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Cole in My Stocking


After a hard night at work, the last thing I wanted to do was to go to the grocery store. But, after the kids knocked at the door for the third time saying that there was nothing to eat, I knew I had to brave the elements.

With lots of grumbling and groaning, I finally rolled out of the bed. The sun, that cruel orb, had the nerve to be shining directly into my bedroom window. Bah humbug on it! I snatched my curtains closed with a decidedly disgruntled grunt and headed to the shower.

The aromatherapy bath oil that I use usually puts me in a better frame of mind. This morning, it was not doing the trick. Oh well, might as well get this over with before I change my mind and order enough pizza to feed the kids all weekend long.

I tend to dress like I feel. This morning, I was feeling blah. So I dug out my blah colored Old Navy sweatshirt and sweat pants to throw on. Instead of taking the time to coif my 'do, I made do with one simple ponytail. I thought about at least putting on some lip-gloss while I was brushing my teeth, but good old-fashioned Vaseline won out.

Now that my breath was fresh, I did feel marginally better. The kids and I piled into the car and headed to the grocery store up the street from the house. As we drove there, I gave the "momma" speech. "Don't touch anything in the store unless I ask you to touch it. Don't ask for anything, because you are not getting anything. Don't act like you don't have sense in the store. If you decide to show your tail in the store, I will show my tail right along with you."

Like any young animal, kids can sense the weak. So my little angels proceeded to test my patience. My son decided it was the best thing ever to step on my daughter's shoestrings as she walked past him. My daughter retaliated by popping him in the back of the head. I realized that if I didn't intervene, I was going to have Tyson and Holyfield on my hand very soon.

Separating them and threatening them under my breath, I made my way to the check out. Never mind that I had not gotten all the groceries on my list. I had had enough. As they were corralled to the line, my daughter tried to get in one last hit. That was the straw that broke this camel's back.

"I cannot believe that you all decided to act like this in the store. When we get home, nobody better turn on a tv or a radio for the rest of the day! Everyone's room will be clean by bedtime and there will be no videogames for the whole weekend." I was taking a breath, trying to figure out what other punishments that I could heap on them when I heard a deep chuckle from behind me.

"Gee, Mom, don't take anything else from them. I think they have learned their lesson." I turned around to see who was pleading for the little rascals. The guy behind us was tall, very tall. Ok, yes, I am short, but I know tall when I see it. He had to be about 6'5. He seemed to be very broad in the shoulders. He took up a lot of space, standing there in his black lambskin coat. But the most remarkable thing about him was his skin. He was the darkest man I think I had ever seen. His skin, so smooth and velvet, made his eyes and teeth shine almost iridescently. I started checking out how full and suckable his lips were when I realized that I was staring.

I smiled politely at him and replied, "Thank you for trying to save them, but I think some time for reflection is warranted. They know better than to act up in the store. Thank you anyway, sir." I turned back to start putting my groceries on the conveyor belt.

"Cole," he said.

"Excuse me," I barely glanced back at him, trying to see what things I hadn't picked up from my list.

"Cole. My name is Cole." He smiled and held out a hand that looked like it was as big as my head. "And your name is...?"

I smiled and kept right on putting groceries on the belt to be rung up. "My name is Mom. Didn't you know?" I smiled and directed the kids to the end of the check out stand so that our groceries could be put in the basket and I could get away from "Cole".

He would not be deterred. "Well, Mom, when you have some free time, maybe we could talk. I think I would like to get to know you better. You seem to be real people." He was walking up just a little closer as I was trying to edge my way away from him.

I smiled my prettiest smile and replied, "I am sorry, Cole, but moms don't get free time. I won't be able to make time to talk with you." I tried to edge away a little faster.

My daughter, a very nosey 9 year-old, was trying to figure out what we were talking about. I could tell that she was hearing bits and pieces of the conversation. When she heard free time, she decided to chime in. "Mommy, I think you forgot that we are going to be with Daddy this weekend. You have lots of free time." She looked around me and smiled at Cole. I gave her the evil eye and she smiled even more.

I turned and smiled at Cole. "Pay no attention to the child behind me. She knows not of what she speaks." I was praying that the checker would hurry up so I could go, but she seemed more intent on listening to the conversation as well. As I was saying those words, my cell phone started to ring. Before I could grab it out of my pocket, my daughter had the phone and was talking.

"Oh hi, Daddy. Yes, Daddy, we will be there. I will tell her to have us ready by 3." My little girl was selling me down the river and loving every minute of it. Her look of glee was only enhanced when she slyly smiled at Cole. What did I ever do to her to deserve this treatment?

I was trying to snatch my phone back and accidentally hit her at the same time when Cole slid up even closer to me. "It would seem that you do, indeed, have some free time this weekend. I wonder if you might share a little bit of it with me?"

Just then, the checker gave me the total. Looking completely apologetic and thanking my lucky stars silently, I gave my whole attention to her. I reached in my purse to pull out my wallet. Only it wasn't there. Oh no!

I smiled and said, "Wait, it has got to be in here somewhere." I proceeded to pull out my entire purse right there on the check-writing stand, but to no avail. Not only had I not brought my wallet, I didn't even have my checkbook to write a check. With a sigh of exasperation, I gave up. "I seem to have left my money at home. Is there anyway you can hold this stuff? I will just run back home and grab some money." I felt so embarrassed. See, this is why I should have stayed in bed.

Before the checker could respond, Cole had pulled out his platinum card. "Please charge the lady's groceries to this card." He smiled at me and put up a hand as I started to protest. "Please allow me to do this for you. I insist."

I was all ready to make a stink about it, when I noticed the five people in line behind us waiting. They were all looking like they wanted me to poof, be gone. I could respect that on a snowy cold day like this. So, I gathered up my pride and smiled and said, "Sure. Thank you, sir."

"Cole. It is a good name. Feel free to get used to it on your lips. Cole." He smiled. He was so magnetic that it was hard for me to look away from him. "May I at least get your name?"

I felt like such a heel that I acquiesced. "My name is Lynn. It is nice to meet you, Cole. Thank you for helping me." I reached out to shake his hand. At 5'3, my hands fit my frame. Small and feminine, my hand felt engulfed by his huge paw.

The checker rung up Cole's few items in record time. She kept smiling at us, watching us as if we were a television show. As he paid for his items, I pulled my cell phone out. "If you will give me your number, I will call you, Cole." I smiled. "I want to make sure that I pay you back the money that you paid for my groceries today."

Cole grabbed his bag and steered the children and me to the exit. "Which car is yours, Lynn?" He accompanied us to my SUV and helped me to put the groceries in the back. When the groceries and children were in the car, Cole turned to me. "If you want to pay me back, let me make dinner for you tonight. That is all the payment that I want." Then he smiled and his lips were so sexy that they took my breath away. He saw that I was not going to agree and put one finger to my lips. "Wait, before you say no, just think about it. I just want to spend a little time with you."

His finger on my lips gave me an erotic jolt. All I could think about was how soft and thick his finger was against my lips. The feeling made me want to feel how other parts of him would feel against my lips as well. I hadn't felt like that in a very long time. My heart started to beat a little bit faster.

Oh, what the heck, my conscience said. You can't be a hermit forever. "Okay, you have worn me down," I told him. "Here is my number. Call me with the directions and the time and I will be there." I wrote my number on the grocery receipt. "Until tonight." With a wave, I climbed into my SUV and headed back home.

I had every plan of giving my daughter a good talking to when we were back home. I spent my drive home thinking about what I was going to say. But, wonders never cease. My ex-husband who had never been on time for anything, was waiting in the driveway for the children to go with him. As she was smiling and opening the door to the car, I let her know that I had a good talk waiting on her when she got home.

They drove off and I took the groceries in. Had I remembered that they were going with their dad this weekend, I would have never left the house. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

Once the groceries were put away, I settled down with a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace. Thelonious Monk was playing in the background, putting me in a mellow mood for the first time that day. After another glass of wine, I was so mellow that I decided to decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the house for the holiday.

When I was hanging the wreath on the front door, the phone rang. I figured it was the kids calling to see what I was up to, so I didn't bother to turn down the music. When I heard Cole's voice, I almost fell off the ladder that I was on. "Hello, Lynn. This is Cole. Am I catching you at a bad time?"

I hurriedly skittered down the ladder. "No, you aren't catching me at a bad time. Please let me just turn down my music." I put the phone down to catch my breath. Something about this guy was really getting to me. I felt like I had run a marathon before I picked the phone back up. I had to actually slow my breathing down a bit. "Okay, I am back," I said settling onto the couch.

"Girl, what you know about some Monk?" Cole laughed. "I don't find many folks cuddling up to Thelonious when I call them."

Talking to him about music put me at ease. Before I knew it, we had moved on to a few other topics and one seemed to be flowing into another. I happened to glance at the clock and saw that we had been on the phone for four hours. Boy, did that time fly. "Cole, do you know what time it is?" I asked. I was so surprised that it was almost nine at night. "We have been on the phone for hours."

Cole sounded surprised as I was when he noted the time. "Wow, I am not a phone person by nature. I can't believe that you have had me on the phone, talking and joking this long." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I had to talk to you, Cole." I smiled back into the phone. "After all, you were my knight in shining lambskin today." It seemed so weird that we had just met today. I felt like I had known him all my life.

"Okay, Miss Thang. It is now the time for you to pay for your groceries. Come over and I will make you a little dinner and I will play some Miles Davis for you. Might even let you sit at the big boy's table while I beat you up in some dominoes." He was trying to get my goat, because I let him know I was a certified dominologist. We had been going back and forth all day on who had the mad skills.

I couldn't resist joking back. "Sure, just let me know where to show up. I am coming with my big girl panties on and my A game, baby. Bet you can't do it like me." As mad as I was at being suckered into this date, I was ready to go and spend some time with my new friend.

Cole laughed deeply. "Girl, leave them big girl panties at the crib. We likes thongs and thangs over this way." We both giggled over that. "Seriously though, Lynn, dress up a little and we can do it up nice. You are so cool that I want to impress you a little bit." I could still hear the smile in his voice.

"Okay, okay. Sheesh! Make a girl dress up at all hours of the night. I will see what I can pull together at such a late hour." I was already trying to figure out what I was going to wear over to Cole's. I wanted to surprise him a little and give him something to think about when I left.

After a couple more minutes of joking and getting directions, I headed off to get ready for my evening with Cole. I made sure to shave anything that could be shaved. He wasn't going to get to see any of it. I just wanted to know I was coming with my A game altogether. After shaving, I took a soak in a milk bath. After that, I rubbed my body down with my favorite body oil and air-dried my skin. In case he rubbed against me, I wanted my skin to be as soft as possible. Before I slipped into my stockings, I sprayed all my pulse points with Issy Miake perfume. Even though he wasn't going to get to touch, I still wanted to be alluring.

My stockings were from a recent trip to France. I don't know why I wore them. I only know I wanted to feel sexy. Silk pantyhose with the seams up the back made me feel sexy. As I fastened my black silk garters, I giggled to myself. My sexy underwear would be my little private joke. Only I would know how sexy I was under my clothes. I pulled out my sheer black lace bra and put it on. I was admiring how my pretty milk chocolate breasts overflowed just a little, when the phone rang.

I knew it was Cole before I picked up. "What is taking you so long, woman?" he growled into the phone. "I am ready to put the food on but it can't go on until you are here."

I glanced over at the clock and saw that I had already been primping for an hour. "Just let me put my face on and I am on my way," I told him. I grabbed my little black dress and shimmied into it while I still had the phone to my ear.

"I am giving you a half hour and then I am sending out a search party," Cole responded. "Put a little gitty-up into it."

I almost dropped the phone laughing at him. "Gitty-up has now been added to the mix, sir. I hear you loud and clear." I got off the phone and headed to the bathroom. A little eye makeup here and a lot of lipstick there and I was ready to go. I grabbed my diamond earrings on the way out and slid them in. As I was driving, I fluffed my curly hair, hoping that it would achieve sexy before I pulled up around the corner to Cole's home.

Slowly driving down his street, I located his house halfway down the road. As I pulled into his driveway, I checked my make up one last time and slid my coat on before I went to knock on the door. As he opened, I saw his eyes open wide. "Well, well, well. You are sexy personified. I wish I could invite you in but I am expecting my friend, Lynn to show up." He went to close the door.

Laughing, I pushed the door back and stepped inside. "Hey, you are the one who told me to come looking nice, sir. I was all for jeans and a sweatshirt." I twirled around for his inspection. "See, I couldn't wear the big girl panties looking like this." I slowly let my jacket fall halfway down my arms. "Could you take this for me? I don't want to be covered up all night." I winked and he took my coat from me.

He gave a wolf whistle as he saw my little black dress had no back. "You came to give me a coronary, didn't you?" he chuckled. He lead me down a few steps into his sunken living room and seated me. "I forgot to tell you that I am a little bit older than you and can't take a lot of excitement." I could tell that he was really impressed with what he was seeing.

Slowly, I crossed my leg. I made sure that he saw just a little bit of thigh and said, "That is okay. I know mouth to mouth resuscitation, daddy." With that, I fell out laughing. "Okay, I can't keep this up anymore." I had to catch my breath from laughing. "You are too silly. I had to give you a hard time." I fell back against his cream leather sofa, still giggling.

He smiled and winked, "Yes, you did give me a hard time when you walked in here, looking all sexy and shit." Cole walked over the bar that was by the fireplace. "What can I get you to drink? I can make just about anything."

Without thinking I said, "A lazy screw up against the wall, please." As please left my lips, I realized how that sounded. "Oh gosh," I laughed. "That didn't sound right. Why don't we make it an Amaretto sour?"

He made the Amaretto and brought it to me. "Why don't you have the Amaretto now and we can discuss the lazy screw up against the wall, the windows, the stairs, or wherever else you would like for me to screw you, darlin'." He smiled and toasted me with his Cuevo Black and cola.

Well, damn. I couldn't really be mad at him because I had painted myself into this corner. Time to do a little back pedaling. "What are you cooking for dinner, sir?" I batted my eyes. "Hopefully something tasty since you will have to eat something to take the bad taste of losing at dominoes out of your mouth." I joked, hoping that it would take the sexual tension out of the room.

"I am putting a few steaks on the grill and I baked some potatoes and made a Caesar's salad." Cole looked me up and down. "Don't think that changing the subject will make me forget about your comments just now. I am going to play nice but really all I want to taste right now is you." With that, he headed out of the living room. From the room he entered, he called out, "Come in and join me. Entertain me while I cook."

I walked into his kitchen. He had a table set off to the side with candlelight and a mini-bouquet of roses. I could see that on his deck, he had a grill all ready to cook up the steaks. "I see you are a true griller, sir." I walked over and looked out the sliding glass door to the deck. "Only the true griller will grill in the snow. I like that in you."

I stood there looking out, looking at the stars, feeling the cold pane against my skin. He came up behind me and pressed into me. "I think you will like me in you as well." I felt his hardness pressing against my back. He slowly turned me so that I was facing him. As I looked up, I was startled to see that his eyes, with the sleepy sexy look, were grey. He took my right hand to his mouth. He kissed my hand softly on the back. Then he turned my hand and kissed the palm.

I wanted to move. I was willing myself to move. My body was saying, Girl, please. Let's see where this can go. Just as I had gotten the strength to start to move, he took my pointer finger and slowly sucked it into his mouth. My knees went soft as the lips of my vulva started to fill with excitement. I could feel my thighs getting wet. I had to stop this before it went any further. But, my stop sounded suspiciously like "Oh my yes..."

The curve of his shaft was burning a path on my body. I could feel a hand slowly milking my breast, pulling toward the nipple. One by one, Cole slowly sucked my fingers into his mouth. His tongue flicked over the sensitive spots between my fingers.

I had to do something. I couldn't stand there immobile while he made my body feel like liquid fire. I took his hand from my breast and placed his finger into my mouth. As I slowly sucked him in, I allowed my tongue to slither over the skin, making little twirls. His finger felt so thick, it was as if I was sucking his member instead of a finger. My lips tingled as his finger slid through them. My legs opened a little. I had to let a little of the heat he was creating in me go.

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