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College Days


My first two years in college were less than ideal. By my third year, I had transferred to a new school and ended up living in a solo room in an all Freshman dorm. Being a Junior was definitely an advantage. All of the Freshman girls were eager to make friends, and I had learned enough in my first two years to have a leg up on everyone.

On the first weekend, I met Joanna at a frat party and soon found that she lived in the same dorm as me. I took her back to my room and we fucked for hours. She ended up being a total slut, but it was a great night, ending with me drenching her tits, stomach and face with a gigantic blast of my jizz.

Joanna was extremely impressed with my cock size; I was a bit above ten inches with well above average girth. What she seemed to love most was the massive amount of cum that I saturating her with. I have always produced very big cumshots, and if I went more than a day without cumming, I would produce more than anyone could handle.

What I didn't realize at the time was that Joanna was a pretty big gossip. The word spread about me between the Freshman girls. Joanna and I fooled around a couple more times, but eventually she found a couple other guys and I was content to drift away.

I ended up befriending a group of girls and we all became pretty close. I flirted with one of them all the time and was hoping to pursue her, but there always seemed to be something in the way. Maria was the girl. She was a beautiful, sexy Latina, had great curves, 38D breasts, big beautiful eyes and a smile that lit up the room. Maria oozed sex appeal. Everything about her turned me on. She had the typical Latin sass and a subtle accent that made me want to terrible things to her.

Maria roomed with Christina. As soon as the two of them had met it seemed as if they had known each other forever. Christina was a little on the heavier side but still very pretty. She had a very cute face and was very sexual. Christina's best feature were her giant tits. Even at 18, she was very open about her breast size being 40E and wasn't shy with using them to tease me even though our relationship was platonic.

The last in the group was Jane. She was very slender and couldn't have weighed much more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. Jane had a beautiful face and didn't have much going on in terms of curves, but she still knew how to drive a guy wild. Jane had two perfect little tits and often went braless so that you could see her perky little nipples through her shirts. Jane was the biggest flirt of all, always batting her eyelashes and just loved to play games. Jane also roomed with Joanna, though they weren't close, she was the one that told Maria and Christina about me.

One night, I met up with a few guys for a poker night and ended up wandering back to my dorm around 3 am. The girls had gone out clubbing. Even though that typically included Maria or one of the other girls rubbing up against me all night, I wasn't much into the club scene.

When I got back to my room I noticed someone leaning against my door. As I got closer I noticed it was Jane, fast asleep, slouched down in the sitting position. Even though she was passed out, she looked good. She was wearing a very short, black dress which showed off her slender figure nicely. She clearly had some sort of push up bra going on, I knew she was getting some help up there, but I wasn't complaining.

"Hey, Jane." I tried to wake her with a gentle nudge. "Wake up, beautiful."

Jane peacefully came to. Slowly opening her eyes and turning her head to me while realizing the situation and smiling at herself.


"Good morning," I said sarcastically.

As I helped Jane to her feet, she explained to me that Joanna had a guy in her room and she didn't feel like dealing with trying to sleep with that going on. I couldn't imagine sleeping in that room either; I knew from experience that Joanna was pretty loud. I lead Jane into my room, figuring we could sleep together without anything happening. I was really hoping to jerk off tonight, it had been like 2-3 days and I was definitely backed up, but I didn't see much of a choice at this point.

Jane jumped in the bed and snuggled up facing the wall, I offered her a t-shirt and boxers, but she ignored me. Since she was turned, I figured I should quickly get changed. I took of my shirt and dropped my pants. Typically, I slept in just boxers, but I wasn't sure what to do tonight. Before I could make a decision, I felt Jane behind me. She put her hands on me and I turned around into her, she brought herself closer and went in for a kiss. I kissed her right back.

Her lips were soft and her motive was clear, when we parted she looked up at me with a smirk on her face. She knew what she wanted and she was ready to take it. She kissed my chest and rubbed my body with her hands. I began to untie her dress and kissed her wherever I could. The dress dropped to the floor as I gave Jane a nice, deep kiss. She was as sexy as could be, with a lacy black bra and matching thong. I moved down to kiss her neck and she pushed me away.

"Hold on," she ordered.

I wasn't sure what this meant as I waited to see what she was going to do next with a noticeable bulge in my shorts. Jane looked really good backing away, wearing just her sexy, black lingerie. She was on her phone, sending a text or something. After a minute or so she giggled out loud and turned her attention back to me.

"Sorry about that." She was finally finished. "I see that famous cock of yours is still a little hard... I want to see it fully erect... I want to see that notoriously big load I've heard so much about... So, where were we?"

As she said this, she unhooked her bra and stood in front of me topless. My cock was just about as hard as it gets. Jane looked so good that I had no control over it. She pulled me to the bed, laid me down and climbed on top of me. Giving me a big kiss and working her way to my neck, past my chest and stomach, sensually touching just about every part of me with her tongue. As she got down to my crotch, she rubbed my cock through my shorts and kissed the thin fabric right where my balls are. She had begun stroking me through my shorts when there was a knock on the door. I didn't even have time to register who it could be, but Jane didn't miss a beat. She smiled her wicked smile and let out a giggle as she got up to let the mystery knocker in. I was a little surprised to see Maria and Christina walk through the door with big grins on their faces.

"Looking good, stud," one of them said as all three girls jumped into bed with me.

Both Maria and Christina seemed to be wearing what they slept in. This consisted of short shorts and thin t-shirts with no bras in sight.

"We heard the stories about you, and we want to see that big cock of yours in action. How would you like the three of us to take care of you tonight?"

I was blown away. I had jerked off to each of these girls multiple times. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been dying to fuck all three of them. I must have nodded as they all smiled and looked me up and down. Their hands were all over me as my cock continued to stir under my shorts. I was lying in the middle of the bed, Maria was on my right, Jane was at my feet and had begun rubbing my cock again, and Christina was on my left with her hands exploring every part of me. Maria knelt in to kiss me passionately on the lips. I felt her chest against me and could feel my cock twitching. Jane and Christina slowly reached into my shorts and put their fists around my hard prick. Maria and I finished our kiss and she brought herself back up to take of her shirt. Her tits were a work of art. I wanted nothing more than to bury my face in them and to feast on her perfect nipples. Christina was still holding my cock as Jane brought it out through the hole in my boxers and was slowly bringing it in and out of her mouth.

I moaned in pleasure, Maria came back down with her tits out and kissed me again. She started with my lips and then to my neck and my ear. Her hands were rubbing my chest as she kissed my earlobe and began softly speaking to me in Spanish. I have no idea what she was saying, but it felt like she was worshiping me. Her accent was so sexy that I could barely contain myself.

Christina had pulled my shorts down and her and Jane were now taking turns putting my dick in their mouths. I looked down to see that Christina had removed her shirt and her gigantic tits were now out in the open. I needed a closer look.

"Wait... wait," I begged mercifully. There was no stopping the girls. They were in awe of my cock and wanted nothing more than to see me spray them with a massive load. Eventually, they decided to help me out and listen.

"What do you want, baby? Tell us anything and we'll do it for you." Maria's voice was so sexy.

All three of the girl were looking up at me, waiting for orders. Maria was still on my right, while Christina and Jane were both sitting at my crotch, Jane's hand around my shaft while Christina gripped my balls.

Christina's tits were enormous. I needed them in my face, to be smothered by them. I ordered Christina up to me and she happily obliged. I told Maria to go down and take her spot next to Jane so that they could work my cock together. As soon as Maria got down there, her and Jane began making out while Jane slowly jerked me off. Christina began to straddle my chest and put her big jugs in my face. I was in heaven.

After a few minutes the girls decided to mix it up. Christina got off me and went down to join the other two.

"If you love my giant tits in your face, then you are going to love this," she said as she positioned herself in the middle. Seeing her tits next to Maria's was a dream come true.

Maria took hold of my cock and placed it right in between Christina's giant mounds. Christina began working them up and down as they engulfed the entire length of my rock hard dick. I was so close to exploding I could barely hold back. Maria and Jane crawled up to my sides and simultaneously kissed my neck and rubbed my body with their hands while Christina continued to bounce her big tits around me.

"Cum for us, baby... We want to see a nice, warm load explode out of that huge dick of yours," Maria cooed with her accent.

"That is by far, the biggest cock I have ever seen.... Please, please , please cum for us..." Jane begged.

"I'm going to cum, ladies... I'm so close," I warned. "That feels amazing."

Neither of them wanted to miss the grand finale. Maria and Jane scooted down next to Christina as she continued going up and down and up and down.... She released my cock and Maria and Jane both grabbed it and continued jerking. All three girls were spitting on my cock to lube me up as I got closer and closer. Jane put her mouth right around the head and the girls all moaned to me, begging for me to release and spray them with my juices.

"Oh yeah... there it is girls. Here I cum...YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" I let out a loud grunt of release. My cock was pointed straight up as the first shot blasted out. A huge stream of cum fired straight up, one of the biggest blasts any of us had ever seen, shooting up so fast and so hard that the girls let out a shriek of surprise as it almost reached the ceiling.




I heard all three of them cheer me on as they continued to pump my jizz out of my bright red cock. Maria was looking up at the first shot as it elevated into the air and quickly descended right back down. It came back so quickly that it hit her right in the face and left a huge string on her face. She loved it.

The second shot may have been even more impressive than the first. Firing just as high and seeming like an even longer string of cum. Maria saw it coming right back down for her and she opened her mouth in anticipation, getting a good serving of my jizz right onto her tongue, as well as some splattering on her chin.

Christina was holding up her tits so that they looked even bigger for me. Jane and Maria knew what to do, aiming my cock directly at the enormous titties that were sitting right in front of me. The third blast was a dead shot right on the top of Christina's left tit. Another strong blast that coated her in my thick cum. The fourth did the same to her right jug, soaking her huge breasts with just 2 shots, everyone was impressed. For the fifth string, Christina opened her mouth and aimed my cock up at her so she could take the shot right down her throat. She kept coming towards me and wrapped her lips around my member to take the sixth shot straight into her mouth. My jizz was still coming out with such power that Christina couldn't take it and had to pull me out as she began to choke on my semen.

As soon as she let it go, Jane grabbed my shaft again and put her lips around the head, absorbing the seventh, eighth and ninth blasts. She did the best she could, but 3 strings was too much for her, and she began choking just like Christina did. Maria jumped in and began milking the rest out of me, I seemed to be done blasting as she jerked me off, but there were still thick globs oozing out of my cock and pouring down my shaft.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's right, let all that cum out," she encouraged before throwing her mouth around my dick and slurping up all that she could until I finally finished.

When Maria released me, I caught my breathe and looked down at these three beautiful girls that were now drenched in my monstrous cum load. Jane had cum drooling out of her mouth from the blasts she tried to swallow. Christina had been drooling a bit too, but collected herself and was now preoccupied with wiping my cum off of her giant tits that I completely glazed with my juice. Maria's face was still covered with the first two blasts, she had licked up all she could, but it was still too much for her.

All of the girls looked so enamored with the amount of cum that they had gotten out of me. Each of them proud of themselves, my big cock and the giant load that now covered them.

Jane helped Maria by licking some of my cum off of her face. Then, Jane and Maria turned to Christina and began scooping piles of cum off of her gigantic rack and feeding it to each other. I still just laid there in awe, my cock still standing rock hard, straight up in the air as I felt complete relaxation. As they were finishing up, I began to plan out what I wanted to do to each of them next.

The girls were all preoccupied with each other. As soon as I gained feeling back in my legs, I stood up and walked around the bed to stand over them. Maria and Christina were making out, their titties pushing up against each other was so unbelievably sexy. Jane was close by, ready to get involved again when she noticed me standing over her, my cock still hard and right below her chin; she didn't hesitate to put it right back in her mouth and begin to jerk me off.

"That's it, baby," I encouraged. "Get me nice and wet."

Jane looked straight up at me as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. Christina and Maria continued to kiss and fondle each other while Jane began to deep throat me as well as she could. Once my cock felt wet enough I pulled Jane up to me, gave her a big kiss and forced her against the wall. I kissed her hard and lifted up her leg to slide myself inside of her.

"Oh yeah, baby... Fill my cunt with that huge cock of yours!"

Jane was more than ready. I slid into her slowly, listening to her moans grow louder and louder. I got pretty deep before I started quickly thrusting myself in and out, hard.

"Oh yes. Yes. Yes! YES! YES!!! YES!!!!!" Jane screamed as I worked her pussy like a jack hammer.

It was a tough angle to take full advantage of her wet pussy. Luckily, Jane was small enough that I was able to bring my arms beneath her legs and lift her up onto me. Jane wrapped her arms around my neck as I carried her into the center of the room while continuing to work myself in and out of her tight pussy.

"OH YEAH, BABY!!!" She screamed. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!"

There was no stopping me as I continued to push myself deeper and deeper inside of her.

"I'M CUMMING!!! I'M CUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!" Jane was screaming louder and louder as I continued to fuck her senseless.

I felt her tight cunt spasm around my dick as I continued to plunge into her depths. As she screamed louder and louder, I buried myself as deep as I could go inside of her, bringing her to even higher levels of pleasure.

Jane was still coming down from her state of ecstasy as I collapsed us onto the bed. This got Maria and Christina out of their trance as we hit the bed with a thud. When we landed, Jane was on top and continued to slowly ride her orgasm out. Maria began to kiss her as she rode it out and Christina came up to my lips to kiss me. I accepted the kiss on the lips, but quickly worked my way down her neck and back to her tits. I began to furiously suck on her right nipple while I groped her left breast. Her tits truly were incredible, I couldn't even grip the entire breast it was so unbelievably large.

Maria was eventually able to pull Jane off of me and climbed on top while I continued to bury my face into Christina's rack. I was impressed as Maria was able to slowly work just about all of my big cock into her wet pussy. Once I was in, she began to work her hips like only a Latina can. Making sure my cock hit every inch of her pussy to give her the most pleasure possible. She was extremely loud, riding herself to orgasm very quickly, rocking back and forth on my cock while I was happily being suffocated by Christina's tits. Maria was screaming in Spanish as she quickly reached orgasm. Jane was still laying next to me, trying to catch her breathe after I gave her the fucking of a lifetime.

Christina finally set me free as I begged for her to bring her tits back to me. Maria was lowering herself off of my cock as she tried to catch her breathe with Jane on the other side of the bed. I got up and laid Christina on her back at the end of the bed. I stood over her, looking down as she rubbed her big titties and waited for me to fuck her. Instead of going straight in, I jumped up on her and straddled her stomach so that my cock was right over her tits. She knew I wanted to fuck them again and lifted her face up so she could get me nice and wet for them.

Once my cock was drenched in her saliva, Christina pulled my cock in between her massive tits again and let me start titty fucking. I couldn't believe how big and beautiful they were as my cock was completely buried as I thrust like a mad man. I kept this up for a few minutes while Christina gave me some words of encouragement and held the side of each breast for me as I fucked them. It wasn't long before I couldn't take it anymore and needed to feel her pussy around my shaft. I pulled myself out and stood up over her again. I grabbed both of Christina's legs and brought them up to my shoulders as I positioned my throbbing cock right in front of her pussy.

"Please fuck me, baby... I want to feel that big cock inside of me."

This was all I needed to hear as I shoved my cock straight inside of her and immediately went as deep as I could go.


I began pumping myself in and out, watching Christina's big titties bounce with my vibrations. Christina was rubbing her nipples as she screamed in pleasure with my cock inside of her. Meanwhile, Jane and Maria had finally come to and stood up to join me. Maria came up to my right, hugged me and pushed her big tits up against me as I continued to fuck her best friend. Jane was on my left, kissing my ear and whispering for me to go faster and faster so I could finish up Christina and she could go again.

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