College Bound: Summer to Remember


We started splashing each other and one thing lead to another and Bobbie was sitting on the steps of the pool and Kate dared me to suck his cock. Taking the challenge I immediately started blowing him. He's 10 inches long and when he was hard I heard Kate say, "Whow he's really huge." I then dared her to suck him, and couldn't believe it when she took him in her hand and went down on him, licking all over his shaft and his balls, causing him to groan loudly.

He was groaning like crazy and in a few seconds grunted that he was going to cum. He lifted his ass off the pool step and shot a load that came out so hard it filled her mouth and splashed on my 34D tits and the side of her face then shot over her head and into the pool water. After he came they kissed hard. It was so hot watching my best friend kiss her brother as if I wasn't even there, seeing their tongues fly out at each other and hearing the moaning sounds they made. As they kissed she kept playing with his cock and in a few minutes he was hard again.

I then dared her to fuck him, but he said, "No Way." After he said it she walked away and said she had to dress up for dinner. She met a guy at the pageant who was a sponsor. He was a lot older than her, he was 44,never married and owned the local newspaper. Even though she had a boyfriend, a boy we all went to school with, she took him up on his offer to go to dinner.

Kate came back out to the pool 15 minutes later wearing a pair of black thigh high stockings attached to a black corset that came down right above her naval. The garter straps were stretched out long against her thin legs. She stood tall in a pair of black high heel pumps. My boyfriends cock got instantly hard when she asked what we thought of the outfit she was going to wear, 'just in case' she said, then laughed slyly, letting us know they were going to fuck.

Looking at my boyfriend with his jaw dropped at the sight of his sister dressed in garters, stockings and heels I said, " Go fuck her. You know you want to," I said hotly as I pumped his throbbing 10 inch cock. That said, he bounced out of the pool and they kissed hotly for about 2 minutes then ran up to her bedroom. From the pool I could hear the sounds of her high heels clicking all the way to her bedroom, and for the next two hours all I heard was her screaming about how big his cock was and him screaming about how great her pussy felt.

At one point I went and stood by his room and watched Kate ride his big cock, up and down as she sat on his lap while he sat in a chair, kissing him as he pinched and kissed her huge nipples, and watched as he flooded her pussy with cum. Like me Kate was on the pill, which made the fucking real hot.

Allison continued

As Mr. Travers and I kissed I instantly stopped thinking about him and Kate fucking and focused on me. I felt so sexy, brushing our lips against one another than opening our mouths so that the tips of our tongues could meet. As our tongues flicked slowly across each others I was getting so worked up. My breathing increased as did my moaning, as I kissed my best friend's and boyfriend's handsome father. After we kissed hotly for a 10 minutes we sipped champaign and kissed as we sipped. I was so turned on, being in the limo with my boyfriends father, kissing him, without the slightest bit of guilt that I was cheating on my boyfriend with his father.

"My sons very lucky to have a girl as sexy as you Allison," he said hotly then kissed my neck which made me moan. "Does he know what to do with a body as sexy as yours Allison," he said hotly, running his hand over my stockings then over my big tits, then putting a finger in my mouth, telling me to suck it.

""Noooo," I answered in a hot, throaty voice as I continued sucking his finger, and thought about the numerous girls my age that were lucky to be with him, especially his daughter.

When he put his glass down he moved the material of my mini dress off my tits and starred at them for a few seconds.

"Beautiful tits Allison. Big, Beautiful, Suckabe tits.... Sexy little nipples. Perfect baby, " he said as he began kissing the tips of my nipples with his pouty mouth, which drove me wild, then to the sides and tops of my 34D tits then back to kissing and sucking each of my rock-hard nipples. Although my tits are real big, like Raylene Richards, my nipples are tiny, just like hers, these little buds that stick up at the ends and are highly responsive, especially when played with.

"Oh fuck, you're driving me crazy Mr.Travers," I said as I squirmed in the seat just by the way he was sucking and biting my nipples. "Oh fuck, you're gonna make me cum baby," I said hotly then felt my pussy explode for the sparks that went through my nipples right to the epicenter in my boiling cunt.

I came so hard that I felt my tong soaking wet. It was the first time I ever came just from having my nipples played with. After I came I heard Mr. Travers say he had to taste me. My head was still in a fog form the amazing orgasm I had just experienced, and the next thing I knew Mr. Travers was pulling my thong down over my thigh high stockings and over my high heel pumps.

"Oh fuck," I groaned out loud as I suddenly felt a tongue make contact with my clit.

I couldn't believe it and thought I was dreaming as Mr. Travers was kneeling between my stocking covered legs and eating my pussy. It was the most erotic and intimate feeling I had ever experienced in my life. Here I was 18 years old lying back and being eaten by the 68 year old father of my best friend and boyfriend. It was so sexy and so naughty.

"Oh fuck, " I moaned as Mr. Travers tongue masterfully licked all over my clit while holding my fuck lips in his fingers then sent his tongue into my pussy exploring my taste.

"I've wanted to eat your pussy for years Allison," he snarled. "I've wanted to taste this pussy for the longest time," he said as I moaned with every flick of his tongue.

"Oh god, gonna cum," I cried out after hearing him say how bad he wanted to taste me. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long," I moaned as a huge orgasm flowed out of me right into his waiting mouth.

I came so hard I pushed off my pumps, lifting my ass off the leather seat. As he ate me I felt him run his finger over my asshole and as I exploded he inserted his finger in my ass, further escalating my orgasm. I kept cumming for over five minutes from the wild sensations coming from my pussy and my ass, before I calmed and dropped my ass back on the seat.

"I've never cum so good and so hard," I said hotly as we kissed and my pussy snapped back to life with the taste of me on his mouth.

"Let's get you out of this sexy dress baby," he said as I instantly turned my back to him to let him unzip me. "I've got to see this amazing body," he snarled.

There was something incredibly hot about Mr. Travers unzipping me and removing my dress that I couldn't explain. The way he unzipped it, so effortlessly while he kissed my neck showed how skilled he was at fucking and that turned me on. After my dress was off we sipped champaign and kissed hotly, as the tips of our tongues met out of our mouths, stabbing at each other, turning me and my pussy on.

I felt so wicked to be in the limo with my boyfriends and best friends father in just my thigh high stockings and high heels. Me being 18 and him 68, 50 years older than me. That alone and the fact that he was their father and that I knew he fucked all the time, really turned me on.

Mr. Travers was my first older man, and I was really loving it. As I sipped my champaign I watch him methodically remove his tie, jacket and shirt as I groaned and complimented him on having an amazing body. The shock of my life came next when he took off his shoes and finally his pants and I witnessed the biggest cock I had ever seen. It looked massive as it hung way over his leg, touching the leather seat than went way up his chest when he sat back.

I knew my boyfriend Bobbie was big at 10 inches, but up until this point I never thought that his father would have a cock as big, and surely not bigger. Well big wasn't the word for the cock Mr. Travers had. His cock looked 10 times bigger than his son's. It was easily as long, but was at least five times wider, the endless veins making it look even bigger, and way more imposing. The veins gave it a menacing look that made my pussy almost cum.

"Oh God. That is the biggest cock I ever saw," I cooed over and over as I put my hands on it. "Fuck, I can't even close my fingers around half of it," I groaned in astonishment, feeing the hard flesh still inflate and spread my fingers apart even further.

"Bigger than my son," he said mockingly, already knowing the answer.

"Oh fuck, ten times bigger, and you know it too," I said in my hot breath as I bent down to kiss it.

For the next 20 minutes I just kissed all over his huge shaft and onto his hanging balls as he sat back and sipped his champaign, taking in the sight of my huge cock worship. I've never seen so much flesh in my life. It was the most powerful and sexy sight ever. Most guys with a hard on are rock hard, but Mr. Travers was so huge his cock was both hard and fleshy, with a little elasticity in it, even when he was fully erect. That's what made his huge cock so sexy, and so powerful. At one point I was flicking my tongue so fast and so frantically across his cockhead that when he pulled his shaft away from my mouth, my tongue was still flicking uncontrollably in the air. It was like I was in a trance at seeing such a big cock.

"Spit on it and put it between your big tits Allison," he commanded. "I want to fuck those sexy, big tits of yours Allison," he said more demanding than requesting.

"Anything you want baby," I said kissing him hard, than eagerly covering his massive shaft in my hot saliva, spitting like mad, over every inch of it. My pussy was so turned on by the confidence he had, knowing just what he wanted to please his huge cock. After his giant cock was thoroughly covered in my hot spit I cupped my tits together and for the next ten minutes enjoyed the feeling of his huge cock fucking my fleshy tits, seeing the wide channel his fat shaft made as it fucked up between my two, big mounds. As he fucked up between my tits we kissed from time to time as the heat built up inside both of us.

His cock was so fat it pushed my tits farther part then any guy I ever tit fucked, including my boyfriend. I went wild seeing his giant cockhead fly past my face, way over my head. His cock was so huge, I couldn't stop thinking what his cock was going to feel like in my pussy as he fucked through my tits crazily.

"I'm gonna fucking cum Allison," he bellowed than shot off all inside the limo.

I felt his huge cock pulse then expand as blast after blast hit the roof and the windows in the limo. I never in my life felt such a powerful explosion. He came for over two minutes before his giant cock came to rest.

"Fuck, you can really cum Mr. Travers," I said looking amazed at the stalagmites that dripped in a steady flow from the windows and ceiling. "I've never seen so much cum," I said in a stunned, almost disbelieving tone, as I crawled beside him where we kissed like lovers.

I felt so wicked, sitting beside my boyfriend and best friends father nude, in my thigh high stockings and high heels, kissing and playing with his huge cock as he cupped my big tits and pinched my little nipples. I was never more turned on in my life and loved knowing we were going to fuck. Him being so handsome and 50 years older than me and being so self-assured was such a turn on for me.

"I'm glad it doesn't seem to bother you that I'm the father of your best friend and your boyfriend Allison," he said snidely as he lay me back on the plush seat then taking his mammoth shaft in his hand, bringing it to the mouth of my scorching pussy.

"Oh fuck, it turns me on even more," I said hotly as my eyes rolled in from the exquisite pain of the massive girth of his shaft as he inched past my fuck lips.

"Good, I wouldn't want guilt getting in the away of our fucking Allison," he said in an almost sarcastic tone, then added a little laugh to further emphasize his snide comment.

"Oh god, I wouldn't care if he was in an accident tonight," I said without any remorse, which caused him to grin almost sadistically.

"That's sexy baby," he said and kissed me hard, as my pussy felt his huge, grapefruit sized cockhead touch my wet fuck lips.

"All I want is to fuck you Mr. Travers. You and that great, big, popular cock of yours," I said in my hottest voice, as I felt his huge cockhead pry my pussy lips apart, which caused my ass to squirm from the feeling of being stretched wider than a beer can..

Taking his time, so that I could adjust to his massive cock, Mr. Travers fucked into my cunt in small circles, as my pussy exploded over every inch before he finally bottomed out. I was never more full in my life and surprised that I could take such a huge cock. As soon as he hit bottom, I felt his cock expand and heard him groan the word," Cumming baby." His cock exploded deep up into the back of my cunt with a force I've never experienced, so hard that it caused me to erupt all over his gigantic shaft.

As we came over each other we kissed hard as my high heels locked onto his muscular back. I couldn't believe it, but he continued to fuck into me with increasingly hard, powerful thrust that had my tits going in spirals, and my ass squirming under his slender frame, even after he just dropped a massive load into my pussy. His ability to fuck so hard and for long periods was mind blowing.

"Oh fuck, so deep," I moaned over and over as he fucked down than pulled his huge shaft back slamming back into me with the most intense thrust. "Oh fuck, I love the way you fuck. So hard. So fucking hard," I yelled out loud. "I've never cum this fucking good," I snarled as another orgasm shot through my boiling pussy.

After cumming Mr. Travers pulled me up so that I was in a position to fuck him. He wanted more and I was more than happy to give it to him.

"Fuck me Allison," he commanded as our mouths locked onto each others and his huge cock rested at the entrance of my pussy. With my hands on his tight chest I slid my scorching pussy back onto his throbbing cock. Amazingly, he had just cum, and was ready to fuck again. I worked my way down his huge cock, trying to adjust to it's freakish size by breathing fast, short breaths. "That's it fuck me Allison. Use your sexy, tight pussy to please my big cock," he snarled then kissed me while he pinched my nipples which made me cum hard.

"Oh god, " I shouted as I came so hard over his massive cock. I now realized that this was what real fucking was supposed to be like.

"God, no wonder he always has a hot girl or two by his side. They all know that his huge cock will make them cum better and harder than any boyfriend or husband ever could," I thought to myself as another giant orgasm exploded deep inside my stretched-out pussy.

Once I finally adjusted to his massive girth I thoroughly enjoyed slamming my tight pussy up and down his huge cock, knowing I was pleasing him, as we kissed and he squeezed my big tits, and pinched my tiny, rock-hard nipples. I even developed a sexy pattern where my right knee was on the leather seat while my left high heel pump was dug into the leather. When I would reach the tip of his huge cock, id spin my ass in a few circles before dropping back down on it.

As I was circling my ass around his huge cock we'd kiss hotly as he told me how sexy I was, and how much he was enjoying our fuck. I felt so sexy to be kissing and fucking my best friends and boyfriends father as he ran his skilled hands all over my stockings than to my big tits and hard nipples than back to my nylons. His hands on my body drove me crazy and kept me moaning as we fucked.

We were in the limo for over two hours before we arrived at the up-scale restaurant. Just as arrived in the parking lot, we both exploded all over each other then fell into each others arms and kissed hungrily. As he zipped me up he cupped my tits and kissed my neck telling me he loved fucking me. I turned my head and our tongues met as I moaned, thrilled by the way he was playing with my tits and excited that I turned him on.

After we dressed we went into the restaurant arm-in-arm. He was greeted by so many wealthy and prominent people in the community. He introduced me his sons girlfriend, saying he was taking me out before I left for College which made me feel so sexy and extremely naughty. The restaurant was very exclusive and the area we were in was very private.

At dinner I was so taken by his worldliness and his compliments about how sexy I was and that he had wanted to fuck me for a long time.

"Every time I was at your house with Bobbie or Kate Id always look for you, but you were usually out with one of your many teenage girlfriends.

"I like to date Allison."

"You mean fuck."

"Yes fuck. Synonymous words to me Allison," he said authoritatively than kissed me while reaching between my stocking covered legs pushing my thong to the side then finger fucked my me a few times, pulling out right before making me cum. "Taste your sexy pussy," he commanded as I willingly licked my cunt off his fingers.

"Oh fuck you're driving me crazy baby," I said heatedly.

During dinner we would kiss and I would play with his huge cock under the table, whispering in his ear that I loved his huge cock and loved the way he fucked me. I told him that I never got off so good and so hard in my life, and that I wished we were back in the limo fucking. At one point as we were kissing he pushed my thong to the side and finger fucked me to a thrilling orgasm, telling me he couldn't wait to have his big cock back inside me.

We left the restaurant arm-in-arm as he nodded to a lot of the well-known people he introduced me to when we arrived. I could feel every man's and a lot of the women's eyes all over me and could hear them saying to themselves, "Oh, he's definitely going to fuck her." I grinned to myself, feeling there envy and jealousness as my high heels clicked naughtily on the wood floor as I walked past them.

I want to fuck you all night Allison," he said as we left the restaurant, and kissed at the door of the limo.

"Oh god me too," I said heatedly as I snaked my tongue against his. "I can't wait to get that huge cock out of your pants and into my pussy," I said in a low throaty moan.

In the limo he stripped my dress again, skillfully as he slid it over my pumps than removed my thong the same way. After he removed his cloths we kissed and played with each other like lovers, stopping so that I could call my parents and tell I'd be staying out that night. As I talked to my father Mr. Travers was kissing my tits and nipples, making it almost impossible to concentrate on the conversation with my father, as I let my tongue fly out to meet his every few seconds. I told him that Mr. Travers had taken a few girls out to diner and that I was going to stay at his house that night with Kate, which I had done a number of times.

My parents, as with a lot of people in the community the utmost respect for Mr. Travers, as he was responsible for helping my parents get their mortgage and car loans. As my father talked to Mr. Travers, thanking him for the great things he does for people and for taking me to dinner and letting me stay at his house, I was busily licking up and down his huge cock with the slyest of grins on my face. As he was talking to my father I felt his cock begin to expand and contract. I knew he was ready to cum.

"You have a wonderful daughter with a lot of 'big things' in store for her," he said with a sly smirk which caused me to grin and pump up and down his huge shaft fiercely as his eyes rolled back into his head. He tan rushed my father off the phone, clicking the end button as I heard my father talking in mid sentence then said he was cumming. He then let out a huge burst of cum, as I secured my mouth over his pulsing cockhead as best I could, because of its massive girth and began getting blasted by his hot seed.

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