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College Daze


It was a hot night. Even with the windows of our dorm room open, there was very little circulation. Jack was snoring away; that guy could sleep through anything. I glanced at my clock – 2 o'clock in the morning. I got up to take a piss and wipe my face with a damp cloth. My eyes had adjusted to the night and I could see that Jack had kicked off his sheet and was lying on his back buck naked. I paused for a moment and stared at his body. He was no athlete, but he was in pretty good shape. I looked at is flaccid cock and thought to myself that he was probably a bit larger in that department than me.

I was just about to continue to the bathroom when his dick jumped a bit. I quickly looked at his face to see if he was awake. I relaxed a bit when I saw his eyes closed and his breathing deep and sound. He was out. I looked back at his cock and it continued to move – he was getting an erection.

I watched with fascination as his cock came to life. I smiled and hoped he was having a good dream. As it grew, it stretched up toward his naval until he was fully hard. At least seven inches – a good inch longer than me and a little thicker, I watched with some envy as it began to pulse with his heart beat. My own cock was beginning to stir, so I decided I should continue on to the bathroom, do my business and get back to bed.

I couldn't get the image of Jack's cock out of my brain as I stood to pee. My dick grew in my hand as I did my business. The more I thought about Jack, the harder I got. I began to wonder.... I finished in the bathroom and headed back to bed, but I could help but stop and admire Jack's dick once more. He hadn't moved; he was still hard and a tiny bead of pre-cum had formed on the tip of his dick. I found myself wanting to touch it.

Nervous as hell, I carefully reached over and, with the tip of my finger, touched the bead of pre-cum. As I pulled away, a small, clear strand connected my finger with the tip of his cock. About 12 inches out, the strand broke. I rubbed the tip of my finger with my thumb and felt the slick, slippery pre-cum between my fingertips. My heart was beating like crazy.

A quick glance at his face let me know he was still sleeping deeply; I got bolder. I reached down and lightly ran my finger along the length of his cock starting at his balls, ending at the mushroom tip. The feeling was exhilarating and I knew I wanted to do more. I carefully rested my right hand on his balls, feeling his heat. More firmly, I moved my hand up his shaft until I could wrap my fingers around his cock. A stream of pre-cum connected his dick with a little pool of the stuff on his stomach as I pointed his cock up. I could feel it pulsing in my hand. The hot, spongy, but firm cock felt different but similar to my own. I squeezed gently and watched more pre-cum erupt from his piss hole. It dripped down the side of his cock.

My own cock was throbbing by this point, so with my left hand I grabbed my own dick and started jacking off while I very gently begin to stroke Jack's cock. I closed my eyes and slowly worked the two cocks. A moan from Jack brought me back to reality, but his eyes were still closed. He was producing a huge amount of pre-cum and soon I was using his natural lube to coat his cock. The slippery, sticky feeling was very erotic. My own pre-cum was providing me with plenty of lube for me as well.

Jack's head rolled toward me and a sigh escaped his mouth. His lips remained slightly parted as his breath increased in tempo. An evil thought crossed my mind and I began wondering what Jack would do if I touched his lips with the tip of my cock. I carefully released my grip on his cock. I brought my right hand up to my nose to smell his scent. The scent was strong. I hesitated only a moment before licking my hand to taste Jack's pre-cum. MMMM, not bad. I dropped my underwear and positioned myself so that the tip of my cock was close to Jack's mouth. With a steady hand I guided the tip to graze his lips. At first, he didn't move. Then he closed his mouth briefly and then he licked his lips and opened his mouth a little wider as if offering me an invitation. I pointed the tip of my cock at his open mouth and slowly moved in. I shuddered as I felt his lips touch my cock. Ever so slightly I pressed my advantage and Jack's mouth opened to accommodate. Perhaps it was some natal response on his part, but soon I began to feel a very gentle sucking motion as Jack's mouth closed around my cock. The feeling was incredible as I continued to feed him my cock and then slowly start to pull back. I was actually fucking my roommate's mouth while he slept.

I felt myself close to cumming, so I reluctantly pulled out. I doubted he would appreciate waking up to a hot load of cum in his mouth. I decided to return the favor, so I bent over his cock and began licking his crown. I carefully grabbed it with my hand and guided it into my waiting mouth. His moans told me he was enjoying what I was doing so I continued to gently lick and suck his dick. Should I let him cum in my mouth? I was debating this as I felt his cock begin to expand in my mouth and I knew I had brought him to the point of no return. I closed my mouth over his cock and prepared for the blast to come. In an instant, his dick erupted into my mouth, filling it with his seed. Having never done this I was not prepared for the volume of cum, but did my best to swallow as fast as I could. Some escaped my mouth, but was caught on my hand and I quickly recovered and was able to lick my hand while sucking his cock until he finished.

I looked at Jack and a smile appeared on his sleeping face. My heart was beating wildly and my own cock was throbbing. I couldn't believe what I had just done. I quietly returned to my bed. The taste and smell of Jack's cum was strong. As I lay down on my back I grabbed my cock and started slowly masturbating while thinking about what I had just done. I looked over at Jack who was still sleeping. He let out a sigh, and I squeezed my cock. I felt my orgasm beginning to build and I continued to massage my dick until I exploded with pleasure, my cum shooting up on my chest and hitting my chin. I grabbed a sock nearby and cleaned up the mess, feeling very contented. I glanced at the clock; it was 2:40 in the morning. It was still hot. I exhaled deeply and fell fast asleep.

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