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Collection Day


Since I picked up weight lifting about a year ago, a lot has changed. I went from a scrawny bodied 19 year old kid full of angst and a lack of sex drive to a 20 year old with a built body and frame with a lot of dedication and a completely reversed sex life. It only took me 2 months to already see my muscle showing up and by 9 months, I was already where I wanted to be that my buddies told me should've taken a year and a half. To make it all the more unusual, I was not taking in excess protein or steroids. I just got beefy out of nowhere but doing my exercises. A good friend of mine said I should have my testosterone and hormones checked as I am part superhuman so I decided to do so.


I wait in the doctor's office. It's about 9 in the morning on a Friday and sense I don't have any college classes until later in the day, I was able to make the appointment work. After filling out the paperwork, I sit in the rather empty waiting room awaiting a doctor patiently. A few minutes later, the door opens and a short looking, black man in his mid 40's walks into the waiting room.

"Ross?" He calls.

"Yeah." I raise my hand and stand up walking toward him.

"What's going on, big guy? I'm Dr. Martin." We shake hands.

"Not much." I say as I follow him in.

He shuts the door and we walk down the empty hallway.

"I have on my paper, you're in for a hormone and testosterone check?" He asks.

I follow him into a room he unlocks and I let myself in. "Yes, sir." I grab a seat on the exam table.

He shuts the door behind him and sits down on the chair in front of his computer opening it.

"Any issues or concerns you have?" He asks.

"Nothing unusual except that I had a really strange event happen when exercising." I explain.

"What's your exercising routine?" He questions.

"I run a mile maybe 3 times a week and I work out for 2 hours 5 days a week weightlifting." I respond.

"What was the event you had?" He continues.

"I'm not sure if you have a file on me but last year, I was 6 feet tall, 180 pounds and I wasn't working out. Very scrawny. A year later since I started my workouts, I'm 6 foot 3 and 250 pounds of muscle only doing 2 hour weight lifting workouts five times a week." I describe.

"Are you using any supplements or performance enhancers?" He prods.

"Nothing. I'm consuming roughly under 100 grams of protein a day just from my meals only." I entail.

"Since you started weightlifting outside of strength gains, have you noticed any other changes?" He questions.

"Yes. My memory has improved, I don't feel so many negative emotions, my metabolism increased, and my libido has increased." I explain.

"Interesting." Dr. Martin explains and adjusts his glasses. "That kind of muscle gain is just unnatural that fast."

"It is strange." I agree.

"Have you ever had your testosterone levels checked?" He quizzes me.

"No. Never." I add.

"Well, this will be interesting to find out but first, I'll need to have a physical exam of you and a questionnaire." He details.

"No problem." I accept.

We run through a few questions. No issues there. He then does a physical exam that mostly involves my balance and the movement of certain limbs at certain times. Despite my tight jeans and the undersized shirt I have, I do all of them with ease.

"Limber as rubber. Tough as a rock." The doctor says and he types some sentences into his computer.

"Alright." He goes into the cabinet and gathers a clean syringe and a sanitized needle. He puts them together.

He slides on a set of gloves and grabs a latex band and ties it around my right arm. "I just have to get a blood sample that way we can see what your hormone levels are looking like. Is this okay?" He asks me.

"No problem." I allow.

"If you have a problem with needles, just look away or close your eyes." He explains.

I shut my eyes. I feel the needle pierce my skin and a strange sensation accompanied with it. A few seconds later, the needle is pulled out of my skin.

I open my eyes to see Dr. Martin putting a bandage over the insertion and the syringe with a small amount of my blood drawn.

"Fantastic." He says. "Just stay here. I'm going to go run this through the computers. This should only take about 10 minutes."

"No problem." I add.

"I'll be back soon." He opens the door and leaves it open behind him to the hallway.

I grab my phone out of my pocket and game for a few minutes.


Some minutes later, Dr. Martin comes back with some papers in hand with a surprised look on his face.

"What's the matter?" I ask.

"Your testosterone is high. Very high." He states. "Dr. Rodriguez will see you in a minute."

"Is something wrong with me?" I question.

"No." He chuckles. "You're in great health. We just need a few more tests done. Dr. Rodriguez is a specialist."

"Okay." I accept.

"She'll be here in a few moments." He announces then goes back in the hallway and shuts the door behind him.

I feel immensely confused. If I'm in great health, why do I need more tests done on me? Is one hormone too high than the other? I don't know. I just sit and wait in my own brain fog and confusion.

A few minutes later, I hear the door open. I look up from my phone to see a young woman coming in with a clipboard in hand and a funny looking stainless steel pail in the other. Young, maybe 26, of Latin descent, long, black hair, darker skin color, maybe C cup breasts, and in fit shape at probably 5'4".

"Hello." I greet her.

"Hi, Mr. Peterson. I'm Dr. Camellia Rodriguez. I'm a sexologist" She closes the door and sets down the pail and the clipboard in front of the computer and sitting at her table. "How are you doing, today?"

"Just fine. So what is the situation?" I ask.

She gets up with her clipboard in hand holding it close to her chest and gets rather close in front of me. "There is a current study our clinic is participating in part with a donation center. We are looking to collect semen samples from candidates with a high testosterone level and your testosterone level is in the 96 percentile range of men. We're examining the fluid amount men with high testosterone produce and how fertile they are. I'm sorry if this is a lot for you to handle but I would like your permission to collect a sample."

I feel rather surprised by this but I find it welcoming and already feel my arousal as my cock pushes on my jeans. What do I have to lose?

"Sure, doctor." I accept.

She hands me the clipboard and a pen. "Just sign this waiver allowing your participation and please, you can call me Camellia."

"Okay, Camellia." I skim through it not seeing any issues and sign my name along with other information the waiver asks for on the clipboard.

I hand the clipboard back to her and the pen.

"Thank you, sir." She smiles and sets it on the desk.

She then turns back to me and faces me. "Now, if you feel shy, I understand but just please strip to where I can have adequate access to your penis when you feel comfortable."

I nod and get up on my feet from the exam table. I strip my shirt off first revealing my strong chest then kicking my shoes off. I strip my jeans down and follow my underwear slowly with them to where I am stark naked with my shaved, circumcised cock growing from blood flow and I sit down back on the table in front of her.

I can't help but to blush as I stare at her and her sexy physique.

She smiles and holds back a laugh. "Don't worry. You're a very handsome man."

"Thank you." I smile.

"Now, if you may, can you sit on the table with your back pressed up on the wall?" She directs.

"Sure." I get up on the rubber mat for the exam table and stretch my back out on the wall with my legs spread. I can't help to notice my arousal as I almost shake as my cock raises up erect and getting hard.

I look over and see Camellia sliding on a tight pair of latex gloves. She then grabs the small pail and then walks over to me with a bottle of some translucent but clear fluid.

"Now, I can let you stimulate yourself or you can let me do the work but we need one ejaculation for a semen collection." She explains.

"If you want to, you can." I state with my horny mind.

"It's my pleasure." She sets the pail just in front of my cock and the edge of it slightly brushes my head down and the cold metal causes my cock to stiffen up even more.

"I can see you're already hard for me." She giggles as she tightens her gloves.

I nervously laugh, too.

She then gets the bottle out and fluid slowly slides on to her gloves. "I'm just getting a lube on my hands. It's water based. It's warm and smooth that way my touch is a little more welcoming."

She then takes her wet gloves and rubs them together.

Ever so slowly, she reaches her hands down and my cock is greeted by the presence of smooth latex and warm, lubing fluid. I almost gasp as she begins to gently stroke my cock with both hands back and forth; her tight but firm grip rubbing on my shaft up around my head with her rounded fingers teasing the edge of my glans. While aroused, the touch is rather relaxing as I can feel my breath slow down despite my heart rate increasing.

She continues jerking me in a rhythmic motion just teasing it nicely and arousing and stimulating it.

"You have a very nice cock, Ross." She compliments.

"Thank you, Camellia." I say. "You have a very sexy body."

She smiles and she moans in a sensual way as I watch her hands rub up and down on my cock.

"Do you need a little extra stimulation?" She offers.

"Sure." I accept.

For a moment, she lets go of my cock. I look up at her and she gets her hands behind her back. She messes with something behind her then I see her pink bra fall out of her scrub shirt to the floor.

I instantly become rigid as she pulls her collar down exposing beautifully sized breasts with hard, dark nipples and perfect areolas.

"Wow." I murmur.

She smiles and then takes my right hand and places it on her breast. I gently squeeze and play with her breast and nipple.

She goes back to working on my cock with her hands continuing to give the strict, milking motion accompanied by the gentle, lukewarm lubing yielding an ejaculation.

I feel my orgasm coming close. "I need to cum."

"Go ahead, baby." She encourages me. "Give me what you got."

I look at her breasts and their flaunting posture and arousing look.

I feel my muscle under my cock clench and my shaft and head pulsing. Camellia switches to using one hand and tilts the pail toward my erect cock that would allow the semen to collect. I feel my balls retract and I shut my eyes as I moan and gasp. I feel my cock jutter out and I look up to see my load spewing and jetting into the pail expelling its white, viscous fluid.

"Oh my." Camellia adds.

After what must be eight full shots, it finally stops and I sit and catch my breath.

"That's a lot of cum." She says and wipes my cock of any residue with her gloves.

"Good god." I murur.

She then pulls her collar back up and quickly carries the pail and wraps it up in some sort of plastic.

"I'll be back in just a moment." She announces as she heads for the door. "Feel free to dress again." She leaves with the pail and shuts the door.

I quickly dress again and put my shoes back on. I take Camellia's bra off the floor and set it in her chair. She comes back about a minute later shutting the door.

"Thank you." She slides her bra back under her scrub and snaps it back together.

"No problem." I mention.

She takes her gloves off and throws them in the trash then quickly soaps and washes her hands in the sink then types a few paragraphs into the computer. She finishes and walks back over to me as I sit on the table.

"You did great." She smiles. "It was actually against policy for me to give you direct stimulation. You were supposed to. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a good looking man off."

"I had a good time." I gesture.

"I'm glad." She explains. "If you can come back next month, it would be helpful if we can gather more samples for the study."

"Sure." I accept.

"Next time, I'll probably have to use the milking machine for the collection though." She instructs.

"The milking machine?" I ask.

She smiles at me as she gathers her papers. "These were your blood test results. All good just a very high testosterone level which is great for your health." She hands me a packet.

"What milking machine?" I question.

She walks to the door and turns around to face me with her hand on the door knob. "I own one for my private affairs. It's very powerful and intense. It yields larger ejaculations. I'll use it on you next time." She grins ear to ear. "Come by next month. I'm always here on Friday's. We will get more semen out of you with the milker. I'll see you soon."

"Bye." I wave.

She smiles and opens the door walking out in the hallway and shutting itself behind her.

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Part 2, please.

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