College Bound: Summer to Remember


"Oh trust me, I am real naughty baby, and with this great, big cock, I'm going to be naughtier than ever," I said teasingly, looking up at him with a sly grin that caused him to grin back. I then spit on his huge shaft again and took the flow of pre-cum in my palm and messaged it into his thick, veined shaft, mixing it with my hot saliva.

Abruptly, he took his huge shaft in his hand and started rubbing it against my throbbing nipples. I was delirious from the friction his massive shaft caused as it ran over my nipples, crushing the rock hard tips, bending them almost flat to my chest. I was going wild from the sensation of his big, maze of veins that ran off the sides of his giant cock.

"Oh fuck that's so fucking hot," I moaned out loud, feeling my big, sensitive nipples go crazy from the incredible sensation of being rubbed by his huge cock. As his huge veins traveled over my nipples I felt my pussy reach the boiling point and knew his huge cock was going to make me cum, and he knew it too.

"Cum baby," he snarled and that did it. For the next minute I came like a faucet all over his huge shaft as he continued to rub it against my aching nipples.

A few seconds later his breathing got deeper and his moaning heavier. His huge balls began to slide-up into his massive shaft and it began to expand so wide that I thought it was going to fall out of my hand. I knew he was going to cum, and was going wild in anticipation of watching t explode. It was so hot knowing I was bringing my father off. The control I had over such a huge cock was so hot that I felt my own pussy begin to spasm.

"Gonna cum baby," he snarled.

"I wanna watch it," I groaned, and for the next two minutes four foot long ropes of hot, white liquid flew out of his great big cockhead, over my shoulder, hitting the wall ten feet away.

It was the wildest and most powerful sight I ever saw, and as he shot-off I kept pumping him wondering when and if he was ever going to stop. It was as if I was siphoning his huge cock, and that he had an inexhaustible reservoir of cum. The sounds of cum splashing against the wall triggered my pussy and as I squatted on my pumps I rolled my eyes back and came in a violent rush. After he finally finished I continued to worship his cock, licking all over it and messaging it with my outstretched palm.

"I guess you didn't fuck today," I teased, looking at the staggering amount of cum that shot out from his huge cock.

"Not yet baby," he said hotly, which caused me to groan and my pussy to twitch, while he pulled me up to him.

We instantly started kissing and I was shocked to feel his huge cock throb and expand again. I could not believe that a cock so huge could recover so fast especially after just cumming so hard and for over two minutes, and for him being 68 years old. Even my brother who was out-of-his mind horny for me last week when we fucked didn't recover like this, and he's 18. I was about to find out that my father had incredible staying power, with the ability to fuck for hours and could cum again and again at will, rebounding within minutes of cumming, or if he was inside my pussy fucking, would stay rock hard.

" My bedroom or yours," I said hotly, looking at his huge cock again, already dripping pre-cum.

"Let's fuck in mine baby," he said with authority. "First let's get this sexy thong off. I have to get a taste of this sexy, wet pussy of yours," he said sternly, as he squatted down behind me and pulled down my thong over my ass then over my pumps, as I lifted each one automatically for him. Once my thong was over my pumps he threw it to the side and put his hand on my back to make me lean forward.

He than grabbed me by my hips and started fucking my wet pussy with his tongue, running it deep inside me than over my ass and my asshole. Balancing on my pumps he guided my hips back and forth onto his probing tongue, making me wetter and hotter by the second. I was delirious as my father had my pussy bouncing off the walls from the way his tongue fucked way up inside me.

"Fuck you really know how to eat a pussy, "I snarled as he guided my ass over his tongue.

"Especially when it's as sexy as yours baby," he said in a deep voice that sent a chill up my spine. "Oh fuck that's gonna make me cum," I groaned as I felt my pussy and ass devoured by my fathers skilled mouth.

"You have a beautiful pussy Kate, with an incredible taste," he said driving me insane when he used my name. I was so turned on I started pulling on my nipples as a sudden surge erupted from deep inside my boiling cunt.

"Cumming," I groaned outloud,as my pussy exploded all over my fathers tongue and his mouth. Just as I was cuming he held my pussy tight to his mouth with one hand on my hip than brought his other hand to my engorged clit which sent me into a second, even harder climax.

"Let it go baby," he said out loud, knowing I was more than ready to explode. "Let this sexy pussy cum," he said firmly, as my legs started shacking and my high heels began bouncing uncontrollably, as my pussy kept one wild orgasm after the other, firing in rapid burst. After I came we kissed heatedly as I tasted my pussy all over his mouth.

"My bedroom baby," he said in a Commanding voice that was more telling me than asking me as he took my hand and lead me to his bedroom.

"Oh fuck yeah," I moaned as we walked down the long hallway to his bedroom, knowing it was going to an incredible fuck. As we walked my heart pounded in rhythm to the clicking sounds of my high heels on the wood floor. I was so turned on at the thought of fucking him and his huge, popular cock.

When we walked past the hall mirror it was the sexiest and naughtiest sight imaginable. Seeing my father, nude, with his thick white hair and his incredibly fit, slender physique, and his huge, menacing cock bouncing from knee to knee as I walked in my high heel pumps and thigh high stockings almost made me cum.

"Look how sexy you are Kate, he said while walking past the mirror. "Dressed for fucking," he added in his hot breath.

"Oh god I can't wait to fuck you. It's so fucking big," I moaned out loud looking at his giant cock in the mirror as it bounced, angrily from knee to knee. He than lifted me up effortlessly and took me to his bedroom, kissing me the entire way.

We never made it to the pageant rehearsal that day, both canceling our dates, and spent the next eight hours kissing and fucking in every position in his bedroom and throughout the house, as his huge cock spread me wider than it was ever designed for. My fathers huge cock reshaped my pussy and made me cum harder than I ever have. Although our fucking was untamed and hungry, there were moments where we would just lay beside each other and kiss like two lovers deep in passion. It was so sexy to lie next to each other as his fingers played with my pussy and I pumped up an down his massive shaft lovingly as our tongues twisted in a sexy kiss.

My father was an amazing kisser and had me so turned on with the way he used his lips and tongue. He had an incredible mouth Just the way he kissed made me so hot and horny to fuck him. Our torrid fuck lead us to the pool around 4 in the morning. As I walked out in my thigh high stockings and high heels the clicking sound of my high heels fueled our arousal causing us to stop every few feet to kiss along the way. I would always break away from our kiss to bend at the waist and lick all over his huge cock.

As the sun came up my father was hammering his huge cock into me savagely while I laid back on the futon couch under the canopy, with my pumps wrapped around his muscular back, kissing him passionately until he roared and filled my pussy with one last load of cum. His burst was so hot, I felt it boiling inside me, and triggered my spasming cunt to instantly clamp down on him, desperate to drain every last drop of cum out of his mammoth cock.

Taking off my pumps and stockings we went into the pool and kissed and played with each other for almost an hour. He even lifted me onto the diving board and ate my pussy with his incredible mouth and tongue until I came violently all over his mouth and tongue. When I got out of the pool I stepped back into my pumps and walked arm-in-arm with him to his bed where we slept for a few hours then started our heated fuck all over again.

During that fuck my pussy never stopped cumming, as my father exploded nine different times, in the most powerful orgasms that lasted minutes at a time. My father, at 68 was inexhaustible, and fucked with a confidence I never experienced before. I was sure all teens he fucked felt the same way. His handsome looks, his confidence and his huge, inexhaustible cock drove every teen and myself insane with lust.

I learned another thing about my father during our hot fuck, and that was he fucked real hard, and could literally pound like a jackhammer without stopping for hours at a time. A huge cock that could fuck really hard was like no other experience imaginable, making my orgasms the most powerful I have ever experienced. I never in my life ever got off so good as when I was fucked by my fathers great, big cock. I didn't even get off half as good when I fucked my brother, and him and I went at it all day too.

"I can't wait till I'm fucking you next week baby," my father whispered into my ear as I stood next to him with all the girls in the pageant surrounding him.

"I'm so fucking horny for you now baby," I whispered back in his ear. "Get rid of her and I'll get rid of my date tonight. I want your huge cock inside me so bad baby," I said softly biting his ear lob.

"Be in my bed when I get home. Maybe we won't wait till next week baby," he whispered.

"Ummm, you know I'll be waiting baby," I whispered back then mouthed the word," Yes."

He came back at 2 in the morning after fucking the Asian teen in his corporate penthouse where she was staying until she went back to China.

"Did you fuck her good with that great, big cock," I said in an annoyed tone, already knowing the answer, and annoyed that it took him so long to come home. I then got out of the bed in my garter belt and stockings as I stepped into my high heel pumps, as his eyes were riveted to me, which was exactly what I wanted.

" Fuck, you look so sexy Kate," he said stripping his cloths as he looked at me hungrily. "You knew I was going to fuck her, but all I could think about was you and your sexy pussy waiting for me in my bed baby," he said, taking me into his arms and kissing me hard while he ran his hands over my garter straps and stockings than over my ass.

My being upset instantly vanished as he kissed me as his hands played with my body then at the sight of his huge, throbbing cock. After we kissed we were on his bed locked in an incredible 69 position for an hour, re-acquainting with each other. As I recklessly licked all over his towering cock he ran his hands over my ass, spreading it and exposing my wet pussy. He than ran his hands over my stockings and garter straps, his touch making my pussy drip. He than took his fingers and pulled and stretched on my narrow fuck lips as his mouth sucked on my aching clit and his tongue explored the walls of my scorching pussy. After we both came, he fucked me from behind, pounding his fat, tireless 10 inch cock into me as he pulled on my garter straps, guiding my wild ass over his huge shaft in ways that had us both moaning in lust filled pleasure.


"God your father is so sexy," the girls were murmuring to Kate when we were changing into our evening gowns for that portion of the competition.

"Yeah he sure is," she said smugly, which surprised me, because she was thinking the same thing.

"Hey can you give him my number," one of the girls said, then the rest chimed in one after the other.

"Trust me, he has more numbers than he knows what to do with and a daughter that thinks he's really sexy too," she said with a sly laugh that caused a few girls to say,"UGH GROSS," but most to say, "Fuck, who wouldn't want to be his daughter."

Kate was absolutely right about Mr. Travers having an surplus of young teens, because like that night at the rehearsal with the Asian teen, he always had a different young girl on his arm, sometimes two, and they were always dressed up in an outfit designed to advertise they wanted to fuck him. Micro mini skirts or skin tight mini dresses and always in stockings and high heels.

Two days before the pageant I got a call on my cell from Mr. Travers. When I saw his number come up I got instantly excited, and told my boyfriend, who I was talking to, that I had to take the call, saying something about my College. My pussy was so wet and I couldn't push 'end' call fast enough.

Mr. Travers and I made some small-talk about College, the pageant, my boyfriend and after a two minutes he got right to the point telling me I was the sexiest girl in the pageant.

"You've been coming to my house for years now Allison, and now that you are 18 I'd like to take you to dinner at one of my private clubs and really get to know you better," he said in a tone that had my nipples instantly hard.

"Dinner sounds great Mr. Travers, and I especially like the part about you getting to know me better," I said in my most flirtatious voice.

"That's real good Allison, because I thought you might be a little hesitant, being that you are my Kate's best friend and especially my son Bobbie's girlfriend."

" Are you kidding. I've been hoping for a long time that you'd asked me out," I said in a eager sounding voice.

"Wonderful Allison," he said with a sly laugh.

I told him I couldn't wait and he arranged to meet me at the pageant rehearsal in his private limo. That day I told Kate and my boyfriend that I had to do some shopping after the rehearsal and that I was going home for the night after that.

The way Mr. Travers and I talked, I had a very good idea that we were going to be doing a lot more than just go to dinner. I was going crazy at the thought of fucking him. Seeing him at the pool all these years and at the pageant, had me lusting for him. I knew one thing and that was I was going to look absolutely sexy for him. I wanted to highlight every inch of my body to really show him how sexy I could be. I wanted to turn him on like crazy.

He told me that he would be at the rehearsal with a new intern he had hired and that he would leave with her before it was over, than return to pick me up after his son and daughter left. His new intern was a high school senior who was Hispanic. She just turned 18 that day and stood about 5'3" tall and weighed about 100 pounds. She was dressed in a sexy black mini skirt tat came just below her ass.

She wore black open toed high heels and had on white thigh high socks that made her look real naughty. Her hair was black and had enormous tits seemed to defy her tiny waist. She was easily a 40DD, which on her tiny frame looked especially huge. She wore a tight white blouse with a black half bra that showed right through. Seeing her I got jealous, but realized he brought her to divert everyone's attention off of him and I later on, especially his son and daughter.

He only stayed at the rehearsal for a few minutes, just enough time for Kate and Bobbie to see him. In that short time he had his arm around her, and I even saw them kiss a few times. This was not missed by Kate and the other girls in the pageant. As the girls commented on Mr. Travers 'new' girl it prompted a lot of them to say they wished they were her.

Kate was indifferent to his new fuck, saying he liked variety, and although I didn't like what I saw I knew that he set it up this way as a diversion for when he returned for me. I found out later after questioning him that he fucked her back at his office before picking me up. Ordinarily I would have been very upset hearing this, but after the night I had with him I was far from being upset.

After Kate and Bobbie and most of the girls left I called Mr. Travers and told him I would be ready in half and hour. I changed into a skin tight white mini dress that clasped around my neck, exposing my back and had a plunging front that showed off my 34D tits perfectly. I wore a pair of tan thigh high stockings and black open toed pumps to draw his attention to my well-defined and smooth, tapered legs. Because of the plunging front I went braless which made me feel real naughty.

As soon as I slid into the leather seat Mr. Travers eyes were locked onto my body. I immediately crossed my legs, drawing his attention to my high heels and the high arches in my feet.

"Very sexy Allison," he said while slowly, and deliberately taking in the sight of my crossed legs up to my exposed tits.

"Umm, very handsome yourself Mr. Travers," I said after thanking him for the compliment and taking in the sight of how handsome he was and how impeccable he was dressed, in a very expensive tailored suit that cost more than most people earn in a month.

"After all these years of watching you grow up and develop into a stunning young lady Allison, it's easy to see why you will win the pageant hands-down," he said while opening a bottle of champaign.

"Thank you Mr. Travers, I'm really glad you like what I turned into," I said as we leaned in to kiss each other.

The kiss was brief but our tongues met outside our mouths in a sexy way that sent sparks deep into my pussy. It was that kiss that let me know we were going to fuck.

"What about your daughter Kate, she's sexy and she's in the pageant too," I asked curiously, wondering if I was imagining something going on between them..

"Oh yes Kate. She positively is very sexy Allison. Sexy in a different way, with a very different body than yours, but yes, very sexy," he said in a way that confirmed he fucked her, or would like to fuck her. "After the pageant I'm taking her away for a two week vacation in the Caribbean at my resort."

I knew from Kate and Bobbie that he owns a villa at an adults only resort that has a reputation for nudity and wild anything goes fucking.

"She told me she was going away with you, but does she know that you are taking her to that wild resort of yours?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Oh she knows Allison, she most definitely knows," he said with a sly grin. "Kate and I went shopping for some very sexy lingerie and wonderful new bikinis the other day, which when she modeled for me, looks absolutely sinful in," he said as he kissed me again, as our tongues snaked uncontrollably across each others.

I kept thinking about Kate's comments about her father being real sexy and now knew why she talked about it smugly. I now realized that her and her father were going away to fuck each other. For some reason that thought of that made my pussy drip. "If my father was half as sexy as Mr. Travers I'd go away and fuck him for two weeks," I thought to myself sinfully.

Kate does have a sexy figure, different than mine, with the flattest tits I've ever seen. She has a chest like a 15 year old boy, but does have a huge pair of nipples that were always hard. She weighs 105 pounds and had long, slender legs. Standing 5'9" tall with her reddish hair, freckles and braces she has a real young naughty schoolgirl look. And naughty she was.

Kate and Bobbie-(Brother & Sister)

A few days ago Bobbie, Kate and I were at their fathers pool she said," Let's go skinny dipping." We were drinking wine and were a little tipsy and thought it was harmless and took our suits off and jumped in. When we stripped I noticed Bobbie take in the sight of Kate's body and could see his cock start to get hard.

"Wow, brother has a real big cock," Kate said looking at his cock while her nipples came alive and stood over the center of her flat chest actually casting a shadow.

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