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I had been dating my girlfriend, Tara, for about 3 months during my sophomore year of college. She was very hot and I really liked her but there was one problem. She would not have sex. She would jerk me off, grind her underwear covered pussy on me until I came, and let me eat her pussy, just no dick penetration or blow jobs. I stayed with her because like I said, she was very nice, very hot and I really did like her but damn was it getting frustrating.

During Christmas break, Tara informed me she was moving out of the dorms and into an apartment. She was getting a roommate, Jenny. Tara and Jenny had went to the same private high school together but weren't real close friends. It had been a small school so they knew each other but never really hung out. Tara told me she thought Jenny was a little slutty but it was hard to find a roommate at mid year. At least it was someone she kind of knew and had some mutual friends with. In fact a group of the girls from her old high school were going out that night since they were all back in town for the holiday break. Tara invited me to go along and meet her new roommate.

To say our meeting was a disaster was putting it nicely. Tara was on the dance floor with her friends most of the night but Jenny hung around talking to me. It seemed like half the bar was filled with their old classmates so I really felt out of place not knowing anyone except Tara and just barely Jenny. After we got home, Tara was pissed off at me for talking to Jenny so much and accused me of checking out her tits all night.

In fact I hadn't really noticed Jenny's body much at all since it was freezing cold and she wore a conservative sweater and pants. Jenny also spent most of the night leaning on the high top table we sat at so I didn't see much of her shape anyway. Jenny was decent looking, above average even, but not beautiful in the sense of being someone you stop and take a second look at. She had dirty blonde hair cut short so that it was basically chin length all around. She had a great smile that made her green eyes light up. Jenny was a fairly petite girl, about 5 and half feet tall with small hands and thin wrists. That was all I really knew about her body given how bundled up she was against the cold and too be honest I wasn't really looking.

A few days later Tara called and asked if it was OK if she showered at my place after work. Tara hated driving back to her parents' house and playing 20 questions with them about her plans for the evening. Tara had apologized to me for getting so mad about Jenny, she realized I really didn't know anyone else at the bar and was left alone for most of the night. In fact Jenny was coming along with Tara since it was Tara's turn to drive.

Tara and Jenny arrived as expected and Tara said she would hop in the shower while Jenny and I watched TV. Jenny took off her coat and I had to check out her chest which I had been accused of leering at before. I immediately realized why Tara had assumed I stared. Instead of the bulky sweater like the other night, Jenny was wearing a tight long sleeved shirt which allowed me to see her huge shapely tits. Jenny had to have at least a D cup and given her petite stature made them look even bigger. I broke my eyes away before Jenny could say anything and before I looked like a fool.

We settled in and watched some MTV while waiting for Tara to finish in the shower. There was some sort of documentary about Britney Spears on and when I went to change the channel Jenny stopped me.

"Oooh leave it here. I like Britney."

"Seriously, you want to watch this?"

"Yes. And come on don't tell me you don't like watching her dance around half naked."

"All right, I'll leave it here."

"Oh don't act like it is such a hardship. In fact if you leave it here I will give you a surprise. Since I know I have better boobs than Britney I will show you mine if you want."

I was shocked. My girlfriend is in the shower and her future roommate is here in my living room offering to show me her tits. I called her bluff, thinking no way she does it.

"Sure, I'll leave it here."

"OK. Here goes." She warned as she gripped the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up. She pulled the lavender top up over her bra covered tits and held it there for my viewing. Her white lacey bra was very tight on her chest and I could see considerable cleavage between the cups. Two small marbles poked out where her nipples hid. I must not have hid my disappointment very well at seeing the bra still on.

"You didn't think I was really going to show you everything did you?" She teased.

"I guess I hoped. I mean that is what I assumed when you said you were going to show your tits."

"You are so naughty, asking to see my tits with your girlfriend in the next room. But if you really want to see..."

The teasing was now a torture to me. She sat with her shirt up around her bra covered tits and slowly caressed one breast with one finger tracing her hard nipple.

"Yes." I interrupted her.

She gave me a smile and hooked her thumb under the front of her bra between her straining cups and lifted. The fabric slid up her ample breasts as they slowly settled out, finally exposing the pink nipples. Her areolas were large and slightly swollen. Jenny's tits pointed straight at me. I couldn't believe how big they looked against her flat stomach and thin rib cage.

"They look almost fake," I stated.

"Nope all me. 34 D's." Jenny proclaimed.

We both heard the water shut off and Jenny quickly pulled her bra back down and arranged herself.

Thank God I was interrupted because I may have just lunged at her. We watched the rest of the show and said nothing when Tara finally emerged ready to go.

I didn't see much of Jenny for a couple weeks. I help Tara move into the apartment but Jenny wasn't around that day. When I finally did run into her at the apartment she was going out on a date and had a guy with her so no flirting for me.

Tara worked at a grocery store and had to cover the bakery the next morning so she had to leave for work at 5 AM. We didn't go out but stayed in and watched a movie. In bed she still held out on me and despite my best efforts just wanted to sleep.

Morning arrived and Tara was gone when I woke up around 8. I decided to get in the shower and prepare to go to my job. I was still pretty horny and started slowly stroking my cock in the shower. It had become habit lately with Tara's refusal to go all the way. I was leaning with one hand on the wall and working my massive erection when I felt a cold brush of air. Opening my eyes, I just about jumped out of the shower when I saw Jenny's head peeking in.

"What are you doing in here?" I yelled. I was more embarrassed than mad and really didn't know what else to say.

"I had to pee and couldn't wait so I came in. I figured I would get a peek in since you saw me already. And it is only fair."

"Well I guess you got your peek," I nervously laughed. My cock was still hard and stood straight out as I turned toward her.

"There is no need to stop what you are doing. I have never watched a guy jerk off before and knowing Tara she probably hasn't put out for you yet so you need it. You have a pretty nice cock and I would really like to see you keep stroking it." With that she opened the shower curtain further and sat on the toilet like she was in the living room watching TV.

I didn't know what to say or do except start slowly stroking it. I was very turned on watching Jenny sit there in her filmy white camisole and legs crossed. After a few minutes she stood up and pulled her camisole over her head freeing her tremendous tits. She bent over and slid her little underwear down causing her tits to sway and bounce as she stepped out of her panties and stood back up. I stared and her perfect form. Her hard nipples were like small jewels on top of the rough pink 2 inch wide areolas. Each breast hung down as if a weight were in the skin near her body but allowed the nipples to continue to point straight out. Her light brown pussy hair was trimmed neatly but not shaved.

I was ready to cum but Jenny told me to wait as she stepped over the edge of the tub and joined me in the shower.

"I can't take it anymore and I know you probably can't either." She stated as she went to her knees in front of me.

Jenny grabbed the base of my cock and engulfed it. She worked it deep in her throat and sucked on the tip with each withdrawal. Up and down the length of my shaft she went finally using no hands and just the suction of her mouth to hold me. It was as if she was starving and my cock was her food. I couldn't last very long with her attentions after my own and warned her I was about to cum. It didn't stop her or even cause a slow down. Her hand which had been working her nipple moved up and grabbed the base of my cock again as she began stroking me into her mouth. I exploded in my most intense orgasm ever. Jenny caught most of the first jet into her mouth while the rest hit her face and chest. I watched her lick her lips and swallow the load she received. Moving out of the way I let the shower hit her and wash the cum off her body. Her short blonde hair was slicked back against her head. I kissed her lips and tasted a little of my own cum but didn't care. My hands went up and massaged her firm tits before she stopped me.

"You have to get to work and so do I."

"I'll call in sick," I pleaded as took one nipple in mouth.

"No, we will just have to wait. Believe me; I know Tara and you will be horny as hell again." Jenny said as she hopped out of the tub and ran to her own room.

It became a game to Jenny to see how much she could tease me. She would flash her tits at me when Tara was in the bathroom or whisper before she went to bed that she was going to finger herself and think of me. She would change her clothes with the door open a crack and I could see in from the couch. I could see her run her hands up her body and squeeze her tits together. One night she slid one finger up and down her wet slit and even started fingering herself with one leg up on the bed while looking straight at me.

Tara's turn for the early shift at the bakery came again. She said she was going to shower before heading to bed to save time in the morning. I was in the kitchen when Jenny came in with an evil grin.

"How about a blow job while Tara showers? I will do my best to make you cum before she gets out."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I already have a bad enough reputation as a slut so I am trying to make any guy I date wait for anything sexual. The problem is I get so damn horny. I figure you aren't going to tell anyone and are as frustrated as I am, so I like teasing you a little before I go in my room and get myself off. Occasionally though, I still need a little contact."

As she was saying all this she was stroking my increasingly hard penis through my sweat pants. I dropped my sweats and my semi hard cock flopped out. Jenny went right into her deep throating routine. She was sucking furiously, running her hand up and down my shaft using her saliva as lubricate intent on me cumming as fast as possible.

Suddenly I stopped her. I pulled her to her feet and spun her around to face the counter. I grabbed her pajama bottoms and pulled them down with her underwear in one motion.

"What are you do...," she gasped as I shoved my rigid cock into her soaked pussy. I couldn't believe how easy it slid in. Usually I have to work my girth in slowly but she was so wet and I was already lubed up with her saliva and my pre cum. She was so warm and moist I knew I wouldn't last long in there.

She put her hands on the counter to steady herself as I grabbed her hips and pumped into her as fast as I could knowing we only had about 5 minutes. Sliding my hands up, I cupped her swaying braless tits under her sweatshirt squeezing up into a light nipple pinch. Jenny moaned her approval.

I was light headed as I pounded her as hard as I could. Jenny was moaning and pushing her hips back into me muttering, "fuck me....fuck me... God yes."

I felt her pussy tighten it grip on me and a sudden release of liquid tickled my balls as Jenny's orgasm released her body. My own sudden explosion came immediately after as I gave up trying to hold back. Jenny's arms had given out and I was grinding my shooting cock into her pussy as I pushed her against the cupboards. Each thrust brought another shudder through both our bodies as my throbbing cock emptied into her. My face was now near her ear and I whispered, "You have had that coming for weeks now."

I slowly pulled my semi hard cock out of her just as we both heard the water shut off in the bathroom on the other side of the wall. I could see Jenny's right leg was shaking a little as I bent down to pull up my own sweats. Teasingly I ran one hand up her inner thigh and massaged her swollen labia with the side of my index finger and hand. She ground her hips down trying to get more friction on her engorged pussy.

Jenny whispered, "I can't believe I came that quickly. I want your cock so badly right now; I know I could come again in minutes."

"Better get your sweats up or we won't be able to do this again in the morning." I promised, provided some teasing of my own.

Jenny pulled her pajamas up just in time as Tara came out of the bathroom around the corner. I opened the refrigerator door as if that was my purpose in the kitchen. Jenny headed to her room, probably to flick her wet pussy more.

Morning came and of course Tara got up early and headed out for work. About 15 minutes later I hopped out of bed and went out to Jenny's door. I turned the knob slowly praying it wouldn't be locked. Luckily it opened without a sound and I slipped in. I looked down at Jenny sleeping with the sheet down to her waist and one leg kicked out of the covers. It was hot in the room as the baseboard heater must be turned all the way up. Jenny wore a white gauzy short sleeve top that was held together across her chest with wide pieces of tied ribbon. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric and the mounds of her breasts rose and fell in peaceful rhythm.

I crawled up the bed and her body so I was basically straddling her. Jen opened her eyes and sleepily said, "I was hoping you would show up."

I didn't say a word and started undoing the ties holding her top together. Her skin was warm to the touch as I slid my right hand under the thin veil and massaged her right breast. My mouth nuzzled its way to her left nipple and I began alternately licking it gently and sucking it hard. Jenny let out a confirming moan as her fingers slid up and down the back of my head. It wasn't long before her nipples were hard and the entire areola stood in puffy attention. I noticed the large dimples in her nipples as the firm skin around them pushed them up and out.

I moved up and kissed Jenny firmly and was met with her wanton lips. Her tongue shot into my mouth and I felt her hips push up against me as her legs wrapped around me. I grabbed her wrists and held her arms down above her head as I ground my underwear covered cock against her own covered moist pussy. Jenny moaned her approval and continued writhing her own pelvis against me.

My 7 inch cock was rock hard with all the pent up angst of months of celibacy that had just been teased with our brief encounter the night before. Knowing that Jenny was feeling the same urges gave me the courage and power to hold out more than I thought possible. I reached down and pulled my boxers down and continued sliding my shaft up and down against her slit and grinding into her clit. The satiny cotton of her underwear coupled with her juices provided a slick lubricate for the hard friction. My mouth nipped her ear lobe and kissed her neck as my body pinned her to the bed. Finally, I whispered in her ear, "I am going to fuck you this morning and I want you to cum for me."

"Well you better get to it before I throw you off and have my way with you."

I felt her trying to slide her panties off and moved back off her to help. As soon as they came down I was back on top rubbing my bare cock against her wetness.

"Come on, stop teasing me. Give it to me," pleaded Jenny.

My cock slid in easily like the night before. Her audible gasp let me it felt as smooth and good for her. I had about 3/4ths of my cock in and began pumping into her a little deeper with each thrust. Finally pushing all the way in I stopped briefly and let Jenny just grind her clit against me as I filled her.

"Yes, right fucking there! Yes," panted Jenny.

Before starting my probing again I kneeled back and lifted her legs up to my shoulders. Kissing her ankles and calves I began long strokes into her with increasing speed. I watched her firm tits sway with the motion and begin bouncing up and down more violently as the pounding got harder. Jenny reached her hands up and cupped them to keep them under control. I could see her pale skin flush on her chest and face as her orgasm built. Suddenly, she screamed, "Fuck yeah!" as she gripped my arms and let her tits rock as the orgasm hit her.

I felt myself getting ready to explode but didn't want to give up just yet. I pulled out of her and slid up to her chest. Grabbing each boob by the hard nipples I began stroking my hard cock between her tits. The lubrication from her pussy and sweat allowed me to slide easily up to her open mouth. Jenny hungrily sucked the head as it came near until I just gave up on the tits and moved entirely up to her mouth. My pelvis over her head I thrust forward fucking her mouth as she gripped my ass with both hands. My emotion and lust became too much as I thrust hard and heard Jenny struggling with the cock and gagging.

I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back. Jenny climbed on top and began riding me. I leaned forward to give each nipple a quick suckle before cupping them for support as she bounced. Her tits more than filled my hands as Jenny ground her pussy on me with my cock fully embedded in her soaked canal. Jenny road me until I felt my orgasm build again and quickly pulled out again. I slid her body up my chest so she squatted over my face. I ran my tongue up her gaping pussy and teased her clit. I could tell Jenny was cumming as her body trembled from the licking after the last 10 mintues of grinding her clit against my cock. Her wet juices ran down my face as I teased her pussy and taint with my tongue. Jenny panted and breathed heavily as she said, "That is it, you are cumming now!"

Jenny stood up over me and turned around lowering herself on my stomach. She looked back at me and asked, "Are you ready?"

I nodded, "Go for it."

Jenny reached between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy and squatted back down. She began fucking me in reverse cowgirl. Jenny was sliding up and down my pole as fast and hard as possible trying to milk the cum out of me. I knew I wouldn't last long and reached down to lube my finger with her juices that covered my groin. Just before I was ready to cum I slid one finger up and into her asshole as she pounded down on me.

Jenny screamed, "Ahhh, I am fucking cumming again!" Just as I exploded into her. I continued fingering her asshole with my left index finger while gripping her hip with my right hand and pumping my cum load into her. Jenny leaned forward onto her elbows between my legs and rested her head on her arms. Her hips slowly rising and falling on my cock and finger. Looking down I noticed my cum pushing out of her engorged pussy with each down stroke.

After about a minute my cock began to subside and Jenny rolled off. We lay on the bed head to toe panting as we came down from our high. Surveying her body I noticed Jenny's pussy still gaped open between her wet glistening thighs. Her rising chest was topped with red nipples and what looked like hickeys from the hard sucking. Jenny's tits were sticky from our mixed sweat and cum from tit fucking.

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