tagGay MaleCollege Days Ch. 05

College Days Ch. 05


Brady closed the door behind them and gave Ezra a playful swat on the bottom. Ezra laughed and pulled the front of Brady's shirt towards him to give him an equally teasing kiss, lightly biting Brady's bottom lip before he danced out of Brady's reach.

Brady leaned against the door. "Are you challenging me, Ezra Lockheart?"

Ezra smiled mischievously. "I might be."

Brady chased after Ezra, making circles around the tiny sitting room of Ezra's dorm. They were both laughing when Brady finally got both his arms around Ezra. They crashed onto the couch together, side by side. They looked at each other for a few moments.

"I love you," Brady said.

Brady pulled Ezra onto his lap. Ezra grinded softly into the growing hardness between Brady's legs as he straddled him. "I love you too," Ezra whispered into Brady's ear.

Brady ran his hand up and down Ezra's back, feeling his warm skin beneath the soft cotton of his shirt, exploring it as if for the first time. He pulled Ezra's shirt up and off and took one of Ezra's hardened nipples into his mouth. Ezra gasped and pressed on the back of Brady's neck, urging him on.

"You're just ready to go, aren't you?" Brady teased as he massaged both sensitive nipples with his thumbs.

Ezra made a needy whimpering sound and dug his fingers into Brady's shoulders. "I want you so bad."

Brady pressed his lips against Ezra's, holding Ezra's hands at his side as they kissed. Ezra wiggled free of Brady's grip and slid to the floor while simultaneously pulling down the elastic waistband of Brady's shorts to reveal his cock. Brady took his shirt off quickly and lifted his ass to slide his shorts down.

Ezra's lips sliding up and down his cock would always be one of the most beautifully erotic things Brady had ever seen. Ezra moaned softly before taking Brady's full length into his mouth. Brady leaned back and groaned, closing his eyes for a moment to revel in the sensation. He quickly returned his gaze to Ezra, who was now running his tongue down the shaft and slowly back up to the flared head.

Brady leaned down and kissed Ezra before pulling him to his feet. They kissed passionately, Brady grabbed Ezra's ass roughly. Ezra moaned in response. Brady turned Ezra around and pulled his jeans down. Ezra stepped out of his pants and stood with his legs slightly spread and both his hands on the back of the couch.

Brady's finger slid easily into Ezra, who was still slick from their morning encounters. Ezra trembled with desire to be filled completely. Brady smiled wickedly and added a second finger. He moved his two digits slowly deeper into Ezra's tight channel and then removed them completely.

"Brady..." Ezra groaned.

Brady stood behind Ezra, teasing at his entrance with his cock. Ezra groaned again and pressed against Brady, urging him to penetrate. "Please...I need it..." he whispered.

Brady entered very slowly, listening to the way Ezra's breathing sped up and how he moaned with pleasure when they were finally one. Brady slid out slowly and then back in quickly. Ezra's toes curled and he grunted softly. Brady repeated the process again, sliding out and then sheathing himself again until flesh slapped against flesh. "Yes...yes," Ezra urged.

Brady pulled back quicker and thrust back in completely as he had before. "You like that?" Brady asked, knowing the answer, but loving to hear it.

"Brady...yes!" Ezra got up on the couch with his knees on the seat and his hands gripping the same spot. Brady moved with him, balancing himself in a similar way and started thrusting slowly.


Brady obeyed.

Ezra squeaked, "Harder!"

Brady obliged that as well.

Ezra continued to urge Brady on, "Harder...faster...more, Brady." Each time, Brady strove to give Ezra what he wanted until Ezra panted and moaned contentedly. Ezra arched up and the lovers kissed. Brady loved feeling the vibrations of Ezra's moans against his lips.

Brady came hard, sending Ezra pitching forward to his original position as he reached orgasm as well. Both young men were out of breath and collapsed together on the floor. Ezra grinned and tried to catch his breath. "That was fun," he commented, in perhaps the largest understatement Brady had ever heard.

"We need to get an apartment together," Brady said.

"Can I take a nap first?" Ezra replied.


A month later, Brady and Ezra held hands and wandered around a small apartment. Ezra was still wearing his T-shirt from his new job at a frozen yogurt shop and he smelled like pineapple.

"We can afford this," Brady said.

"I know," Ezra replied.

"Should we do it?" Brady asked.

They shared a look and then stepped outside to inform the landlord that they had made a decision.


Myles heard a commotion outside and hoped that it meant Derek would be going away for the weekend with his friends. He needed a break from the tension and the constant wondering. His mind drifted back to that kiss, as hard as he tried not to let it happen.

Myles had panicked at the kiss. Looking was one thing, but kissing was another. Myles was not gay. He refused to be. It was just a phase. He shouldn't have been enjoying the kiss of another man.

Myles shook it off and stepped outside. He'd started working out, hoping it would distract him from Derek. He'd noticed a lot of definition in his abs and arms, but barely any bulk. Today, he just wanted to go for a run. He liked running best, especially around town. It was easy to just wander around the little college town. He especially liked running past the old prison because hardly anyone ever went there.

When he stepped out of his door and locked up he saw the apartment across from his had the door propped open. The elderly woman who had lived there previously had been shoved into some nursing home by relatives that were tired of checking on her.

Myles didn't intend to linger. He wasn't interested in meeting his new neighbors. It was just his luck that the stairs were blocked as two people struggled to get a couch up. Myles started to fumble with his keys, trying to unlock his door, but he wasn't fast enough.

"Hey," someone greeted him.

He turned around and it was all he could do not to band his head on the door. The three people he didn't want to see were standing in a group.

"Do you remember us?" the smallest one asked. "I'm Ezra and this is Brady."

"Yeah, hi," Myles said. His phone rang and for a moment he hoped it would be Grace, but when he took it out of the waistband of his shorts, he saw it was Pricilla.

"I've decided I'd like you to come visit me today," she said.

Myles sighed quietly. That was her code. Really, she just wanted him to come over so that she could attempt to seduce him into a relationship. Ever since he'd agreed to take her on a date three weeks ago, she wouldn't take the hint that he wasn't interested. She just wasn't his type. She was on the average side of pretty, but it was her personality that threw him off. He was sure some guy out there was into the straight-laced, religious type, but he wasn't.

"Actually, I just ran into some people I know that are moving so I think I'm gonna help out," Myles said. He didn't really want to help, but he didn't figure it would take too long and maybe he could even find an excuse to dive out early. He couldn't take the awkwardness of Pricilla's attempts and decided he would get the best of both worlds if he just claimed to have food poisoning after fifteen minutes.

"Oh...alright," Pricilla said. She sounded a little disappointed, but he was sure she would get over it.

He hung up and put his phone back in his waistband. "Girlfriend," he lied. He wasn't quite sure why he did. "So, do you guys need any help?"

Brady shrugged. "That'd be appreciated."

Myles helped carry up a mattress and was going to skip out when they were walking out to get boxes, but Derek interrupted him before he could get his excuse out. "Damn, it's hot." Derek peeled his slightly sweaty T-shirt off and Myles forgot all about leaving.

The truck bed was empty an hour later. Brady and Ezra excused themselves, claiming to be tired. They thanked Derek and Myles, offering to give them a bit of cash, but both politely refused. The young couple disappeared behind their door in the blink of an eye.

"Yeah, I bet they're tired," Derek joked.

Myles hadn't prepared for this scenario. It was the first time they'd been alone together since the kiss. "I don't know," Myles said. "I'm kind of tired for real though..."

Derek nodded, but Myles knew that Derek thought it was bullshit. "Look, I'm sorry if I freaked you out when I kissed you. I must have misread the signals."

"There weren't any signals," Myles said, slightly louder than he'd intended to.

"Oh, really?" Derek challenged. "I think you're confused, Myles."

"I'm not."

"Then why have you been staring at my abs all day."

"You sound really conceited," Myles snapped.

"Can you honestly say you're not attracted to me at all?"


"I don't believe you."

"I don't care what you believe."

"Look, I've been there. You can't keep lying to yourself. I don't know what your belief is, if you think it's a sin or it makes you less of a man. I just want you to know that hiding from yourself will only hurt you."

Myles couldn't look Derek in the eye anymore. He nearly faltered, but he refused to. He was sure he wasn't gay, just confused, and he said as much. "I'm not lying or hiding or anything. Everyone goes through a time when they have doubts, but I'm straight."

"Alright," Derek said. Myles hoped that Derek would leave it at that and turned to unlock his door. Derek stood closer to Myles and when the blond turned around he had an up close view of Derek's well muscled chest. "If you really believe that, then kiss me."

"What? You can't do this."

"Kiss me. If you're straight, it shouldn't be a problem. So go on and prove yourself."

Myles stared at Derek's lips. They looked absolutely wonderful, slightly parted and full. Myles knew if he kissed Derek then, it would be over. He couldn't pretend he wasn't attracted to the tall black man in front of him any longer. He stood on his tip toes and gave Derek a quick peck and tried to move away quickly, but he couldn't do it. Derek had him pinned to the door and was kissing him passionately right there in the open.

Myles turned around and unlocked his door. He groaned slightly as Derek grinded against his ass. They stumbled inside, slamming the door shut behind them. Myles's cell phone dropped to the ground, but he hardly noticed as Derek's hands rested on his lower back, guiding him to the couch.

It felt surreal to Myles, to be on his couch kissing someone that was actually good for him. Derek was dominant, yet gentle and that created a feeling that Myles was quickly becoming addicted to. Derek rubbed Myles's hardening cock through his shorts, but made no move to go any further.

Myles had never been more horny. He wanted everything. He'd never felt so much desire and arousal. He didn't care anymore about all his reservations. Something that felt that good had to be right, at least a little bit. Myles unzipped Derek's shorts and flicked the button open.

Myles hadn't seen too many cocks in his life, but he knew Derek's was huge. It was about as thick as a soda can and Myles could only guess that it was nearly twelve inches long. He just stared at it for a while, for the first time feeling a bit uncertain. The feeling passed and he started to jack Derek's cock with one hand, sliding the foreskin over the swollen purple head and then down.

Derek held Myles's chin firmly and looked into his eyes. "Are you comfortable with this?"

Myles lunged forward and kissed Derek, pressing his tongue into Derek's mouth and shuddering when Derek reciprocated. "I just...I want this..."

Derek pressed Myles back until he was laying on the couch and pulled Myles's shirt up. He ran his large hand over Myles's hairless stomach and then gave both of his pointed brown nipples a soft tweak. Myles arched his back as the wonderful sensation shot down to his cock. Derek continued to play with Myles's nipples, licking and sucking and pinching. Myles had never known how sensitive they were and he thought he was about the cum in his shorts from the pleasure.

Derek pulled at the waistband of Myles's shorts and pulled his cock free. For a moment, Myles was self conscious of his thin six inches, but there was no time for doubt when Derek took the entire hard cock in his mouth. Myles moaned loudly and writhed on the couch. He thought he was about to cum, but Derek held tight at the base of his cock, so though he felt like he was going to burst he didn't.

Myles wanted to return some of the pleasure to Derek. He turned himself around and remained on his back. Derek was up on his knees on the couch and Myles licked at the head of Derek's cock. Myles stared up at him and loved the smile on his face. It felt right.

Derek pumped his cock in and out of his fist while Myles licked and sucked his balls and the head of his cock. Myles ran a hand over his sensitive nipples and down to his leaking erection.

The sight of Myles pleasuring himself while sucking at Derek's cock was enough to send Derek over the edge. Ribbons of white spurted into Myles's mouth and out onto his chin. The taste was almost sweet and Myles let out a ragged cry as he came over his stomach.

This was alright. Myles didn't feel bad like he did every other time he'd ever messed around with anyone.

Derek kissed Myles tenderly and then licked the cum off of his body. It was the sweetest and sexiest moment Myles had ever experienced and he didn't want it to end.

"I really like you," Myles admitted. There was a brief silence where Myles felt more naked than he had at any point in their liaison.

"I think it's obvious I like you too," Derek said with a wide grin.

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