tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 01

College Girls Ch. 01


Nearly midnight and still no sign of Kate.

Susan yawned and decided to pack it in for the evening. She shrugged off her jeans, pulled on her cross-country team t-shirt and slipped into her narrow twin bed. The sounds of the dorm filtered through the thin walls: someone closing the refrigerator just outside her door, a stereo playing death metal, two people laughing loudly as they stumbled down the hall in her direction.

She heard the door to her suite open and the laughter got a notch louder. Just like Kate to finally get back just as she was drifting off to sleep. Now she'd have to hear all the lurid details of her roommate's night out. No, Susan decided. Not this time. She turned onto her side, facing the wall, and closed her eyes. Kate could wait until morning to narrate her adventures. By then whoever Kate had met would just be another guy she'd be all gooey over for a week or two. Susan had stopped trying to remember their names.

The bedroom door opened. Kate stopped in the doorway when she noticed that the light was out.

"Oh. She's already asleep," Kate said. She stood there for a moment, evidently at a loss. "I was thinking that, well, she'd just excuse herself and go somewhere else."

"Hey, it's okay," said a deep voice, a male voice. "I'll just head back to my place. I've had a great time ..."

"You're not going anywhere," Kate said firmly. "Come on in. We can whisper. Susan'll sleep through anything."

"Are you sure?"

In response, Susan could hear the guy being dragged towards Kate's bed. Oh, hell, Susan thought. Now what am I supposed to do? I should probably say something, let them know that I'm really awake. But a moment later it was too late: she heard two bodies hitting Kate's bed, followed by a high-pitched, drunken giggle from Kate. Then it was quieter. There was some movement, announced by the old bed springs, and Susan thought she could hear lips meeting, although that could have her imagination overheating. Then a sigh from Kate.

Damn, Susan thought. How do I get out of this one? She tried to let her mind wander, think about the chem lab that was due on Thursday. She heard a snap unfastening; then the sounds became harder to interpret – the rustling of clothing, shifting on the bed, indrawn breaths.

"You're sure she's asleep?" the guy asked.

His voice was deeply masculine, even as a whisper. Susan imagined a broad, muscular chest and dark hair. She wasn't sure why dark hair fit the voice, but it did. And he seemed to move confidently. There was nothing abrupt or crude about his motions – or was she drawing too many conclusions from a few muffled sounds? Suddenly, Susan wanted to know. Was he really as she imagined him? Tall and athletic and self-assured? Or maybe he was squat and nerdy. Or green and spherical. This was nuts. It wasn't any of her business. He'd be gone in the morning and Kate would give her the blow-by-blow, and that would be the end of it.

But it was no use. She couldn't fall asleep. Maybe just a quick peek, Susan thought. To satisfy my curiosity; to see whether I can summon the image of an entire man from a few whispered words. She hesitated for a moment, then rolled over as silently as she could. Very cautiously, she raised her eyelids a sliver. She was facing across the small room towards Kate's bed. She'd been in the dark for a while, and her eyes had adjusted – Kate and her friend were visible on the bed, though only just. They lay on their sides, the guy with his back to Susan. Kate had her arms around him and she had pushed up his shirt so that her hands caressed the bare skin of his back. The couple seemed to be kissing enthusiastically. And he did indeed have broad shoulders and dark hair, just as Susan had known he would.

Suddenly, Kate disengaged herself and pushed the guy over onto his back. She swung one leg over him until she was straddling his hips, her butt resting on his crotch. Susan was relieved to see that they both still had their jeans on. Kate giggled and worked on unbuttoning the guy's shirt. When she'd finished, she put both her hands on his chest and scraped her long fingernails along his skin. He gasped softly as she grazed his nipples. She leaned over and let her long blond hair fall across his taut stomach. Wow, Susan thought, as she watched Kate drag her hair back and forth, I wish I could do that. Susan kept her wavy chestnut hair short. She's gotten tired of her ponytail flopping up and down when she ran.

The guy let out a deep "mmm" and reached up to rub his hands along Kate's bare arms. Susan tried to make out his face, to see if she recognized him. But the only thing visible was a faint reflection from his eyes. Kate sat up and reached for the hem of her tank top.

Oh, no, thought Susan, she isn't ...

But she was. Susan shivered and opened her eyes a little wider. The sounds outside faded; now all she could hear was her own pulse hammering in her ears. Her eyelashes still blocked her view a little, giving the scene a muddled sense of unreality. Kate moved in dreamy slow motion, drawing her shirt gradually upwards. Kate was a petite girl – at least three or four inches shorter than Susan – but the rising shirt seemed to expose more buttery, tanned flesh than Susan could take in: The smooth skin of her waist came into view first, then the slightly rounded stomach, then the sheer bra, already hanging askew. Finally, Kate wiggled her torso to get the top over her shoulders. Her face disappeared for a moment as she extracted her hair. Kate threw the shirt in Susan's direction, and Susan caught her breath. But Kate didn't notice. Her eyes were on the guy, savoring his reaction as the bra slid off her shoulders.

Susan blinked. She'd seen Kate's breasts before, of course, but she'd always made a point of not staring. They were two cup sizes larger than her own (she'd checked), round and heavy, a little pendulous. Now in the diffuse light leaking in from their single window, they seemed other-worldly, almost glowing. The large nipples, stiff and puckered, rose from dark aureoles. Kate understood the effect her bare breasts were having on her captive audience perfectly. She looked down at him with a knowing smirk. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him. Her breasts touched him first, her hard nipples flattening against the exposed skin of his chest. Their arms went around each other and their lips met again, more urgently this time. Kate's hair fell over both of them.

Okay, thought Susan, I've seen enough. Quite a bit more than I wanted to, actually. She turned quietly towards the wall again, and closed her eyes.

The sounds of bodies shifting grew louder, magnified by the small space and hard walls. Susan did her best to ignore them. Kate would surely come to her senses in a minute and send the guy on his way. But the scuffling continued. What was going on? Susan's heart pounded in her chest. She'd never seen real people doing anything like this. Her imagination supplied vivid images to go along with the sounds: lips meeting, hands fondling breasts, hips mashing together ...

And then, gradually, without really meaning to, she turned back over.

Her imagination had been a little over-active. But only a little. Kate was still stretched out on top of the guy, and her jeans had been pushed down to her ankles. So had his. Kate was wearing a thong of some dark-colored material, navy blue or black, so that, from Susan's point of view, she was naked from head to toe except for the thin waistband of her panties. The guy was running his hands along the curve of her bottom and over the backs of her legs.

Susan tried to control herself, to calm her breathing. It seemed so loud. Could they hear her? Could they tell she was awake? They were so close – she could smell the excitement steaming off of their skin. Kate had begun to slowly wriggle her hips, grinding them against the guy's crotch. He groaned audibly. Abruptly, he put one arm around her shoulders and the other around her butt and flipped her onto her back. Kate giggled and lifted her head up to nibble at his ear.

"Naughty boy," she whispered.

He rolled off to one side, his back towards Susan once again. He scooted down a little so that his mouth was over her breasts. He leaned over and Susan saw his tongue flick out and swirl around one nipple. Kate gasped, and something inside Susan melted. A warmth flowed up from her center, making her feel light-headed and faint. She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to control the feelings. But her nipples had become painfully hard, and the contact with her arms felt like an electric shock. She subconsciously slid one hand down between her legs.

The man pushed awkwardly at his boxer shorts. He lifted his hips and yanked the waistband until they began to move down, revealing a slim, muscular butt. Susan licked her lips nervously. He finally kicked his shorts off and lay on his side, wearing only his unbuttoned shirt. And then he disengaged himself from that as well, and he was completely naked. His dark, wavy hair lapped over his neck, down to where smooth muscles played under his shoulder blades as he pulled Kate towards him. His back blocked Susan's view of whatever they were doing.

Kate's shoulder began moving rhythmically. Susan couldn't see her arm or hand, but she could guess what was happening. She surprised herself by feeling frustrated that the guy's cock was hidden, that she couldn't tell if Kate's hand was really sliding along its length. His cock must be very hard by now, Susan thought, slanting out from his body, its tip dark from the blood surging through it ...

For a moment Susan's thoughts spun out of control. She saw herself pushing her covers aside and going over to Kate's bed, offering herself to them. She closed her eyes tight. What was wrong with her? She wasn't a voyeur. None of this had anything to do with her. If Kate wanted to ... to what? Susan shivered. Whoever this guy was, Susan was pretty sure she hadn't seen him before. Kate wasn't really going to ... to do it with someone she'd just met, was she?

The guy was reacting to whatever Kate was doing to him. His breathing turned ragged and his head jerked back. Kate looked serious, as if this was taking all of her concentration. The muscles in the guy's butt tightened. Was he going to ...?

Susan's breathing turned ragged. She'd never seen a man's body like this, so taut and lean, so excited and so completely in a woman's power. She couldn't help herself. She pushed her t-shirt up over her waist and slipped her fingers underneath the waistband of her panties until they lay against her pussy. Her folds felt swollen, slippery with moisture. Her eyes were wide open now. If Kate looked up, she'd surely know that Susan was watching her. It didn't matter now. She felt reckless, wanton, half-wanting Kate to notice. Would she invite Susan to join them? She could run her fingers over the guy's butt, touch the smooth skin of his powerful shoulders ...

Susan clenched her teeth. No, no, ­no. She had more control over herself than that – even if Kate obviously didn't. Susan took a deep breath and removed her hand from her panties. Just then the guy rolled onto his back with a breathless grunt. A little bit of stray light outlined the hard planes of his face, but Susan still couldn't really see him. His cock, though – she could see that perfectly. Kate had let go of it, and it seemed to stand out a mile from his hips, rising at a steep angle to his torso, quivering slightly, the head swelling to form a bulb at the end. Then Kate's hand was covering it again, or part of it anyway. Either Kate's hand was awfully small, or the guy's cock was a lot longer than any of the limited selection Susan had dealt with in the past.

Kate slid her hand along the shaft and then just brushed the head with her fingertips. The guy groaned loudly and bucked his hips upwards. Somehow, his cock had grown even longer. Kate just stared at it for a moment. Then she swept her hair over her shoulder, so that it fanned out across her bare back. Her face began to dip downwards.

Oh, no, thought Susan. Kate, please don't ...

But Kate didn't hesitate. Her tongue darted out from between her glossy lips and teased the skin at the very tip of the guy's cock. He jumped as if he'd been struck. Kate giggled at his reaction, then did it again. This time the guy's hips rose to meet her, and Kate moved her lips over his cock head and swallowed it halfway down. Susan's eyes picked up the smallest details: Kate's lips bulging outwards as they passed over the ridge that separated his cock tip from the shaft, the trail of moisture her mouth left behind, the tiny opening at the very end of his cock weeping a single sparkling drop of pre-cum. Their arousal filled the small dark room, saturating the part of Susan's brain that controlled her breathing and her body temperature. She was perspiring, her clothes and her bed covers unbearably hot against her skin. She had to get them off now.

She fought for control over herself. Clothes off, she decided. Bed covers, not. She skinned her panties down her thighs as discreetly as she could and pushed her shirt up. Her hand went back between her legs. She was dripping down there. Everything was tender and slippery; she was almost afraid to touch herself, she was so sensitive. She bit her lip and slid her index finger along the outer lips of her pussy, picking up some of the moisture, using it to lubricate the passage of her finger over her clit. She knew that her breathing was too loud and that she was lying in a completely unnatural position as she struggled to see everything that was happening in the next bed. But it was obvious that Kate and her boyfriend weren't paying any attention to her. They were lost in their own little world. Kate held the guy's cock in one hand and swirled her tongue around the tip, pausing to nuzzle it with her lips. The guy grunted every time her tongue touched him. Kate was kneeling between his outstretched legs now, and her breasts swung freely each time she dipped her head.

How much practice did it take to develop that kind of technique? Just as Susan wondered that, Kate sat up. Susan's heart skipped a beat. Had Kate sensed that she was watching? No. Her attention was still on her boyfriend. Or, more accurately, on his groin. She rubbed his cock head idly between her fingers. Then she crawled over him so that her hips were positioned above his. Susan felt an odd sense of relief. Kate was still wearing her thong. That should keep things from going any further.

Kate hadn't let go of the guy's cock. In fact she held it firmly now. Susan's breath caught in her throat. Kate was ... she was pulling the crotch of her panties to one side and nudging the guy's cock towards the entrance of her pussy! Susan started to feel light-headed again. Kate closed her eyes and shifted her hips back and forth. Susan couldn't see the critical area very well, but it looked like he wasn't going inside her very far. With every forward movement, Kate let out a little high-pitched gasp. His cock head must be ... it must be hitting her clit, Susan thought. Her own pussy began to throb. She squeezed down on it with her hand, but that just made it worse, almost painful.

Suddenly a quiver ran through her and Susan made a startled "oh" sound. She'd just cum, she realized. Normally her climaxes took forever to build up, but this one just happened all at once. Her body contracted, sending her fingers deeper into her pussy. What's happening to me?, she wondered. She felt almost as desperate at Kate, who was still wriggling against her boyfriend. Finally, Kate made a frenzied shift of her hips, and his cock moved inside her. His cock seemed so long and thick, Susan thought. He wouldn't fit all the way, would he?

But he did. Their loins mashed together, Kate's tiny patch of blond hair scratching against his thick nest of black curls. Kate held still for one long, agonizing moment, then began to heave up and down. Her motions became more and more violent and her breasts bounced, changing shape, flattening on her chest as she crashed against the guy's hips.

Susan was rubbing herself without any sense of restraint now. Her skin shone with a sheen of perspiration. She knew that anyone looking in her direction would know exactly what she was doing. But it didn't matter. She couldn't stop. Her breathing became louder and harsher, mirroring the sounds that were coming from Kate's bed. Susan shook as another orgasm hit her and a loud moan rose from deep in her chest.

The guy reached up and put his hands over Kate's breasts. She leaned forward to intensify the contact.

"Peter," she said breathlessly.

So that was his name, Susan thought.

"Yes, right ... there," Kate said. A hard jolt ran through Kate's body. Her butt slammed down again and again.

For a moment Susan felt oddly disconnected, as if she was watching the scene from somewhere else – the naked couple on the bed, no longer making any attempt to keep their passion quiet or discreet ... the whole suite must be listening to their cries and their bodies slapping wetly together – the single girl a few feet away, eyes wide, panties down around her ankles, shirt pulled up to expose her breasts, a sheet only partly covering her super-heated body, long bare legs exposed now, pale in the dim light, one hand buried deep in her pussy. It all seemed to drift into slow-motion. The guy – Peter – moved his hand to grip Kate's butt. She scooped her hips forward and arched her back, her breasts thrust forward, nipples hard and swollen, long hair hanging straight down her back. She froze in that position, a trickle of sweat dripping between her breasts, across her stomach, and pooling in her belly button.

Peter's body convulsed once, then again as he dug his fingers into the flesh of Kate's bottom, and he emitted a harsh, drawn-out "ahhh". Kate seemed to soften, drawing in her breath in a long sigh and collapsed slowly onto Peter's chest. Susan felt a flood of warmth against her hand. An unbearably intense sensation rushed outward from her center, spreading through her body. She knew she was breathing too hard, too quickly, but there was no way she could control what was happening to her. The warm, melting feeling filled her completely, flowing out into her fingers and toes until her skin burned and everything turned hazy and indistinct.

* * *

A long time later, the room was much brighter and Susan felt groggy, as if she'd had too much to drink the night before. She came slowly to her senses, remembering what had happened after Kate had come back to their room. She looked over at her alarm clock and noticed that it was nearly nine AM. Okay, fine. Her first class wasn't until ten. If she got moving now, she'd have time for a shower and a quick breakfast. She'd have to wait a little longer to sort out what had happened the night before.

She took stock. Her panties, wherever they were, were probably a lost cause. But if she pulled her t-shirt down no one would have to know about that. She rolled off the bed, bare feet landing on the cold tile floor, still trying to clear her head. It was another minute before it occurred to her to look over at Kate's bed. For some reason, she'd assumed that it would be empty. But Susan was shocked to find that both Kate and ... what was his name? Peter? ... were still there. Peter was on his back with Kate cuddled up against him, her head resting on his shoulder, her hair fetchingly disheveled. The covers were pulled up to Peter's chest, but both of them still appeared to be naked – a conclusion reinforced by the clothing scattered at the foot of the bed.

As Susan stared at them, she felt a familiar tingling in her pussy. Just then, Peter opened his eyes. They looked at each other for a long awkward moment. Susan could see his face properly now. It was a pleasant face, a thoughtful and seemingly intelligent one, certainly not the brainless party dude she'd expected. And the wavy hair she'd seen last night was even darker than she'd thought, a deep, glossy black that went beautifully with his flinty gray eyes.

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