College Bound


Julie and Laura had been friends for years. They were best friends all through high school. Had been on the pep-squad together. Went to the same church. So it was no surprise when the two of them enrolled into State College together. They had arranged to be roommates and both were studying to become teachers. Even though there were no boyfriends in their lives since moving to their new school, they both had gone so far as to make plans to be part of each other's wedding when that day arrives.

Julie had always been the more outgoing of the two. Standing 5-10, with long brown hair, and a 36-DD bustline to match her thin waste and firm ass she had always stood out in a crowd. She had her share of boyfriends in high school but had only let two go "all the way" with her. Both times she was in love but neither relationship had worked out.

Laura had the prettier face of the two, and a captivating smile. She had long blond hair but was on the skinny side. She was tall for a girl, but not as tall as Julie, which made her thinness all the more apparent. Laura weighed only 100 pounds and measured 30-22-30 and wore an A-cup. Though skinny she still had her share of admirers. She dated in high school but was still saving herself for "Mr. Right".

For their first spring break the two 19-year old freshmen decided to stay at school and study for exams. Neither had much money and both had struggled during the first part of the year. So they informed their parents that they wouldn't be home until the end of the year and settled in to study. But knowing that all work and no play wasn't good for them they had decided to go out to the coffee shop off campus to relax. As they left their dorm room they discussed the "incident" the night before.

Neither noticed John when they walked into the coffee shop that night. But he was the subject of their discussion. As the two girls walked to the end of the street the night before a drunken John had seen Julie in her short skirt and taken an interest. When they walked past he reached out, lifted the back of her skirt and tried to grope her ass. For his effort he had received a slap in the face from Julie and he retreated into a nearby alley. Both girls had been appalled that the drunk, who looked like a homeless bum to them, had been so bold as to try to touch one of them.

John hated college girls. He had seen more than his share around town over the years. Except for the students and teachers at the school this was a lower income area. If not for the students spending money the town would probably be bankrupt. In John's younger days he had tried unsuccessfully to date a few of the girls but never had any luck. He was poor, uneducated, and just plain homely.

Seeing the two girls walk by heading toward the coffee shop reminded him of how much he hated the out-of-town kids, especially the girls, who waltzed into town like they owned the place. He remembered the slap in the face and decided that he would get even. John had an abusive side to him. After watching the two enter the coffee shop he strolled down the street. He knew just what he needed and where to get it.

A short time later John was in the coffee shop. He stood to the side of the counter watching Julie and Laura. And watching their waitress. He soon deciphered what the two were drinking and when he saw them make there next order he was ready. The waitress placed the order with the man behind the counter and went off to another table. John opened two small bottles that he had just purchased. And when the drinks were sat on the counter for the waitress to pick up John quickly dumped the contents of both bottles into the cups then made his way to the other side of the room. He watched excitedly as the drinks were delivered to Julie and Laura.

A short time later Laura began feeling ill so the two of them decided to head home. On the way down the street Julie too began feeling poorly. "Taxi, lady?" Someone asked. Julie accepted the ride and helped Laura into the back seat before getting in. The driver pulled away from the curb and Julie couldn't remember telling him where to go. Strange she thought, she didn't even notice what kind of cab it was. She was growing delirious by the moment. Only when she saw that Laura was passed out did she begin to panic. But by then the drug had taken it's full effect. Julie stared ahead in confusion until darkness swarmed over her.

Julie awoke feeling pinned down. She opened her eyes and her face in contact with a vagina. From the blond hair and the skinny legs going beside her face she instantly knew that this was Laura lying atop her. It took Julie a few seconds to clear her head. When she tried to move she realized that her arms were outstretched above her head and tied securely to each of Laura's legs. She could tell by the feeling in her legs that they were tied to Laura's hands as well. The two of them had been stripped of all their clothing and tied into a 69 position this way. Julie was on her back with Laura tied on top of her. She called out to Laura but didn't get an answer. She guessed that her friend must still be unconscious. Julie tested the bonds but found no escape. She tried looking around and saw that they were in what appeared to be a run down building.

After lying there trussed up for quite sometime Julie heard Laura stirring. Laura opened her eyes and cried out at the surprise of finding her face lying in Julie's crotch. About that time their abductor entered the room. Julie wondered if he had been watching all along.

"Remember me, college sluts?" John asked. "Wh-what do you want with us?" Julie asked. Laura just whimpered like a lost schoolgirl. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson in manners. I didn't like the way you treated me last night." "If you let us go right now we won't call the police." Julie said, trying to sound brave. "People will come looking for us." Laura added. "Bullshit." John replied. "Ain't no one in town. Most the other kids went home or on break. Nobody will know you're even missing for days." Laura screamed. "Go ahead if you want to. Ain't nobody around. This place was shut down years ago and we're far away from anyone. But if your yellin' bugs me I'll just beat the shit out of your friend here." Laura shut up. She didn't want to do anything to cause Julie to get hurt. John walked around looking down at the two bound girls. "Let's see," he mumbled, "What do I want to do now?" John removed his pants. He was standing over Julie's head. She looked up at John's throbbing hard cock and realized that they were in serious trouble. John knelt down behind Laura and rubbed his cock against her ass then looked at Julie. "Your choice, bitch. Either your mouth or her pussy." Laura was crying with fear. Julie looked up at the dick only inches from her face. It was larger than either of the two she had experienced before. The thought of him taking Laura's virginity with it, and making it her decision, appalled her. She hated the sacrifice she was about to make but she had to do it for her friend. "I'll suck you." She said. John lowered his cock to her face and Julie opened her mouth to take it. His balls lay on the bridge of her nose and eyes as she sucked his smelly cock. John leaned forward to lay on Laura's back. He slid his hands between the two girls and played with Laura's nipples. "Your girlfriend is sucking me real nice." He said in her ear. Laura was crying, knowing what Julie was doing for her. Julie continued sucking his cock, trying to ignore Laura's crying and the lewd comments being made by the asshole fucking her mouth. But she couldn't ignore the sudden stream of cum that launched out into her mouth spurt after vile spurt. "Swallow it all!" John called out. Julie swallowed each blast that filled her mouth. When he was finished John got up and wiped his cock on Laura's ass. "That was nice for starters." He said with a grin. "You've had your fun, now please let us go. We won't tell anybody." Julie promised. But John ignored her. "I'm tired of your mouth, bitch. Let's keep it busy so you can't talk. Lick her pussy!" Julie was appalled. John stroked his organ and began getting down again. "Lick it or watch me fuck it. Your choice." This was too much for Julie. She was no prude, but lesbianism was always disgusting to her. She couldn't imagine putting her tongue on another girl's privates. Even Laura's. John pulled out his knife. "Maybe I can just cut off her nipples instead." "Okay, I'll do it!" Julie answered. "Julie, no!" Laura screamed as she felt the warm tongue press against her pussy lips. But Julie continued to lick. Laura couldn't believe that her first sexual act of any kind was to be licked by her best girlfriend. She quivered in disgust feeling Julie's tongue caressing her womanhood. When it struck her clit she jumped. She had masturbated many times and knew how to manipulate her clit. But this was different! The first lick sent a passion through her that caused her juices to start flowing. The thought of it made her sick to her stomach. But there wasn't anything she could do but lay atop her best friend and absorb this licking. Julie felt revulsion, as she tasted Laura's juices. She couldn't believe that her friend was beginning to enjoy this. Julie began licking deep between Laura's pussy lips at the direction of the rapist, then he would have her concentrate on her clit. When she heard Laura's moans she felt ill. Laura couldn't believe what she was feeling. She was disgusted but the feel of Julie's tongue on her clit was overpowering her. She wished that her friend would stop it but there was no relief for her. She prayed that she wouldn't soak Julie's face and she clenched as hard as possible trying to stop herself from climaxing. But there was nothing she could do. Lick after lick had her coming ever so close. She could hear their captor coaxing Julie on, telling her to get her friend off. Then it happened. Laura moaned loudly as her orgasm sprang forth. Her pussy gushed and sprayed as she came on her best friend's face. Julie thought she would vomit. She heard Laura's moans. Felt her pussy quiver and knew that she was in the midst of an orgasm. Then juices gushed from Laura's soaked pussy spilling onto her face. "We got a squirter!" John cried out as he watched in excitement. Julie couldn't believe the amount of juice that flooded her face from her friend's pussy. After she was finished all Laura could do was lay limply, whimpering, "I'm sorry, Julie, I'm sorry."

"Your turn." John said as he grabbed Laura by the hair and forced her face into Julie's think black bush. "Oh my god, no." Laura exclaimed. "Do it unless you want to experience something real bad." Laura didn't like the sound of that. And John left it up to her imagination as to what he might be implying. With all the courage she could muster Laura looked down at Julie's pussy and began licking it. Remembering how it felt when she was licked Laura tried mimicking those same actions and covering the same areas. She thought it was gross tasting but refused to let that deter her. She felt that if Julie could go through it for her then she could at least do the same. On the other end Julie was rocking back and forth. She was sickened by the action going on between her legs, but like Laura her pussy was responding to the stimulation. And after performing orally on both her abductor and best friend her body had unwillingly become aroused. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend that it was a guy going down on her but couldn't escape the reality that it was her virgin friend being forced to pleasure her. Julie felt guilty as her pussy began responding but found herself unable to stop the motion of her hips as they raised to meet Laura's face. The smell of Laura's post-orgasmic pussy was overwhelming as close as it was to her nose. And she could still feel the juices slowly drying on her face. Laura's tongue stabbed at her swollen clit, flickering back and forth over it bringing Julie headlong into an unwanted, but needed, orgasm. Perhaps it was the amateur speed of Laura's tongue. Or some unknown pent up desire, but Julie found herself moaning with delight at the mounting of the passion within her. She exhaled sharply as the moment of release came and she climaxed to her friend's tongue. Her orgasm was strong and powerful and she cried aloud as it washed throughout her. Then when she realized how much she had enjoyed it she became overcome with remorse and shame. She couldn't bare the thought of what must be going through Laura's mind even more than the lewd disgusting look of satisfaction on their abductor's face as he stood there, cock fully erect, enjoying the view of their forced lesbian encounter.

"Now I need some pussy." John informed them. Both girls froze in fear at the comment. John worked his way around to Julie's face. "Guess I'll do the skinny one first and save miss bigtits for last." "No please, don't!" Laura exclaimed. Julie desperately wanted to make it up to Laura for enjoying her oral stimulation. She wanted to do whatever possible to save Laura's virginity. "Please, fuck me instead." She cried out. "Why should it?" John asked. Laura hadn't heard Julie and thought he was asking her why she should be fucked. "Because I'm a virgin." She pleaded. John couldn't believe his luck. He had never had a virgin in his life. "Well then, I'm really going to enjoy this." He dropped down over Julie's head and pressed his cock against Laura's tight pussy. Laura screamed as she felt it rubbing between her lips. Julie looked up in horror as she watched his head slowly part Laura's pussy lips right above her. First the head slid in, then John gradually pushed in deeper. Laura was screaming for him to stop. He felt the head of his cock press against her hymen. With inhumane satisfaction he drew back his cock then savagely thrust forward bursting through her hymen. Laura let loose a yell that was a mixture of pain, humiliation and the loss of the one thing she had held so dear for years as John began banging her pussy with his huge engorged cock. Julie couldn't take her eyes off the close-up scene above her. She watched as John's dick slid in and out, stretching her friend's tight pussy lips. Blood from Laura's ruptured pussy trickled out and spilled onto Julie's face. Laura couldn't believe how much it hurt having her virginity destroyed by this rapist. He pounded into her harder and faster by the minute. She prayed for the end to come quickly but it was not to be. Ten minutes past and he was still banging her torn, bleeding pussy. She had stopped crying and lay there trapped above her best friend's body taking every inch of this invading cock. She hadn't thought of how it would end until she heard John cry out, "I'm gonna cum in your tight pussy, babe!" "Nooooooooooooo!" Laura screamed in realization that he was about to pump his load of sperm into her pussy. She felt him buck and jerk then she felt the warmth of his cum as it spilled out inside her pussy. The sudden awareness of his orgasm overwhelmed even her loss of virginity. She sensed his satisfaction of raping her virgin pussy and being the first to empty his load deep within her. And she feared the possibility of pregnancy even more. Julie was able to see his balls tighten up and knew by the way his thrust became more savage when his orgasm began. She felt shame and sorry for Laura as she watched this massive cock shooting another load with every stroke. As he pulled out a mixture of blood and cum spilled out of Laura's pussy onto her face. Laura was shivering uncontrollably and involuntarily let her bladder spill. Julie was shocked as a stream of piss poured out onto her face. Laura heard Julie's cry and tried clamping down on her bladder at once but the damage was already done. She felt humiliated at urinating on Julie's face and prayed that she could forgive her. John laughed at the sight of the vivacious beauty getting a face full of piss so much so that he aimed his now limp cock at her and began pissing on her himself. Julie turned her head but couldn't escape the stream of piss striking her. In effort to cover as much or her face as possible she buried her nose and mouth into Laura's torn pussy. But John continued pissing on her for another few seconds before being fully relieved.

With that John left the room. Julie and Laura struggled to get free but were only able to roll about on the floor swapping who was on top. Their captor was gone for close to a half-hour before returning to the room. "Looks like you two have been playing around." He accused. When neither girl responded he marched over and grabbed them, rolling them so that Julie was now on top. Laura was hard pressed to breathe with the larger of the two girls on her. "Time for another fuck." John informed them. Julie knew that it was her turn this time. John shoved his dick into her pussy, feeling disappointed when he realized that Julie was not a virgin. But her pussy was still nice and tight and this was the moment he had been waiting for. He enjoyed fucking Laura, but he really wanted to give it to Julie. Julie refused to cry out as he began fucking her pussy. She felt the shame, anger and bitterness but tried to deny those feelings from the man behind her. But Julie couldn't hide the shock of getting reamed by this massive cock. Never before had she felt something so big inside her. And she knew that since he had already cum twice that her's was going to be a long ordeal. It was Laura's turn to watch close hand at the fucking going on before her eyes. His balls slapped at her face as he rammed his cock into Julie's pussy. Julie moaned from the pain but tried to keep as silent as possible. John continued fucking her. Then he ordered Laura to lick her as well. Laura stuck out her tongue to touch Julie's clit. She didn't need to move it as the powerful thrust of the cock above her kept Julie's ass moving back and forth, causing her clit to rub along Laura's soft oral flesh. Julie was petrified when she felt Laura's tongue. Once more she felt her pussy stirring. She tried keeping control but knew that under these conditions this bastard was going to force her to climax on his cock. Another five minutes went by and she was losing control. Her ass clenched as she felt an orgasm rack her body. She heard him cheer her on as he felt her quivering beneath him. The thought that this bitch was cumming on his cock made John even hornier. His strokes became more violent and now Julie was crying out loud with nearly every thrust. Another few minutes past and John's head flew back with a cry of triumph as he blasted load after load of his cum into Julie's pussy. He continued fucking her ravaged cunt long after he had finished cumming enjoying the pleasure of her pussy for a little longer. When he pulled out of her pussy John dangled his cock before Laura's face and ordered her to suck it clean. Laura opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his shaft. After a minute of this he pulled free and sat back enjoying his handiwork.

"Please let us go now." Julie mumbled. "Piss." John replied. "Piss or I'll leave you here for the rats to eat. Laura gasped. Julie had been holding her bladder since before being raped and didn't think she could last much longer. Seeing that their captor desired one final act of degradation she willingly complied in hopes of gaining freedom. "I'm sorry, Laura." She said as she began pissing. "No!" Laura cried out as the piss began streaming out of the pussy just above her face. She knew that she had done the same to Julie, but that had been an accident. Now she was being baptized by a torrent of her best friend's piss on command. Laura wished immediately that she hadn't yelled for the moment she opened her mouth the first stream had entered. She closed her mouth as it rained on her face. Unable to open and spit Laura was forced to swallow the warm, foul, liquid. Finally the stream ended. Laura opened her eyes to see little droplets dangling on Julie's cuntlips. "Lick her clean." John demanded of Laura. Laura slowly lifted her tongue to begin licking Julie's cuntlips. Julie felt her friend's tongue for the second time that night. And as Laura licked she felt the emotions within her pussy stir once more. Before she comprehended what was happening she found herself burring her own face in Laura's pussy. John sat back enjoying the view of the two bound college girls eagerly licking each other to another climax. Laura came first. Her juices flooded Julie's tongue and mouth and John looked on. Julie couldn't believe the massive discharge that came out of her friend with each orgasm. She had heard of girls who could do this but never imagined that little Laura could be one. She didn't have time to think on it long however, for she too began experiencing the throws of her own orgasm. Both girls were immediately ashamed that they had enjoyed this action with each other willingly this time.

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