Cold Hands


Try to guess what the young man, it will tickle your brain. This is actually one of my older works, revived. Kileka

It all started in a bookstore. I don't remember why I went to the bookstore at eight at night; maybe just for something to do. Now, I think he drew me there. Then, I probably thought I was just looking for something to read. I went to the bookstore I always went to. It was about 10 miles from my house. It had large ceiling to floor windows in the front in which one could see the street and cars passing the building. Most of the interior was stained mahogany, the bookshelves, the tables and even the staircase to the second floor. The carpet and upholstery was a earthen mix of clay brown and berry red. Of course, there were thousands of books and no art or loud music to distract from them. It had a very old fashioned library feel to it. No CD's, no trendy coffee places, just books. It was busy for that late with about 30 people in the place, but the atmosphere of deliberate silence was retained. What do I feel like reading? It was unusual, but I felt a bit like romance. I took off my coat and went to the correct section on the second floor. I started scanning titles. I was immediately disgusted by titles like "Husband's Thrall" and "Dark Need". How cheesy! Disappointed, I walked over to my usual, Sci-fi back down on the first floor towards the back of the store. As I look through titles, something caught my eye.

A young boy was sitting in the corner in the back, reading. He had short, platinum-blond hair and crystalline blue eyes. He was wearing a tan suit, somewhat befitting his features. On the hand holding the book, there were two rings, one on his middle and one on his ring finger. One was silver and had a large square onyx and the other was also silver but had etching surrounded by diamonds. But, somehow, I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He looked up from his reading quickly, as though he sensed my staring. I quickly glanced away and pretended to be very attentive on a certain title. He continued to read and I stole another glance at him before moving to another shelf. I felt myself blushing but ignored it and kept looking through titles. Seeing such an attractive character made me extremely self-conscious. I walked toward the front of the store and seeing how the windows were mildly reflective, I took a moment to fix my dishelved hair. Then I took in my appearance. I am an average college student of average height and medium weight. I have long brown hair that I always wear in a pony tail and chestnut colored eyes. I have a baby face and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt at the time. I hadn't worn any makeup and kind of regretted it. To be honest, I felt very ordinary. After such, I moved back to the Sci-fi and snuck another look at him, then moved back to looking at titles.

After a few minutes, my mind wandered from books to...well...other things, I was awakened from my daydream abruptly by the feeling of one icy finger trailing down my spine. It caused me to shudder violently and get slightly uneasy. The finger lingered at the base of my spine above my bottom. I shook it off and continued to look through titles. One title finally caught my eye but before I could pick up the book, I felt that finger become a ice-cold hand and grasp my backside. I jumped and gasped, slightly startled. I wildly looked around for the pervert but found none. No one was standing within arms reach of me or walking past me. What in the world? Out of habit, I rubbed where I felt the hand. Ok. I picked up the book I was looking at previously and turned it over to read the back.

In the midst of reading, my eyes widened as I felt the hand again. This time it brushed my cheek and it was so cold, I shivered. It caressed from my cheek to the side of my neck, causing a more violent shiver to come from me. I clutched the book to my breast, getting more nervous as the hand trailed from my neck to my collarbone. It followed the bone down to the hollow of my breast. As strange as this occurrence was, it was equally erotic. I felt myself bite my lip and close my eyes. I bet everyone's staring at me, with as strange as I'm acting.

I let out an exasperated gasp of air as the hand cupped my breast. My nipple hardened immediately under my bra. When another hand cupped my other breast, I dropped the book. Both hands started fingering my nipples causing my body to react swiftly. I felt myself moisten in the hollow between my legs. I took a deep breath in an attempt to get back my resolve and picked up the book. I felt myself clench my teeth as my lust drove me further to insane when the hands didn't stop. I clutched the book to my breast again almost as a miserable attempt to make the torture stop. But it didn't. In fact, the hands only got more aggressive, pinching and pulling at my nipples. I stood up slowly and walked awkwardly to the closest table.

To my amazement, amongst all this, I started thinking about the hot boy in the corner. Don't I wish? I wanted the hands to stop but on the flip side, didn't. I felt very weary and embarrassed but the hot desire between my legs didn't let forget the situation. I would really love it if I could take that boy home and have my way with him. Almost as if on cue, I felt another ice cold hand caress the top of my thigh. The other two continued fondling my breasts by grasping them, plucking my nipples and trailing down my ribcage. My breathing and heart rate picked up. My thoughts darkened when I imagined where that third hand wanted to go. I dug my fingers into the table where I sat down. Come on! Where's your dignity? Fight it! The third hand swayed back and forth on the top of my thigh, edging ever nearer to my hip. I felt my face get deep red but opened the book and pretended to read it. That hand crept ever closer inward trailing the inside of my thigh.

Out of the corner of my eye, I stole another glance at the cute boy as curiousness drove my thoughts to reality. I need to get myself under control. But when I looked over, to my surprise, I saw the slightest curve of a smirk on his lips. His expression was that of a mischievous child. I stared at him unconsciously. He glanced at me. The hands all stopped for a split second. We both looked down quickly at the same time. Wait. that even possible? Thoughts rush through my head. Could it be...him? I kept him in the corner of my eye and waited for the hands to resume their groping. As I kept pretending to read, a hand quickly slipped in between my legs.

I almost stopped breathing, my heart rate doubled and the heat within me became scorching in temperature. I swallowed a moan and worked up the nerve to look at him. He glanced up at me and a grin formed on his face. Oh my god! It is him. I looked down and searing heat crept up my cheeks. I have to stop him! Whatever it is, it's not right. It can't be right. But something in me didn't want him to stop. I needed it as much as he wanted it. The warm hand trailed along my muff, following the slit down to the core of my desire.

But as the hand massaged my pulsating heat and urged it on, something within me broke. I can't take it anymore. I stood up abruptly and walked over to him. But as I stood there, I was at a loss for words. Stop...Leave me alone...Fuck me. All came to mind but none came out as my urgency drove me. He looked up at me with that grin on his face. Instead came out, "Who are you?"

His voice was deeper than one would think and mellow, with an edge of annoyance. Through those rosy lips came, "Does it matter?"

I retorted quickly, "Then, what do you want?"

And just as quickly, "You." I paused, taken aback. I felt myself shaking at the core but felt no hands. I felt so vulnerable and small when he stood and I realized how tall he was. Amusement played across his crystalline blue eyes as he looked down at me. He walked past me, toward the door. He stopped halfway and motioned for me to come. I did and when I stopped and faced him, he said, "I'm giving you a chance to walk away." Now or never. What if he's a killer or something?

Then the stupidest thing came out of my mouth, "How do I know I can trust you?"

After a moment, he said, "You don't."

"Can you at least give me your name? Don't you at least want mine?" I said wearily. He simply smirked and walked outside.'s just too much. I followed him. Outside, he was standing next to a candy-apple red Honda Civic.

As I walked toward him, he said, "Last chance."

He opened the door and I paused to say, "If I had any doubts, I wouldn't of followed you," and got in. He closed it, smiling.

We drove. To somewhere I didn't pay attention to and it was dark, quiet and desolate. It appeared to be on one of the numerous desert hills on the outside of town. He stopped the car and turned it off. I quickly said, "Do you do this to every pretty girl you meet?"

He peered over at me, - Damn those eyes! - and said, "No, just you."

I looked away, flustered yet flattered. He doesn't talk much but his words are powerful. And what about the hands? He turned to face me and cupped my chin. I faced him and saw strict admiration as he paused to look at me. I have so many questions but can't seem to bring myself to ask them. His hand moved to the back of my neck. He pulled me in and brushed my lips with his own. His breath tickled my face as his lips pulled at mine. My own breath shuddered and my heart sped up. My thoughts raced but then dissolved as his tongue moistened my upper lip. As he pulled away, I noticed the tone of the expression on his face had darkened. His face was flushed, his lips were pink and his eyes seemed to be dark blue orbs.

He said demandingly, "Get out." I was taken aback but realized he was doing the same. I followed him to the hood. He sat on it, looked at me and said with the same tone of voice as the last command, "Take off your clothes."

I looked around. It was warm and breezy, the ground was dry, and the crescent moon shed very little light. I started shaking again but obliged him. I was normally very self-conscious but didn't fight myself mentally like usual. I felt red heat creep up my cheeks in embarrassment at the thought of being nude in front of him. He watched intently as I started with my shoes and socks. Then my jacket, sequentially putting the articles in a neat pile. I followed with my t-shirt and jeans, my cheeks getting redder. All that was left was my mismatched black and white lacy bra and underwear. I slowly unclasped my bra and put it in the pile. I covered my breasts as I slid my panties off. I covered the V between my legs and averted my gaze from his. A whisper of a command came from him, "Come here." Doubt coursed through my mind almost as fast as the blood in my veins. I slowly made my way towards him. As I reached him, he moved my arms to reveal me. I saw his gaze trail down and his breathing picked up as a reaction to what he saw. He wrapped his arm around my waist to pull me even closer to him. He spun me around, my back facing him and he leaned back against the hood of the car. I looked out into the dark and his hot breath tickled the back of my neck. He tilted my head back and ran his tongue along the curve of my neck. I shuddered and closed my eyes. He nibbled my flesh, then bit down. I gasped and gripped his pants.

His unoccupied hand grazed my nipple on its journey to between my legs. In the warm hands place followed an ice cold one. I shivered as another took it's place on my other breast. I couldn't resist the urge to look down but closed my eyes when I saw nothing atop my mounds. Those hands started fumbling and pinching my nipples and I felt my pussy lips convulse and moisten. I arched in reaction, leaning against him. I bit my lip, craving his tongue. His real hand proceeded to my knees and spread them slightly. He traced the inside of thigh with his pointer finger. I felt his erection graze my buttocks as he cupped my mound. I felt his hot breath next to my ear and he whispered, "Do you want me that much?"

In response, I moved my hand to cover his over my mound. Without hesitation, he quickly thrust two fingers into my dripping folds. I arched higher as the rest of his hand hit the lips. My hand on his pants gripped harder than before. I thrust my head back on his shoulder and my mouth gaped open reactively. He slowly slid them out and more forcefully thrust them back in, causing a squeal. I felt him spread the pointer and middle fingers producing a squelch and the feeling of both fingers hitting walls of my pussy. The pointer rubbed against my g-spot, causing a shudder to wrack me. Those fingers then moved back and forth, each hitting my g-spot, which caused my build up to orgasm to skyrocket. My orgasm hit suddenly, producing a massive amount of fluid in between my legs. Waves of shuddering rolled over me as my cunt clutched with each wave. I couldn't believe how fast I came. He seemed to know exactly how to get me to cum.

He removed his fingers as the clutching slowed and I caught my breath. I felt droplets of sweat on my brow as he turned me around and the ghostly hands removed themselves from my breasts. He said, "Get on your knees," so low I could barely hear him. I slide my hands down his torso as I go down on one knee than the other. When I looked up again, he had his right pointer and middle fingers in his mouth tasting the fluid from my orgasm. He removed the fingers from his own mouth and placed them on my lips. I slowly opened my lips and took them in, then finding the taste to my liking, I licked them clean. I placed my hands on his thighs and looked to him for guidance. He caressed my cheek and took off my jacket. I waited patiently as he unbuttoned his shirt. He took it off, revealing a toned, pale chest which was a sure fire sign that he exercised regularly.

He then twined his fingers in my hair, shoving my face against the crotch of his pants. The smell of his sex was overwhelming, strong and sickly sweet. I could feel the outline of his erection pushing against his jeans. I deftly unbuttoned his jeans as I took in his length and scent. The jeans unsnapped quietly as I pulled them down his taunt pale legs. His member popped forward, being released from it's binds. It was intimidating: lengthy,wide and oozing clear fluid from the tip. I first took it my hands hesitantly, realizing that my fingers barely reached around it. I rubbed down it's shaft, causing a shudder and heavy breathing to come from my host. After some blushing and a gentle hand caressing the top of my head coercing me, I licked some of the fluid off the tip. This produced another shudder from the man. Then, I wrapped my lips around the head, sucking the rest of the precum off it. I flicked my tongue underneath the tip and followed the artery down to the base.

Only then did I allow the entire cock in my mouth. I took it as much as I could, having it push against my throat. I slid my head back up and went down fast again, producing a pop sound. My host was emitting slow, whispered moans as I worked him fast. Spittle was forming on my bottom lip as I sucked and swallowed. He only allowed me to do this for a few moments, proving he was on edge. He took my jaw in his hand and made me release him.

A moment after he pushed me down into the dirt and followed on his knees. I cupped his face and looked at him quizzically but his eye were penetratingly determined. He had a look of severity as he grasped his meat and poised it against my opening. My eyes grazed the stars as he put his left hand beside my head and pushed a little farther in. My pussy spread to accommodate his meat as I put my hands on his waist. He grabbed my hip with his left hand and used his weight as leverage to drive the rest of the way into me. I let out a drawn out stuttering moan as my eyes squeezed shut. My cunt took a moment to fully accommodate to his length and girth. I brought my legs around his hips, adjusting his angle inside me.

His rhythm started slow and gently but when I emitted little vocal responses he put his hand above my shoulder. He drove in hard, my back dragging somewhat painfully against the ground beneath me. This caused a small moan threaded with the throatiness associated with pain to come from me. His frequency picked up in both force and speed. The volume of my moans matched his pace.

I could tell our actions were vigorous as we were both sweating and breathing hard. The toll the rough ground had on my back is echoed in my yells and brought wetness to my eyes. He watched intently as I writhed and yelled from his blows. Inside of me, all the godly pleasure amplified the pain, just as the pain amplifies the pleasure. I could hear the sounds of the punishment my cunt took by the squelches and splooshes. My pussy was so wet, the fluid covered all of my crevice.

The boy then put his hand on abdomen from my hip forcing my body to stop jostling about. That helped with the pain on my back while allowing him to focus on the power of each thrust instead of the speed. Each pound comes with incredible force causing me to put a hand on my mouth to prevent screams. The sheer ecstasy of this put my body in thrall. My body arched to him, goosebumps covered my skin and my pussy clenched. Knowing that was what pleasure my body seeks constantly, my orgasm peaked.

He followed in swift suit. I felt his cock twitch, expand and his searing heat fill my own. I felt him cum four times and I watched his eyes clench shut, brow furrow and his mouth open to omit an "ah" sound. He rested on top of me for a minute and I used it to catch my breath.

He got off quickly. He composed himself as I got up and got dressed. We got dressed quietly, never saying anything to each other. I actually felt dazed. As we got back into the car, I retained my silent dazing. He put the keys in the ignition and leaned back. I turned my head to look at him and he stared back at me. I was at a loss for words. I didn't know what to think and thus say. The actual realization of what had just happened didn't hit until six hours later. After what seemed like a few minutes, he spoke. He said the only thing I purposely never told him that night. He said my name.

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