tagMind ControlCollege Daze

College Daze


by ProfessorR ©

by Prof. Richard W.

(formerly of the University of ____________)


Sophia sighed and tumbled off of me. My dear friend was on vacation from her administrative job at the School for Social Expression -- well, that's the cover name for the Marin County based establishment known within select circles by its real name -- the School for Sexual Expression. Sophia and I had enjoyed a wonderful dinner downstairs, during which I had teased her about whether working in the school with all the young studs learning advanced hypnotic and NLP seduction techniques might have taken away her interest in older guys -- like me, for instance.

She had just proved otherwise, leading me up the stairs to her room in the old Oxford Hotel and mounting me with a delicious grin on her lips -- the same lips that had tempted my penis into rock hardness -- and we had fucked as intensely as back when we first met. That meant tenderly at one moment and wildly in the next. As always, I came deep inside her, something she loved. She had never understood how an average guy like me felt so big, so long, inside. I was about to tell her.

For some reason, I felt very candid with her tonight. I was in a storytelling mode, even though both of us were perspiring and needed the cuddling that followed. Still, I felt a stronger than normal need to talk right then, and she seemed interested in trying to stay awake long enough to listen. I kissed her cheek.

"You always wondered why I would fill you so completely, from such an ordinary start, didn't you?" I queried. Not very subtle, I thought to myself. But Sophia did not seem surprised.

"Yes. I mean, I understand how the size of a man's erection doesn't necessarily relate to his size in a cold shower. But you seem to fit me exactly... and you can explore and caress inside me like you want to stay there forever... or at least till I can't stop the room from spinning." She laughed a deep, sensual laugh and snuggled herself closer. "And then you come when I'm ready for you. When I'm begging for your semen?" Her last sentence was meant to be declarative, but emerged as a question.

"Doesn't that happen with all your men?" I teased her. She laughed, but then turned serious.

"I have to admit that with all those young men around, I've fallen to temptation a few times. Does that make me a bad person?" Sophia offered a rueful smile.

"No, it makes you human," I replied, and kissed her. Our lips stayed together for a long, sensuous kiss, stoked hotter by our shared intimate knowledge.

"But a couple of them... well, three to be exact, never really were all the way in when they came. And they never turned me on from deep inside the way you do every time."

"Was it that they were wearing condoms?"

"That wasn't the reason. I think they were too excited and focused on their own pleasure."

"Well, there you have it," I pronounced in a radio voice. "I'm focusing on your pleasure. That's the difference."

"But how do you do that? Were you always that way?" Her voice was fading.

"If you stay awake for a few minutes longer, I'll tell you." I lowered my voice to a conspiratorial whisper.

"Hypnosis!" I asserted.

"What do you mean? I know that our students learn to use hypnosis in their seductions, and you've told me stories about other people doing that, but how do you use it? Am I just imagining that I'm being fucked by a master cocksman?" She actually sounded a little peeved when she gave a sarcastic tone to the end of the sentence, as if all her orgasms-upon-orgasms had been revoked.

"It wouldn't matter in your mind if you imagined it deeply or it really happened -- you'd enjoy it either way. It's more fun for ME, though, if it really happens, true?" [Dear reader, if you are a woman, you've already imagined what Sophia is experiencing, yes? And if you are a man, you know what I was just experiencing. There's a thin border line between a good visualization and reality.]

"True," she agreed. "But, start at the beginning, and as long as its a good story, I'll stay awake."

"Well, the beginning was in college. I was in love with a Psych major who came from ____________ (overseas)."

"You never told me about that," Sophia observed -- in that tone that women reserve for comments on information that they feel should have been provided to them on some application form except that the subject had never come up before.

"You didn't ask. It was really love, and I somehow was doing all the right things and that had never happened to me before. I can still remember when I first slipped my hand into her bra. I thought she was going to slap me, but, of course, she had been waiting for me to get up the nerve and she enjoyed my struggle to get in there. It felt so good to discover her nipples pushing up, just like I'd read in some naughty paperbacks that I had run across. And then on the next date, to have her nipples already erect as she thought about me touching them.

"It was the same thing at each stage. I was sure she was going to slap me when I slipped my hand down the front of her jeans and into her panties. Oh, and that was made easier by her change in fashions to wearing loose-fitting, bulky sweaters. To my innocent amazement, she sucked in her tummy to make it easier for me to get there. And her clit -- I had read about women whose clits were hard to find -- her clit was quickly firm and proud. And the next time, I seem to remember it was reaching out from between her lips.

"It wasn't too long before we were thinking in terms of when we would "make love" rather than whether we would have sex." Sophia smiled at me.

"But what about hypnotism?" she queried.

"I'm coming to that. But it wasn't until after we had "done it" a few times."

"What was it like? It's hard to imagine you ever having been a virgin." She laughed at the absurdity.

"Everyone has to start sometime. I was still sure that first time that something was going to go wrong. Even though I had practiced putting on a condom, it seemed to take forever. I remember her wiggling her vagina at me and her tongue touching her lips with eager excitement. Every step of the way, I kept thinking of things that could go wrong, including the possible intrusion of the school's janitor in the room we had appropriated. It felt wonderful to feel her tilting her hips just right for me, and then her heat surrounded me, the scent of her dizzied me, and I came.

"Did she enjoy it?"

"We were in love, so she must have enjoyed the concept and the idea that it was finally happening between us. She glowed, of course. I even noticed certain campus big shots finding excuses to chat with her, attracted to her, so I experienced my first jealousy, too. But I realized from my reading as we progressed that I was shortchanging her.

"I didn't want to say the word, but, yes, I saw an opening. She was learning hypnosis in her psych classes. I had read some chapters in her textbook and had talked with her a bit about it.

"Did she hypnotize you?"

"That's an interesting question. I asked her if she would like to try it on me, without saying what purpose it might have, other than helping with her homework. She told me that she didn't want to hypnotize me. We were too close. Perhaps she was insecure about my motives or feared that she would do some harm.

"Things went on as they typically do in college, until that Spring, when the news from her home country turned ugly. Riots, conspiracies, and then a dictator in power, executing real or perceived enemies. Suddenly, her situation had changed. Her family was on the outs with the new ruling circles, so if she went home, she'd have no way to stay out of trouble.

"All of this came spilling out in a long, sad discussion, in which she explained in effect that for practical reasons, she would have to look for an American to marry so that she could stay in this country. We were wonderful together, but I was not ready for marriage, and perhaps we really were not well suited as a couple for that. She admitted that she had tossed and turned trying to think of a way to make things up to me. She felt that she had taken my time away from other relationships that might have turned out to be right for me. I, of course, disagreed, because I still was in love with her. That made her feel even more guilty.

"After our long, sad exchange, I went home and slept deeply. When I woke up I still felt saddened, but not so frazzled about things. I could think things over without getting hung up on my own feeling of hurt.

"So.... as I asked, did she hypnotize you?"

"She never said she did. But after a long Sunday afternoon looking out the window at the grey sky, I began to feel numb instead of upset. And then that night I dreamed about all kinds of possibilities for my future, including other women. And in the morning, I felt more positive.

"It sounds as though you were hypnotized."

"I'll never know, I suppose, but what happened over the next four weeks really did seem to relate to hypnotism, or some form of suggestion." I paused and Sophia nuzzled against me. I took it as a sign to go on.

"I was walking back up to the dorm past the women's dorm where my girlfriend was a floor counselor. That dorm was known - whether fairly or not - as home for the most conservative of the co-eds. Having a girlfriend from there meant that you either had a real, potential marriage, relationship or just a friend. That dorm even had voted to keep a curfew for freshman women, if you can remember back to that sort of thing."

Sophia grimaced and admitted that she was old enough to remember that.

"Of course, a lot of things can happen before midnight if you want them to happen. Anyway, I was walking past her dorm when a freshman girl from her floor came by. I nodded and started to walk past her. Out of the blue, she stopped me to ask a question. Except that she couldn't remember what the question was.

"That gave me the time to notice that she was somewhat dressed up, with her blouse opened one button lower than I would have expected from her dorm. I wasn't a quick thinker in those days, and tried to help her remember what the question was. But she couldn't remember. It was like her real purpose was to get me to talk with her. As we fumbled through our conversation, she stood with her pert breasts outthrust as much as she could. I tried not to look down.

"Now, you might think that I would have taken advantage of that. But remember, I had just broken up with my girlfriend, and it didn't even register with me that this girl wanted my attention. We wound up our halting conversation and she and I went our opposite ways, both puzzled.

"The next week, the same thing happened with another girl from her dorm floor. This time, she had a question to ask me. Did I remember the date of the Winterfest carnival and dance? It was coming up. This girl was a sophomore, just a class year away from mine, and she had developed more than the first. I got the feeling that she was more comfortable talking with a guy, but things went pretty much the same as with the first girl. I was still moping around and not getting it.

"The third week, I was thinking that it was silly of me not to be having any social life. Just a cup of coffee and some conversation was really all that I would need, I thought.

"That's when Linda stopped me to ask about the old library section where I had been a student staffer. Linda was hot, as we would say now, but what was more interesting was the way she stood close to me while asking about the Psych section of that library. She was saying something about wanting to learn more about hypnosis, and that maybe I could help her find an old book that was probably mis-shelved.

"I shouldn't be shy about knowing soooo much about the old library, she said, her eyes sparkling. She suggested that I probably knew about the creaking stairs to the Psych stacks. She had never been up there, but somehow knew about it. Maybe that's where the book that she needed was, and if onlllly I would help her. I could be a BIG help."

Sophia started to laugh.

"Was she really that blatant?" she challenged.

"Yes, and I took a lot of that with a puzzled look on my face before it dawned on me what she wanted. I also was puzzled because almost no one knew about that part of the old library, but my girlfriend and I had been there.

"We headed across the quad, past the new library and into the old building. It was more quiet than usual, because it wasn't quite time for finals and the old library didn't have very good study desks, so it was mainly used by students using special collections that were housed in it.

"Linda, I began to notice, had a nice figure. Her breasts were small, I supposed, and then I realized that she had no bra on. You must remember that this was back when that was a naughty thing for a co-ed to try. I watched her hips moving as she walked in front of me, and it seemed that she was exaggerating her movements for my benefit. She was wearing a skirt, which would have seemed odd on that casual campus, but it was some kind of pleated style that was part of a uniform for a drill/dance group that she belonged to.

"I noticed something else interesting. It was about myself. It was exciting thinking about Linda, and suddenly I could imagine what I could be doing with her. I guess that isn't surprising, but what surprised me was how confident I felt. I felt a new feeling of calm strength flow through me, a feeling that I was in charge and could deal with whatever happened. I didn't know yet what that meant, and another part of my mind still was thinking of all the negative possibilities.

"Once in the library, Linda made a perfunctory search for the book she needed, then rolled her eyes."

"I guess we'll have to find that other collection," Linda said in an inviting tone. She did not seem disappointed. "You can show me how... to find it."

"Sure," I agreed. "Let me show how the way," and I took her hand almost teasingly and led her back between the stacks to a rickety ladder. It led to a hatch in the ceiling.

"I'm a little nervous about climbing that," she said. It seemed like a reasonable concern to me.

"You go first and I'll follow below, so if you fall I'll catch you," I teased. She simply agreed and headed easily up the ladder -- not nervously at all, but eagerly. I looked up from below and my eyes were drawn up her shapely legs and -- I took a deep breath -- on to her unpantied vagina. I really didn't see a lot, because the light was poor and I almost lost my grip on the ladder.

"Then the surprise again. Instead of blushing or getting agitated or getting a big hard on, I felt that feeling of being in charge, of quiet confidence.

"She pushed aside the hatch cover -- it wasn't too heavy, but did take some muscle. And then we found ourselves in the storage area. It really was just meant to be an attic, but you know how college libraries just grow and grow. There was a work table at one end by a window that I knew had a fabulous view of the campus. I knew that, because my girlfriend and I used to stretch out on the table after sex and spy on the campus activities below.

"Before we hunt for that book and get all dusty," I directed, taking her hand and guiding her, "have a look out this window. It's got a great view." Linda was looking high and low in this new-to-her environment, but did as I asked. I found myself standing close to her, so close that a year ago I would have backed away or gotten grabby. Instead, I felt that same wave of calm strength, and simply stood behind her for a moment as she looked out the window.

"Standing behind her, I placed my hands on her waist. They were steady, I noticed, not jumpy as I had expected from past experiences and disappointments. She turned to me as if to ask a question, then paused facing me, my hands still on her hips. Wordlessly, she answered her own question, tilting her head upwards and parting her lips for the kiss that she knew I would offer.

"We embraced and kissed intensely. When we paused for air, she whistled as if surprised, grinned and then we dove into each other's lips again. Pressing hard against her, the heat from her vagina lured me on. Her arms swept around me when she felt my hardness; she held me close to her. My kisses were on her neck now and I felt her legs buckling. I pushed her against the table.

"My hands took on a life of their own, and somehow I touched all the right places. Our clothes were coming off by some method, the quiet of the study room interrupted by the tell-tale sounds of zippers, snaps and clips, and then her panties floated to the floor. Her nipples pouted for my kisses, but as I pressed into their swollen surroundings, I had to stop kissing for a moment while her hands struggled with my briefs. Down they want, and up I went. She giggled triumphantly as my freed penis assumed the shape that she wanted.

"Of course, this sounds like a lot of stories that you've heard, but what was different was the inner calmness that I felt. I was completely concentrating on her pleasure and the sense of panic that I had felt before was gone. I was not going to come until she wanted it. And, the more that I focused on her, the closer she came to that point of absolute need.

"But I didn't know that it was going to be this way. It was almost frightening to me, this the first time that I had truly commanded a woman's pleasure. As I drew increasingly powerful orgasms from her through my touch and carefully directed kisses, I kept thinking that would be it, that she would faint or something."

Sophia laughed with me as I recalled my wonderment. I could still remember how surprised I was and how beautiful Linda's lust made her. Finally, catlike, she had pulled loose and seated herself on the table. Her legs were spread slightly apart, her head tossed back to present her breasts. I remembered how it felt to caress her thighs, how she opened wider and wider till I stepped between them. I kept that memory, but continued with more for Sophia.

"That was back in the day when people weren't being very careful, and I didn't have a condom within reach. It was down there somewhere in our mess of clothes. The tip of my penis sparkled with a growing drop of silvery pre-cum. How did I know to aim my penis to coat Linda's clit? It just popped into my head, as if someone had put it there. I never knew how powerful that it would be."

Sophia smiled and shuddered through her whole body -- especially a certain area of her body -- as she thought about that feeling. She had long ago concluded that some men's pre-cum suited her more than others, that there was a biological factor at work from prehistoric times. Mine, she felt, was addictive for her. [Her theory is that our body chemistry connected, not that mine was better than someone else's. She took the romantic view, that every man's pre-cum was a match for some specific woman's needs.]

"I caressed Linda's opening with the tip of my penis. I couldn't have done that before without exploding, but now, concentrating on her pleasure gave me a deeply positive feeling. I could take advantage of the sensitivity in my velvety tip to feel her excitement and tease her to higher levels. And then, she begged me.

"I need you inside me.... fuck me, Richard." Remember, this was back when nice girls were supposed to never let that word pass their lips.

"I went in so easily, and more gently than I had before. I was headed for the G-Spot, except how did I know what the heck a G-Spot was? Somehow, something in my head was telling me where to pause, and then where to stroke with my velvet power. It dawned on me that a man is built perfectly for a woman's pleasure and more deep feelings of command flowed through me. I could watch the amazed, almost shocked, look of joy on her face as I treated her to this unexpected stop on my way in.

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