College Bound: Summer to Remember Ch. 02


He told me he wanted to eat my sexy ass from the second I walked into his class, and for the next hour he kissed every inch of my ass as he told me how sexy it was and that he couldn't wait to fuck me. Just the popping sounds of his lips had me moaning like crazy and when he ran his tongue over my asshole(which no one ever did before) I instantly came. After I came he went to work on my pussy, as I leaned forward and went insane as his mouth took control of me. The popping sounds from the way he kissed my pussy had me spinning and moaning wildly. After a half hour he finally ran his tongue between my fuck lips and over my clit then down over my asshole. I went wild from the way he skillfully ate me. He continued this tongue teasing until my high heels started clicking against the wood floor and I came all over his mouth.

After I came he stood and we kissed for 15 minutes, the taste of my pussy and ass on his mouth driving me crazy with hot lust. We then worked our way to his bedroom, kissing each other along the way as I listed to him say he was going to thoroughly enjoy fucking me, and that I had the sexiest body he'd ever seen. I went wild with lust when I saw his cock for the first time. It was huge,10 inches long, as long as my boyfriend, but five times fatter around. He reminded me of Mr. Travers. His cock was very similar in length and width. It was wider than my arm. The other thing that made his cock (and my other professors) so terrifying were the wild mazes of veins that protruded off the skin, the thickness of a pencil. My boyfriends cock and all the other guys I fucked had no distinct veins running off the sides, which did not give them an imposing look like my professors cocks, or Mr. Travers. 

It was my first real big cock and he had me cumming in ways my boyfriend or any jock at school ever did. In his bedroom we kissed and fucked all through the night and right into the next afternoon. We spent hours locked in the most wild 69 positions, with me on top then him leaning over me and eating me, as I marveled and licked madly over his huge, towering cock, so fat that I could barely hold onto it, as he tasted my pussy and ass, and made me cum over and over.

After fucking me for over five hours straight, from behind, even squatting over me and fucking me like a rabid dog, the sitting in his high-backed chair as I fucked onto his huge cock as he sat back with his cock hanging over his right leg then held me under my knees fucking me from this wild angle, causing me to explode over his huge, fat shaft in ways I never came in my life before. We eventually found ourselves in the missionary position, kissing hard and I exploded all over his huge 10 inch cock and he shot way up inside me.

He was pounding into me, hitting places in my pussy I never felt before, as I exploded in waves all over him. Feeling him expand inside me was such a trill, an experience I never felt before, because I never had a cock this huge before. Like I said my boyfriend was big too, 10 inches, but not half as fat around. And, my boyfriend never made me cum like this. It had to do impart that he was so much older and experienced than me. As I came over his huge, pounding shaft he groaned loudly telling me how sexy I was and how incredible my cunt felt wrapped around his big cock.

His words, so different than the way he lectured made me instantly cum. He then pulled out saying my pussy was too much action for his big cock then shot a huge hot load of cum that covered my stomach and tits and even shot onto my face and into my hair. It was the biggest load of cum I ever experienced, ten times more than any guy my age. He was so huge, and so fat around that my pussy ached for days after we fucked, partially because of the soreness from being stretched so wide, but mostly because of my new-found craving for men with huge cocks. Having fucked a bunch of  guys on campus who all had average sized dicks, 6 or 7 inches, and even my boyfriend who was 10 inches but thin around, I now knew that it was the guys with real big and very fat cocks, like my professors, that would really get me off the best. They had the biggest and hardest cocks, and made my pussy cum the hardest.  

My 71 year old Greek professor was even bigger, measuring 11 inches, and had a frightening hook right in the middle of his cock that caused it to curve out from his left knee on a 90 degree angle, making it look freakish. Every time his huge hook twisted inside of me, it sent me into orbit and made my cunt explode like a tidal-wave. Whenever he changed the angle of his great big hooked cock inside my pussy I came so hard it would push his huge cock out as I squirted cum all his huge cockhead. After I came I would always spin around and instantly start blowing him. It was a wild sight seeing this monster cock shooting way up from his tight chest and angling menacingly, like a giant banana, at a 90 degree angel, way to the left, over his thigh, because of the huge hook in the middle of it. 

His cock would always be glistening and dripping from my cum after my pussy pushed it out and I instantly went crazy licking the taste of myself off his huge shaft, as my tongue traced along the length if it, following the 90 degree bend in the center of his 11 inch cock, then going up to his grape-fruit like cockhead where I sucked it into my mouth while I jerked the middle of his huge, hooked shaft. My Greek professor and I fucked non-stop in every room of his house for two days straight. At 71, he had an amazing ability to fuck for hours at a time.

Seeing the huge cocks on these older, highly distinguished, intellectual men was the most erotic thing imaginable, and knowing that they always had a campus full of young teens to choose from for fucking made it even sexier for me to be with them. It almost seemed fitting that their cocks were so frighteningly big, seeming to match their sophistication and superior worldliness. In comparison, the jocks my age and my boyfriend were immature, and were average in size, between 6 and 7 inches, which matched their level of beer-drinking, frat party sophistication. But, the biggest cock by far was my black professor who measured a staggering 12 &1/2 inches and was as wide around as a soda can. That experience was the wildest fuck of all! 

At the party hosted by my black professor, there was a guest speaker who was from Africa, who wrote a book on genocide in the country. He was there when I arrived, but was getting dressed, so I didn't meet him until all the guest arrived. My professor looked so distinguished and was dressed fashionably in a very expensive suit that was impeccably tailored. He greeted me with a soft kiss that started the ignition in my pussy.

Although I was really excited when I kissed my other two professors, the second my lips made contact with my black professors lips, sent an electrical shock through my body, that instantly turned me on. It could have been from hearing all the stories of him having a huge cock and fucking so many young teens my age, or it could have been from the way he took notice of me in every class, especially the way he looked over my body purposely, and always with a sly grin. Kissing him was what I had thought about a hundred times during class, being in his arms stripped to my stockings and high heels, kissing like lovers.

Every time I wanted to speak to him after class to let him know I loved his lecture and to tell him I was very attracted to him, which I hoped would lead to something more, there was always another girl my age or sometimes two or even three that would come in and he would leave with them. The girls would always be dressed in something very sexy, tight mini dresses and high heels, and they always left arm in arm. But here I was alone with him finally, and it was obvious be the way he looked at me, that he liked what he saw. It was what I secretly waited for.

After the brief kiss he told me I looked absolutely stunning, then paused and added," Very sexy." As he said it I watched his eyes roam slowly and deliberately over every inch of my body, saying, "Very lovely Allison, very lovely." As he took his time looking me over I felt my nipples swell up and push through my bra. I couldn't believe it, but my 78 year old black professor was instantly turning me on. There was a power and confidence about him that I never experienced before, not even from my other two professors. Just by the sly grin he gave me, and because of how sheer my bra and blouse was, I knew he noticed my big nipples popping off the tips my tits, and I just shot him a sly grin back, hoping to let him know the affect he was having on me.

He then poured me a glass of champaign and made a toast to me being one of his best students and certainly the sexiest one. After we toasted and I thanked him for the compliment, grinned slyly and said,

" I'm really flattered professor, especially since you always have a long line of sexy girls waiting at your door or by your side, and I'm sure in your bed."

"Ah yes, rumors Allison," he said kissing me lightly on the lips again. " As for my bed. Well lets just say that there has been a certain amount of activity there, but not least not yet," he said as I grinned slyly at him, then kissed him softly on the lips about five times.

"Yet," I said coyly then kissed him softly again.

This sexy teasing had me so turned on. He than took me by the hand and gave me the house tour showing me his vast art collection of African art. While taking the tour I was in awe of all the pictures of him with famous dignitaries, politicians, and even famous celebrities from all over the world. As we walked I saw his eyes in the reflection in the glass picture frames riveted to my body, going from my high heel pumps, up my long stocking covered legs, right to my ass. I was so turned on to see that he was checking me out, slowly and deliberately, and could feel the temperature rise in the room as my nipples got rock hard.

As he explained the origins of the artwork and where the pictures came from he would tell me how sexy I was and that my body was a work of art. 

"Do you ever get tired of hearing how sexy you are Allison," he said while scanning my body hungrily, his eyes now lingering on my 36D tits.

"Not when I hear it from you professor. Especially not when I hear it from you," I said in a low voice, feeling my body getting hornier by the second.

As we moved along the tour he continued to tell me how sexy I looked and after I thanked him for the compliment we shared a light kiss that filled the air with a sexy popping sound. We would hold our glasses and kiss softly for a few seconds than go to the next picture or sculpture and after he explained the piece or event we would kiss again. I felt so sexy to be in the room alone with my distinguished professor, alone with the man who I knew fucked hundreds of teens my age and who had hundreds more wanting to get fucked by him. His worldliness, knowledge, and the articulated way he spoke had me so turned on. Also, the skillful way he kissed. Him being so much older than me, by 60 years and very, very black added to how turned I was, especially when our lips met for a kiss every few feet.  

"In my classes I always thought that you were so much more mature than all of your fellow students Allison. Your interest in my lectures and the questions you queried, always prompted a stimulating discourse, reveling your aptitude for learning, and your preparedness," he said, as he kissed me softly on my pouty lips which caused me to moan softly. "Of course your stunning attire always added a sexy and classy backdrop to the otherwise unkempt forum," he said looking down at my high heels then up my long, stocking covered legs to my short pencil skirt then to my sinfully tight, sheer blouse and bra. "I have to say in all candor that I always felt you, although incredibly sexy, unmatched by any of your peers, were also very innocent, especially in certain areas," he said implying that I hadn't had nearly as many lovers as most of the teenage girls he fucked. 

Not saying a word I just smirked slyly and gave him another soft kiss, this time running the tip of my tongue across his upper lip then walked to the next picture of him standing with three famous black actors. The fact that he was black and 60 years older than me and was so prominent had me more turned on than I had ever been. Going from sculpture to sculpture and kissing softly was making me so wet. After half an hour of this soft kissing I was going crazy and wanted to fuck him so bad, but I remained composed. Just the way he kissed me had my pussy wet to fuck, wet to fuck him and his great big black cock, the huge black cock I had heard so much about.

Finally while looking at the last sculpture he took my champaign glass and put it on the fireplace mantel and took me in his arms where we kissed for almost half an hour as our tongues fenced across each others hotly. He was the first black man I had ever kissed and my body was on fire, as his long tongue snaked into my mouth and twisted with mine. I went wild moaning as his hands ran up my stockings than over my ass and across my aching tits. He had me so turned on that I actually felt my pussy cum just from the way he kissed me.

"You've thought about fucking me Allison," he said with a hint of arrogance then kissed me again, already knowing the answer.

"Oh god yes," I moaned hotly as my tongue flew out of my mouth to meet his.

"I want to fuck you tonight Allison," he said hotly then kissed me hard. "Your body has driven me crazy ever since you set foot in my class. I have to fuck you tonight baby."

"Ummmm, yess," I moaned as my tongue met his. " I want to fuck you too," I said in a voice I didn't even recognize.

As we kissed he played with my ass and my tits with a soft touch that sent sparks through my body, and deep into my pussy. When I reached for his cock I let out a loud moan, "Oh God," as I felt the sheer size of what I had heard so much about, as my hand trailed down the massive bulge that ran against the inseam of his right leg to the top of his knee. Suddenly the bell rang and interrupted us. He kissed me one last time and said he couldn't wait for the party to end so that he could fuck me. After all the guest arrived the guest speaker was announced and he came into the room. Although my black professor was 78, but looked decades younger, his African guest was 80, and looked his age if not a little older, but very distinguished, dressed in traditional African clothing

He was a huge, imposing man, weighing almost 400 pounds, but was not at all fat. He was tall, standing 7'6" tall feet, which made him look almost fictional, and giant-like. He also had a very menacing look about him that made him very intimidating as he towered over all the guests. His life was made up of gorilla wars and being confined to jails and even prisons, which gave him that very hard look.

Throughout the party all I could think about was fucking my black professor. Just the way he kissed me earlier and played with my body had my pussy in launch-mode and the feeling of his huge cock had me in a trance all throughout the party, as I listened to people talk about the African speaker, not hearing a word they were saying, because of the haze I was in thinking about the fuck I was going to have that night.

After the party I shared a drink with the two black scholars, and as I was talking to the giant black African writer I felt my professors hands roam over my ass, as he told me how sexy I was and that I drove him crazy during all of his lectures. Suddenly we were kissing as we held our wine glasses. We were kissing for about 10 minutes, our tongues entwined as if we were lovers when I suddenly felt my pencil skirt being unzipped, and realized that it was the 80 year old African author.

Up to that point I was only thinking about fucking my professor, but when I felt the hands of the African guest lecturer on my body I instantly went wild, and groaned approvingly. I instantly felt so sexy to be craved and hungered for by these two men who were older than my grandfather and who were blacker than coal and very horny to fuck me. I never felt so naughty in my life.

The night of the party I decided to wear a garter belt with long garter straps under my skirt that night, and as two older black men undressed me, I was very happy that I did. The garters, along with my bra, stockings and high heels were pure white, which was an amazing contrast to their coal-like bodies. As each of the black men stripped me, I would kiss one than the other. Having their big pouty lips on mine, along with them playing with my ass, tits and pussy had me going insane, and cumming like a faucet.

After they stripped, I was treated to the petrifying sight of two mammoth cocks, the biggest I had ever seen or fucked, much bigger than my other two professors and I remember how shocked I was when I saw each of their great big cocks for the first time. At first I just starred speechless, as if I was looking at an apparition, both black cocks looking immeasurable in size. In some ways my other two professors actually helped prepare me for the sight of my professors mammoth cock and the elephant-like cock of the 80 year old African.

I think I would have ran out of the house if these two massive black cocks were the first huge cocks I had ever seen. Luckily I had fucked my two endowed professors and my boyfriends fathers great, big cock, so that helped the 'shock-factor' a little. I had already run my hands across my professors cock and knew he was huge, but when I saw it out of his pants for the first time it looked absolutely terrifying, the grotesque maze of veins making it look even more menacing. My professor's cock was well over a foot long, with long, protruding veins that ran along the sides, and the Africans cock was easily 14 inches maybe even 15 inches, which seemed to fit his massive frame.

My professors cock was rock hard the second his pants were off, but the giant African's cock hung down 12 inches and ballooned out very wide. The grotesque rows of wild, thick veins made it look terrifying and exciting at the same time. I was so turned on at the sight of his huge, throbbing cock, so fat and long that I couldn't wait to see him fully hard. His giant cock had my pussy flowing from the staggering sight, as it even dwarfed my professors huge cock, and it wasn't hard yet. 

"She really is sexy," he said to my professor as his cock continued to swell right in front of my eyes. "I'm going to really enjoy fucking this one," he said talking to my professor as if I wasn't even in the room.

Within seconds of seeing their huge black cocks I was squatting on my white pumps and was licking and kissing each of their huge cocks, as if I was in a house of worship. For the first hour I just kissed each of their monstrous cocks while groaning and looking up at them and grinning slyly which had a unspoken way of communicating that I knew that they knew they were both enormous. As I kissed each of their freakish cocks it was as if my lips moved in slow-motion taking almost 5 seconds to purse my lips and make the soft kiss against their massive heavily veined flesh. The popping sounds were the tribute to me worshiping each of them for their gargantuan sizes.

I realized then that men who had huge cocks altered the behavior of every teenage girl and women. The way I blew and fucked my boyfriend or any of the other guys on campus was far different than the way I acted when I had a huge cock. Just seeing a huge cock also did things to your pussy that an average guy could never do. It was as if you were treated to a once-in-a lifetime experience. A guy with a huge cock could turn the most timid girl into someone she didn't recognize, and that's how I felt with my two professors and now with these two giant, black cocks. The fact that they were black and huge made it even hotter.  

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