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Coldest Capture


It was cold, so bloody cold as my high heeled boots scraped across the snow covered pavement but I felt happy after all those vodkas! The snow fell around me and I watched my breath coming out of me in the cold night air when Suddenly I felt a tight arm around me and all was a blur as I was being held by some one. Some one who had one hand over my mouth and his other holding my hands behind my back.

"Hello babe," I heard. I recognised this voice, it was a so-called friend of mine and I knew we were near his house.

"Hey," he said, I'm only mucking around, come in and have a drink." My heart was beating so fast with confusion and fear as he got me in into the hallway, pressed me up against the stair case and looked right into my eyes. Through the fear and confusion, I felt a flicker of excitement, I was becoming so bloody horny and could feel the moistness increasing between my legs. I knew I shouldn't feel this way. It was wrong and I felt so dirty for wanting him so much as he brought my hands behind my back and held them there. Then I heard a noise from the kitchen and his mate came out with a big grin on his face. "Hi," he said while reaching into a cupboard to get something. He produced some soft, white rope and my friend who still held me said,

"we're going to have some fun with you." His mate started to tie my legs while I cried out for them to stop because I was getting a bit freaked out.

Mark, the one by my legs, looked up at me from the floor, checking out my legs as he did so. I felt so vulnerable in a short tight skirt and stockings. He came up slowly, looking at every bit of my body, till he was at eye level while the other , Steve, was tying my hands. Mark seemed to be the kinder one of the two. He placed his hand behind my neck and gently touched me there as he came so close to me and told me to relax. He then kissed me softly, and told me he just wanted to show his love for me.

I thought yeah, right! and I started to struggle. They just stood back and looked at me, smiling, with their arms folded and I could feel my pussy responding to these gorgeous looking men. I knew I shouldn't get horny, but my body took over.

Mark went to the kitchen and got a glass of wine. He held it to my lips and said, "maybe this will help you relax a bit more." I tried not to drink it but Steve held me so tight to stop me my struggling. Steve then began to take off my top, so I ended up with just my black push up bra , my skirt, stockings and boots on. Mark was still staring into my eyes and giving me drinks. He pressed himself against me and I felt his warmth, and his bulging cock through his trousers.

My heart was beating so fast as Steve went off to get something, then he came back with a brief case thing with a clear front. "Oh my god!" I thought as I saw the contents. it was full of every sex toy imaginable. I saw loads of different vibrators as he walked past and walked up the stairs. Mark guided me upstairs and took me to a warm spacious room and threw me on the large exotic looking bed piled with red velvet cushions and a deep red bed spread. He pulled me up on the cushions to make me comfortable as he lay down beside me, stoking my hair and looking into my eyes while I lay there all tied and helpless, feeling full of excitement and fear. I felt very sexy now, knowing that I excited this man.

I looked down at my body, my breasts were plump and full, spilling out over the top of my bra, my stockings were showing. my ankles still tied with thick white rope. Mark started to undo my hands as they were digging into my back, I then tried to get free of him, but he soon had me pinned down by sitting over me. He held my hands over my head and tied them to the bed. my pussy was so hot, I tried to push my hips up to him and opened my legs a little. He felt me do this and smiled. He leant over me and placed his warm lips on mine. It was the nicest kiss I had ever had, so full of intense lust and passion. His mate appeared and sat down by my legs, undoing the rope, while Mark was still kissing me.

I felt a warm hand on my lower leg, slowly moving up, all the way up till it reached the top of my stocking, and I felt his hand touch the skin on my inner thigh. Oh god I thought, I just melted into it, feeling so aroused . Mark got off me and lay beside me. he started to run his hand over my stomach and slowly reached my breasts, where he then pulled down my bra. Steve was almost touching my pussy at this point and I opened my legs wider while he searched around my pussy lips with a finger. It was lovely, so bloody lovely, I couldn't take much more, I need them, I needed more of this.

"God, you are so wet my girl, fucking lovely." I felt a finger go all the way into me, deep, then mark started sucking on my tits, grabbing them in his hands as he did so. I cried out in pleasure, I just couldn't stop myself. Steve got a toy from the box and slowly pushed it into my arse, which I didn't want.

I cried "no, no," but mark just kissed me more to shut me up, still feeling my tits and teasing my nipples.

Steve unzipped his trousers and let out his rock hard cock and parted my legs. My heart was racing as he held his cock to my pussy lips, rubbing it up and down, all the way from my clit back down to my lips and pushing it in gently. Mark had his cock out now. He held it over my tits with pre cum oozing out at the end of his gorgeous cock. He rubbed the tip over my nipples, while Steve penetrated me deeply. I heard their noises of appreciation. It was such a turn on and I was in ecstasy. The toy in my arse slowly vibrated, Steve had his cock in me, and now Mark held his cock to my mouth. I gently took it in and started to suck, tasting his pre-cum. He sat over me thrusting his cock into my mouth as I sucked all I could. I wanted him, I wanted them both. I felt Steve thrust deeper, harder and faster. I looked up at mark, his face was so full of pleasure. he untied me, so I could touch his body. I pulled him in closer to me, I held on to his cock tightly as I sucked him. feeling his balls and arse with my other hand. I felt my pussy clenching, and getting hotter; I was building up to orgasm. I felt Steve explode into me, crying out as he did so. I felt my self jerk into an almighty orgasm, pussy clenching around his cock. Then Mark released himself into my mouth, then withdrew and more cum came spurting out all over my tits. Afterward we lay in an exhausted heap, content, fulfilled and slept for hours.

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