tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCollege Bound Ch. 2

College Bound Ch. 2


Nearly ten-years had past since the night that Julie and Laura had been raped. Both girls had switched schools and tried to put the ordeal behind them. Laura took it the hardest, having lost her virginity to their unknown attacker and been forced into not only being taken in every hole, but to perform oral sex on her best friend and receive the same.

Julie had it as bad, if not more so, than Laura, although she was not a virgin at the time. But the well-endowed outgoing woman was able to put it behind her somewhat easier than Laura had. But the incident did put a strain on their relationship. Julie always felt uncomfortable in any state of undress around Laura, remembering how the two had been forced to pleasure each other to complete orgasm with their mouths. Worse, she sometimes thought she caught Laura eyeing her bountiful breast and wondered if the ordeal had brought out some repressed feelings of lesbianism in her oldest friend.

Laura found somebody and quit college to get married. Unfortunately it was short-lived. Julie completed school and became a teacher. Eventually she married and had a child. A couple years after Laura's divorce she moved back to her hometown, where Julie already lived, and took a job at as a church secretary and the two renewed their friendship.

Laura felt a need to complete college in order to get a better job. Not having a lot of time or money she enrolled in a correspondence study to complete her degree. She did well and needed only to fulfill her weeklong on-campus requirements to finish up her school year. Laura decided to take two weeks off, one to finish her requirements and the other to take a week long vacation to celebrate her graduation at last. Julie had agreed to take a week and go with her.

Laura left for school without even thinking that the school she was now enrolled in was less than thirty miles away from the one she had attended when her and Julie had been brutally raped.

On her third night there Laura went out to eat, on the way back to her hotel room she spotted him. He was older, but there was no way that Laura could forget the man who stole her virginity in such a violent and disgusting manner.

She followed him to a nearby liquor store, doing her best to keep under control while her body shook with a mixture of rage and fear. Then she left and returned to her room to call Julie.

The next evening Laura stopped in a restaurant across the street around the same time and watched the liquor store. Sure enough he returned again. She guessed that he was probably a regular stop on his way home. She tried to follow him down the street but lost him. She went back to her room that night and called Julie again.

Julie didn't think Laura was acting rational, but she too wanted some measure of revenge on the asshole that had raped them both. She agreed to Laura's plan to come to meet her on Friday afternoon to discuss their options. When she arrived Laura suggested that they follow him and kill him. But Julie knew that this was ten years of pent up rage talking and that there was no way that Laura could go through with that. But she had a plan of her own. She decided that they could rent a cheap motel room nearby and lure him there. Julie agreed to be the bait for two reasons: One because she knew that Laura couldn't handle it. And the other because she knew that with her 36-DD, 24, 36 body and good looks that she would have no trouble enticing him to go along with her.

That afternoon Julie went to a sleazy motel a few miles down the road from the liquor store where she rented a room for the night, paying cash and using a fake name. She dressed in tight jeans and a pull over shirt that showed ample cleavage and no bra. Laura remained in the room with plenty of rope and other supplies that they two of them would use to bind their rapist. They were not going to kill him, but Julie envisioned all kinds of torturous acts they could perform on him to get revenge for what he had done to them.

She parked on the street outside the liquor store and waited. Fifteen minutes later she saw him walking down the sidewalk. Julie got out of her car and walked inside behind him. As he reached up for a bottle of bourbon Julie brushed her breast against his back and whispered, "Need any company to help you with that bottle tonight?"

He turned around, eyeing her up and down with interest. Julie was surprised to realize that her nipples had gotten hard and were protruding through the material of her halter-top.

"What do you have in mind?" John replied.

"Maybe you could take a little ride with me back to my room and we can have a good time."

"How much?" He asked.

Julie hesitated. She hadn't thought this through clearly enough. He obviously thought she was a whore. Thinking quickly she replied, "$50.00."

John shook his head. "Don't have it lady."

"How about $25?" She said, afraid that she would miss her opportunity.

John looked her over again. "Deal."

They went outside and got in Julie's car. She drove quickly to the motel feeling herself growing more nervous with each passing second. She remembered well the fucking she had received from this man. Ideas came to her mind as to what she planned on doing to his cock.

She parked the car by the room and led her soon-to-be captive to the door. She unlocked it and held it open for him to enter. The lights were all off as planned. Julie hoped that Laura was still waiting behind the door ready to go into action. A moment of panic went through her as to what she would do if Laura had fled. John stepped forward then suddenly leaned back, grabbing Julie's arm, and jerked her into the room with him. Laura swung into action with the can of mace that was intended to be used on him. But seeing Julie first she pulled back before firing. John slapped her arm away, knocking the mace out of her hand, then pushed Julie forward sending her sprawling onto the floor. He slammed the door and hit the light switch. Laura grabbed for a baseball bat that was laying on the bed but John caught her first and tossed her atop Julie, who was trying to reach for the can of mace. John grabbed the can and sprayed it into both girls' faces. Both Laura and Julie clinched and cried in pain as the chemicals blinded and incapacitated them. It took several minutes for the effects to begin to wear off. And when they did they found themselves laying face down with their arms tied behind them and their feet tied together. John had torn sheets and stuffed their mouths and gagged them.

"Stupid bitches." He said, standing over them in triumph. "Did you think I wouldn't remember you, Miss Big Tits?, that night I fucked the two of you was one of the best night of my life. It took a second or two at the store but I remembered you soon enough. And that bullshit about charging me $25 bucks only warned me that something was up. Hell, a whore charges at least a hundred around here. I oughta know. So I suspected that you were up to no good. Now I can call the cops and have you both arrested for trying to kill me. Better yet, I can fuck the hell out of both of you again and there ain't nothing you can do about it because you'd go to jail for trying to get me first. Hell, I even got witnesses at the liquor store that you were whoring there."

Julie's stomach turned in knots as she listened to his words. Laura was crying at the same time. Their plan of revenge had gotten them into more trouble and she wasn't sure of how to get out of it.

John walked over to the phone and dialed a number. "Hey dude, it's me. Have I got a surprise for you. You remember that story I told you about the college girls. Well guess what, I've got 'em tied up right now. The bitches tried to kill me. Wanna have some fun?"

He listened for a moment than said, "Make the call, then bring the van to Chase Motel, building 6. Wait until after dark so we can sneak these two bitches out of here. Yeah, I'll wait until then before fucking 'em. But I can have a little fun in the meantime."

Julie and Laura struggled on the floor but couldn't get free. Laura screamed against her gag but didn't make enough noise to attract anyone unless they were right outside the door. And being that they were in the last cabin that was unlikely.

John rolled Julie over onto her back. "Man, those titties have gotten bigger haven't they?"

Julie struggled harder as his hands grouped her breast. Then he ripped the halter open, revealing her luscious double-D's. His eyes went wide as he began playing with both of her tits. Squeezing them until she wanted to scream, pinching and pulling her nipples until they were swollen to his delight.

I can't have your pussy yet, and don't dare take off that gag. But I can fuck those titties while we wait.

Julie watched in horror as he stood and removed his shoes, then dropped his pants and briefs. His erect cock stood ready for action. Laura watched, trembling in fear at the memories of that same cock invading her. Julie tried to roll away but John stepped on either side of her and lowered himself on her, placing his rock hard manhood between her ample orbs. He grabbed both of her tits and squeezed them around his cock than began slowly fucking her tits.

Julie couldn't take her eyes away from the cockhead that kept popping into view from between her boobs. His hands kneaded her tender flesh as she felt his dick slide back and forth in her cleavage. She tried to look away, but her eyes kept coming back. She watched as he continued fucking her tits, listened to his vulgar comments as he bragged about how good they felt around his cock, and about how he looked forward to filling all her holes again. She felt his strokes picking up speed and his hands squeezing tighter. Julie wanted to scream but held it back. Her eyes were fixed on his cockhead.

She heard him moan then saw the first dribble of cum spit forward, followed by another stroke and a full blast that shot out along her neck. The next hit her chin and lower lip, causing her to turn away. She felt his cum continuing to splatter onto her flesh as he milked himself between her tits. When he was finished he stood over her in satisfaction. "That's only the beginning, baby." He said as he walked over to the bed and turned the TV on. Julie fought back tears as she turned to see Laura looking at her. Knowing that she had cum dribbling from her lip, down her throat and on her chest caused her to blush in shame as Laura looked at her.

Sometime later someone knocked at the door. John peeped out the window then opened the door to greet his friend. Both girls looked up as the pot-bellied forty-something man entered the room. He had shaggy brown hair and hadn't shaved in over a day. His appearance made John look almost attractive.

"Damn, they are nice." He said. "Looks like you've already started having some fun." He said looking at Julie's exposed tits.

"Well, Rick, I just couldn't sit here without doing anything. Is the van ready?"

"Side door open and facing the building. No one will see us load them up."

"Let's do it." John said and he leaned down and lifted Julie over his shoulder. She struggled to no avail as John rushed out the door and tossed her unceremoniously onto the floor of the van. After checking to make sure that no one was looking he called to Rick who rushed out with Laura. They bound the two girls more tightly into the back of the van so that they couldn't escape then John took Julie's keys and followed behind in her car.

They drove for what must have been a half-hour before coming to a stop. When the side door opened Julia and Laura saw that they were inside a fenced lot parked next to an old metal shed-like building surrounded by woods. They were taken inside the dimly lit building where they found two more men waiting.

"Damn, look at the titties on that bitch." One of them said.

"You're gonna like her guys." John said as he shoved Julie to them. The two men grabbed her and began pawing her boobs without mercy. Laura was so scared that she had to be held upright.

"Strip the tall one first." John ordered.

The three men untied Julie and began pulling and tearing her remaining clothes off until they had her completely naked. Then they pushed her into a chair and handcuffed her hands behind her.

Once Julie was secured they removed her gag. "You can scream all you want, bitch." John told her. "But nobody will hear you where we're at. But if we get tired of it we might just have to give you something to scream about."

Next they took hold of Laura and began stripping her. Unlike Julie, Laura had lost the will to fight. She was so scared that she pissed herself as they pulled her pants and panties off.

"Oh fuck, man. Look what she just did." One of the guys said.

"Tie her to the post so we can clean her up." Rick said.

They took Laura and handcuffed her arms over her head to a beam and forced her back against a metal post.

"I have an idea. Untie the other one." John said.

Two of the men unfastened Julie's cuffs and brought her over.

"Clean her pussy." John ordered.

Julie refused to move.

"Clean her pussy, with your tongue, bitch. Just like you ate her cunt last time."

When Julie didn't respond John grabbed a knife and placed it against Laura's pussy. "Lick it or I'll cut it open."

Julie dropped to her knees before Laura. "I'm sorry." She whispered as she buried her face into Laura's crotch.

Laura spasmed as Julie's tongue began slowly licking her pussy lips. She looked in horror at the four men who were watching this in delight. She tried to back away but couldn't because of the post behind her. Her legs trembled but she forced herself to remain standing, knowing that if she collapsed the cuffs on her wrist would hold her suspended anyway. When Julie's tongue hit her clit she felt her juices begin to flow. It had been over four years since Laura had last had sex, that was before her husband had left her.

She wanted to scream in rage but she felt her pussy coming alive as Julie continued to lick. Laura remembered when Julie did this the first time they were raped. As much as it disgusted her she remembered that she had orgasmed harder than she ever had during her marriage to Carl. Her mind begged for Julie to stop, but her body was enjoying the first non-solo stimulation she had felt in years. The nipples on her b-cup tits were rock hard and her hips began swaying with a life of their own. Julie continued to lick her clit over and over and over again. Laura knew that she couldn't hold out much longer. She despised the thought of these monsters witnessing her have a forced orgasm on her best friend's face but she found no way to fight it. It was coming hard and fast.

A moan escaped her lips, causing her to blush in shame. Then her climax unleashed. Her head rocked back and her legs gave way as Julie's tongue brought her sweet release. The four men cheered as her orgasm continued. Julie felt disgusted as Laura's juices spilled out all over her face. She remembered how Laura squirted when she came so many years ago and realized that nothing had changed. Her face glistened with Laura's juices, she felt her friend's pussy quivering with delight but knew that she dared not stop. Laura was crying with passion as Julie continued to lick her. Then finally Laura's orgasm subsided and Julie backed away in humiliation and disgust. Laura looked down at her best friend, knowing full well that she had enjoyed her licking, but feeling shame at the same time.

"Man I gotta fuck that." Rick said. He grabbed Laura's legs and lifted them up into the air. Laura dangled on the ends of the cuffs, her wrist in pain but Rick didn't care. She saw his massive cock aiming toward her wet pussy and screamed for him to stop. But Rick maneuvered his way closer and finally drove his stiff rod into her pussy. Laura gasped as all ten inches of his thick meat penetrated her. Her husband, Carl, had only been 6 inches, and that was so long ago that she had almost forgotten what it felt like to have a dick inside her. Now here was someone forcing his huge pole deep inside her farther than any had been before. Once in place Rick began savagely thrusting into her. Laura cried out as he rammed her over and over again. She looked down to see Julie lying under them, watching his every stroke. His balls slapped her ass as he continued to fuck her slippery, tight hole harder and faster. "Oh shit yeah!" He cried out as his balls began to tighten. "Nooooooo!!!!!" Laura yelled as she realized he was about to cum inside her. But she got only grunting in reply as Rick's pace increased, with a shout his cock erupted deep inside her pussy. She felt his cum spurt deep inside her as he continued to ram her. He didn't let up until he had spent every last drop inside her ravaged pussy. Then he pulled out and dropped her legs back to the floor.

"I'm fucking big tits." John cried out. But when he did so Julie reared up to put up a fight. John and one of the other guys grabbed her and wrestled her to the floor again, then cuffed her hands behind her back once more. Once secured John rolled her over and unfastened his pants. Julie struggled beneath him the entire time. But the stronger man secured a position between her legs and thrust his hard cock into her pussy. "Damn your cunt feels as nice as it did ten years ago!" He proclaimed as he began pounding her. Julie lost all resistance once his cock had gained entrance. She lay there thinking about her husband, feeling like she was betraying him, while looking up into the face of her attacker. John leaned his head down and sucked on her swollen nipples. Then he bit down hard causing her to yelp in pain before licking it some more. He took turns doing the same over and over with both nipples. Julie tried to endure this motionless, but her nipples had always been super sensitive and John's manipulation of them while fucking her cunt was causing her to become aroused against her will. She did not want to have an orgasm for this man. Especially when she knew that there were others who would be fucking her next. Julie had to resist, for once she began climaxing she knew that each following cock would bring her to another one. She remembered that even though she had been brutally raped years before, her body had still enjoyed it. And she knew that if she wasn't careful the same would happen tenfold tonight. But John took his time, licking and nibbling each nipple in turn as he thrust his cock deep inside her. Then he rose up as far as he could so that each diving thrust would rub against her now swollen clit. Julie clenched her teeth praying that she could resist. But she could feel her body responding. Worse, she knew that John could feel it as well. She saw the smug look in his face as he looked down into her eyes. "You're the best fuck I've ever had, baby." He said as he continued humping her. Julie wished that he would cum and get off her, but just when he seemed on the verge he would slow up, or stop, sometimes withdrawing completely out of her and rubbing the head of his cock along her clit. He continued this for ten minutes, than on to fifteen, enjoying her prolonged suffering, not willing to rest until she climaxed under him. The pressure was growing too much for Julie. She started fucking him back, mostly in hopes that she could force him to enjoy it so much that he would cum, but as she did so she felt her own passion increasing. When she was almost on the brink John withdrew so that only the tip of his cock was between her cuntlips. Julie gasped as her orgasm began, then John slammed his cock into her with all his might. Again and again and again he pulled back and slammed forward with intense effort. Julie's orgasm ripped through her body like the cock ripping into her cunt. She moaned and squealed in unwanted pleasure as John's cock took her. Her ass clenched as she rose to meet his thrusts over and over. She looked up to see his satisfied gaze staring back at her. Julie realized that she had lost to him. He continued staring into her eyes as he increased his pounding. She felt his cock unleash it's manseed into her waiting pussy. John continued fucking her long after he had finished cumming until he dick had grown too soft to continue. Only then did he pull out of her.

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