entrance, I saw her waiting for me. "Hi Wendy," she greeted me and kissed my cheek.

I said 'hi' and told her she looked nice in her low-cut, close-fitting dress designed to accentuate her curves and rounded bottom. "Thank you for saying that. It is good to be out of the practical clothes I wear while working in the shop."

"Who's minding the shop while you are here, Brenda?" I asked her.

"My sister said she could give me a couple of hours for some time-out," she explained.

"Shall we go in?" I asked, and Brenda walked ahead of me while I held the door open. We headed for a table away from the door, so we could talk, which was Brenda's reason for the choice. I looked around when we sat down, "I haven't been here before," I told Brenda. A was a little white lie, I had been there, but I didn't want to disappoint Brenda by spoiling what she believed would be something special for me. The subdued lighting gave the impression that you were alone, although there are others sipping coffee and dining nearby. It had a sort of sexy atmosphere, I thought.

"I have. I like the meals here and I thought they would be to your liking also," Brenda told me.

"Thank you, that's very thoughtful of you," I acknowledged her. A waitress came to our table and placed two menus for us and told us, "The special today is lamb roast with garden vegetables." We thanked her and started to chat.

"Why have you invited me here, Brenda?" I was curious, I had gone straight to the point and she had noticed.

"Well, you are one of my most consistent customers, so I thought I would take you to lunch to repay your loyalty."

"Surely, you have other repeat customers, don't you?" I asked, sounding rather curious.

"Yes, I do, but not as friendly as you. You talk and ask how I am going, or comment on the weather. You also ask for assistance when you need it. Some customers don't, they spend a long time in the shop and buy nothing. I miss the interaction and I enjoy seeing you come through the door." She sounded genuine and I accepted her explanation.

We ordered our meals and coffee and continued chatting until the meals were served. The coffee was served first, so we chatted as we sipped it.

"Have you had your shop very long, Brenda," I asked her, trying to open up the conversation.

"It was my mother's shop before I took over when she passed away. Why do you ask?" she queried me.

"It has your name on it, not your mother's name, unless she was also Brenda Lee. I am just curious, that's all."

"Well, Brenda Lee is my name, first and second names, but mother wanted to choose a business name that had flair and had a gentle sound, so the shop became Brenda Lee Lingerie. I guess she thought it wouldn't have the same appeal to customers if it had Doris Jarman Lingerie on the window." She said it in a jeering way, so I laughed at her expression of her late mother's name. "I was just starting school when she decided to open a lingerie shop. Underwear fashions were being advertised on television now, so she felt there was a need for it as fashions were constantly changing. She liked to see people dressed properly and attractively —even if it was underwear. She said good underwear made people feel better about themselves and young ones feel sexier when they knew they were dressed well underneath in good quality garments."

"Well, I have to say it works for me, Brenda. I love the stock you have." I was telling the truth, whenever I met Peter, I knew he would be impressed with my underwear and he never failed to tell me that.

"I try to keep up with peoples' needs and make sure the new styles are in prominent view in the window."

"That is how I first found your shop. I was window shopping and saw the window display and thought, 'I just have to have that.'" I told her.

"Your man must be impressed with your purchases, I feel sure of that, Wendy." Brenda stated a fact, rather than just making a comment.

"Yes, indeed he is. He loves the choices I make to please him," I told her. "You were also right when you told me that women go to K-Mart for underwear for normal use. Husbands don't notice, I know that too," I told her. "But I don't want to talk about my secret lover. It would be dangerous here, in this town, so please don't ask me his name, Brenda," I cautioned her.

"No, I won't do that, Wendy. I have a different type of relationship in my mind right now. I was wondering how you would feel about having a female relationship with me, Wendy." I was flabbergasted. What could I say? I wasn't expecting that, but I think it answers my question about the gentle touch-up in the change room.

"What? Do you mean just as friends, or ... a sexual relationship?" I asked, not knowing how to continue what she had already been set in motion.

"Well, I am not sure. Either or both. Whatever you would like," she said. I could see she left the choice to me!

I sat silently for a while, thinking, still holding my coffee cup in both hands near my mouth. When I was telling Dianne about my all-girl college days recently, I did have some nice feelings about recalling them with her, but was I ready to re-start that sort of a relationship with this woman? I had to find a solution. "Wendy, are you all right?" Brenda asked. "You have gone quiet, I am worried about you," she explained.

"Yes, Brenda, I am all right. I just need some thinking time. I wasn't expecting this lunch to be a proposal for a relationship, but your idea has merit." I told her about my college days and suggested an alternative,

"How about we meet more frequently at your place or mine and just get to know each other better. I am not opposed to a same sex relationship, but I am usually happier with sex that involves a penis. I do like you, so it is not out of the question, but I need time to decide if I can manage both relationships at the same time."

"I'm sorry, I asked you now. I didn't mean it to be a sudden decision, but I can see your love-life is already filled." I felt sorry for Brenda, but I was still thinking of it as a new pastime, just like Clive is to me. I enjoy sex with him and he is learning fast from what I show him. I think of him as a work in progress. Perhaps a similar relationship with Brenda could work for both of us. It would be something to do when I didn't have something to do, I thought.

"Brenda, I have an idea." She listened as I outlined my proposal for a trial meeting with her and suggested we see if it flourished or perished. She eagerly accepted my compromise proposal. It could be interesting. We ordered desserts and another coffee each and sat in almost total silence, it seemed we were both looking for the right words to say to get talking again.

"Brenda, have you ever had girl-on-girl sex before?" I asked her.

"Yes, at school, like you, but not much since then," she confessed.

"So why now?" I asked her.

"Because I like you. I told you before, I enjoy your company, but a lingerie shop is not the place to get too friendly, if you know what I mean by that. We certainly seem to have similar dress preferences, certainly in the underwear department," Brenda reminded me.

"Brenda, how will you manage some 'little meetings' while you run a shop during the day?" I asked her.

"My sister said she could give me one day a week, most weeks, although she is doing other things too. I told her I was going to ask you," she confessed to me.

"What did she say?" I asked, mostly out of curiosity, but without additional help it wasn't going to happen.

"She's OK with it, so long as we plan ahead to make a suitable time and date that fit in with her plans." Brenda looked directly into my eyes. "Is that all right with you, Wendy?" I nodded. We finished our meals, Brenda paid the bill and we headed to the car park to get our cars.

"Where's your car, Wendy?" Brenda asked me.

"Just over there," I pointed to a line of cars, "Why, where's yours?" I asked her.

"That's my car, the red one, near that high wall over there." It was shaded from the sun by the wall and away from the most of cars. "I wanted to show you how I trimmed my pussy after seeing how you trimmed yours the last time you were in my shop," she told me.

"Really? Here?" I queried her. I thought that was very presumptuous of her, but I was getting used to her surprises now. "Why do you want to show me today?" I asked her.

"I was hoping you would want to feel my pussy and we could finger each other between the wall and my car. No-one would see us there. We would be alone for a while." That was a shocker, I thought. Perhaps a quick feel would be all right. I can remember the boys at school asking me, in much the same way, for a quick feel on the way home. I needed to consider the situation carefully, so as not to upset her or damage our business relationship.

"I'm not comfortable with doing this in a car park, but perhaps I could have a quick look to see how your trim has turned out. How about that, Brenda?" It was a compromise I was prepared to make just to please her.

"Ok, it's over here; no-one will see us. I can show you," Brenda agreed, so I followed her to her car. Once we were there, at the side of the car nearer to high wall, I could sense she had planned this carefully. We were both leaning against the car when Brenda pulled up her dress and said, "Look, Wendy, what do you think of this?" I moved away from the car and looked down, directly at her vagina with neatly trimmed dark-brown, triangular pubic hair.

"Brenda, you're not wearing panties. Yes, I do like the trim," I was surprised at her not being fully clothed, but it confirmed my suspicions that the afternoon had been well planned. I wasn't offended, just surprised at the casual manner which was at odds with the professional, business-like manner she displayed in her shop.

Brenda suggested we get in the car for a short while 'to explore each other', as she put it. I was not happy about that either and suggested, "Can we go somewhere away from here, I am not happy being exposed in a busy car park."

"Can we go to your place, Wendy?" Brenda asked me.

"We could, but Ryan will be home from school in less than an hour, so not a good choice," I told her.

"Well, how about my place then?" she countered.

"Yes, I suppose we could. I don't need to be home before Ryan, so yes, we could, if you wish," I answered.

Brenda smiled at me and asked, "Do you know Gormond Drive, Wendy?" I nodded and she said, "Follow me, it's number 42, on the left." I presume she meant her house number. I went to my car as Brenda started hers.

I drove out onto the road and followed her. I had been wondering what triggered Brenda's sudden interest in me in this way, so I made a mental note to ask her.

I saw her turn signal flashing as she pulled up into her driveway and I followed and stopped behind her car. I followed her to the front door and waited as she unlocked the door and entered. "What a lovely house, you have, Brenda," I told her.

"Thank you, Wendy, it's taken a while to bring it up to date, but I think the idea has worked. What do you think?" she asked me. Before I could answer she added, "It's had a facelift, both outside and inside."

"It looks really nice, did you do it yourself?" I felt some acknowledgment and praise was needed.

"No, I don't have time for that, but the ideas and colours are mine. The contractors were happy to oblige," she told me.

She took my hand and led me to the lounge room, "Make yourself comfortable in here Wendy, I will put the coffee on, I won't be long," she told me. I had a chance to look around the room at the shelves, paintings on the walls and a few family photographs standing on a cabinet along one wall. Soon after, she brought in a tray and placed it on a small table. Brenda handed me a cup on a saucer and poured the coffee, and said, "Help yourself to sugar and milk," which I did.

After we finished our coffee and chatting, she took the tray away and sat close to me on the settee, so our hips were touching. "Wendy, you're more than a customer to me, you are a person I regard as a true friend and I want to get closer to you if you will let me." She looked at me as I digested that sentence and I asked her,

"Closer? In what way?" I was starting to think all manner of possibilities her comment seemed to suggest.

"You know, in a girl-friendship way." As she spoke she placed her hand on my upper thigh, over my skirt, but the gentle squeeze of her fingers gave me the answer.

"Brenda, if you mean what I think you are leading to, it's been a long time since I had a girl-on-girl relationship. If that is what you are saying?"

"Yes, I suppose it is." There was a short pause as my eyes searched hers for a better explanation, which soon followed. "I admire you and the way you present yourself. I have enjoyed helping you select special garments for your man and have often wondered if you would be the same way with me as you are with him. I haven't had that attention in a long time now and I was hoping I could be a very close friend, like your special man is to you. I like your shapely legs and your trimmed pussy I saw on the day you asked me to help you choose a suitable colour for your underwear. You were naked, do you remember? Ever since then I have wanted to be close to you."

I sat back on the settee and looked straight ahead, 'Where to from here,' I thought. I could see why she might think that, I did take a lot of care to purchase garments I knew would arouse Peter sexually, but with Brenda, I was not so sure. It is also true that I was naked when I was trying on that underwear. "Brenda, what were you expecting from me? I am not sure I can deliver what it is you want from me. Having sex with a man is a very different thing from a girl-on-girl situation," I tried to explain my feelings, but at the back of my mind, I was secretly interested in a new friendship, so maybe Brenda could be it. I had thought of discussing a similar arrangement with Dianne but didn't follow through.

Brenda watched me in silence as I thought through her proposition. As I turned to face her again, she asked me, "Have I offended you, Wendy? I didn't want to do that because I like you, and you are one of my favourite customers. You talk to me and treat as a person, not just a point-of-sale cashier. I like choosing your colours and I secretly try to feel how your man would act when he saw you wearing the garments you choose for him. I would like to see you in them, too, Wendy," she explained quite openly. "Are you wearing any of them now?"

"Oh Brenda, you have surprised me yet again, I don't know what to say to you. Yes, I do have on the cranberry set I bought from you. Do you remember them?" I asked her. A broad smile crossed her face and she said,

"Yes, Wendy, I do. They are the ones that I thought looked the best for your skin colour. Can I see them now, Wendy? Do you mind?" As she spoke I felt her fingers gently fumble with my skirt as she slowly slid it up my thigh until the skirt stopped. I was sitting on it and it could go no further. Now was the tipping point! Do I stay seated to resist her advances, or do I give in to her wishes? I made a quick decision.

"Just a moment, Brenda, I will stand up so you can see my underwear. I think I owe you that seeing you helped me choose them." I stood up and hitched my skirt up to reveal my thighs and the underwear for Brenda to see.

Brenda gave a deep sigh, sat forward on the settee and reached her arms out, with her hands cupping by buttocks she pulled me closer to her. I allowed her that by moving slightly forward, my skirt held high for her attention. Without saying anything she pressed her face in my crotch and didn't move for some time. She had a good grip on my buttock cheeks and I felt her fingers pushing my panties into my crack. I didn't know if I should move to end it or wait for Brenda to move. I chose the latter and said to her, "Brenda, I didn't expect such an embrace."

"I'm sorry, Wendy, I got carried away with your sweet girlie aroma. Can I take your panties off you, so I can press my tongue into your pussy opening? I did like the quick feel I had in the shop." Was this her confession?

I had no other plans for the afternoon, so I said 'yes' and she quickly slid my panties down far enough for her fingers to enter me. I spread my legs slightly for her and soon I felt her hungry tongue searching between my labia for a way inside. When I felt her finger in me and tongue on my clit I instinctively pressed the back of her head so she was further engaged in her activity. So, this new relationship had started quite quickly for me. As I stood there, legs spread, I felt a finger caressing my butt hole. Now, this was new to me, this didn't happen at boarding school, maybe I had forgotten, but it was quite a pleasant feeling, so I remained motionless.

Brenda pulled back from me and I felt quite relaxed. She looked at me and thanked me, before suggesting I follow her into a bedroom at the end of the hall. "Gosh, Brenda, how many bedrooms does this house have?" I asked her. She smiled at me before answering,

"Four. This one is special for my special guests." By the time she finished the sentence we were in the fourth bedroom and it was superbly set out as a guest room. There was a double bed in the centre of the room with a mirrored dressing table on one side and on a smaller table on the other were folded towels, tissues, a water jug and some drinking glasses and a range of toiletries.

"Brenda, this is beautiful, what a pleasant room you have here," I told her as a question followed, "Do you have many guests visit you here?"

"Not many. Working six days a week doesn't leave much time for socialising, but I do enjoy having guests when the opportunity arises, as it has today, with you being here." I was beginning to think I was the only one who brightened up her life. After she spoke she sat on the bed and lifted her legs onto it too, "Come on Wendy, this is more comfortable." She moved across the bed as she invited me to sit with her. My heart started beating faster and I could hear its pulses in my ears as I obliged her. I kicked my shoes off before I sat on the bed, not knowing what the next move would be. I didn't have to wait long, Brenda put her hand on my cheek and turned my head to face her and kissed me on the lips. It was a seductive gentle kiss — barely touching her lips on mine, but it caused a tingling sensation in me.

I smiled when she pulled back and asked me, "Did you like that, Wendy?" I said I did. "I am pleased you did, because I wanted to show you how much I appreciate you when you walk into my shop. I feel like you are friendly, others are not so friendly, and you have time to chat." She leaned forward and kissed me again, this time a little stronger, and lingered just a few seconds longer, which made all the difference. "I like you Wendy and I hope you like me too."

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