Cole in My Stocking


He felt the shift in my stance and moved to hold my bottom. First with one hand, and then with both he held me. I looked up into his smoky grey eyes and felt dizzy. His lips touched mine. His tongue drew my breath and my tongue out to meet him, to dance with him. I don't know if it was Cole's tongue or mine that started the thrusting, but we both we overtaken with it, holding on to each other. I let one of my legs snake up the back of his leg, trying to pull him in closer to me.

Cole's hands, big and strong, started the journey up my thighs. When he encountered bare skin, he groaned aloud. Before I knew his intention, Cole picked me up and placed me gently on the kitchen island. My dress had ridden up so that it was against my waist, exposing me to his eyes.

Kissing me, Cole slowly lay me down against the cool marble of the island. When I was laying flat, he made his way down, so that he was face to face with my sex. Newly shaven, my skin was very sensitive. His breath, warm and moist, made my inner lips leak out my juices. Barely stroking my lips, Cole kissed my clitoris as if he was kissing my mouth. It felt so intense that my hands had no choice but to wind themselves in his jet black curls, holding his head in place. My thick thighs, chocolate clad in black silk stockings, rubbed against his face, begging for more. One thick finger slowly made its way to my nether hole. I held my thighs out to the side so that he could fit his finger into my ass. It was so big that I gasped but I had to grind my hips because it felt so good to have it inside me.

When I came, it felt like a million stars had exploded around me. The air felt too hot, too cold, too warm. My breathing was coming in shallow spurts. And Cole increased his pressure on my clit until I screamed out his name over and over again.

One moment his lips were on my lower lips, the next he was inside me. So thick and long, Cole filled me up until I almost couldn't breath. I grabbed my ankles and held them apart by my head so that he could go even deeper. I could feel his balls, slick with my secretions, slapping my ass. His finger that was in my ass, curved just a little and I felt a tingle that let me know that I was about to come again.

My inner walls, coated with my sugar, started to close over him continuously. He leaned down into me and started to bite and suck my neck. My lips kept forming words, oh my, yes please, fuck me, but sound would not come with them. My body was too involved in coming to process that I wasn't making a sound. As he sucked my neck, I pulled his hair harder. I wanted him to brand me with his lips.

With a yell that reverberated off the glass of the windows, Cole came inside of me. Feeling the warm rush of come made me shake and stutter and come hard yet again. As he pulled out, I motioned to him that I wanted to suck him. As he put the head in my mouth, more come slide out and onto my tongue. I licked every vein, every plane, every little nook of his dick. When I could no longer resist it, I sucked him into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and wrapped around his hand as he fucked my face.

I reached down to play with my pussy, full of his come as he thrust in and out of my mouth. Covered in his nut and mine, my clit was so slick that three or four strokes later, I was coming again and so was he.

Breathing heavily, I was laying on the island covered in Cole's and my come when it hit me. I must have been a very naughty girl this Christmas. I started to giggle.

Cole leaned down and started to kiss on my neck. He wanted to know what was so funny. So I let him in on the joke. "I must have been a very naughty girl for Christmas because I just had Cole in my stockings." When I said he, he chuckled a little as well.

He helped me off the counter and lead me into the master bedroom suite. "Trust me, you must have been hell on wheels because now you are about to get Cole in your ass, back in your pussy, and wherever else we can think up."

I had to touch myself just hearing him say that...

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