tagErotic CouplingsCole Meets Nikki

Cole Meets Nikki


The crisp October air bit into Cole as he and his friends went into the club. Once inside, the warm air had an immediate effect on his cold face. There were about twenty people waiting to get into the main room, where the band would be performing. It was an old warehouse in an old part of town, a popular spot for local bands to strut their stuff, and a great place for singles to meet other single people.

When they got into the main room, the three friends found a table off to the side where they could people watch all night. The down side was they had a shitty view of the stage and thus would have a shitty view of the band.

Jeff went straight for the beer line and Mark went to the can, leaving Cole to guard their table from poachers that would be coming in at the last second. This was common for this place, they would over-sell tickets and every now and then it would bite them in the ass, and they would be packed to the tits.

When Jeff came back with the first round he mentioned to Cole that the bartender was a real looker and Cole should go and get another round. Cole knew that Jeff wouldn't say it unless he knew Cole would be interested in her. Cole got up and headed for the beer line.

After waiting about five minutes he got to the bar and there she was. Long red hair, low cut top showing off plenty of lovely cleavage. The woman was very attractive without really trying; there was no pound of makeup, no gallon of perfume, just plain and hot. She was a little thicker than the usual bimbo's that paraded around trolling for their rich savior, and wore tight jeans and a sexy pair of brown leather boots.

"What'll you have doll?" she said in a deep, yet so feminine voice.

"Three pints; you choose!" Cole said with a smile. He saw her look him over. Cole was a tall guy at six foot two, muscular without looking like a 'roid monster. Years of hockey helped him keep his body in very desirable shape. He kept his hair short and messy and liked when women looked at his right sleeve of tattoos, which she did.

"You got it doll!" she said and turned to get him his order. Cole looked at her ass as she poured him his beer. The jeans fit her curves real nice, he admired.


"Keep the change!" Cole said, handing her a twenty. He smiled at her and walked back to his friends. Standing with his friends were two skanks.

"Cole this is Cindy and Monica," Jeff introduced. Cole said hi and put the beer down. To his disgust both girls grabbed one and started to drink.

"Help yourself!" Cole said sarcasm think in his tone.

"What's your fucking problem?" Cindy; a blonde whose skin resembled leather, and pearlescent white teeth snapped back at him, obviously picking up on his tone. Jeff closed his eyes, knowing Cole and knowing what was coming next. Cole, unlike most guys, didn't tolerate rude people no matter which friend was trying to bang them.

"Grabby little cunts, that's my problem!" Cole snapped.

"Dude! Come on, be nice!" Mark pleaded. Both girls looked as if they had been slapped.

"Fuck you, asshole!" Monica said as she said it she gave Cole the finger. She was a carbon copy of Cindy in every way.

"Let's everyone calm down, we're here to have a good time," Jeff began. Cole didn't want to ruin his friend's chances to get laid and bowed out to be the bigger man.

"Fine you two enjoy! I'm out of here!" And with that Cole left the table.

He found a nice perch in the corner away from the others, yet near the bar. As the band played he kept looking over at the mystery woman minding the bar. To his delight he caught her eye and she smiled and gave him a little wave. When the band was done and the club started to empty, he saw his friends leave with the two skanks. Cole waited till there were only a handful of people left. Then he walked over to where the redhead was cleaning up.

"Hey, what's your name?" he asked.

"Nikki! And you are?" She asked with a smile.

"Cole! Say what are you doing after this?" Cole asked, hoping not to get shot down. As hot as she was, he knew there was a good probability that she was seeing someone.

"No plans! Why, what did you have in mind?"

"I know a great afterhours place we can go. I would love to get to know you better!"

"Sure, why not! You drive here tonight?" Nikki asked; Cole had tied on a few and knew driving was out for him.

"No, my friend did, but he abandoned me already, so I was going to cab it.

"Well let me offer you a ride. Where is this great after hours place?" she asked, grabbing her purse from behind the bar and heading to the door. Cole gave her directions and the two were off. As they drove they chatted and got to know each other some. Nikki was a bartender by profession and often worked the smaller club scene on her off nights. She was not seeing anyone at the time and lived with her older brother.

When they pulled up in front of a condo complex, Nikki knew what Cole was getting at.

"This is the afterhours place? This is your place isn't it?" she asked with a knowing smile. Cole nodded sheepishly.

"I know, weak! But I have a full selection of booze and coffee. So, in a way I wasn't lying."

"Alright Cole, but no funny business!" She said with a smile and parked across the street, and he walked her in. Cole lived on the fourth floor in a large one bedroom place. It was tastefully decorated and comfortable. Cole took Nikki's sweater, and offered her a drink. "Just a coffee please." she said as she made herself more comfortable. "Nice place!"

"Thanks! So how do you take your coffee!" He asked filling a mug for her.

"Black thanks."

"Like your men?" Cole joked. He handed her the mug.

"Some times!" she said with a wicked smile. He sat back down and they continued to talk for another hour. She was easy to talk to, and soon it was clear that they were into each other. Cole was getting a good vibe that the night was going to end well. "So how many tattoos do you have, Cole?" She asked, getting up out of her seat and joining Cole.

"My right arm is covered, and I also have some on my ribs, my left arm, both of my calves, and a lot on my back."

"Can I see them?" She asked. Cole looked at her for a second. Then without giving it any more thought he pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his body. Nikki licked her lips.

"I like!" she reached up and caressed his nipple. Cole shuddered from the touch. Though sexually active it had been awhile since he had been with a woman this forward. He felt her hot breath on his skin first then the wetness of her tongue. She drew the tip of her tongue along his skin, over his nipple up to his collar bone; to his chin and to his lips. They kissed for a minute before she pulled away and stood up. She undid her pants, and slid them down over her hips and ass, exposing the naughty lace G-string she was wearing. Cole took a deep breath in. When her pants hit the floor she knelt beside him and resumed kissing.

Cole slid his hands up her shirt to her large milky breasts. Nikki gasped as he massaged her mounds of soft flesh.

"Fuck yes..." she whispered in his ear. Cole reached around and unclasped her bra and slid his hands under the cups to feel her flesh. Her nipples were little cherries between his fingers. He pinched her hard nipples till he heard her gasp. Taking a breast in each hand he pushed them together and licked and bit at each nipple.

Fumbling with his belt, it took Nikki a minute to calm her hands enough to get it undone; then she freed her prize. Taking him in her hand, she stroked his eight inches of hard meat. Nikki spit on her hand and started to stroke his hard cock.

"Yes, Nikki that's it!" he moaned as she expertly stroked him. With her other hand she massaged his balls, all the while locked in a passionate kiss.

"I want to taste you!" Cole whispered.

"You already are, silly," she answered between kisses.

"No, I want to taste your pussy!" he said. She smiled at his eagerness, let go of his cock, and stood up so she could get into a better position for his request. She climbed up so she was sitting on the wide arm of his couch; with her legs spread wide she pulled her panties to the side and exposed the loose folds of her pussy, Cole looked for a second before leaning in and drawing his tongue along her pussy lips, and up to her clit.

"Fuuucccckkkk... that's it, Cole." she moaned as he began working her pussy with his mouth. Nikki had a pair of protruding meaty lips that he devoured. He made sure to give each one equal attention. Then it was on to her hard clit. Sucking it between his lips and flicking it with his tongue, Nikki pressed against his face.

"Yes, yes, yes, don't stop!" she cried out as he got into a real rhythm. It had been a long time since he had eaten a woman out, but like riding a bike he found he hadn't lost his touch. After he knew he made her cum he pulled her down and positioned himself so they were in missionary.

"Protection?" she asked smiling; she had put her hand on his stomach making sure he didn't get any ideas that bare back was going to happen.

"Of course." Cole quickly got up and rushed to his bedroom and retrieved a pack of condoms from his bedside stand, and in record time had it slid on.

"I prefer doggy!" she said looking over her shoulder when he returned and saw her on her hands and knees on the floor, her ass facing him;. Getting behind her, he positioned his cock at her pussy and pushed in with ease.

"Fuck that's it baby." She said as he began to fucker harder. "Pull my hair!" she commanded, he grabbed a fist full of her long red locks and pulled back. She struggled against his strength. Realizing that she liked it a little rougher than his other dates, Cole's mind raced as to how to please her completely. He started by giving her ass a firm slap, then another.

"You like that Nikki, getting her fucking ass slapped?" Cole said through gritted teeth.

"Mmmm ya I love it, I've been a bad girl, Cole, punish me." she said with a sexy growl. Next he licked his index finger and pressed it against her puckered asshole, slowly pushing it in. It was very tight but he found that with a little more pressure it accepted his finger.

"Bad girls get their pretty asses fucked!" Cole said as he now fucked her pussy and her ass. "Oh I see you like this. Nasty slut!" At this Nikki looked over her shoulder at Cole and licked her upper lip. Cole knew now that with this woman he could push the envelope. He let go of her hair and reached around and cupped her large breast and gave it a squeeze. She let out a moan and bucked against his finger and cock.

Cole knew he was getting real close to cumming and wanted to shoot it somewhere on her body - the only question was where. As his strokes became erratic she knew he was close. As to almost decide his thought for him she cooed "I want you to cum all over my ass!"

Cole pulled out and within four jerks he was shooting all over her round ass cheeks. One shot landed on her tailbone and began to slowly dribble down her ass crack over her asshole. Cole staired as the dribble made its way to her pussy lips. He stopped it with his middle finger and wiped it off her. Nikki looked to see him do this and immediately took his finger into her hand and licked the cum off it. Cole's cock gave a jump as she sucked on his finger, like it was a little cum covered cock. When she was done, they kissed; the two sat on the floor in the living room and made out a little more. When three a.m. rolled around Nikki got dressed, found a piece of paper, and handed Cole her phone number.

"I'd love to get together again, I enjoyed tonight," she told him in that sexy low feminine voice of hers. Cole walked her back to her car and then headed to bed.

The end.


Thanks to TXhardsucker for his editing. I will be adding other chapters to this series.

Thanks for reading.

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