"Are you sure this is what you want, my lovely roommate?"

Emily sat in her shared dorm room, looking down on the naked body of her roommate, Sarah. Both girls, having met during their first week at their new school, instantly fell in love with each other. But Emily had seen in her friend some interesting and thought provoking behaviors, and after a week, decided it was time to see if her friend really had wanted what Emily could offer. Sarah had squealed in delight as Emily ordered her to strip one night, and promptly shed her clothes dropping them all over the room. Emily had then promptly pulled Sarah over her lap and began spanking the messy girl, bringing forth squeaks and squeals and much kicking of legs, as her bottom was colored cherry red by Emily's expert hands, and the well used wooden hairbrush.

From that night on, Sarah was putty in Emily's hands, and Emily wasted no time in getting Sarah outfitted to be the dorm maid. Sarah and Emily spent the weekend after Sarah's spanking going to the local bondage stores, and picking out cuffs, outfits, and other items as Emily directed. When they got back to the dorm, Emily promptly had Sarah change into the new maid's uniform she had forced Sarah to buy, and smiled as Sarah slipped it on. The uniform skirt barely covered Sarah's ass, and the frilly panties were on display any time Sarah moved. Emily also had Sarah keep her hair up in a ponytail, and quickly picked out the clothes Sarah would wear from then on. No more tight jeans, instead it was short skirts and crop tops, the quintessential naughty schoolgirl or prim and proper maid.

Emily also had rearranged the dorm room too. Gone was Sarah's bed, instead there was a large dog cage and a pillow. Dog dishes replaced Sarah's kitchen dishes, and Sarah's diet was changed to promote foods that could be eaten from the bowls. The other girls in the dorm area knew what Emily and Sarah were up to, and often times, they would come by, just to humiliate Sarah, by making her mess something up, and then giggling as Sarah was forced to bend over their laps, and let them spank her.

Emily and Sarah continued their games for a few weeks, but were always careful to make sure their grades were remaining high. Both girls weren't on scholarship, so they had to make sure they didn't do anything to make their play would be interrupted by one of them being forced away from school.

One night, however, Emily came back to her room, to find a naked, kneeling Sarah, waiting for her, holding up a pillow with something on it. Emily looked down, and saw Sarah was holding up to her a special collar. Sarah had shown it to Emily, as well as some other things, to which Emily had only replied that they seemed interesting. But now, here was Sarah, holding up the collar before her, with her head bowed.

"Are you sure you want this, my sweet Sarah?"

"Yes please, Mistress. I want to show everyone I am loved, and belong to my soul mate. I know you have seen its special features, so I am asking you, Mistress, to please accept me, and to be the one to hold the key."

Emily was stunned, and sat down, only to have Sarah lean her body forward, and place the pillow holding the collar onto her lap, and then exposing her neck to Emily. Emily picked up the metal band, and opened it, examining the smooth steel, and feeling the pin hole. Emily paused, and then slipped the collar around Sarah's smooth neck, and closed the band. Using the special key, Emily slid the pin in place, and turned the key till she heard the CLICK.

Sarah shuttered as she too heard the CLICK, and her pussy quivered. She had done it, she was now an owned slave. Her excitement had been building since the collar had arrived, and she had planned out the whole night. She knew what wearing a permanent collar would do to her life, and the one she had purchased was special. Now she was wearing it, and it would never come off, unless someone took a hacksaw to it. Sarah buried her face in Emily's lap, and smiled as her head was stroked.

Emily stroked Sarah's hair for a few moments, and then she pulled a box from behind her chair, and slipped it before her slave, and ordered her to open it. Emily watched as Sarah opened the wrappings carefully, and listened to her excited and panicked squeals as she pulled out the bitch suit from the box. Emily smiled as Sarah held up the rubber suit, and then dropped to her hands and knees, as Emily began to tuck her slave into her new life.

Sarah squirmed as her knees were folded into the legs of the suit, to come to rest on some thick padding. Emily pulled the suit up Sarah's legs, trapping them within the rubber. Emily made sure to connect some electrical pads to Sarah's thighs and calves, making sure the wires were draped along Sarah's ass. Emily then had to force Sarah to bend some, to make sure her elbows made it into the pads in the arm sleeves. More electrical stimulation pads would make sure the muscles didn't atrophy. Emily then pulled the suit up Sarah's body, adjusting Sarah's tits into two specially placed cups, forcing them into a pair of tight holes, making them swell. Sarah felt two more stimulation pads on her nipples, and then she felt the collar around her neck shift as Emily pulled the hood under the collar, making it visible on the outside of the suit. Emily smiled and moved to Sarah's head, kneeling down before her slave.

"Last chance, my pet, before you are reduced to a mere animal. Last chance to talk, or to beg for your release, or for any other words you may wish to speak to your owner."

"Thank you Mistress. Please do with me as you wish."

Emily smiled, and then she pulled the muzzle gag into position on Sarah's head. Emily slipped the ring gag into Sarah's mouth, and buckled it tightly behind her head. Sarah stuck out her tongue playfully, and Emily smiled as she pulled the rubber hood up and over the straps of the ring gag, before beginning to zipper the hood closed. Sarah squirmed as the zipper was pulled up her back and down her head, and she shuttered as they met at her collar.

Emily took out a small lock, and ran the loop of the lock between the 2 zippers and the metal collar, before snapping the lock closed, trapping Sarah within the rubber bitch suit. Emily picked up a rubber dog mask, and placed it over Sarah's head, wiping out her human identity, and leaving in its place a helpless rubber puppy slave. Emily then went behind her new puppy, and opened the zipper covering her pet's cunt and ass. Emily smiled as she connected the stim pads to a small battery powered, remote controlled unit, and placed the unit just above Sarah's ass.

Emily next pulled out a surprise, and lubed it up generously before gently but firmly shoving it up Sarah's tight anal hole. Sarah puppy whimpered as her new tail was inserted, but her wiggling now made her tail wag, bringing a giggle from Emily. Emily finished by taking out a remote controlled vibrator, and sticking it up Sarah's cunt, till it rested next to her g-spot. Emily smiled, and zipped closed the crotch zipper, and pressed her remote, sending mixed shocked all over Sarah's body. Sarah responded with interchanging whimpers and yelps as she felt the electric stimulation running over her body.

Emily took her squirming slave puppy, and put her into her kennel. Sarah crawled within the cage, and whimpered as the stimulation to her cunt and nipples drove her wild. Sarah had found her place, trapped and without hope, in the clutches of the woman she loved.

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