tagErotic CouplingsCold Fiery Night..

Cold Fiery Night..


It was cold outside but inside she was warm. She sat beside the fireplace, wrapped in a bathrobe. It felt romantic but she felt lonely. She hadn't been with anyone for a long time now.. long hours in the office had not allowed her to be very social in the past few days. She had been interested in the mysterious guy who used to turn up at her office from time to time. He was a detective from what she could gather, what with his trademark bowler hat and well knit suit. He had seen her looking at him but each time he had averted her gaze. She felt a bit ashamed to look at him so wantingly, brazenly and every time he looked her way, her heart would skip a beat, but then he would look away and leave her hanging. That was the gist of their relationship, a few stolen glances which were left unreturned. As she sat there beside the fire, her thoughts wondered towards the mystery man and what it would be like to have him beside her at that moment, making love to her beside the warm fireplace, slowly, gently, caressingly. Her reverie was broken by the ringing of the doorbell.

Startled she got up to open the door to her apartment. She wondered who it could be at this hour..

The door opened to reveal the very same gentleman she had just been fantasizing about. At first she was taken aback. What was he doing there in the middle of the night.. he was looking at her, looking into her eyes. This time he did not avert his gaze. Neither did she. Eyes locked with hers, he moved into the doorway and took her in his arms. At first he hesitated waiting to gauge her reaction. He was looking into her eyes for her approval. Her eyes betrayed her want.. she didn't resist. Slowly he moved towards her lips and kissed her apprehensively at first, waiting for her lips to reciprocate the touch of his lips. When she did reciprocate, he kissed her more passionately.

His kiss made her body arch towards him, towards his manliness which she was starting to feel pressed against her body. They kissed passionately, he running his hands through her hair, his arm holding her close to him. Her robe came undone a little bit to reveal some part of her right breast. He stopped kissing her for a moment to look at her cleavage. Slowly he let his hand slide towards the right breast, revealing more and more of it till he could see her nipple, taught with anticipation. Gently he let his tongue caress her nipple. She liked it a lot and as she arched her body into his, she could feel herself getting wet. He let his other hand slide down her neck to her other breast and slowly with his index finger he fondled the nipple of her left breast. He then kissed her again and as he kissed her, he let his right hand slide down her body to her wetness. He let his hand inside her panty and slowly caressed her clitoris with his finger. She moaned with pleasure and kissed him more passionately. She started to mover her hips to the rhythm of his caressing, gasping with pleasure and moaning her approval. Slowly he caressed her till she orgasmed with a shudder and a moan, her wetness all over his finger. She looked into his eyes, her eyes betraying her carnal desire for him, her want for him to be inside her, making love to her right then, right there.

This time, she slid her hands down to his pants and opened his zip. She could feel his manliness hard and taught with anticipation. She let it out and slowly slid the foreskin back. Then she touched the tip of his manliness with her finger and slowly caressed it with her nails, teasing him, making him harder. He was getting wet now.. she continued for a bit but stopped before it got too much for him. She then kissed him on the head of his manliness and licked it gently. He couldn't take it anymore. He came a little bit on her lips, and then he immediately stopped her because he wanted to come inside her. He pushed her towards a wall and kissed her again, then slowly he let his kisses flutter down her body towards her pubic region. As he reached her panties, he took them in his teeth and slowly slid them down to reveal her womanhood, now wet with his efforts. Slowly, gently he led his tongue glide over her clitoris. She let her leg rest on his shoulder as he gently licked her. She was breathing heavily now, moving rhythmically to his licking, wanting to come again. At first he licked her teasingly, making her more and more wet. Then he started licking a little more urgently, at the same time her hip movement also became a little urgent. She could feel the feeling growing inside her, the feeling taking over her entire body, a sensation so good, a sensation she had never felt before.

Finally with a shudder and a moan she came again, this time the force of her orgasm was so much that she went weak in her knees and had to lean on his shoulders for support. Her shuddering went on for a few seconds, so explosive was her orgasm.

He stood up and kissed her again. Then he rubbed his manliness against her clitoris. He kept rubbing till he could feel the need to com again. Then he stopped. She could control it no longer..

"I want you inside me.." she said, her voice hoarse with lust and wantonment.

He couldn't control himself as well. Finally he entered her and just the feeling of him inside her made her come again, her juices flowing over his manliness. He looked constantly looked in her yes as he started thrusting, slowly at first, slowly, gently, lovingly. Then his thrusts started to become more urgent, the feeling growing inside him with every passing thrust. He knew that it was wrong and that he should not come inside her but the feeling was so good he did not want to stop. Neither did she want him to stop. Just as he was about to come he stopped. But she couldn't help it. She didn't want him to stop. She continued to thrust against him. He tried to ask her to stop..

"You've got to stop, please, I can't hold it in any longer.." he said trying to convince her. But she was past the point of reasoning. She continued to thrust urgently holding onto his lapels for support, her hips moving up and down on his shaft. He could feel the tip of his manliness about to explode. He held her tight as he ejaculated and with each thrust he ejaculated, groaning with pleasure, the kind of pleasure he hadn't ever experienced. He had never come like this before, ejaculating about 14 times in one go. At last they stood there in each other's arms satisfied and exhausted...

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