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College Fun: Natalia


It was about three months ago that I had started dating Natalia. It turned out that she was actually a really cool girl, and we had a lot of similar interests. She was even a closet Star Wars fan, which I was thrilled to discover.

We had been on a couple of dates, she had come over to my apartment a few times, and we had fucked, a lot. I discovered quickly that she wasn't shy about asking for sex, even in public places, like in restaurant bathrooms, or empty movie theaters. Lets just say that I have gone to see a lot of movies in the past three months, and I don't think I could tell you the entire plot of any of the movies. In any case, things had winded down a little when school started.

I was standing in front of a building, having one of those early-morning conversations that don't really make sense. I wasn't entirely awake, as I had been up late the night before, texting Natalia. Trying to get up that morning had been an exercise in futility, so I had skipped 1st and 2nd period and arrived at school during the half-an-hour break between 2nd and 3rd periods.

"Why were you not in class this morning, Guy?!" a harsh voice came from behind me. I momentarily froze, my half-asleep brain taking an extra couple of seconds to recognize the voice.

"Natalia, that really isn't funny, I almost thought you were Professor McDoyle," I said. Professor McDoyle was a perpetually alone woman who thought it was her mission to make everyone else feel just as lonely as she was. Which meant she had been picking on me in particular since the beginning of the semester. She was also my 1st period teacher.

"I thought it was hilarious... So, for real then, why did you skip this morning," she asked, putting her arms around my waist, pressing her breasts into my back.

"I was too tired from texting a certain someone last night," I replied, turning around to face her.

"I was up just as late as you were, and I made it here on time!" she exclaimed defensively.

"You aren't a guy. We need an extra 16 hours of sleep," I joked. She smiled.

"I was hoping you were sick, so I could come over and 'nurse' you back to health," she flirted, putting extra emphasis on the word "nurse".

"I'm glad I wasn't sick then," I said, smiling. She looked confused.

"You don't want me to nurse you back to health?" she asked, looking hurt. I knew she wasn't really, just acting. But damn, was she a good actress!

"Of course not, I wouldn't want to have to wait all day to see you," I said. She rolled her eyes, then pulled me behind a short tree next to where we were leaning, blocking our faces from view. I took the hint, and bent slightly to kiss her. Her hands found her way to the back of my head, pulling me closer to her.

Then the alarm I had set for the next class rang. "Whoops, out of time," I said, breaking the kiss.

"Man, just when things were getting good too!" she teased, "Come find me at lunch, alright?"

"I will be sure to use my Natalia-GPS," I replied sarcastically, grabbing my bag as she ran off to her next class. I made my way to my own class, and took my customary seat at the back of the classroom.

"Getting steamy in the courtyard..." the kid next to me, Josh, remarked.

"Your just mad cuz you won't ever get to tap that," I retorted.

Before Josh could respond, the teacher called from the front. "Quiet in the back! Josh, could you come solve this problem?", resulting in a long awkward moment where nobody said anything, but everyone laughed inside. The rest of the class was rather uneventful, you know, just note-taking and answering stupid questions teachers ask just to make sure everyone is paying attention, or to show us how unready for the next test we are. 4th period was much of the same thing as well.

Finally, lunch arrived. I pulled out a broken GPS, labelled "Natalia-GPS" across the top in Sharpie. Pretending to use it as a guide, I made my way to where she usually met her friends at lunch.

She was sitting on a desk, surrounded on all sides by the hottest girls in the school, and a couple of the guys they chose to associate with. I pretended to be engrossed in the watch, walking in perfectly straight lines, and through the group to the center next to Natalia.

"Okay, I have arrived, but there is no giant checkered flag anywhere in sight! This stupid thing must be broken." I said, still not looking up. There were a couple of chuckles in the crowd, then Natalia hooked her foot around me, turning me to face her.

"You find what you're looking for big boy?" she asked sexily.

"I have now," I said, putting the broken GPS back in my bag. I jumped up next to her on the desk, putting my arm around her waist. "So, what'd I miss?"

"Have you taken the history test yet?" Kaitlyn asked. Kaitlyn was a tall brunette, with legs for days, and arguably the biggest breasts of any of the girls present. She was also by far the sluttiest girl present. From what Natalia had told me, she had slept with every guy in the group, other than me, most of the school's football team, and even a few of the other girls present. Sexy, right?

"No, I have that next period," I said absent-mindedly.

"Then nothing is up, we're not supposed to talk about it with people who haven't taken it yet," she said flatly.

"But Natalia is in my History class," I pointed out, "she's allowed to know, and I'm not? I understand Kaitlyn, I'm not special enough for you!"

"You're an idiot Guy" Natalia said beside me, chuckling. I pretended to look hurt, and laid back on the group of desks I was sitting on. Natalia pulled me back up, and whispered into my ear.

"I'm horny as fuck, Kaitlyn has been raving about her new guy's dick for about 10 minutes straight. Take me somewhere... quieter?" she asked, ignoring the scandalous looks from the crowd.

"Well, seeing as I am supposed to be offended by my exclusion from Test Discussion, I am going to leave. Kaitlyn, you have driven out the most hilarious person here," I said, standing. Natalia took my hand, and we left the classroom behind. After poking my head into several classrooms in my search for an empty room, I stumbled on the professor's lounge, vacant due to a staff meeting.

"Feel like being daring?" I asked her, pulling her into the room. As soon as we had closed the door, she was on me. Her kisses were hot, her tongue finding easy entrance into my mouth. She only paused long enough to pull her shirt off, then began again with a renewed intensity. I pulled us to the couch in the room, and pushed her onto it.

I got on all fours over her, and freed her breasts from their captivity. My tongue found her nipple, evoking an approving moan from Natalia. Laying on top of her, I slid one of my hands into her shorts, and teasingly played with her through her panties.

"Mmmm... Guy! Don't make meeee wait," she warned, despite the moans that still escaped from her lips. Even through the soft fabric of her panties, I could feel her wetness. In fact, it was rapidly soaking through her panties. I gently tugged them aside, and ran a finger over her pussy.

"Someone is excited," I remarked. My breath hit her erect nipple, making her shiver while she unconsciously spread her legs, trying to get me to enter her.

"You're one to... mmmmm... talk! I can feel you poking my thigh!!" she exclaimed. Her hand fell to my own shorts, and, with a well-practiced motion, undid the button and fly. She made sure to brush her hand over my painfully-erect cock as many times as she could.

"You're such a naughty girl!" I teased.

"Guy, s-s-stop t-teasing mmmmeee!" she exclaimed, a desperate edge in her voice. In response, I plunged two fingers into her, causing her to scream and arch her back.

"Look at you, cumming from just my fingers," I teased, pistoning them in and out of her. Her breathing was coming in short gasps of air, like she was forgetting, then remembering to breath every couple seconds.

"Guyyy, mmmore...!" she trailed off.

"More what?" I asked, feigning confusion, "more fingers?"

The addition of a third finger pushed her over the edge again. It took a minute or so for her to be able to think of what she wanted to ask. "I want your cock," she finally managed to get out.

"Well, why didn't you just ask? Doggystyle?" I asked. She nodded, so I flipped her over into her favorite position, and removed my boxers. Natalia moved a pillow under her mouth to muffle the anticipated scream. Slowly, I rubbed the tip of my cock on her pussy's lips and her clit.

In one quick thrust, I buried myself up to the hilt into her. I pulled almost all the way out, the quickly thrust in again. I quickly found a rhythm, much to Natalia's pleasure, and picked up the pace.

"Mmmm! Yes, Guy! Fuck me!" she screamed. I reached forward, pinching her nipple with one hand, and placing the fingers that had been inside her pussy in her mouth.

"Not so loud, Natalia! The teachers could come back at any time!" I lied. I loved the sound of her voice when she moaned. Her pussy got tighter at the thought of getting caught, and her tongue got to work cleaning her juices off my fingers.

I sped up, filling the room with wet, slapping sounds. Her hips bucked back against me, trying to keep my cock inside of her. Her pussy became unbelievably tight as she orgasmed again, the pillow and my fingers only barely muffling her screams of pleasure. I sat back, pulling her with me until she was sitting on top of me with my cock buried inside her. She turned to face me.

"Your turn," I said, pulling her forward so I could kiss her tit. She braced herself on the couch with one hand, and held my head with the other. Then, suddenly, she began to bounce her ass on my cock in a wild frenzy. I groaned into her tits, about to come.

"Natalia, I'm gonna cum!" I announced, still sucking on her nipple.

"Yessss Guy! Fill me with your hot cum!" she exclaimed, pushing me over the edge. With a final thrust into her, I unleashed several thick strands of hot cum into her pussy. She moaned in ecstasy, her pussy tightening in an attempt to milk every last drop of cum from my cock.

"Your cum feelsss so gooood, Guy!" she panted into my ear. She pulled off of my softening cock, and put her hand under her pussy to catch any escaping cum.

"You felt so good Natalia, I bet you were really turned on by the idea of getting caught, weren't you?" I asked, eyeing her suspiciously. She gave me a sheepish grin, pulling a cum-covered finger up to her mouth and licking it clean.

"Maybe... but you were more forceful than usual!" she exclaimed.

"I was? Probably just your imagination!" I asked, feigning innocence.

"Yes! You put your fingers in my mouth, and played with my tongue! I would call that more forceful," she said.

"I thought you enjoyed it. You certainly licked my fingers clean," I teased, putting my arm around her shoulder. She gave me a dirty look, then pulled her panties back on, signalling for me to let her get dressed. I pulled my own clothes on, and, after she had finished putting her own clothes, led her back to the group, whispering sweet words.

So far so good, right? But what happens when a friends fetish is revealed? Guess you'll just have to wait for the next chapter of "College Fun"!

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