tagBDSMCollar and Cage

Collar and Cage


"Honey, I need you to do this."

Aaron trembled as Melissa looked into his eyes. She was holding his face with her two hands so he had to look back at her.

"We've worked hard for this. This is our moment."

There was urgency in her voice. Aaron nodded his head and looked down. With that assent Melissa continued with her preparations.

Aaron was naked except for his steel chastity cage. Melissa used a thick, well used leather strap to bind his muscular arms to his sides and metal clasps to attach his wrist cuffs to collars at his upper thighs. A second strap pulled his arms back. Posture was important; she used her crop to gently remind him to stand up straight.

"OK, now the leash" she gently said as she clipped her leather leash to the ring that was welded onto the ball ring of his cage.

The final item was the blindfold. It was soft leather and fit his face perfectly, blocking out all light and vision. Aaron always felt better when the blindfold went on, as he was now in his own private world. When he could see he felt he had some responsibility for himself, even when bound and helpless. Sightless and bound, he surrendered completely to Melissa. He loved the feeling of being completely in her hands!

Melissa surprised Aaron with a soft kiss on his lips. Her long blond hair brushed against his face. She reassured him that they were well prepared and that she was sure he would do well.

A light came on signifying that it was time. She gave Aaron's leash a gentle tug and he started walking, following her out the door into the small arena. Five hundred women started cheering. Aaron couldn't see them but there were four other men being led into the center ring. This was the final event of obedience school for men. Each of the men and women had worked hard, trying to perfect their technique and showmanship. They were the best, but there could be only one winner.

Aaron and Melissa were to go third, so she tethered Aaron's leash to the post that was there for that purpose. The rules required that he wait alone, so she gave him an affectionate squeeze on his left buttock and walked away. Now Aaron felt alone and a bit scared. It was different when Melissa was holding his leash and he knew she was there. Now she could be anywhere, perhaps far away from him. He began to panic and his breathing quickened. He realized what was happening and caught himself. As his training kicked in and he took control of his breathing, the panic subsided.

Melissa had been just a few feet away watching as he dealt with his fear. She was proud of Aaron for how he had mastered himself and ultimately how SHE had mastered him!

The crowd cheered for the first contestant. He was skilled and was doing well. It would be difficult to beat him and his mistress! Then the second pair went. They were also very good but made a small error that Melissa was sure would cost them points.

Finally, it was their turn!

The first event was an obedience trial. Melissa removed Aaron's leash from the post and unclipped it from the loop on his cage. He was now completely untethered but still tightly bound and blindfolded. His job was to follow Melissa's commands, exactly. Walk ten steps forward. Stop. Turn right. Stop. Walk backwards five steps. Aaron couldn't see them but he knew the traps were there, waiting for any error or misstep. If he made a mistake he would fall into a mud trap and have to continue the course covered in slime. Melissa wasn't permitted to touch him with her hands or her crop. Step by step he went, quickly because he was being timed and if he took too long he would be disqualified. The crowd roared as he entered the circle in the middle. He had completed the first trial! He stood proudly as Melissa came up to him, kissed him, and reattached the leash. She stood next to him, maintaining a slight pressure on the leash. The pressure on his leash was important; it reminded him of his connection to Melissa.

The fourth contestant started but got confused and went left when he should have gone right. He fell into the mud, had difficulty getting out and ran out of time.

The final man did very well, striding with confidence, and completed the course in record time.

The mirroring contest was next. When it was their turn, Melissa started walking slowly while maintaining a gentle pressure on the leash. Aaron had to follow her lead, having only the feeling of the leash to guide him. She turned left, he turned left. She stopped, he stopped. The judges were looking for more than mere obedience. They were looking for a merging of the two people into a single entity. Aaron's job was to understand what Melissa wanted him to do by the gentlest pressure on his leash. He excelled! It was like he could read her mind.

For the final contest, the four remaining men were led up onto the stage and tethered there. Closed circuit TV cameras were focused on each of their genitals. Four men, four mistresses. This was the arousal contest in which the audience would be the final judge. The mistresses had two minutes to bring their men to maximum arousal within the confines of their cages. The rules were simple - No Touching The Genitals! The audience would judge which man was bulging the most from within his steel enclosure. The mistresses knew their men intimately, of course, but this was a high pressure situation and it was difficult to know how each man would react.

Melissa felt that Aaron wasn't focused so she struck his buttocks with her crop once. Then again. That is exactly what was needed, and he now thought of nothing but her. She pressed her body against him as she gently scratched his lower abdomen with the nails on one hand, and caressed his inner buttocks with the other. She explored his ear with her tongue as he bulged in his cage. He felt like he was going to break the cage. The audience was going wild! The bell rang, marking the end of the contest. The audience was asked to vote by cheering for each pair in turn. Number one, number two, number three, number four. Aaron and Melissa got the loudest applause.

They won!

The three other men were led sadly away as Aaron was led to a platform on the stage where he and Melissa were to receive their prize. Once there, Melissa asked Aaron to bend his head so she could remove his blindfold. He blinked at the sudden light and was suddenly embarrassed when he saw all of the women staring at him. He had been spared that by the blindfold, and wanted to bury his face in Melissa's neck but she wouldn't permit that.

The head judge approached them with their prize: a beautiful handmade leather collar for Aaron's neck. The judge presented it to Melissa who proudly fastened it onto Aaron. She kissed him passionately to raucous applause and led him away.

Aaron and Melissa were buzzing with excitement after winning the competition. When they got home they couldn't wait to get their hands on each other! Melissa ripped the clothes from Aaron's body, leaving only his cage and collar.

She loved having him naked as she played with his body. At five foot ten, 160 pounds he was chiseled by his hours spent at the gym as well as competitive swimming. Aaron wore his hair long which wasn't the best thing for swimming competitions but Melissa loved to play with it, so it stayed long!

She playfully told him to take her clothes off with his mouth as she put leather cuffs on his wrists and fastened his hands behind him. As an afterthought she put his blindfold on to make his task even more difficult. He gamely struggled with her buttons, snaps, straps and buckles. Finally, when she was naked, Melissa released his wrists, removed his blindfold, lay down on their bed and guided him towards her mound. He eagerly began tantalizing her with his tongue. Stop & go, stop & go. She hadn't showered since the morning and had a rich, intoxicating scent. He was very aware of her reactions to his caresses and knew exactly when and where she wanted attention.

He felt her build rapidly to her first orgasm and as it swept over her he pushed his tongue deep inside her. He could feel her contractions on his tongue which excited him even more. After a few minutes she languidly removed the key from her neck and ordered Aaron to take off his cage and wash up. When he returned from the bathroom his penis was already half hard. Melissa playfully snapped a leash onto his collar and re-fastened his hands behind his back. As she led him around their large bedroom, swatting his buttocks with a crop, he proceeded to get harder and harder. All the while, she was playing with herself. It turned her on enormously to have Aaron under her control!

When she was ready, she released his wrists and said

"Honey, you did so well today. I love you and I'm so proud of you. I want you to come into me and cum inside of me."

Aaron hadn't had an orgasm in five weeks and was tremendously excited! He gently entered her, slowly sliding all the way in. She was very wet and completely ready for him. He thrust faster and faster. Melissa hooked her feet around his legs and moaned

"Cum whenever you want, baby!"

He came explosively, pumping semen into her as she came simultaneously with him. Her hips thrust up, meeting him as he pumped down. Finally, they were both spent. They lay on the bed, panting. They spooned together with Aaron in the back, and fell fast asleep.

When they awoke an hour later, Aaron suggested that they take a shower together. They have a very large shower with two shower heads and Melissa readily agreed. The warm water cascaded off their bodies as they soaped each other. Aaron ran his hands over her breasts, delighting in their gentle firmness. As he played with her nipples they became erect. He gently sucked on them while flicking them with his tongue. He slid his left hand down to her pussy, gently separating her tender lips as he found her most sensitive spots. He tenderly stroked her, then slid one finger then two fingers up into her canal as his thumb continued to tease her. Aaron grabbed her soapy left buttock, squeezing hard with his right hand and then explored her anus with his fingers. Melissa loved this. Her orgasm welled up from deeply inside. Her knees weakened as she came. Aaron supported her with his right hand as she blissfully leaned against him.

They dried each other off after their shower. Aaron loved looking at Melissa - long blond hair, a beautiful oval face with cobalt blue eyes. With her strong arms, slim narrow waist, delicious smooth hips and powerful, well-shaped legs Melissa physically was Aaron's ideal woman. Their relationship, of course, was the clincher. He lived and breathed for Melissa.

"Time to get back into the cage, honey!"

"Which one?" asked Aaron.

It was a legitimate question, as they used several. She said "Let's use this steel cage," holding up one with very small spaces between the rods.

The arrangement they had fallen into was for Aaron to put the base ring onto himself and then for Melissa to slide the cage onto him and lock it. She slid it on, locked it tight, and patted him affectionately on his rear.

"I'd like to ask you something.." Aaron said.

"Sure, what is it?" she replied.

"Could you explain to me what it was like for you today?"

Melissa paused, gathering her thoughts.

"I felt powerful. I felt honored that you permitted me to guide you. I felt trusted by you. I felt possessive of you. You're MINE!"

She smiled as she grabbed him by his cage.

"How about you? What was going on for you, Aaron?"

Aaron stopped to think. "I loved being under your control. I loved the connection I felt feeling your gentle tug on my leash. I felt desired by you. Like now, I love the combination of our making love and then your locking me up. It just feels right."

Aaron put his arm around her, gently caressing her breast, as she cuddled against him.

"Also," he continued, "being in public, in front of all those women, was an incredible turn on. I loved the attention" he smiled sheepishly.

"I could tell" said Melissa. "I really enjoyed having you under my control in front of all of them! Hm-m-m, I've got an idea" she said.

She described an ad she saw describing an Erotic Couples weekend at a nearby resort. The ad said that the weekend was being organized by a coalition of different interest groups, including gay, lesbian, fem domme, male dom, and general kink.

"What do you think? It sounds like a safe environment to... indulge ourselves."

She laughed.

Aaron blushed, paused, and replied "Ummm, OK."

After Aaron agreed to go to the resort he began feeling anxious once again. When he asked himself what was going on he quickly realized what it was. He loved being seen as a sex object by women! HIS woman in particular, but not only her. He loved it when the women in the audience at the competition were staring at him, leering at him. He understood that he made a tradeoff - he gave up the traditional dominant male persona in exchange for the attention he got from women. But that wasn't exactly right. He didn't give it up - it wasn't in him to give up at all! In his core, he loved being on the receiving end of loving female assertiveness. However, being in this position with men around was a different story. He was afraid of being judged by these unknown men. He was afraid of being mocked by them as not "being a man."

The funny thing was that Aaron impressed everyone who met him. The first thing people noticed was his physique. He was strong, fit, and agile. The next was his personality. He was generally outgoing and people quickly saw that he had a lively, curious intelligence. Sexually, well, that was a story that he usually kept private. For as long as he could remember he was excited by strong women. He loved women who were confident in their own sexuality, and were more than happy to use him to satisfy their own needs. Their satisfying themselves with him also satisfied Aaron himself! Bondage was a big part of what turned him on. When Melissa fastened the cuffs onto his wrists he would always begin getting hard inside his cage. Often, just the thought of it got him going! Sometimes, Melissa would spend a long time tying him with rope to where so he could barely move a muscle, then would lovingly stroke and tease him. Her ropes were like a constant hug!

Although he understood himself, Aaron could never seem to get over his feeling of shame. That was one reason that he felt more comfortable wearing a blindfold, where he could pretend that others couldn't see him. One of the best aspects of their relationship was that Aaron and Melissa truly communicated with each other. As soon as he recognized these feelings about going on the weekend trip, Aaron knew that he wanted to share them with his wife. He was sure that she would respond with love and compassion!

"Melissa," he started, "I'm not so sure about that weekend. I mean, I love being in your power and having other women watching is a real turn on for me, but when I think of men seeing me in that position I feel really nervous. I'm afraid they'll laugh at me!"

Melissa listened intently, and said

"Honey, we don't have to go. I understand how you might feel. Would you like to go the beach that weekend instead?"

Aaron felt a surge of love for her. She clearly cared about him so much! He vacillated;

"It could be a lot of fun though," he said.

Melissa offered "Listen, if we go we don't have to stay. It's not very much money. If we feel uncomfortable we can just leave."

Aaron picked up on how she said "if we feel uncomfortable" and not "if you." He gave her a big hug, kissed her neck and said

"OK, let's go!"

She smiled, reached down and felt the swelling inside his cage.

She said "I think you're thinking that we may have a good time there!"

Two weeks later, Aaron turned off a local road onto a gravel lane with a sign that said "Lonesome Lake Resort." Just after the turnoff he had to stop at a gate staffed by a man and a woman. They smiled and asked what he and Melissa were there for. When he said for the couple's weekend and gave their names, they were given big smiles and told

"Welcome to the weekend!"

They were instructed to drive up to the main house to register. It was a beautiful facility that succeeded in combining rustic with modern, but in an artful way.

Aaron and Melissa walked into the timber framed structure, marveling at the architecture. They also marveled at some of the people walking around. Many were breathtakingly gorgeous, both the men and the women. Many folks, both men and women, were also wearing "fetish" attire; their way of declaring to the world what turned them on. At the registration desk a man and woman welcomed them, explained the layout of the facility, and gave them a schedule of activities. They made their way to their room, which was quite spacious and overlooked the lake. It had a large, comfortable bed, a sitting area with two chairs and an ottoman, and a private bath.

They had packed a full "toy box" to be prepared for any kind of naughty play they might wish to engage in! But first they wanted to look around the place, so they changed into what they thought would be reasonably modest attire. Melissa wore a red, almost sheer blouse with a plunging neckline and skin tight black pants. Her nipples were visible through the delicate fabric, which always drove Aaron mad with desire! As always, she wore the key to his cage on a gold chain, hanging between her breasts. Aaron wore a casual light blue shirt, open at the neck, and dark blue slacks. Of course he was wearing a chastity device, which today was a gleaming steel cage with minimal spacing between the bars. He was also wearing the leather collar he had been awarded when they won the competition, and cuffs on his wrists. Melissa was carrying a leash but it wasn't in use at the moment. She handed him a satchel to carry, which he knew had other implements in it.

Aaron's heart was pounding. He was very nervous about other, dominant, men who would see him in his sexually passive role and would surely judge him for that. Melissa saw the anxiety all over his face and said

"Honey, you just have to remember that we love each other and that we're lucky enough to have found each other. Our kinks dovetail. If anyone is judgmental it reflects on them, not on us."

"Thanks babe, I needed that!" he said as he stroked her behind, letting his hand linger.

She playfully slapped him away as they went out the door.

They walked into what was a central area with many groups of couples chatting with each other. One group was composed of obviously dominant men and their submissive women. Aaron cringed inside when he saw them. He and Melissa kept on strolling along to find a group more to their liking.

Melissa saw a group of six people in which the three women were elegantly dressed in what some would describe as "domme light." Nothing over the top but the way they put together their satin, leather, and gold was very suggestive. Both Melissa and Aaron felt drawn to them.

"Hi," said Melissa as they approached the group.

"Hi, come on in!" one of the women responded.

They appeared to range in age from mid 30's to mid 50's. Everybody exchanged names and shook hands. As they did, Aaron's wrist cuffs were obvious. One of the women, Elena, playfully put her finger into the D ring of his collar, looked at Melissa and said

"He's cute!"

Melissa smiled and replied "You don't know the half of it!"

Aaron blushed, but this little exchange was extremely hot! He loved the attention he was getting and swelled inside his cage. Elena glanced down at his crotch and said

"But he doesn't seem to be interested.."

Melissa grinned as she tapped on his cage and said

"Oh, if he wasn't caged his cock would be sticking straight out right now."

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