tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 12

College Girls Ch. 12


Chapter 12 (Summer Job)

I wanted a summer job to earn a little money before returning to college in the fall. There was a help wanted sign posted in the window of a perfume store at the mall, so I decided to apply for the job. It was a small boutique at the far end of the mall with a very expensive line of imported perfume. They offered me salary plus commission, so I accepted the position.

The manager went home at five, leaving another girl and I to work until the store closed at nine. Her name was Elizabeth, but everyone called her Lizzie. She tried to act hip and outgoing, but in reality, she was actually shy and innocent. Lizzie had just turned eighteen and she was going to enter her senior year of high school in the fall. This was her first place of employment. She'd only worked at the boutique a week longer than I had, so we were both new to the job.

Lizzie stood about five-foot-four with blonde hair and perky breasts. She had a creamy fresh face and a firm round butt. Lizzie was a very cute little girl, but she dressed rather conservatively. I told her about some of the wild things I'd done in college, so she tried to be cool and pretend as though she'd had similar encounters.

Lizzie said that she enjoyed flashing boys and showing off her body in public, although her experiences were limited to pulling her bikini top up and then quickly pulling it back down while submerged in the water at the local swimming pool. Judging by her conservative clothes and her claim that she'd never gone all the way with a boy, I figured that she really didn't know what it was like to be exposed in front of strangers. However, I must admit that I wanted to get a look at her cute little body.

Lizzie also claimed that she'd been with another girl before, although it sounded as though her only real experience was the time she'd gotten a little playful with her friends in the shower after gym class. I really liked Lizzie a lot. Her sweet voice and her girlish innocence were actually turning me on, so I had to find out if she was really the type of girl that she claimed to be or if she was just making up stories to impress me. Either way, I hoped that I would soon feel the touch of her tender delicate hands against my soft skin.

We'd only made a few sales the first night and customers were limited to some older women early in the evening. I told Lizzie that if we wanted to make some real money, we had to cater to wealthy men looking to buy gifts for their wives. She asked me how we were going to do that and I told her that we needed to lure in some of the customers from the high priced men's suit store across the mall.

Lizzie wanted to know how I planned to attract the men and I told her that after the manager left at five, we would change into some revealing clothes and stand at the front of the boutique. She was apprehensive about the idea, but I told her that this should be fun for her since she claimed to like showing off her body in public. Then Lizzie tried to get out of it by saying that she didn't have any revealing clothes to wear, so I told her that I'd bring her one of my outfits.

As soon as the manager left the following day, I went into the back room and began changing my clothes. Our store was small and our back room was even smaller. It was just a little six-foot by six-foot room with a desk and a chair. We didn't even have a private bathroom. We had to use the public restroom in the mall. Since there wasn't a door separating the store from the backroom, Lizzie could see me as I began undressing just inside the open doorway. However, I was not visible from the sales floor. A customer would have to lean over the counter to be able to look into the back room.

I took off my gray dress pants and laid them over the chair. Next, I unbuttoned my silky white blouse and placed it on the chair, too. Lizzie looked at me and smiled as I stood there in my white bra and my thong panties. Then an older couple came into the store and Lizzie had to direct her attention to them. Lizzie giggled when the older man walked over and leaned against the end of the counter because he was only a couple feet away from me. However, he didn't know that I was undressing right around the corner from him.

Lizzie tried to act professional, but I took off my bra and pushed my breasts together just inside of the wall from the man. My puffy pink nipples were pointing right him and he didn't even know it. She had trouble keeping a straight face as I turned around and slowly slid my tiny thong panties over my bare ass like a stripper.

The man started whining about being drug to the store with his wife, but she begged him to stay for a few more minutes. Lizzie continued to giggle because the man complained that there was nothing for him to see at the mall, yet I was stark naked and only a couple of feet away from him. When the man's wife moved down to look at some perfume where he was standing, he moved up to the other end of the counter. He leaned over the counter to rest his head on his elbows and suddenly he was in a position where he could see me!

There was no place for me to hide. I was trapped and I was naked! What was I going to do? It would only be a matter of seconds before the man spotted me. I reached for the bag containing my clothes, but the sudden movement attracted the man's attention. When he looked over and saw that I didn't have a stitch of clothing on, his eyes got as big as silver dollars. At first, I was mortified to have a stranger see me in the nude, but he was determined to stay there and stare at me, so I just gave him a shy smile and went about unpacking my bag. After all, this wasn't the first time I'd been caught naked in public.

His wife suddenly said to Lizzie, "I'd like to look at more perfume, but my husband wants to leave, so thanks for your help."

The man said, "No, no, no! I'm being unfair. You take all the time you need and I'll even buy you anything you want."

His wife said, "Well okay, if you say so."

I quickly realized that if I kept the man in the store, he would buy some perfume for his wife. Lizzie looked at the man, looked at me and then began to giggle because she saw that the man was watching me get dressed. Still naked, I turned the chair towards the man and sat down. I put one of my feet on the floor and lifted up the other foot to slip my hosiery over my toes. I gave him a nice little beaver shot in the process. The man was able to see right between my legs and I spread them wide enough for him to see my pussy lips! After I had the hose on both feet, I stood up, bent over and slowly slid the lacey white thigh-high stockings up my legs. I flaunted my bare breasts and naked pussy to the man as I pulled the stockings up until they stopped at mid-thigh on both legs.

I turned around and with my back to the man, I bent over showing him my bare ass. I pulled a skimpy black bra out of the bag that was on the floor, and then I stood up, turned around to face the man and slowly positioned the cups of the bra over my breasts before fastening the clasp in front. My round rosy nipples were now hidden from his view, but my neatly trimmed pussy hair was still out in the open for the man to look at.

As I bent over to get my panties out of the bag, the woman said, "I guess I'll take this bottle" and asked her husband to come over and pay for it.

The man yelled out, "Get another bottle...I mean we're here, go ahead and shop."

Lizzie looked over and saw that in my bent over position, my bare ass was pointed up in the air and out in the open for the man to see. Then she smiled at him and then showed the woman another bottle of perfume. I turned around and stepped into a skimpy pair of white panties. My little undies were made of the same lacey material as my thigh highs, so the man could see the shadow of my reddish-brown bush right through the front of my panties. When I turned around to retrieve my blouse, the man was also able to see my butt crack through the see-through fabric in the back my little undies.

I put on the same blouse that I'd worn earlier in the day, but instead of a white bra, I was now wearing a black bra, which was visible through the white silky material of the blouse. The top had a low neckline and even though my breasts are only medium sized, they're full enough to offer an ample amount of cleavage. Besides, with my five-foot-one-inch petite body, my breasts don't have to be very big to look good. I finished getting dressed by putting on a very short black mini-skirt. Since there was nothing left for the man to see, he moved over to the cash register and paid for three expensive bottles of perfume.

As I came out of the back room, the man's wife said to him, "I feel bad. You spent all this money on me, but you didn't get anything."

He smiled at us and then said to his wife, "Don't worry about it. I was just happy to be here with you."

As they left the store, Lizzie and I hugged each other. Our plan was already working. We'd just sold three bottles of expensive perfume, thanks to my performance. Now it was Lizzie's turn to change into her revealing outfit. For Lizzie, I chose a very short red sundress with buttons all the way down the front. Since she'd worn pants to work, she didn't have any hosiery to wear. All she had to wear under the dress was her bra and her white cotton bikini panties. The dress was sleeveless with a low back. After she buttoned the dress, I told Lizzie that her bra was hanging out all over the place and that she needed to remove it. Lizzie argued with me for a while, but she could see in the mirror that the bra was too big for the skimpy dress, so she went in back and took it off.

When Lizzie returned to the sales floor, she was showing off some skin! Since she was a little taller that me, the hemline of my dress was really short on her. If Lizzie bent over even the slightest bit, her little white underpants would hang out from beneath the mini dress. She was also a few pounds heavier than me and her breasts were a tad larger than mine were. This caused the buttons to pull a little bit because the dress was so tight on her. It also created the illusion that her breasts could spill out of the top of the dress if she leaned over too far.

Lizzie was showing plenty of cleavage and her nipples were poking out against the thin cotton fabric that the dress was made out of. She was very embarrassed by the way she was dressed, but she knew that she couldn't back out of the plan. Otherwise, it would appear that she'd made up the stories she told the previous night. Lizzie was determined to live up to the image she had created for herself.

When Lizzie saw herself in the mirror, her face turned as red as the dress. I could tell that she'd never been in public in such a revealing outfit before and she looked mortified. Lizzie was also nervous about meeting older men, but I told her that even though I'm only twenty-years-old, I find comfort in the company of mature men. I like the attention I receive from them without playing the silly games that immature boys play.

Soon Lizzie calmed down and we took our positions at the front of the store. We got several looks from some of the men in the mall, but no sales. Finally, a man entered the store. He looked to be in his mid to late thirties and said that he was looking for a birthday gift for his wife. Lizzie and I got behind the counter and I pointed out a fragrance that I liked. I sprayed some of the perfume on my wrist, held my wrist near breasts and asked the man if he would like to sample it. The man leaned forward to sniff my wrist, which put him in an ideal position to look down my blouse at my black bra.

I talked him into buying the perfume, and I told him that I'd get him a fresh bottle out of the drawer. The perfume was behind me in the bottom drawer and when I bent over to get it, my skirt rode up exposing my panties to the man. Although I'd found the bottle right away, I acted as if I couldn't find it. I even asked Lizzie to help me. I don't think she knew what was going on because she quickly bent over, revealing her panties to the man as well.

After I retrieved the bottle, I asked him if he wanted a second bottle to go with it. Even though the perfume was expensive, he couldn't walk away from the idea of Lizzie and I bending over again. He agreed to buy another bottle and we bent over to retrieve it. Lizzie finally caught on to what I was doing to her when she looked over her shoulder and saw that the man was peering at her panties. However, she remained bent over and let him continue to look. She didn't mind because although the customer was getting another look at our panties, we were getting another commission.

Lizzie giggled like a little girl when the man left. She said that she had fun teasing the guy. I lifted up Lizzie's mini dress to her waist and said that it's easy to sell when your panties do all of the work for you. At that precise moment, another older man and his wife were passing in front of the store. The man tried to pause and look at Lizzie's underpants, but his wife just gave us a dirty look and forced him to keep walking. I was proud of Lizzie because she didn't try to pull down her dress. She just stood there while I held the hem up and proudly displayed her little white cotton panties. I was training her well!

The next person to enter the store was a young boy around eighteen or nineteen. He looked interested in Lizzie, but she was too shy to do anything about it, so I took control of the situation. He said that he was looking for a gift for his girlfriend. I asked him how much money he had to spend and he showed me what was in his wallet. However, he said that he didn't want to spend all of it and I told him that I understood. I sprayed a couple of fragrances on my wrists and he sniffed them while peeking inside of my blouse at my bra-covered titties.

After sampling the perfume, I showed him a bottle that would cost him all of his money. He said that he wasn't interested and I told him that it was just as well because this particular perfume is worn on a girl's breasts and he was too young to sample it anyway. He fell for the story and quickly changed his mind. The boy started to beg me to let him sample the perfume. I told him that I didn't believe he would buy it, so I told him to purchase the perfume first and then I'd let him sample it. If he didn't like it, I'd give him his money back.

He asked, "Where exactly do you wear it?"

I opened a few buttons on my blouse and said, "Inside of my bra" as I pointed to my now exposed black bra.

He said, "I don't know. That's a lot of money."

I unhooked the clasp in the front of my bra and said, "Well its up to you. I'm ready to give you a sample, but if you don't want to buy the perfume, then I'll just button my blouse back up."

My blouse and bra were now hanging open and although my breasts were partially exposed, my nipples were still covered. Lizzie giggled a little because the young boy looked so flustered and confused. He gazed at my open blouse and unfastened bra, and then looked down at his wallet. I knew that I had to do something to close the deal, so I slipped my delicate fingers inside of my bra and began to softly caress my soft rosy nipples.

I said to the boy, "This is where I will spray the perfume if you buy it" as I continued to gently tease my nipples.

He couldn't take it anymore and handed me the money. I did as I had promised and pushed my blouse and bra over, completely exposing my left breast to the boy. I slowly dabbed some of the perfume on my nipple, and then I made little circles around it with my finger until it was firm and erect. As he gazed at the exposed mound of flesh, I grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him forward until his nose was touching my nipple. He sniffed the perfume for a few seconds, and then he started to lick and kiss my nipple. I stood there for a moment and enjoyed the stimulation, but then I pushed him away and told him that kissing my breast was not part of the deal. I told him to take his perfume and leave before I called security. He was young and naïve, so he grabbed the bottle and took off.

When two gentlemen in their forties entered the store, Lizzie had to greet them because I was still fastening my bra and buttoning my blouse. The men looked at Lizzie and they were happy to see such a young beautiful girl wearing such a revealing dress. One of the men wanted the perfume as a present for his wife and Lizzie used my trick of spraying her wrist and holding it near her chest. Both of the men took turns sniffing the perfume as they strained to look down the top of her dress at her braless breasts.

Lizzie asked them if they wanted a bottle, but they looked at the price and said, "No way."

I stepped in and said, "Well that's good. We keep that brand on the top shelf and I'd hate to make my assistant climb up and get it."

The men looked at Lizzie's short mini dress and she started to blush. Her shy innocent expression gave the men even more of an incentive to make the purchase, so they said that they would buy a bottle. I told Lizzie to get a bottle down for me.

She said, "But it's on the top shelf! How am I going to get it?"

I replied, "Use the stepladder."

As the men grinned at me, Lizzie said, "The stepladder?"

I said, "Yes, the stepladder!"

Lizzie turned to me and whispered, but she was loud enough that the men could hear her when she said, "I can't go up the ladder. Those men will be able to look up my dress at my underwear!"

I whispered back, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it."

I turned to the men and said, "When she climbs the ladder, don't look at her little underpants!"

The men chuckled as Lizzie said, "Thanks a lot!"

Lizzie positioned the ladder in place and began to climb to the top. I could easily see right up Lizzie's mini dress at her white cotton panties and the gentlemen could, too. Her cute little butt cheeks were hanging out of the skimpy undies and I couldn't help myself. I reached up and pinched her nice round bottom. Lizzie almost fell off the ladder and the men laughed, but she handed me the bottle. She tried to come down the ladder, but I placed my hand on her young rear-end to stop her. I meant to put my hand over the dress, but I accidentally put it underneath. My hand was resting right on her panty-covered butt!

As I kept my hand on her firm young ass, I said, "Stay there."

She said, "Stay here! Why?"

I replied, "In case I need more."

She agreed to remain on the ladder, so I removed my hand and directed my attention back to the men. I asked them if they wanted to sample the perfume again in case they wanted a second bottle, but the men were diverting most of their attention to Lizzie's panties. I sprayed a little on my wrist and held my wrist low, near the counter. As each of the men moved forward and leaned down to smell my wrist, they were in an even better position to see up Lizzie's short mini dress. Lizzie looked humiliated, but she never complained. Even though she knew that her firm butt checks were hanging out of her little underwear, she just stood up there and let the men look at her.

I let them gaze at her little white panties for a long time and then I said, "If you buy two bottles, you should smell both of them to make sure that they both smell good."

The men immediately picked up on what I was saying. If they bought a second bottle of perfume, they would get to lean over and look up Lizzie's dress again. However, Lizzie said that she couldn't find another bottle and asked me to climb up and look for it. It was a dirty trick, but I did it. I found the bottle and handed it to Lizzie. As I tried to climb down the ladder, Lizzie reached under my short mini skirt and placed her hand on my super sheer panties. The feeling of the teenaged girl's fingers on my nearly bare butt sent chills up my spine!

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