tagGay MaleCollege Days Ch. 01

College Days Ch. 01


Brady loaded the final supplies into the bed of his truck and made sure everything was secured. He couldn't believe his luck. It was a month to the day before he and his high school sweetheart would be heading off to college together. He knew Ezra was nervous by the way his adorable future music major had been neglecting him for the piano. Brady was nervous too, but for a different reason that had to do with the fact that he had no plan for his future. The week before, out of the blue, one of Mr. Lockheart's co-workers had called with an offer of a lake side cabin in a state park for a few days. Ezra had seemed a little uncertain, but Brady was excited. He'd always loved camping, though he'd only been a few times.

He took a second inventory of everything and decided they couldn't be any more prepared than they were. Ezra was waiting on the porch, shifting uncomfortably. Brady smiled, not failing to notice that this was the first time he'd ever seen Ezra in shorts.

The young couple said good bye to Ezra's adopted parents, hopped into the truck, and started on their way. Out of habit, they laced their fingers together and Ezra rested his head on Brady's shoulder.

"Are you excited, baby?" Brady asked.

Ezra shrugged.

Brady held Ezra's hand tighter and leaned over to give him a quick kiss at a stop sign. "I love you."

"I love you too," Ezra replied. "So much."

Brady smiled. When they'd first met, Ezra had been so painfully shy he wouldn't speak at all, but he'd slowly come out of his shell for Brady. Brady still felt like there were some things Ezra didn't tell him, but then again, there were things that couldn't be put into words.

Ezra's hands roamed over Brady's chest and stomach. Brady glanced at him and saw his bright smile and an unfamiliar mischievous look as Ezra put his hands on Brady's thigh and nibbled at his neck.

Brady let out a soft groan and the truck drifted into the next lane. Brady brought it back and was about to protest but Ezra's quick hands had already unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Brady tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

"We'll be at the cabin in an hour," he said.

Ezra responded by kissing the head of Brady's dick. Brady did not protest again. Ezra started to bob his head in time with the rhythm of the road. Brady nearly missed a stop sign and as the truck jerked to a stop and Ezra swallowed every inch of Brady's cock.

"Oh hell," he moaned. He put the truck in park and laid his head back. He ran his fingers through Ezra's hair and gasped as he came.


The cabin was a lot more than Brady had expected. Inside was a kitchenette, a television with a DVD player, and a couch. There was a bathroom, with a note on the door warning that the shower had low water pressure and not to put paper in the toilet. In the other half of the cabin there was a bed frame with a mattress. Brady threw their sleeping bags down and took the box of food from Ezra. He kissed Ezra's forehead and said, "You just sit down and look pretty. Let your man take care of this."

Ezra rolled his eyes and took the box back and started to put the food away.

Brady gave Ezra's perfect backside a light swat as he returned to the truck and brought in their bags of clothes.

Once the truck had been unloaded, the young couple went to check out the view from the back porch. They were no more than ten feet away from the lakeshore and Brady was eager to jump in right away.

"Let's go swim," Brady said.

Ezra stared at the lake warily. "There are so many people," he said softly.

"Baby, you don't have to worry. I'll be with you."

"I just..." Ezra clamped his mouth shut and looked at Brady pleadingly. "Not with so many people."

Brady nodded. He supposed the Ezra must be nervous about being in swimwear out in public. Brady often forgot that Ezra was ashamed of the scars that spread all over his body, particularly the ones on his stomach that spelled out 'slut'. Even if he wore a T-shirt with his swim trunks, Ezra would still feel exposed.

Brady wrapped his arms around Ezra from behind. "That's ok, beautiful. I bet the lake is so empty at night we could swim naked if we wanted."

Ezra blushed deliciously and Brady slipped his hand up Ezra's shirt and gave his nipple a light pinch as he nibbled at his earlobe. "I'm going to repay you for what you did on the ride up here," Brady whispered. "You won't know when to expect it."

Ezra pressed himself against Brady, trying to pull Brady's hands down to his growing bulge. Brady gave him a pat and Ezra squeaked from anticipation, but that was all Brady would give.

Ezra poked out his bottom lip and gave Brady his best puppy dog eyes, but Brady just smiled and put a finger on Ezra's lips. "Not yet, baby boy. Come on; let's go get lost in the woods."

Brady took Ezra's hand and led him to a trail. They walked at a leisurely pace, looking around at the wonders of the tall trees and bright green undergrowth, speckled with purple flowers and populated by all sorts of bugs. Dragonflies buzzed by them. Brady laughed until he thought he would cry when one landed on Ezra's nose. Ezra crossed his eyes to stare at the creature and then joined Brady in his laughter.

When the sun started to set, they turned around and headed back to the cabin. Brady pulled out the small barbeque pit and started the charcoal while Ezra seasoned ground beef and made patties. Once their meal had been prepared they sat down next to each other on the porch, eating and watching the stars appear one by one. When the food was gone and the night developed a slight chill, the young lovers huddled together.

Brady glanced out at the glassy surface of the lake. "There's no one there," he said. His words lingered in the silence of the night.

Finally Ezra nodded. "I'm a little scared."

"I won't let anything happen to you. You know that, angel."

Hand in hand, they walked to the water's edge. Brady glanced around and pulled his shirt off. He winked at Ezra as he pulled down his shorts and boxers. He kissed Ezra softly and started to lift his shirt, but Ezra shied away.

Brady waded out into the water and motioned for Ezra to follow. "Come on, beautiful. The water's warmer than you think."

Hesitantly, Ezra dipped his toe into the water to find that it was indeed warmer than he'd expected. He waded out to water that was knee deep and watched Brady swim out. Ezra felt fear like a cold block of ice in his stomach. He didn't like that Brady was going so far. He was afraid. If anything were to happen he knew that he wouldn't be able to help Brady. "B-brady," Ezra called out. His voice was so soft he wasn't sure if Brady would hear him, but sure enough, Brady returned.

His hair was wet and the black curls stuck to his forehead as rivulets of water ran down his face. The moonlight made his skin shine, every sculpted muscle. Ezra felt his breath get caught up in his throat when Brady's seven inch erection rose above the water. Just seeing him made Ezra want to feel Brady moving inside him, to feel Brady's smooth skin against his, and their lips pressed together while their tongues danced.

Brady held his hand out to Ezra and Ezra took it without hesitating. Brady pulled Ezra out toward the deeper water. Ezra hurried to wrap his arms around Brady's neck.

"Trust me," Brady whispered and then nibbled at Ezra's earlobe.

Ezra tightened his grip on Brady and kissed along his jaw until Brady captured Ezra's mouth with his. They kissed passionately, with the water lapping at their chins, until their need peaked. They rushed out of the water to the shore and stumbled for the cabin, unwilling to break their lips apart.

Brady pulled at Ezra's shirt as they crashed through the door. The white material was soaked and tight against Ezra's smooth body. Brady laid Ezra on the bed and pulled at the wet shirt, but it rolled and tangled around Ezra's wrists. Brady liked that though. He started to grind his hips against Ezra's and watched as Ezra's flushed, swollen lips parted and he let out a soft whine of desire. Brady quickly pulled Ezra's shorts off.

Brady ran his hands all over Ezra's soft stomach and watched Ezra start to tremble. His erection was pressed against his stomach, leaking pre-cum all over the place.

"Tell me what you want me to do, baby," Brady whispered.

Ezra panted as Brady teased him, almost touching his throbbing erection, almost pinching his pert nipples. "You have to tell me," Brady said teasingly. "Tell me what you want."

Ezra arched his back and groaned. "Please, Brady."

"Please, what?" Brady said.

Ezra wiggled, trying to get his hands free of the wet T-shirt they were tangled in. "Touch me, Brady."

"Where?" Brady asked. "What do you want, baby? Just ask, you know I'll do it."

Ezra arched his back again. "Pinch," he panted. "Please."

Brady pinched both Ezra's nipples and smiled at the ragged cry of pleasure. "What else, angel?"

Ezra blushed and Brady pinched a little harder. "Suck me, please, Brady," Ezra whispered.

Brady trailed kisses down Ezra's stomach before taking the head of Ezra's throbbing dick into his mouth. Ezra gasped and moaned and thrust his hips forward. Brady looked up at his angel, twisting and turning against the T-shirt that trapped his hands. He bit his lip and cried out, "Please, please take all of it."

Brady swallowed Ezra and flexed his throat muscles around the throbbing organ. Ezra thrust his hips wildly and let out soft whines of pleasure. Brady felt Ezra getting ready to orgasm and then backed away. Ezra groaned in frustration. "You didn't tell me to make you cum," Brady said.

Finally, one of Ezra's hands slipped free and Ezra attacked Brady's lips with surprising strength. He twisted and managed to end up on top of Brady. He nibbled at Brady's neck, chewed at his earlobes, and pinched his nipples while grinding his hips against Brady's, their erections sliding together against their stomachs. It seemed their day enjoying nature had brought out the animal in him. Ezra fumbled for the lube that was tucked in with his sleeping bag. He poured it over Brady's fingers and guided his hand, until Brady's first two fingers were sliding in and out of him.

When he was ready, Ezra started to ride Brady's cock. His flushed lips parted and he let out an almost animal cry of satisfaction. He pressed his hands against Brady's chest to steady himself. Brady encircled Ezra's hot erection in his hand and started to pump. Ezra let out a soft cry and came, shooting streams of semen all the way to Brady's chin.

Brady changed the position; Ezra was on his back now, looking up at Brady's form silhouetted by the moonlight. Brady thrust into Ezra a few times before he gasped and came harder than he ever had. He held Ezra close and it felt like stars danced in front of his eyes.


The campus was buzzing as students arrived with their parents and everything they needed for the semester that would begin the next Wednesday. Mrs. Lockheart led the way with a campus map. The afternoon was hot and humid and Brady was already settled in room 269 of Elliot Hall. After lunch at New York Joe's, a restaurant popular with students because of its $5.99 special, Brady was carrying the last of Ezra's things to room 216A of the luxury freshman dorms, Sam Houston Village. While all Brady could afford was a room he would share with another guy and a bathroom to be shared by him, his roommate, and their neighbors, plus no microwaves allowed, Ezra would be living in the nicest dorms on campus. He'd have his own bedroom, a living room/kitchenette, and a bathroom to be shared with his suitemate.

Brady kissed Ezra's forehead and decided to take a break while Mrs. Lockheart fussed over the furniture arrangement. He walked down to the end of the hall to the vending machines. He was feeling sort of nervous about starting classes. He had never been a good student, mostly because he had a short attention span when he didn't care about the subject. He didn't really know how to study. In fact he'd never cracked a book in high school.

He fished in his pocket for coins and smiled when he saw that the machine had Orange Fanta, Ezra's favorite. He got that instead of a Coke for himself and headed back to Ezra's room. As he got closer he saw a middle aged man carrying a box inside. Brady picked up the pace. He was eager to check out Ezra's suitemate.

He arrived to see Ezra shaking hands with an Asian young man who was average height, but very muscular. His body was obviously impressive and Brady was a little self-conscious. In fact, Ezra's suitemate was very good looking.

Brady had never considered himself the jealous type, but he had to admit he was getting a little jealous. Of course there was nothing to worry about. Ezra would never do anything to hurt him, Brady knew that without a doubt. There was absolutely no reason for him to feel jealous.

But he still couldn't stop himself. He entered the room loudly and inserted himself into the conversation. "Here, Ezra," he said, trying so hard to smile it looked like a grimace.

"Hey, bro, I'm Brian."

Brady turned and introduced himself with a harder than necessary handshake. "Nice to meet you," he said, in a tone that made it clear he felt the opposite. "I'm Brady."

Brian turned his attention to Ezra. "So, what's your major?"

Ezra glanced around shyly. "M-music."

"Me too," Brian said. "Well, I'm gonna go help my mom out. It was nice to meet you Ezra."

Brady grinded his teeth. It was probably all in his head, but still he wanted to punch the guy.

Ezra pressed his body closer to Brady and looked up at him. He didn't have to say a word, his concern was obvious in his deep brown eyes.

Brady sighed. "I'm fine, beautiful. I'm just in a bad place."

Ezra whispered, "Its OK."

Brady wanted to believe that, he just wasn't sure. He didn't know where his life was going and that scared him. As if that wasn't bad enough, Ezra's male model suitemate had stripped off his shirt while he moved around his dorm furniture. Brady thought he saw Brian wink at Ezra and he nearly lost it.

He hoped that he could sort things out before classes started.

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