College Camping Experience


Cloe was breathing hard. Watching Ally had gotten her all hot and bothered. Cloe dared Kate to have Molly sit on her face for 30 seconds. Kate shook her head and lay down on a sheet on the ground. Molly removed her clothing and kneeled over her face. The girls gathered around and watched as Molly lowered her swollen pussy down to Kate's face.

Kate stuck out her tongue as Molly slid her lips back and forth. After just a few seconds, Molly was grinding her hips against Kate's face. Her moans were long and deep. As with the other girls, she was stopped just short of climaxing. Molly fell backwards and lay motionless panting for several seconds until she regained some composure.

Kate looked back and forth at Mandy and Ally deciding which person she wanted to challenge. Mandy I dare you to video tape Ally masturbating.

"How is that a dare for Mandy?" Ally asked.

Kate replied, "A dare is a dare."

Ally lay down on the sheet and reluctantly began to touch herself as the girls gathered around. She slowly spread her lips and slid her finger inside. She was so hot, she wasn't sure if she would be able to hold her orgasm off. She closed her eyes as she inserted a second finger.

Her fingers slid in and out. She could feel the burn in her stomach begin to build again. Her pussy was on fire. Her fingers were going crazy inside her convulsing walls. Her hips were swaying in the air. She suddenly wondered if she had heard how long she was supposed to continue.

She heard moan after moan escape her throat. She could feel an explosion plowing its way through her body and heading straight for her pussy when Kate said "Stop. Time is up."

"Noooooooo" Ally said as her body collapsed to the ground.

She felt like a ball of electricity. She wished Kate would have waited just a few seconds longer. She couldn't believe she had masturbated in front of a bunch of females and didn't even care anymore. She was too horny to care at this moment.

Mandy stopped recording and said, "I will keep this video forever."

Ally had forgotten this was being recorded. She suddenly regretted taking her mother's advice to get out more often. None of this would be happening had she just stayed at home. Ally reluctantly pulled her soaking wet panties up her hips again. She couldn't believe she was going to have to wear them until the morning.

Ally took her seat and remembered that Mandy had a dare to make now. Mandy dared Ally to sleep in her teepee bound tonight. Ally was beginning to realize she had been set up. She wondered how many of them were in this. She had no choice but to accept the dare. They wouldn't let her turn it down anyways.

Ally spoke up, "I have one dare to give also. Beth, I dare you to go all weekend without an orgasm."

"What? Are you serious? No frickin way."

Ally laughed and said, "A dare is a dare.

All the other girls laughed hysterically. No one had ever pushed back after receiving the dare to be bound overnight.

The girls all decided it was time for bed. None of them could wait to relieve themselves. All of them would, but Kim. Molly walked Ally to the teepee with her hand around her waist.

"You have done very well so far Ally. I am impressed. I didn't think you would take all this tonight very well. I was assigned to be your confidant this weekend. Because of that, I have the task of sleeping naked next to you tonight. I hope that doesn't offend you. Just know tomorrow and the next days will be worry free."

Ally lay down as Molly bound her hands and tied them to the center of the teepee and then tied each one of her feet to the stakes. Her legs were now spread wide open. She realized she was in a vulnerable position that would make it uncomfortable to sleep. She could feel her wet panties cling to her pussy. It felt like they were pasted on her as her juices began to dry.

Ally was so horny. It was torture watching Molly undress before her. She noticed Molly was just as horny as she was when Molly slip her pants off to show her soaking wet panties. Ally admired the look of Molly's swollen lips that were slightly spread, her clit peeking out.

Molly climbed under the the sleeping bag and told Ally, "I am sorry."

Ally asked, "For what?"

Molly paused a moment before she replied, "Just know I am sorry."

With that, Molly began running her fingers over Ally's skin. Molly's fingers felt like electric fire on her skin.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/02/18

Fun times

I often wondered what the girls did on those weekend camping trips. It sounds like fun. No wonder us guys were never invited

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