Colleen and Nathan Bare It All Ch. 01


They arrived on time. Muriel, Roger, and a dozen of their middle-aged friends were gathered in the room, sharing cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Colleen and Nathan were fully dressed, the only time they had put on clothes since they arrived on the island. She wore a short satin cocktail dress, with a hemline that fell about six inches above her knees, spaghetti straps, and a low-cut bodice that showed plenty of cleavage. In blue, it matched her eyes. He wore a pair of Dockers and a purple silk shirt, with half the buttons undone.

They mingled with the crowd, nibbled on the canapés; it was the first time either of them had tasted caviar, and sipped one more margarita. She felt more sexy in her dress than she did in the nude, and from the looks in their eyes, it was apparent the men agreed with her. Nathan's eyes reflected pure lust.

Murial put a Norah Jones CD on the stereo, and Colleen and Nathan moved together and began to dance to her amorous voice. He held her by the waist; she snuggled up against him with both hands around his neck, pressing her firm breasts against his chest.

As they swayed to the music, he ran his hands up and down her back, along her sides, finally settling them on her beautifully rounded ass. As he caressed her cheeks, the satin dress rose up a bit, revealing the garters that held up her hose, and an expanse of creamy white thigh.

Grasping the back of her neck, he pulled her head from his shoulder, and found her mouth with his, gentle grazing kisses at first, just brushing her lips. Her tongue snicked out and traced the outline of his mouth. His tongue met hers and they exchanged little butterfly flicks, in full view of their audience.

"Aww, that's so sweet," one of the women gushed, her eyes welling up with tears. The kiss intensified until he was crushing her mouth with his. He rained kisses over her face, along the curve of her neck, and to that place behind her ear that drove her wild, finally sucking the lobe into his mouth.

She slowly unbuttoned his shirt, running her soft hands over his strong chest and ripped abs. Running her mouth over his torso, she took his nipples into her mouth, one at a time. A growl formed in his throat, a soft moan in hers. She pulled the shirt off of him and cast it aside.

As his mouth moved down her neck, he slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and caressed them with his lips. He slowly unzipped the dress and let it pool at her feet.

A collective gasp merged from the people in the room, as they beheld her lingerie. Black. Silk. Lace. See-thru. Demi-bra that barely covered her nipples, lifting her full breasts, letting the curved upper halves spill over the top. Matching garter belt that held up her sheer hose, and thong panties.

Nathan ran his lips and tongue over the exposed parts of her breasts; his tongue dipped beneath the lace, reaching for a nipple. He dropped to his knees and unhooked her garters, one at a time, caressing her thighs as he went.

He rolled down the stockings that covered her shapely legs, then unfastened her garter belt and let it fall to the floor. After running his lips over her upper thighs, his mouth centered between her legs, blowing a soft breath thru the lacy panties. She arched her back and thrust her pubis toward his mouth.

When he stood to embrace her again, she unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He wore a pair of black silk boxers with a red heart on the fly, severely tented out in the front.

He turned her around so her back was toward him, and mindful of the spectators, unhooked her bra, and let her full, luscious breasts hang free. Cupping them with his hands, he lifted them up, like he was making an offering to the people watching.

As he stroked and caressed her breasts, she backed up and wriggled her ass against his groin. She mewled as he rolled her hard, stiff nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Looking out at the crowd surrounding them, they saw one man, his wife on his lap, fondling her huge, pendulous boobs; her nipples stuck out more than an inch.

Turning Colleen around to face him again, he assaulted her breasts with his mouth, kissing and licking them all over. He laved her nipples with the flat part of his tongue, flicked them with the tip, nibbled them with his lips, then drew them into to his mouth and suckled. It was hard to differentiate her moans from those coming from the women around them.

Dropping to his knees again, he kissed and licked his way lower, across her belly, pausing to stick his tongue in her navel, one of her many erogenous zones. Then lower. And lower. Hooking her panties with his thumbs, he slid them down her legs, baring her puffy, swollen lips. He ran his tongue up and down her slit until her engorged clitoris peeked out from between them.

They both laughed as a wiry little man, skittered across the floor and snatched her panties, burying his face in them. "Ahh, ambrosia," he said, as his wife giggled and poked a finger in his ribs.

Her turn now. She pulled his shorts down; his rock-hard penis slapped him the belly. A slender woman with tiny breasts and huge nipples clapped her hands, then reached into her husband's lap and fondled his cock.

"Gee, Gracie, I remember when mine stuck up like that."

"It's still pretty good, for such an old pecker." Gracie left a big lipstick print on the end of it.

Colleen cradled his balls in her hand, kissed each one, then gently took them into her mouth. Her tongue ran up and down his shaft, then flicked over his frenulum, that special little piece of flesh just beneath the head where all the nerves come together. She spread the top of his crown apart, and licked the hole at the tip.

They moved over to the bed and lay down. Nathan ran his hands up and down her body, skimming his palms over her nipples until they swelled up again. He loved the contrast between the stiff nipples and the puffy, pale areolas that surrounded them.

Mindful of his audience, when he reached her mound, he sat up beside her to give them a better view. He massaged her mons, then spreading her legs a bit, began to work on her swollen outer lips. Squeezing them together, he could feel her clit underneath, felt it swell, then peek out between the lips.

He pulled her knees up and spread them wide apart. He spread her lips apart, revealing the sea of quivering pink flesh that lay between them. "Oh, what a perfect rose," came a voice from somewhere in the room.

With his fingers, Nathan stroked both pink lips, then dipped his middle finger into her vagina and circled the internal walls. Her hips began to undulate, her breath came in ragged gasps.

He pulled some of her inner juices out of her vagina and used them to lubricate the head of her clit. His finger traced lazy circles around it, until she signaled him that she was ready for some heavier touching. He grasped her glans and gently pulled it all the way out, then began to roll it between his thumb and forefinger.

It was bigger than he'd ever seen it before, and obvious to all who watched, why it's called the "little penis." The head of her clitoris looked just like the head of his cock, and another half inch of the shaft was exposed.

Her hips began to buck wildly to his touch. "Oh God, oh God, sweet Jesus, Nathan, don't stop, don't stop." Her hands fisted the bedspread, her back arched, her whole body shuddered as the wave washed over her and crashed as she came. And came hard. The people around her were mesmerized as they watched the musky sweet liquid pour out of her cunt. The whole room smelled like hot sex.

There wasn't a limp dick in the house. Every man had a hard-on, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Miriam was on Roger's lap, his cock buried inside her as she rode him up and down. Another woman was jerking her husband off with one hand, the other one was rubbing furiously between her legs.

Nathan moved down the bed and buried his face in Colleen's crotch. He knew it wouldn't take much to push her over her peak again. At this point, she'd probably come if he just blew in her ear.

His tongue licked at her everywhere. He lapped up all of her juices, savoring the taste, her pheromones fueling his lust. When he sucked her clit into his mouth, she fisted her hands in his hair and pulled him closer to her. She moaned, then screamed out his name as yet another orgasm wracked her body.

He rolled over on his back, his blood filled cock bobbing with the beat of his pulse, his whole body lusting for hers. She straddled his legs then bent down to work him with her lips and tongue. Teasing. Tormenting. Tasting.

When she felt he couldn't take anymore, she moved farther up his body. Grasping his erection in one hand, she moved over him, slipped the head of his cock into her hot, wet pussy and sank down on him. She was tight. And slippery, like liquid velvet.

In almost slow motion she rose up on him, clenched her vaginal muscles, and worked the head of his cock, letting him come all the way out of her, then sliding down on him again. He filled his hands with her breasts, massaging, then pinching her nipples, sending a jolt of electricity straight down to her clit.

Completely filled with his cock, she ground her clit into his pubic bone. He grasped the lush cheeks of her ass and rocked her back and forth. She arched her back, threw her head back, and screamed to the heavens as she came once again, drenching his balls.

Once her orgasm subsided, with his cock fully inside her, she turned around into the reverse cowboy position, giving their audience a better close-up view of their coupling. She rode him, slowly at first. When she came down, her inner lips curled under and disappeared into her vagina, emerging again when she rose up.

She rode him harder. Faster. His hand reached around her hips and massaged her clit. Her breasts rose and fell, jostled, and bounced, as did his balls when he thrust up to meet her. She came again. And again.

When she saw his testicles rise and his sac shrivel up, she lifted off of him and moved back. With her open mouth positioned a few inches away from the head of his cock, she pumped his shaft, felt it pulse as he shot his first load into her mouth. The next spurts landed on her breasts, running down and hanging off her nipples.

Satiated, spent, they collapsed in a heap, to a standing ovation.

"God, I don't know how many orgasms I had."

"I counted nine," Murial said. "I had three myself."

They gathered up their clothes into bundle; no point in putting them back on, and accepted thanks and hugs from all the people there. Murial handed them an envelope on their way out the door. "Don't open this until you get home."

Holding hands as the plane took off, they looked down at the island and the clear blue water. Unable to wait any longer, Nathan handed Colleen the envelope and she ripped it open. Inside was a cashier's check for $2500.

"Holy shit!" they exclaimed in unison. It had been a perfect honeymoon.

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