tagLesbian SexCollege Fantasies Ch. 01

College Fantasies Ch. 01


Sometimes, when I'm in an elevator with someone I imagine what it would be like to have sex with them. I don't discriminate: boys, girls, white, black, indian, I don't care. I just really want to know what it would be like to have their naked bodies pressed up against mine.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm still a virgin. Are virgins more likely to be exponentially more horny than everyone else?

Take this for instance, I'm in the elevator in my dorm, just having gotten out of my lit class and standing right next to me is a beautiful blonde girl. Her hair looks so soft and feathery. Her skin is flawless and her lips are covered with a bright red stain. Her body is lean, not in a muscular way, but in the way of someone who has never had to work out to keep herself thin.

She's on her phone, texting someone so she doesn't notice me staring at her. I imagine what would happen if the elevator suddenly stopped. It's a favorite game of mine. I close my eyes and begin to picture it.

The elevator lurches, and we both have to take a step forward to stabilize ourselves. A quiet sense of panic begins to flow through me.

"What the fuck?" she says, looking frantically at me.

"Uhm, I don't know." I mutter, nervous, "press the Call button?" She does and someone from security calls, we tell them that the elevator is stuck and they tell us they'll be there as soon as possible, but that it will probably take an hour at least to get us out of there.

"Dammit." she curses.

"This would happen to me," I mutter as the guy hangs up. She laughs.

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing."

We begin to talk about class, her name's Whitney, I tell her my name's Lizzie. She's a Music major. she wants to be a singer.

"What about you?" she asks, we had long since taken to sitting on the floor.

"I think I want to be a teacher. I love working with kids." She smiles at me.

"If I don't make it as a singer, I'd like to be a music teacher, you know kids can be really adorable."

Whitney talks to me about what it's like to be a singer and how rigorous the training is, as she does this she begins to take off her sweater, her top is a see through lace shirt, and her bright red bra is very visible underneath it. The swells of her breasts are substantial, if I were to guess, I would say they were a 38C, like mine.

I mirror her action and remove my own sweater, showing off my plain, blue v-neck. Her eyes sparkle for a moment and she begins to remove her shoes and then her socks, I follow suit, not breaking eye contact.

I can feel a warmth in my stomach when suddenly, someone begins to talk out of the intercom.

"Hello, ladies, sorry about the wait, but it looks like we'll have to shut off the main generators, the main lights and the camera will shut off, but the elevator will stay in place, and there's some back-up lights, so you won't be alone in the dark. This should take another hour or so." The man didn't even wait for a reply before hanging up.

"An hour? Well what to do?" Whitney looks at me again.

"Oh I don't know..." I answer coyly. I want her to tell me what she wants to do, I want her to want to fuck me.

"Maybe I can come up with a few... ideas." Her eyes flicker towards the camera, "Maybe when we don't have an audience....' Part of me doesn't care, I want there to be an audience, I want there to be footage of this girl and I having sex, I want to be able to bribe the security man into giving me a copy of this tape so that I can watch it afterwards by myself and so that I can make myself come as I do. But I don't tell her that, I don't know if she'd like that. And I really, really want to fuck her. So I don't say anything.

The lights turned off, and like the man on the intercom said, a pair of dimmer lights went on soon after.

"So what did you have in mind?" I ask, moving closer to her. Wanting her to touch me, to kiss me, to lick me until I came.

Whitney seemed to read my mind as she began kissing me, slowly at first, it was marvelous, her lips were soft and she tasted like mint. Eventually, I couldn't control myself and began to kiss her harder, to stick my tongue in her mouth and make her moan.

Her right hand left my hair and cupped my breast, rubbing my nipple through my shirt. I moved closer to her, until I was on her lap and began to grind my hips on her legs, moaning all the while.

I pulled back from her sweet mouth, "Tell me Whitney, have you ever fucked a girl on an elevator?" She grinned and began pulling off my shirt, then my bra. Whitney sucked on my nipples, making me feel oh so good until I pulled her face back up to mine, "I can't let you have all the fun." And I remove her lace shirt and her sexy red bra and I begin to suck her nipples, feeling my panties grow warm and damp as I did. Whitney's moans are soft and light and her breasts are white, perfectly white and I am tempted to nibble on them. So I bite down softly on them, she winces but she doesn't stop me to I do it some more until her moans become louder and she cries out for more.

"Don't worry, there will be more." I move away from her and she looks up at me, wondering what more I could do, "Take off your pants, I want to see you naked." I order and she quickly listens, standing up to remove her jeans as I take my own jeans off. She's wearing a pair of boy shorts and I would have liked to admire her mostly naked white body some more, but I really wanted to see her naked,

She slides her panties slowly down as if she knows what I'm thinking and I see that she keeps a well trimmed pussy. My own is shaved, but I like the way her blonde pubic hair looks against her creamy white skin and I pull her to my naked body and into a heady kiss.

We sink to the floor and we place our pussies against each other. She's just as hot and wet as I am and we begin to grind. Slowly, so slowly at first, but neither of us can take it so we begin grinding faster and faster moaning.

I reach my hand down to her glistening pussy and touch her I look for her clit and I begin to rub it. Her breathy moans grow greater.

"Yes! Yes! There, please, oh, god!" She cries out.

"Do you want to come Whitney?" I ask her, my nipples so hard and my pussy so wet from watching her beautiful face contort with ecstasy.

"Yes!" she cries out. "Yes please!"

I smile and I pull back from her body, she looks confused until I begin to move my face to her pussy.

"I want to taste you Whitney, I want to taste you as you come." Tentatively I press my tongue against her lips. They too are sweet, but they have altogether a different taste. Using my fingers, I pull her lips apart and I lick her up and down, her moans start up again. "You taste really good Whitney, really good." I find her clit with my tongue and begin to play with it. I wait until her moans are at their loudest and then I place my fingers within her, slowly pumping as I continue to lick her clit.

Her face as she orgasms looks exactly as I would think it would, soft, slightly contorted, but very,very sexy. When she recovers she kisses me, tasting herself on my lips. She pushes me down onto my back and she kisses my body. Starting with my lips, she covers them in light and feathery kisses. Then she moves down to my nipples, here she spends more time, kissing, licking, and nibbling. Then she slowly makes her way to my pussy.

"Shaved? Hmm, how considerate." She says before running her tongue over my mound, she pulls my legs apart and she kisses my lips, making my legs twitch. Whitney then slowly pulls them apart, so teasingly, so carefully, and she begins to eat me out. Her tongue goes into my pussy and she fucks me with it, making me cry out, she kisses and sucks my clit and just as I think I'm about to orgasm she stops.


I'm suddenly brought back into reality and I see "Whitney" get off the elevator without a second glance. My panties are wet and it takes me a minute to realize that it was all a fantasy.

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