tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCollector of Wedding Rings

Collector of Wedding Rings


Christy uncurled her 5' 5" frame from the coach as the doorbell rang. She was enjoying a rare day at home alone by catching up on her reading. She was still wearing her ankle length dress and tights but no shoes.

She padded to the door and looked out the side window. See saw a Man in a brown khaki uniform with a handcart full of boxes.

Christy cracked open the door.

"Can I help you?"

The Man smiled. "Delivery for Edwards."

Christy looked bewildered. She had not ordered anything; especially anything in a quantity that required a handcart.

"I did not order anything," said Christy.

The Man saw the confusion on Christy's face, smiled and shrugged.

" Sorry about that, but have to leave it with you, ma'am. You'll have to work it out with the mistake with the company."

Christy sighed. Like she needed this problem. She stood aside and opened the door.


The Man smiled and wheeled the boxes into the house. Christy stood by the door watched the Man leave the boxes and the handcart, turn and walk back to Christy.

"You left the cart," said Christy, suddenly nervous.

"I'll get it when I am finished," said the Man.

Before Christy could ask what that meant, the Man punched her as hard as he could in the stomach, driving his fist up into her.

Christy felt all the air rush out of her, doubled over in pain and fell to her knees gasping for breath. The Man quickly closed the front door, pulled a knife from his pocket and snapped it open.

He grabbed Christy by the hair, pulled her to her feet and placed the knife against her throat.

"Be a good housewife and I will let you live to see your family. Understand?'

Christy was still gasping for air, so all she could manage for and answer was croaked yes.

The Man pulled her close to him and kissed her neck.

"Good housewife. Now, take off your dress."

Christy shook her head. "NO!"

The Man wrapped his arm around Christy's neck and squeezed. Christy, already weakened by the punch, struggled against the Man. But he was too strong….

Christy awoke looking up at her bedroom ceiling. She tried to move, but found she could not move her arms, which were tied above her to her headboard. Her legs were tied to the bottom of the bed so she was spread eagle and helpless. At least she was still dressed, the bastard had saved her that humiliation.

"Awake I see," said the Man's voice. Christy's stomach filled with fear and anger.

"You better let me go. My husband will be home…"

"…Any minute." The Man finished Christy's sentence for her. " You housewives are all the same: great rape victims, but kinda of dense.

The Man climbed on top of Christy and straddled her waist. To her disgust he was naked. To her horror, he still had the knife and was tracing it on her cheek.

"Do you think I would stupid enough to rape you not knowing when the family will be back? Your hubby won't be home for another three hours, your children after that. I plan for my victims well, Christy."

The Man began to slice open Christy's dress with the knife. Tears filled her eyes.

"Don't do this. Please. Let me go."

The Man slit open the dress and peeled away the remnants. He whistled.

"Nice body, Christy. I love the conservative dressers, so much sexy clothes to work through."

He put the knife between the cups of her bra flicked upward. The bra separated and Christy's breasts fell out. Christy cried as the Man leaned down to suck and bite her nipples. She pulled at her bonds, hoping to muster enough strength to throw this animal off her, but she was helpless.

The Man lay on top of Christy and put his hand over her mouth. He kissed her neck.

"I been watching you for weeks. I am going to make you mine now Christy, make you my Rape Victim. I just have to collect one thing before I rape you…"

The Man reached up and grasped her wedding ring.

"NO. LEAVE THAT ALONE. DON'T TAKE IT PLEASE!" Christy begged as the Man slowly pulled off her wedding set.

"Time to take you." The Man kissed Christy on the lips and kissed his way down her body. Christy winced and sobbed as the Man slit open the crotch of her pantyhose and her panties.

The Man put his lips on Christy's clit and began to suck. Christy gasped. Her husband had never touched her like that.

"Getting nice and wet, Christy?"

"Please stop," sobbed Christy. "Leave me alone."

The Man smiled up at her and slowly shoved a finger into Christy's vaginia.

"NOOOOO, " cried Christy as her Rapist moved his finger inside her, violating her, his lips returning to her clit. Christy felt humiliated, shamed and excited.

Excited? No, she was being raped, she could not be getting excited. She was a good wife and Mother. She was…


Christy screamed as her orgasm hit her body like a huge wave breaking over the rocks on the shore. Tears of pleasure and shame filled her and the Man laughed, mounted her, and drove his stiff cock into her as her body still convulsed.

The Man raped her with strong quick strokes. Part of Christy wanted the freedom to buck her off him; another part wanted the freedom to wrap her legs around him. She was still pondering those thoughts as a second orgasm washed over her.

The Man thrust faster now, put his hand over Christy's mouth again, and came inside her. Shame and the fear of pregnancy negated much of the pleasure Christy had felt.

"Now," gasped the Man still on top of her, his semen flowing into her, "you are my Rape Victim."

Christy broke into sobs. She had cum twice for her rapist. She felt worthless.

She lay still as she watched the Man get dressed. He took the knife and cut off Christy's bonds. He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

"You are a wonderful Rape Victim, Christy. Be a good wife and don't mention this fact to anyone. I would really hate to hurt a member of your family. Understand?"

"Yes." The reply was feeble, quiet, defeated.

The Man kissed Christy on the lips and showed her her wedding set.

"I will be keeping this for my collection. You tell your hubby you lost it washing dishes. You housewives are stupid about such things."

With that last statement, the Man left, taking his boxes and handcart with him.

Christy crawled off the bed to the toilet and threw up. She stripped off the torn clothes from her body and took a scalding shower.

Skin still red from the water, she burned those torn clothes in her fireplace, had a stiff drink, and set about the business of making dinner.

Her husband was very sympathetic about her wedding set and bought her a replacement that weekend.

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