Coincidentally By Design


Her uncovered posterior was still swaying as she whispered: "I need this, Alby..."

"We can't... I.. We.." Albert used the remainder of his fading willpower to avoid her gaze and revealingly clothed flesh. He would run fresh out of self control when she finished speaking.

"You've been waiting, haven't you? ...please.. ..forgive a silly little girl, Alby. You've always been my best friend, my only friend." Her words froze his movement and they began to kiss. Albert deftly grasp both sides of her face and pulled her into his lap when their barely touching skin turned to bumps and tingles; they shared tongues and breath as she settled into place.

Her heat was intense, and the tickling sensations from her hair on his shoulders only made him rise more quickly to the occasion.


"Ew... Creep!" The buxom blonde was yelling as she walked away from the fresh drink she refused to let Steven buy.

"Your loss, lesbian," Steven said to the young woman, though in actuality, only to himself as he slid her drink over while downing his own with a noisy gulp.

The thoughts in his head could attune only to 'I'm so money' as he reveled in the time away from his balls and chains.(ha) Those thoughts were interrupted as a tall and statuesque raven haired business professional walked up to the hotel bartender.

"No wife, no kids, perdiem, and pussy everywhere," Steven said loud enough for some of the other patrons to hear while he walked towards the snooty looking model of a woman that he would surely insult; but not before sucking in his gut, slicking back his thinning hair, and grabbing the free drink.


Beulah wasted no time moving Albert's slightly rough though clean hands from her face to her thighs. She had always thought it was exaggerating, but it tuned out that Beulah's Grandmother was right: Beulah was feeling sparks shoot through her whole body, sparks that drugs do not provide.

It wasn't an instant after Albert's hands had hit Beulah's thighs that his right thumb was slick and rubbing against her clit. His other hand - the left - quickly slid up her thigh, taking one side of the skirt with it, cupping her breast underneath the tank. He held her skirt high, exposing her shaved and glistening apex that he was still unable to see due to their electric embrace.

By the time he felt the bottom back of her attire tickling his bare knees just past his shorts, he had already begun to spin her right nipple between cloth-padded fingertips. The music in the background became inaudible to their senses as the lovers only heard slight wet sounds and heavy mixed breathing.

There was love here.

She felt herself gush from the ministrations of his right thumb, the action triggering her hips to ride his lap, as if he knew the button. All the while, the pair never ended the make-out session.

The intensity of their passion was making her feel guilty; Albert's grip on her chest was going to leave bruises, and she would surely leave marks as well; the more she thought about marks on skin, and of being caught at something that should have happened years ago - doing something right - the closer to climax she ventured.


"I'm sorry sir, you'll have to leave," ran through his head as he lay upon the hotel bed. "Asshole," Steven thought to himself as he sat up and gripped the glass holding his last drink, finishing it in a hurry.

He set the glass down, sighed, and looked at the clock. It took him a moment to read 9:00 PM before he shrugged, and picked up his cell phone.

The call was answered by his wife's voice, but recorded, Steven had hit voicemail.

"Hey, babe, just checking in, you're probably putting the kids to bed or something. So, uh, call you tomorrow. Love you," was the voicemail Steven left promptly after the beep, selecting 'Barely Legal' from the pornography menu of the hotel cable system shortly after hanging up.


Her orgasm hit when she felt the pulses of his ejaculation; mostly it was the thoughts of making him orgasm in his pants, and that she was still sexual, still attractive.

Before he had released, her bare pussy was doing a thorough job of gripping the underside of his shaft through his thin shorts. The throbs of his thick muscles, during his climax, had forced her to break their embrace, allowing her to grip further and harder.

Beulah pulled back on his lap, his thumb still holding her skirt high, allowing his face to watch the other thumb rubbing on her point.

Albert had released her nipple with his left hand, instead using it to pull her into his hips, from the back - from the top - of her shoulder after tucking the skirt into itself.

His fingers would imprint the skin of her collarbone as she genuinely moaned in a degree made for smutty films, while at the same time palming her own chest beneath her tank with both hands.

Even after his fruition, Albert continued to push himself into her lips and move their bodies in time, and if anything: he became more erect as they continued making love with their clothes on.

It was that thought, the clothes, which made Beulah break his grip and leap from his lap, causing his near chagrin. It was 'near' only because Beulah stripped off her top, stepped out of her skirt, and was on her knees pulling off his shorts before he could react further.

"O-oh my," Beulah said as his mess filled shorts moved to the floor, Beulah was stopping the fabric around his ankles while her head hovered above his manhood Within less than a breath, she was running her hand all around and through his juices. His cock lurched to her presence.

"This is wrong..." Albert was offering a last chance gesture; he no longer looked guilty as her hand traveled his length with twisting skill.

"I know it is, Alby," she left those words to fill his mind with their frankness while she deftly engulfed his head, followed slowly by the remainder - slowly she went, all the way down to the base - where she stopped for a clear second before sliding him from her throat and letting out a gasping breath.

So far, the things she was doing he had only seen in porn.

She used her hand on him for a time, mouth open and mewing as she memorized the view of the piece of meat before her, shortly after looking up into his mesmerized face, memorizing that as well.

She had been cupping her heavy breasts - given to her for her motherhood and still hanging high - using her free right hand and tickling her nipples slowly, but she moved the hand to her wetness when she continued her oral skills, occasionally bringing it back up to tickle his hanging soldiers.

Albert's hands moved to her hair, the natural blonde streaks - along with the light brown majority - intertwining in his fingers as he lightly - but aggressively - pulled her hair into the grip of only his left hand, jerking her head up and back.

The spit trailed from his lap to her bottom lip, nearly a foot away, before he kissed her with his right hand caressing her face.

Beulah uttered "Alby sugah.." with a smile as he softly forced her back to task, not at all forcing her; she was not looking at his face while she spoke, and they were both soon wetter than when she started.

Albert was still feeling guilty, but only guilty at not feeling at all guilty anymore. "All in is all in," he whispered aloud when Beulah began to run her thumb in circles just above his sack. Beulah heard him, but made no attempt to stop until he said: "Stand up, Bee Lah."

He scooped up her body in his arms while he was in the action of standing, easier than she had suspected possible and totally unexpectedly; all of it causing her to squeal. He could feel the juices that had run down her legs slickly coating along his right arm with spit visibly glistening on her chest and chin. "We're going to my bed now." He said in a low voice.

He turned to walk; her left hand hit his chest as she kissed and sucked his neck, feeling his back with the other hand and moving her mouth step by step towards his ear.

Beulah whispered, "Hurry," with hot breath in Albert's ear when her mouth arrived at his trim sideburn, nibbling his lobe shortly after.

No attempt was made to pick up the pile of clothes, and a light was already on in his bedroom, down the hall, at the other side of the top of the stairs.

As easily as he had carried her, the ease at which he threw her onto his bed was greater. Beulah screamed as she flew through the air, landing on her butt and bouncing, and in turn landing on her butt and elbows, legs spread, knees in the air, and feet at the foot of the bed.

"Alby..." Beulah turned splotchy flustered red, embarrassed at how much she enjoyed the rag doll routine. He only smiled in reply, enjoying his first full view of her primed naked glory before he dove between her legs, sliding his hands up the back of her thighs and placing the underside of her knees on his shoulders.

Albert wasted no time drinking her up, amazed at how her thighs clamped on his head with a ferocity he did not expect. Beulah shivered and squirted hard for the second time of the evening when he inserted a finger to work with his masterful tongue.

This was all despite the fact that Albert had only done this once before in his life.

Before Beulah knew what was happening, because she was still in orgasm, Albert was pulling her along the comforter in crackling static. When she opened her eyes, her knees were still on his shoulders, her ass slightly lifted from the bed, and his body was lined up to the opening of her womanhood. Albert's hazel eyes flared as he stared into her soul, holding her thighs against his chest with strong hands; Albert stood at the ready with his feet on the floor.

"Do it," Beulah grasp her tits hard in preparation of his thrust. Her preparation was not enough, and a scream rang out in his second floor apartment of the rental he owned. He would have been thinking "thank god there are no tenants" had he not been overwhelmed with pleasure.


Steven was out, and snoring, three-hundred miles from home. Not an hour ago, he had been pacing the room, drunk and agitated that he could not rub one out to twenty dollar porn. Shortly after, he had glanced out of the curtain above the air conditioner, as if that would satisfy him.

Out of nowhere, he huffed, snorted, and grumbled in his sleep, almost rolling over and scaring the shit out of the prostitute pulling the wallet from his jeans placed on the floor.

When he snored once more in series, she let out her held breath. Slowly crept from the hotel room, sniffing the last of a baggie.

Halfway down the hall she was dialing her dealer on her 'new' cell phone.


Albert was longer and thicker than her husband - and her toy. He effortlessly hit new places in her canal with each stroke. Beulah was in no condition to comment, as she had forgotten how to breathe when crying out, or how to see past stars.

"Beulah?" came in the hollow syllables of a record playing too slow.

Again she heard her name, clearer this time. She decided to answer.

"Mm-Hmm?" Beulah's eyes were closed, but her brow still went up for the question.

"Are you ok?" Albert asked, his voice was full of concern.

"Why wouldn't I be?" She had opened her eyes; she was confused at his concern; she was confused at why he was no longer inside her; she was confused how she had been slid up the bed, no longer on the edge.

Beulah was most concerned why his hand was on her forehead; for good measure, her hand reached out for the safety of, and took a hold of, his erection.

"Um.. I don't.. I.. Ithinkyoupassedout..." Albert was now the flustered one, whispering and red. His left hand held no embarrassment though, as he had slowly begun to move it along her body, copping feels instead of feeling her forehead.

"Did I now?" She began to slide her hand slowly up and down his shaft as she rolled slightly, as if to spoon, but not before rubbing his head across her wet lips in the same motion, and sliding Albert's cock back inside. "There it is," she whispered to the sensation, the words causing him to push the extra bit deeper at the end of the thrust.

"Yeah, I think you did," he softly spoke through clenched teeth, moving the arm under his head to around her right side; both of his hands now clamping a breast, their size and firm feel were just outside of the range of his grip.

For a time they stayed that way; Beulah was slowly circling her hips, rising up and tensing her already tight stomach as she went in time with his hips pulling away. Albert was breathing softly into her ear at first, kissing the back of her neck and using the tip of his tongue to circle her lobe.

...but it was not long before he began to tease her nipples like he was being instructed while whispering sweet everythings(yup) into her mind.

"I missed you, Bee Lah," the words ended with a soft bite of her neck, his hands moving from her chest to the top of her shoulders. Even as he slid out of her, he still stayed deep.

"..I missed you too..." she whispered softly, teary and almost crying.

Beulah put her right hand wildly on her left breast, around his forearms, and her left hand on the hard muscles of his hip, butt, and thigh - often smacking. She began pulling him in at the exact speed he was already going.

"We have to tell him..." He spoke quietly. With his hands on her shoulders, Albert was able to pull her down onto his already extended thrusts, causing her to moan slightly over the sounds of lovemaking with each extra expanse.

"..about.. uhn.. which thing..." She was losing it; Beulah was seemingly angry at her left nipple while yet another climax approached with quickness.

"We have to tell him that you love me." When he finished speaking, it was in time with his strongest upward thrust of the evening. He gripped her shoulders with intensity, pulling her into his body on the threshold of pain and thrusting his hips just as hard.

When he was fully in, Albert rolled their bodies, putting her on top and in a position that was new to them both.

She managed to speak - almost gurgling - "I know we do!" before they harmonized their voices in the sensation of her riding his hips through her orgasm.

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