tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 05

College Girls Ch. 05


I had a boyfriend for a short time, but he dumped me for some eighteen-year-old that had just graduated from high school. Kelli didn't want me to spend my summer vacation moping around, so she invited me to play tennis. Neither one of us was a very good tennis player, but she explained that prancing around in a little tennis skirt would make me feel better.

We didn't have real tennis skirts, so we wore our little white pleated skirts that looked like cheerleader uniforms. On top we wore our thin white crop-top T-shirts with no bras and white socks with our tennis shoes. We didn't have any of those tennis trunks to wear under our skirts, so we wore skimpy white see-through panties. The dark shadow of my pussy hair was plainly visible under the tiny panties and my butt crack was just as easy to see from behind. Kelli's panties were just as revealing as mine and we were beginning to get excited thinking about what we will look like out in public in our bare-all outfits. After grabbing our water bottles and tennis racquets, we headed for the park.

Kelli and I entered the center court. There were guys playing on the courts to the right and to the left of us. There were also some old men sitting nearby on a park bench. As we warmed up, everyone was watching our boobs bounce around under our T-shirts. The material was so thin that our nipples were poking out at our audience. As Kelli and I bent down to pick up the tennis balls, we would make sure that our legs were straight forcing our little white skirts to ride up in back exposing our skimpy panties.

Soon our T-shirts became damp as we began to perspire in the hot sun. This made our puffy pink nipples even more visible under the thin material as a few more men stopped to watch the game. The guys to our right asked us if we wanted to play doubles and Kelli said that we would play them for a hundred dollars. They agreed and she told them that first we had to use the restroom.

While we were in the restroom, I asked her if she was crazy. I reminded her that we weren't good enough to beat them, but she said that if we removed our panties, the distraction would give us the winning edge. I was hesitant, but she explained that our skirts would be flying up all over the place. The guys would be too busy watching our bare asses and exposed pussies peeking out from under our skirts to hit the ball. Reluctantly, I agreed and we slid our panties then tossed them into the trashcan. There was no turning back now as we returned to the court naked under our short skirts.

Kelli served first. As she reached up high to swing at the ball, her skirt flipped up in front and she flashed her bald beaver. The ball flew right past the guy. Kelli slowly bent down to pick up a ball before her next serve and her smooth firm ass was hanging out for everyone to see. The guy's looked uncomfortable because they were developing bulges in their tight tennis shorts. Kelli served the next ball and once again she flashed her shaved pussy to the guys. We scored another point.

I really wanted to break the guy's concentration so I called Kelli over and said, "It looks like you forgot your panties."

Kelli raised up the front of her skirt right in front of the guys and said, "Oh my gosh, you're right. I must have left them in the restroom. Let's check to see if you remembered your panties."

Kelly then lifted up my skirt showing my raven-haired bush to the guys and said, "Look Mindy, I can see your hairy little bush. You must have forgotten your panties, too!"

I pulled my skirt down acting embarrassed and said, "We can't go on with this game. We're practically naked."

The guys almost got down on their knees and begged us to continue, so I said shyly, "Alright, we'll honor our bet, but I better not catch you guys looking under our skirts."

The guys agreed, even though they were full of it, and the game continued. The guys were older than us and they were wearing wedding rings, so we felt relatively safe. As Kelli served the next ball, I turned my back to the guys and bent down like I was stretching. They couldn't return the serve and look at my firm little butt at the same time, so we scored another point. Eventually, we won a few games and the guys, as well as the old men on the park bench, seemed to be enjoying the show. A few more men stopped outside the court to watch. We were drawing quite a crowd.

In the next game, our ball accidentally went into the other court. I trotted over in front of the boys on that court and slowly bent down to pick up the ball. As I did, my skirt rode up giving the boys an unobstructed view of my bare butt. After I picked up the ball, I apologized for interrupting their game. They looked to be about eighteen-years-old and just stood there speechless. I decided to tease them a little and lifted up the front of my skirt revealing my pussy hair for the boys.

With their undivided attention I said, "I'm sorry for the distraction, but my friend and I forgot our panties. I hope you don't mind."

They stammered out a "no" and I went back to the game in our court. We continued to play and the score started getting a little closer. Kelli decided that we needed to take a water break. She instructed me to follow her lead and I watched as the water spilled out of her bottle and down the front of her shirt. The guys could soon see right through her flimsy shirt. I began to drink from my bottle and as I did, I let the water drench the front of my shirt, too. Soon our thin white crop-top T-shirts were virtually transparent. Our breasts were on display for everyone to see as the cold water had our nipples poking right through the wet T-shirts.

With our practically bare breasts bouncing around, we won some more games and our audience seemed to be growing. There were quite a few guys standing outside the court watching the match. We thought that victory was within reach, but somehow the guys began to make a comeback. Kelli decided to do something really drastic. Using her sharp fingernail, she cut through the single button that secured her skirt. When she returned the next serve, the button popped off and her skirt fell to the court. Kelli stood there for a moment wearing only her drenched T-shirt. Her pussy and ass were exposed for everyone in attendance. She then she picked up her skirt and half-heartedly held it in front of her. Kelli walked over to where the guys and I were standing parading that naked butt in front of everybody.

Kelli said, "Look what happened. My button popped off and my skirt won't stay on."

She turned to the guys and said, "Everyone can see my naked butt."

Kelli then tossed the skirt aside, pointed between her legs and continued, "Since I'm shaved bald, its too easy for everyone her to get a good look at my pussy. I guess we'll have to call the match off."

The guys accused us of quitting, so I said, "Kelli, we have to finish. There's only a few points left."

Kelli replied, "That’s easy for you to say. You're not standing here half-naked in front of all these guys. In fact, this T-shirt is so wet, I might as well wear nothing at all!"

Kelli pull her T-shirt over her head and said, "There, now I'm bare-ass naked. How can I finish the match looking like this?"

I told her that if it had happened to me, I'd finish the game. With that, she reached over and yanked on my skirt. The button went flying and my skirt landed on the court.

Kelli said, "Now how does it feel to have your pussy showing?"

Next she pulled my T-shirt off and said, "Come on naked girl! Let see you finish the match now!"

I was standing on the tennis court in the middle of a public park completely naked in front of several boys and men. As I turned 10 shades of red, Kelli handed me my racquet and said that we should get this match over-with. We finished the last game with Kelli's big boobs bouncing around in front of everyone. My firm breasts also received a lot of looks, but my firm muscular butt is what I am most proud of. I bent over every chance I got and the guys loved it. I don't know if the guys preferred Kelli's hairless beaver or my neatly trimmed raven-haired bush, but they definitely liked the show.

Kelli and I eventually won, but somehow our clothes disappeared during the last game. We collected our money and stuck around talking to the guys by the park bench after the match. We didn't even act concerned that our clothes were gone. Kelli and I just stood there with our perky breasts, pink puffy nipples, nice smooth butts and pretty pussies completely on display for everyone to see.

One of the old men patted me on the back and said, "Nice game."

The other old man patted Kelli on her bare butt and said, "You played a nice game, too."

Kelli took his, placed it on her breast and said, "Thank you for your kind words, sir."

The guys started getting a little wound up and trying to touch us, so we headed for Kelli's car before we got into any trouble. Luckily it was a short ride home, since we didn't have any clothes to wear. It's always a rush when I'm naked in front of a group of strange guys. I felt much better and I had fifty bucks in my pocket. Well, I did when I finally put some pants on!

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