College Bound: Summer to Remember Ch. 03


It was 5am when he blew his last load of cum. They had kissed and fucked all night, thrilling each other to the highest sexual level. He dropped her off at 6:30am, an hour before her husband got up for work. In the car ride to her house they kissed at every light and he even finger fucked her pussy one more time. She went wild cumming over his fingers as he sped down the highway. In her driveway she said she needed to blow him one more time, and gave him the most incredible head, bobbing up and down as the sun came up.

After that night they fucked constantly, even talking about being together someday. When her husband was out of town on business, he would move in and fuck her in her husbands bed, where he would sleep with her and fuck her constantly throughout the night. He couldn't get enough of his girlfriend's hot mom's pussy. At 40 Vivian was a knock-out and did more to his 18 year old cock then his conservative and almost prudish girlfriend ever did. Although he and Allison were sexually active from the time they started dating at 14, it was always over in a few minutes, and never very exciting. Her mother was absolutely sexy, always dressing in stockings and high heels and always turned-on to fuck him. She loved sucking his cock and loved getting fucked in the ass, all of which his 'prudish' girlfriend would never do.

While Bobbie was fucking his 10 inch cock into the sexy MILF mother of his girlfriend, clinging to her narrow hips across the lace tops of her stockings as he pounded his 6 inch cock into her, his 'prudish' girlfriend was dropping her stretched-out pussy up and down on her Uncle's freakish 14 inch cock while he sat back in his lounge chair, with her back to him. She was so horny for his huge cock and told him to just kick-back and enjoy her pussy while she fucked it for him. She had one of her size 10 high heels on the edge of the chair and the other anchored to the floor, and as she rode him up and down, spiraling her turned-on ass around and around his enormous cockhead for a few minutes, teasing it and causing a loud groan from him before slamming down the endless shaft, right to the base.

While she tortured her 62 year old uncles angry cock, he palmed her huge tits, and pinched her rock-hard nipples, sending waves of electric shocks into her scorching, wet pussy. READ: College Bound Ch.3 Allison's Rock Star Uncle. The BIGGEST of the BIGGEST!

As his 10 inch cock speared into her incredibly tight pussy the look of her in her black thigh high stockings and black pumps kept him rock hard and cumming all night. Her look and the way she fucked was the perfect match for him. When he was fucking her from behind he hammered his cock into her and she eagerly met his every thrust, telling him how much she loved his big cock and how her husband never fucked her this good, and when he was fucking her in the missionary position he fucked her in slow motion, feeding her every inch real slow as he twisted his hips in a circular motion as they kissed like sexy lovers, fucking in this position for an hour at a time.

She was out of her mind with lust and was getting the fuck of her life. She had never cum so good even with her brother and his massive cock, and surely never by her husband. THE STORY OF HER BROTHER:READ College Bound Ch.3 Allison's Rock Star Uncle. The BIGGEST of the BIGGEST! Her daughters boyfriend really knew how to fuck and make her cum. She couldn't get enough of his great, big cock and never wanted this fuck to end. The way he fucked her and the way he kissed her and the way he skillfully ate her pussy and ass was so masterful and uninhibited. He mature way beyond his years. She was sure he fucked a lot of other girls even though he was in a relationship with her daughter

"You fuck all the time don't you baby," she snarled at him while he was slamming his 10 inch cock into her from behind while he was finger fucking her ass.

"All the time baby. A different pussy every night," he said without hesitation, with a tone of arrogance that made her nipples hard and caused her pussy to cum.

"Way too much experience for an 18 year old," she moaned as he pulled his big cock out and brought it to her face.

"Suck it Vivian," he demanded, which turned her on like crazy. Just hearing him say her name caused her to cum. He wasn't the polite boyfriend of her daughters anymore. He wasn't the same boy that would help her husband do projects around the house and help her carry grocery bags in from the car. He was now the confident,18 year old stud, who was fucking her like the countless sluts he was fucking, using her pussy to please his huge, 10 inch cock, and she loved knowing she was pleasing every inch of him.

"You big cocked bastard you," she said marveling his arrogance and the long length of his cock. "All the pussy's that have been on this great big cock," she said in a low throaty groan as she eagerly licked the entire length of it.


She knew he was real good at fucking because she had fucked other guys in the 20 year marriage. Three were her daughters friends from school that fucked her one day when they were at the pool while her daughter went to cheerleading practice. Being in her bikini and white high heels drove them all crazy and it ended with her getting fucked by one while sucking the cock of the other while stroking the third kid. She remembered that they all fucked her fast, each one having his average sized cock in her pussy. Although they all came, it was a clumsy fuck because of their lack of experience.

Another fuck, this one a lot more memorable, was with her husbands boss who she met at a party he was hosted at his incredibly, lavish home in the most up-scale area. He was 77 at the time when she was 20,almost 60 years her senior. He was never married and was an incredibly handsome man with extremely distinguished features. He had white hair, which was the only thing that gave away his age, and was in great shape, with a tall, slender build and a very charismatic and charming personality.

At the party there were a lot of young females clinging to him, all 18 and 19 or in their early 20's. The girls were mixed in race and were all were daughters and granddaughters of employees who worked in his company, or business acquaintances who wanted to get a contract with him. She had heard that he had a reputation for only dating young females, and by his wealth and power and being very handsome there was never a shortage of young females vying for his company. One night while her husband had a few guys over from work to watch a sporting event she had overheard three of the guys talk about how they went to Mr. Baxter's (his boss) private club to play racquet ball.

They said not only did he kick their asses, at 77 years of age, but also when they went to the shower room they saw that he had a huge dick, bigger than the three of them combined, and as fat as a club. They said it hung down to the side, right above his knee and was as fat as a log. Vivian did not talk to him much at the party because of all the guests and friends of her husbands, that were there and because of all the young girls flocking around him, but there was a moment when they were introduced where he complimented her husband for having such a sexy young wife. The deliberate way he looked over body caused her huge nipples to push right through the braless material of the open V mini dress she wore purposely to impress him.

A week later her husband had to leave unexpectedly for a business trip for a week and the moment the corporate limo came to pick him up she got a call from his boss inviting her to his private yacht for the afternoon. Even though she was meeting her law review group that day, she immediately canceled, especially after he told her she was on his mind all week and that he purposely sent her husband out of town in hopes that they could get together. Becoming a lawyer herself, she was very impressed with his use of power and turned on at the thought that he wanted her.

As soon as she got into the limo with him he popped a cork on a bottle of very expensive champaigh and after he toasted to her being so sexy and that she was all he thought about after meeting her at the party they kissed and played with each other all the way to his private yacht, which was a half hour ride. During that time she went wild playing with his huge cock and found out that it was 12 inches long and as fat around as a soda can. Not only did they fuck the entire day, all over his private yacht, but she moved into his bed the entire week while her husband was out of town.

She would be in bed with her husbands boss and talk to her husband once a day and he would be laughing, boasting about how he was really taking advantage of his boss and that he was a real fool for sending him on the trip, because all he was doing was playing golf all day and going to the pool and spa. He made joking comments about really enjoying taking advantage of his boss and couldn't wait to go away on the next business trip.

"Hey if that idiot wants to waste his money and send me out of town on these business trips I'll be more than happy to go," he said sarcastically. "Wait till the company gets my receipts for room service," he laughed as if really being a big shot and getting over on his boss.

As her husband was making snide remarks about his boss she was on her side licking and kissing the 12 inch cock of her husbands boss, as they listened to her husbands voice on speaker phone. As they listened to her husband put him down for sending him on the business trip she stroked his huge, towering cock and looked up at him with a sly grin and said to her husband, "That's right baby, you be the big shot, getting over on your boss like that."


After that week she and her husbands boss fucked every time he sent him away on business, at least twice a month for a week at a time. This went on for three years, until he died 'suspiciously' at his office. He and his partner were celebrating their 80th birthday's and were having a company party after work. During the party his partners 18 year old granddaughter was in attendance. Although she was 18 she looked very young with freckles, braces and was very thin with a flat chest.

This night she was dressed very sexy and trendy, wearing a micro mini skirt which barely covered her ass, and a thong that could be seen constantly whenever she made the slightest bend forward to eat an orderve' or reach for a drink. She wore a sheer white blouse with a lacy white bra and a pair of trendy white, thigh high socks that came to the top her slender upper thighs, a few inches below the ultra short mini skirt. The added accessory of black open toed high heel pumps made her look sinful, especially to her grandfather who had been spending a lot more time with her after she turned 18.

Buying her a new BMW for her birthday and taking her shopping for cloths, then taking her to his private country clubs or other up-scale restaurants and even paying her college tuition, were all part of his plan the fuck her. His plan to fuck her was working, as they started kissing more intimately after the expensive shopping and dinners. Although she came to the party dressed to turn her grandfather on, especially since it was getting very sexy between them lately, kissing each other a lot more, she came hoping to fuck his partner, because of hearing all the stories about how huge his cock was.

When she arrived at the party, she went right to her grandfathers office to congratulate him on his 80th birthday and show him what she was wearing. His eyes were all over her, which turned her on. After she congratulated him on his 80th birthday and thanked him for being so nice and special to her they shared a lingering kiss. The kiss started light as their lips brushed across each others, and made popping sounds until the kissing grew hotter, lasting almost 10 minutes, as their tongues entwined like two hot lovers. It was a kiss that had built up between them during the last few weeks, of him spoiling her rotten. It was a kiss that came from her lying on her bed at night and fantasizing about fucking her grandfather and him having the same devilish thoughts about fucking her. It was their hottest kiss yet and had them both moaning.

He was just about to tell her he wanted to fuck her, and she was so horny coming to the party thinking about his partners 12 inch cock that she easily would have, but they were interrupted by the phone ringing, from his personal secretary, then a knock on the door from his partner telling him the guest were waiting. When his partner came in he saw the look of hunger on his face before he gave his granddaughter a hug, and he thought he noticed a sly look coming from her as she glanced at his crotch. His partner, breaking the mood, sent them to the party.

After a half hour he noticed that his granddaughter was missing from the party and went to his office to look for her. He also noticed that his partner was missing, and began to rage inside. He had a suspicion that his partner was with his granddaughter, because of his reputation for fucking every teen in the company, He was in a rage imaging his granddaughter together with him. He was very aware of his partners huge cock, always the talk at work amongst the female and male employees and in the shower room at the country club. His suspicions of the two of them being together were confirmed when he heard noises, more like panting and screaming coming from his partners office.

He had taken the private elevator which was 'suspiciously' switched off for the night and that only he and his partner had the key-card for. When he got out of the elevator he snuck quietly to the office door. When he got to his partners private office he unlocked the door with his key-card and went in only to find his granddaughter on his partners desk getting pounded by his enormous cock. As his 80 year old partner fucked his huge cock into his not-so-innocent granddaughter he watched, glued to the scene, watching him holding her black high heels in one hand while he slammed his fat 12 inch cock deep into her vulnerable cunt.

His partner was pounding his granddaughters young, teenage cunt so hard the sounds in the room were mixed with his grunts, and her deep moans, combined with the wet sounds of her pussy. He watched his partners giant, hanging balls connect with the bottom of his granddaughters small, sexy ass with every trust, as it brought out a rage inside of him to rush in and break-up the mood between them. His anger was rooted in jealously, not in being protective of his granddaughter. He watched wishing it was his cock driving into his sexy, teenage granddaughter.

She was whimpering out loud telling him he had the biggest cock she ever fucked and that she heard about it so much from all her friends he fucked that she was going crazy and had to fuck him. When he told her that she had one of the sexiest pussy's he'd ever fucked she came so hard, cum sprayed out of her boiling cunt and shot all on the new carpet. She came so hard her spasaming pussy pushed his huge, throbbing cock out of her tight hole. As fast as her pussy pushed him out he grabbed his angry 12 inch cock at the base and slammed back into her as he lifted her off the desk and fucked way up inside her which caused her high heels to fall off from being fucked so hard. As he fucked way up into her, they kissed hard and came all over each other.

As his granddaughter and his partner fucked like wild animals he watched, unable to move as a burning rage consumed him. Part of him was seething over the fact that his partner was fucking his granddaughter, and that he himself wanted to fuck her, and the other part was that he couldn't stop watching how sinful and naughty she was and how much she seemed to be loving getting fucked by his partners huge cock. He knew by the way she talked that she came dressed to fuck his partner, and this was when he was determined to get revenge. His partner was fucking the pussy he wanted for a long time, and she was thoroughly enjoying it, which angered him beyond words.

After his granddaughter and his partner came they kissed real hard for ten minutes and she told him that she couldn't wait to go back to his house after the party and fuck all weekend. After he heard about the plan to go back to his house for the weekend and that she couldn't wait to fuck him again, he walked away in a quiet rage. After they dressed they kissed for a while letting each other know they couldn't wait to fuck again. She went back to the party alone, because she didn't want her grandfather to get suspicious of her and his partner being together, especially since she disappeared for almost two hours.

That weekend never happened because when he was getting into the private elevator to go back to the party, the door opened to an empty shaft where he plummeted to his death, 30 stories down. It was never determined who or if anyone intentionally tampered with the elevator, but negligence pointed to the maintenance company that was responsible for service. In an effort to console his granddaughter, he took her on a vacation to his private villa in Spain for two months. It was there that the two became lovers, fucking every day, some two and three times a day. Him buying her expensive gifts, spoiling her rotten lead to them fucking, the 62 year age difference fuelling the fires in her pussy every time they fucked. Not only did she love the way he treated her, but she also loved the fact that he himself a huge cock, over 11 inches long and as wide around as a soda can.


What Vivian and her daughters boyfriend Bobbie had was pure lust. It was a flame that would never go out, no matter how many times they came. They were both so in tune with each others bodies, so eager to please each other and to completely satisfy themselves.

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