Colin's Chronicle


Doris luxuriated as the assistant fastened the buttons but her hopes fell when she noticed that it was an A-line design and therefore did not have a belt. "That's OK, we were just trying it for size," she said and produced another from the pile. As soon as she did so, it revealed one that Doris knew was the one. "Let me try that one," she asked and pointed to it.

"Madam has excellent taste," said the manager and helped Doris into a stunningly beautiful rubberized satin mackintosh in a trench coat style complete with epaulettes and wrist straps. "And it has a detachable hood," she went on as she buttoned Doris into it and cinched the broad belt round her waist. As Doris moved towards the mirror, the assistant drew up the voluminous hood over Doris' head and invited her to walk and turn to get the full effect. The rustling and swishing of the full skirt was so much more than her green mackintosh and she said so. What she did not remark on was the intoxicating scent that the rubber lining was giving off especially when she buckled the throat strap which brought the hood even closer to her face.

But, the habit of a lifetime of being careful with money forced Doris to look at the price tag and she gulped but she was so in love with it, nothing would hold her back. Just so long as Elsie doesn't find out she muttered grimly to herself and I'll just have to be careful for the rest of this month and next. But never mind, I've got my very own black rubber mackintosh and I don't look like a streetwalker. "It feels incredible," she said as she reached into her handbag to retrieve her checkbook.

The manager confirmed that the fit was as if it had been custom-tailored for Doris and that it was the top of the line. "Now Madam, if you'll take it off, I'll wrap it for you." Doris was going to do no such thing as she glanced out of the store window and saw that the sunny spell she'd enjoyed as she came in was now replaced by scudding clouds in a stiff breeze, It was as if the very elements were cooperating with Doris' new mackintosh. So the lady simply removed the tags and labels and Doris tripped off to lunch with the jacket she had left home in safe in a shopping bag.

It was not raining so Doris felt no need to raise the hood up over her hair but she reveled in the warmth and security of her personal rubber cocoon. And, the mackintosh was indeed windproof but what struck her most was the whispering, rustling, swishing cause by every step and every gust of wind.

Just as she was about to cross the street to the chosen restaurant, she saw Vivian across the street and waved but there was no hint of recognition from her friend but as she waited for the light to change she felt a touch on her arm and a quiet, "Excuse me." She turned and found herself facing a very well-dressed and groomed lady with a male companion. "Where did you get that gorgeous raincoat?" the woman asked. Only for a moment, Doris thought about fobbing her off with a none answer. She really did want to be the only person in the world to know the ecstasy of wearing it but she was a kindly soul and so better judgment prevailed and she told her. Then she added, "But it's a mackintosh not just a raincoat."

Vivian stared open-mouthed as Doris reached the restaurant door. "Look at you," she gasped. "I saw somebody waving but I never dreamed it was you. Where did you get the raincoat?"

It's not a raincoat, it's a mackintosh," Doris explained patiently. "Do you like it?"

"Like it? Like it? I love it" she squealed. And she stroked the sleeve as the two sat down at their assigned table and Doris undid the buttons revealing the rubber lining. Now it was the turn of the lining to receive an appreciative stroke from Vivian. "Oh Doris, that is so sexy. I can't wait for you to wear it to work. You'll turn every head in the office."

Doris had never been on the receiving end of such praise in years and she liked it even though she was blushing. Changing the subject, she said, "Let's eat. I'm starving."

On the way home, Vivian wanted to know where the new mackintosh came from and it emerged that the black satin was the second that Doris had bought recently which, of course, led to more questions and consequent explanations of the difference between single and double texture. Vivian understood what the latter meant as classical riding mackintoshes were everywhere to be seen in towns as well as out in the countryside.

"But they're not sophisticated and elegant like this," she affirmed while missing no opportunity to enjoy the tactile delights offered by the satin and its rubber companion." Í have a feeling my husband would love to see me in a similar one and I might just save up and surprise him."

In the meantime, Doris was hoping that Elsie would be delayed at school so that she would, at least, be able to smuggle here purchase up to her room undetected.

Fortunately for Doris, Vivian dropped her at the end of the drive and Doris sheltered around the side of the house as she took off her prized mackintosh and replaced it with the jacket she had worn to leave. She folded the mackintosh into the store bag and opened the front door and there on the hallstand was a note from Elsie who had obviously popped home at lunchtime. The note announced that she would not be home until about 6:30pm and that there were some lamb chops in the refrigerator for dinner so she'd clearly stopped by the butcher's shop as well.

Doris glanced at her watch and saw there was lots of time to prepare the evening meal but she had something else in mind first which had been anticipating since she had set sights on her beautiful mackintosh. She hurried upstairs to her room and locked the door behind her just in case. Then she stripped off every stitch of clothing except her suspender belt, stockings, and her highest heels and slipped her arms into the welcome embrace of the rubber lining.

As she shrugged her shoulders into the mac she again felt that initial shock of cold but she knew it would quickly warm. She fastened all the buttons and tied the belt securely round her waist having made sure that the skirt of the coat was pulled down so that her still reasonable breasts were in the closest possible contact with the warming rubber. Then she drew up the hood, inhaling its magical scent, and faced herself in her full-length mirror.

Starting first just above her breasts! No, that wasn't right. They were tits now. They were only breasts when she didn't feel the way she did right now. Anyway starting just above her tits, she smoothed her hands over her body while basking in the feel of her body through the satin and the rubber. Then she repeated her movements but now over her buttocks, hips and thighs. Next, she lightly brushed a fold of the rubber over her sex. No, that wasn't right either! Now it was a pussy but not wanting to get any of her moisture on the rubber lining or worse yet the satin she opened the mackintosh and explored her pussy with her fingers. How she wished she'd thought to bring a pair of thin latex gloves but then realized there some in the bathroom.

Even though she was sure she was still alone in the house, she gingerly checked to see if the coast was clear before walking the few steps to the bathroom to retrieve the gloves. Then she retreated hastily back to her room, relocked the door and eased on the gloves. Then, standing again before the mirror, one hand explored her tits again while the other slipped between her legs and found her clit which she began to rub, first slowly and gently but soon with increasing pressure and speed.

She loved the rhythmic rustling from the mackintosh as her fingers did the work while the other hand tweaked her now engorged nipples through the rubber.

And then she was past the point of no return and she was there. As wave after wave swept over her she watched this rubber covered body in the mirror almost as if it were someone else.

But it isn't somebody else. It's me in my beautiful mackintosh and I love it. I love my rubber mackintosh and it'll never be just a raincoat.

Elsie's Awakening

Elsie couldn't stand it for much longer. Usually when Doris had bought something, or even when she hadn't, a shopping trip would have warranted a full explanation but this time she had not uttered a word.

As a result, after dinner the next evening, Elsie asked the question and Doris, well aware that further prevarication was useless, agreed to show her purchase. She went upstairs, removed her beloved mackintosh from its hanger and protective cover, and went downstairs again. In the living room she held out the garment for Elsie to see.

To say that Elsie was surprised was a massive understatement. "Well put it on", she demanded and gasped when she saw the lining. "It's rubber," she protested, "And it's black and shiny."

Doris was not sure where this conversation was going but as she was so enamored by her mackintosh she simply said, "Yes. Isn't it beautiful?"

"But its rubber!" Elsie said again.

"Well so is yours," Doris countered.

"I know that but you can't see it," Elsie went on.

"You can't see the rubber on mine when I've got it on."

"But people will know," Elsie protested.

Finally, Doris decided to stand up for herself and argued that she didn't care if people knew or not while Elsie tried to explain that for some people, rubber had a sinister connotation. "Well I don't care what some people think. I bought it. I like it. And I'm going to wear it. Then still wearing the mackintosh, she said, "And I'm going to wear it now because I'm going for a walk. Would you like to come?"

Elsie was torn between refusal in order to show her outraged displeasure and acceptance because she felt an obligation to ensure her cousin's safety and well-being. She chose the latter and, after looking out of the window at the lowering clouds, decided to wear her fawn riding mackintosh. Then so attired she and Doris left the house. They decided to go towards the town in order to drop off some mail at the post office and from force of habit Elsie took Doris' arm as they walked.

The slapping sound of her mac was drowned by the rustling of her cousin's rubberized satin and she was about to point out that would be the tell-tale sign for people who would wonder just what the material was but before she could they saw a neighbor, Joan, walking her dog and they stopped to chat.

"I'm trying to get this walk over before it starts to rain again," she said, "but at least you two are prepared for it. When I was a teenager I took riding lessons and I used to have a riding mac a little like yours," she added as she touched Elsie's mackintosh covered arm.

"But yours", she said turning to Doris, "Is absolutely gorgeous and the hood is great which I think you're going to need any minute now," as large drops began to bead on the black satin surface. So the trio said the farewells and the neighbor scurried off being towed by her dog that seemingly didn't relish the prospect of a soaking. Meanwhile Doris drew the mackintosh hood over her hair and suggested they go back too.

"Nonsense," said Elsie, "A few drops of rain never hurt anybody and I have to admit that the hood is practical but shiny black rubber?"

It isn't shiny black rubber. Yes it's shiny, yes it's black and yes its rubber lined but it's really satin. Shiny black rubber was the mackintosh that the young woman was wearing at the station, which, I might add, looked great on her. And speaking of looking great, Joan's reaction to my mackintosh was not exactly what you had anticipated was it?"

Elsie sniffed but barely said a word as she turned up her collar and pulled a scarf out of her pocket to try to protect her hair. "Do come along Doris and let's get these checks posted."

Doris followed and delighted in the sight of her cousin's hair getting soaked while she was safe, dry, and warm in her mackintosh and hood as the rain pattered down. It wasn't often she was right she privately elated but her cousin's discomfort proved that this time she was.

Reaching home at last, Elsie had to do something about her hair before tomorrow's work while Doris put her mackintosh on a hanger in the hallway and went to bed. And, for the second night in a row, as she smelled the residual scent of her rubber mackintosh on her arms and neck, her fingers went instinctively to her clitoris and, as she could hear music coming from Elsie's bedroom, she didn't have to worry about her noisy orgasm which it was.

Two days later there was a knock on Elsie's study door at school and when she gave the go-ahead the door opened and one of her teachers put her head in and asked for a few minutes of her time. When she sat down in front of Elsie's desk, she reported that she had confiscated some magazines from three of her students. "What kind of magazines?" Elsie enquired although she had a pretty good idea of the answer as many of the older boys in the school were entering puberty with all the attendant prurient curiosities.

The teacher opened a folder and spread the contents on the desk. They were as predictable as Elsie had expected but when she leafed through them, one caught her eye. It was entitled "Rubber Housewives" and the cover featured two young women one of whom was wearing a rubber apron and matching elbow length rubber gloves and little else, while the other was wearing a glossy black mackintosh and had supposedly just popped in for a cup of coffee.

Elsie asked if the owners had been disciplined and was assured that they had whereupon she told the teacher to leave the magazines with her and resume her duties. When the teacher had left, Elsie ripped up all but the "Rubber Housewives" which she tucked into her briefcase.

It was Doris' turn to work late that evening and so Elsie had the house to herself never the less but she slipped the magazine under the mattress in her room before heating some soup and pouring a rare glass of wine. Her meal complete, she marked up some test papers from school before taking a bath and later donning her nightdress and cover-up. She closed her bedroom door and turned on some music before retrieving the hidden copy of "Rubber Housewives".

Turning the pages slowly she was faced with photographs showing attractive women in a whole spectrum of rubber clothing and not all of the women were young either. There were also stories, not necessarily well written nor up to the high standards of grammar that Elsie demanded from the students under her tutelage but they were erotic. There were also advertisements for all kind of products and Elsie noted the ones which featured lingerie in rubber and latex materials.

It was Elsie's greatest secret, unknown even to Doris, that she loved lingerie of a sophisticated nature and she loved the knowledge that she was wearing underwear in stark contrast to the "sensible" tweed skirts and cardigans which were her workday stock in trade. Sometimes in summer, she even eschewed panties, which she thought of as "knickers" because the word sounded naughtier. But rubber ones? Now there's a thought ....

As she read on, what she really she craved as her fingers crept downwards was a mackintosh like Doris' but she knew her cousin would be home soon and, therefore; the best she could do was get her fawn mackintosh and lay it over her body as her insistent fingers flicked her towards orgasm.

Her music was so loud that Elsie did not hear the front door close nor did she see her bedroom door crack open as Doris looked in. Later Elsie would blame it all on Ravel's "Bolero" but then the door opened and Doris stood there wearing her rubberized satin mackintosh as she watched her cousin masturbate. When that happened, Elsie was too close to stop and even though her fingers ceased, her orgasm did not and she cried out as her body jerked as she rubbed her tits through the rubber of her mackintosh.

Still Doris did not move. Instead she encouraged Elsie, "Rub that pussy, Smell that rubber. Squeeze those tits. Twist those nipples". And Elsie did as the copy of "Rubber Housewives" slipped to the floor but it was not destined to stay there long.

Doris walked over to the bed, bent down and picked up the magazine. She then drew Elsie's fawn mackintosh up over her cousin's upper body and kissed her cheek which was something she rarely did if ever.

"Good night Elsie." Sleep well." And she left, closing the door behind her.

But she took "Rubber Housewives" with her knowing that the ex-owner would be asleep already.

Another Trip to Weatherford's

Nothing was said for the next two weeks but just after that, it was half-term and Elsie wanted a hood. This really came into being when, just before the time-off, Elsie had her hair done and was mortified to learn that days of rain were ahead. Of course, Doris would have said an umbrella would suffice but that was not in Elsie's time frame. Every time that she and Doris went for a walk, it rained and the worst part was that Doris turned up her hood and literally hid inside the black satin material. While Elsie never quite heard it, she was sure that her cousin was silently laughing at the plight of her partner. Then came the half-term break and it was time to tell Doris about her plan.

As they arrived back home, Elsie hung up her beige riding mackintosh and shook her umbrella out of the front door. "Well", she said. "That's it for me, if you've nothing better to do, how about another visit to Weatherford's tomorrow".

"And, what are you looking for," questioned Doris.

"Well something with a hood for a start," answered Elsie. "And the rest doesn't matter too much". Of course the real secret was satin was in her mind but it would take a lot before she'd admit it to Doris.

Later that afternoon, Vivian called to announce that a local church was planning an afternoon social and wondered if "the girls" would help with a selection of their jams and jellies. During the conversation, Doris revealed that she and Elsie were planning a trip to Weatherford's in order to look at mackintoshes for Elsie. "With a hood," Elsie continued.

It only took another moment for Vivian to be included in the trip. "And I'll drive," she said, "And I'll pick you up at about ten," she concluded. And then she began to wonder just what the store may have in store for her. She was so wrong.

At just before ten o'clock the next day Vivian was ringing the door bell and Elsie answered. "Just in time for getting raincoats," Vivian said. In no times flat, there was a chorus of replies as both cousins responded with just one word, "Mackintoshes". Once in the car, Vivian demanded to know the difference as the word "mackintosh" sounded so old-fashioned. Doris went on to explain that the difference was the inclusion of rubber somewhere in the garment and Elsie went into detail about the difference between single and double textured and SBR and she expounded by showing the difference about her mackintosh and Doris' single-texture coat. The whole process got a little more complicated when the issue came up about SBR. "Oh, I don't think I'd want that," she opined and Doris said that neither did she or her cousin, "but on a younger person it can look good," and her voice tailed off..........

Fortunately, the weather was dry but overcast as the trio approached the car park about a block away from Weatherford's. "Well," said Vivian as they locked the car door. "At least you two look ready for a raincoat store" but before she got any further just added, "Mackintoshes. Yes I know".

Elsie lost no time as she headed for the racks of mackintoshes and dived into choices. "Not black," she said to herself. "That would look like I'm just following Doris which I am," but there was nothing that seemed to fit. A clerk had watched her and now approached with a few ideas of her own. She suggested navy-blue and promised to return in a moment with the proffered coat. Elsie tried it on and, while it fitted, there was no hood. She loved the feel of the rubber against her arms but a hood was essential as she'd determined. Off went the clerk again and returned with another which was a slightly lighter shade than navy-blue and Elsie fell in love. The coat was narrower than that of Doris but it fitted so well and when she raised the hood her head was surrounded in wonderfully rubber haze. The clerk knew it too as Elsie fastened all the buttons and went in search of Doris.

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