College Days


My eyes were fixated on Christina's bouncing jugs as I continued to hold her ankles and thrust all the way inside of her. Maria must have notice this as she carefully pulled my hand from Christina and brought it to her own magnificent chest. She held Christina's ankle for me while I felt her up and worshiped her breasts with my right hand. Jane had gone down to kiss Christina and make sure I didn't fuck her too hard up the bed.

Christina gripped the sheets tightly as her screams grew louder and louder. I was running out of energy, but nothing could stop me from burying myself deeper and deeper into this wet pussy.


Christina's pussy tightened around my cock as she felt the power of her orgasm through ever inch of her body. The girls all smiled as they watched their friend feel the same pleasure they had experience just moments before. My cock was harder than ever before, and I wasn't going to last much longer. As Christina was just about finished, I withdrew my cock and fell back onto my desk, exhausted from hard fucking I had just given these three beautiful girls.

"I know you're not done yet," Jane said walking towards me with her evil smirk. She pulled me back to the bed and threw me down next to Christina so that my cock was straight up in the air. As soon as I went down, my cock was back on Jane's mouth. I looked down to see her bobbing on my cock, eager to get me ready for her tight pussy.

Maria was down there with her, rubbing my balls with care and watching Jane intently as she deep-throated my rock hard prick. Jane finished up and began to position herself to ride me again. Before she could get on, Maria kissed her hard on the lips to stop her. I looked over to Christina who appeared to still be in another universe, recovering from her powerful orgasm.

"Me first," said Maria to Jane as she positioned herself to straddle me. Jane was so turned on by Maria getting into the reverse cowgirl position that she was forced to comply. Maria stuck her fat ass out towards my face; I wanted nothing more than to take a bite right out of it. Maria lowered herself onto my cock and Jane came up to kiss me.

Maria worked magic as she rode me, moving her hips in ways that drove my cock wild. Jane and I watched as her perfectly round ass bounced in front of us. Maria was even louder than before as she rode me with purpose. Jane was caressing and kissing me all over as Maria bounced higher and higher into the air.

"Ay, Papi!" She yelled. "Ay! Ay!!! AY!!!!!"

Maria was closing in on an orgasm as I lifted my hips to go even deeper inside of her. She began to scream uncontrollably as she hit orgasm number two. The pleasure became so intense, and my cock was so deep that she was forced to spring herself off of me and onto the floor as she tried to catch her breathe. As soon as my cock was free, Jane reacted. She jumped right up on top of me and began to ride me out.

"You're doing so good, baby.... Let me make you cum.... I want to see another big load spurt out of that big cock of yours."

It wouldn't be long until Jane got what she wanted. She was riding me like a pro, screaming in pleasure as my cock explored her tight pussy again. Christina had recovered and crawled up on my right to kiss me. She had a big smile on her face as she appeared to be ready to fall into a deep sleep. Maria scooted back up onto the bed and was now on my left. I kissed them both as Jane continued to bounce up and down on top of me. Christina smiled again like she had just come up with a great idea. She moved up a little bit more so that her gigantic tits were right in my face.

"Oh yeah, baby.... Let's see that big load... Come on, baby.... Give it me..." Jane continued to encourage me as I buried my face in Christina's tits again. My hands were on Jane's hips as she bounced higher and higher and I sucked on Christina's nipple. I felt my balls tighten and knew it wouldn't be long before I showed them another big blast. I was barely able to remove myself from Christina's heavenly rack.

"Keep going, baby... It's coming soon...." Jane smiled as I updated her on my status. Maria was coming to and Christina was getting up to prepare for my cumshot.

"Stand up for us. Spray your jizz straight down our throats." Jane jumped off of me and I stood up and turned to face them. All three girls were now lined up, starring at my cock and waiting for my second load. I had started to jerk off, figuring that would be how I finish, but they were having none of that.

All three girls put a hand at my crotch to help me get to the next level. Christina was massaging my balls as she stuck her titties out to give me a nice view. Maria did the same with her chest as she stroked my cock quickly. Jane used both of her hands to rub all over my legs and spit on my cock to help lube me up.


I was able to grunt that out as what felt like a gallon of semen pumped out of my balls and onto the three smiling beauties in front of me. The first shot hit Jane straight in the face. She threw her neck back with the surprising power of the blast. She was immediately covered in my cum and loved every second of it. For the second shot, Maria aimed me right at her face, leaving a big string all the way from her chin to the top of her forehead. The third blasted straight onto her tongue; she worshiped the flavor. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to handle anymore in her mouth, she then aimed me down at her beautiful titties and let me send a blast straight at them.

"Quit hogging it all!" the other girls complained as they pulled me back towards them. My fifth blast hit Jane right in her chest. She let out a squeal of joy and immediately began rubbing my seed all over her perky tits.

Once she let go, Christina had full control and aimed me right towards her. A massive sixth blast soaked her tits. She pulled herself towards me and stuck my pulsating cock right in her mouth to take my seventh blast. She quickly withdrew before the eighth shot which hit her right on her chest again. Jane then pulled me back and put her lips around my head to drink whatever else I had in me. My body convulsed as the rest of my cum shot straight down her throat. I was completely drained when she finally released my cock from her lips.

I collapsed onto the bed, totally spent and barely able to keep my eyes open. The girls all snuggled up against me as we slept in each others' arms. I woke up a few hours later with Maria snuggled close on my left, Christina on my right and Jane next to Christina. I smiled to myself as I confirmed that this definitely was not a dream and fell right back to sleep.

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