tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 17

College Girls Ch. 17


It was my last day to work as a waitress at the coffee shop before returning to college. I was very happy to have a great summer job, but I was also disappointed that I had to work on such a warm sunny Saturday. Instead of being trapped inside the mall, I wanted to be outside wearing a bikini, or less! Moments later, I arrived at work and found a way to make my wish come true.

As I entered the coffee shop, Traci was telling Belinda about her dad's boat and how much fun she has at the lake. Unfortunately, Traci works so many hours that she rarely gets time off to use the boat. When I heard their conversation, I started thinking about how much fun we could have together at the lake.

Belinda is another waitress at the coffee shop. It was also her last day to work before starting her senior year of high school. With Belinda and I leaving, Traci hired additional help to run the place. Traci is the owner and manager of the coffee shop, so I suggested that she take the day off and let her new workers mind the store. Traci said that it sounded like a good idea, but she wouldn't have much fun at the lake all by herself. I solved the problem by convincing Traci to take Belinda and I with her.

We piled into Traci's car and within a couple of hours we were at the lake. Along the way, we picked up all the essentials…beer, snacks and more beer. Then Traci borrowed her dad's pontoon boat and the three of us were quickly cruising over the water.

The weekend seemed perfect except for one minor detail. Since the girls and I hadn't planned on going to the lake, we didn't have any extra clothes or swimming suits. All we had were the clothes that we wore to work. We were all wearing T-shirts and jeans with panties underneath. Traci and I were also wearing bras, but once again, Belinda forgot to wear a bra to work.

As Traci drove the boat, the wind whipped through her long dark hair. She's a twenty-five-year-old beauty that stands about five-foot-five. Even though Traci wasn't wearing a bikini, she still received plenty of looks from guys in passing boats. Traci was wearing underwear beneath her tight little T-shirt and low-cut jeans, but her bras and panties are made of such a thin fabric that her underwear always appears to be non-existent. Her bra offered such little support that her big boobs bounced up and down as the boat rolled over the waves.

I also wore a snug T-shirt that was a little too small for me, along with painted-on jeans. I stood up in the front of the boat to give the guys a look at my petite, twenty-year-old body. I'm five-foot-one, with medium sized breasts and reddish-brown hair. Boys in the other boats were looking my way until Belinda came over and stood next to me. Belinda is only eighteen-years-old and she's just a couple of inches taller than I am. However, her breasts are much bigger than mine are, so the young brunette quickly stole my thunder.

As Belinda's big braless boobies moved freely under her thin T-shirt to the rhythm of the boat, she began complaining about how hot it was. She asked Traci to stop somewhere so that she could buy a bikini. Traci told her not to worry about it. Where she was taking us, we wouldn't need swimming suits! That statement made Belinda a little nervous because she knew how wild Traci and I can get when we're in public. Belinda was a little curious about our destination, but I'd been to the lake before so I knew right away that we were heading to the Party Cove.

I told Belinda that the Party Cove is like Mardi Gras on the water. People tie their boats together in rows and party all afternoon. Girls dance and flash on the backs of anchored boats, while boys drive their boats up the middle isle and throw beads to the girls. Belinda is a little shy and innocent, so the thought of flashing made her even more apprehensive about our destination.

As we tied up between a couple of expensive boats, Belinda was amazed at the festivities going on around her. The men in the boats next to us appeared to be in their late thirties or early forties. There were some women in the boats next to us, too. They were probably in their middle thirties and they were quite attractive for their age. Belinda was shocked to see that the women had removed the tops of their bikinis. Belinda was also surprised at how comfortable the women were while socializing amongst strangers with their breasts totally exposed.

After securing our boat, we broke out the beer because it was time to party. Belinda once again began complaining about how hot it was, so Traci told Belinda that she should take off her jeans. Belinda said there was no way that she would take her pants off with guys all around her, so Traci and I pushed Belinda into the lake.

Belinda was very embarrassed as she climbed back into the boat because everyone could see right through her tiny white T-shirt. Without a bra, Belinda's pink nipples were clearly visible under the thin wet material. Even though the men next to us had women in their boat, it didn't stop them from staring at Belinda.

Belinda looked uncomfortable in her tight wet jeans, so I told her that she really needed to take her pants off. After some coaxing from the men in the other boats, Belinda said that she would take her jeans off if I took mine off first. She didn't think I'd do it, but even though there were dozens of guys around me, I told her that I would. I figured that wearing panties wouldn't be much different that wearing the bottoms of a bikini, but I still needed to drink a couple of beers before I could go through with it.

Soon it was time for me to shed my pants. I got a little nervous because a boatload of teenaged boys were cruising right in front of our boat. However, I overcame my shyness and slowly unbuttoned my tight jeans. Next, I pulled the zipper down, exposing the top of my little white cotton underpants. The boys stopped their boat to watch as I pushed my jeans down to the deck and stepped out of them. Since my T-shirt didn't even cover my bellybutton, my skimpy panties were out in the open for everyone to see. One boy looked at my little undies and threw a strand of beads to me.

There were a few men in the boat next to our boat inspecting my panties. There was also a woman in the boat giving me a lot of eye contact. She had a cute face, long blonde hair and she wasn't much taller than I was. Her body was quite shapely for a woman in her mid-thirties and her smallish breasts had a firm look to them. She wasn't wearing the top to her bikini and her little round butt checks hung out of the tiny blue thong that she was wearing.

The bubbly blonde introduced herself as Barbie, and she mentioned that I was cute and had a nice body. Lately I've been attracted to girls as much as I've been attracted to men, so I found the compliments to be rather pleasing. I thanked Barbie with the type of smile and wink that I would use if I was flirting with a guy. She returned the same type of smile and wink back to me.

I told Belinda that it was time for her to remove her pants, but she said that she wouldn't take her jeans off unless Traci took her jeans off, too. Traci said that she had no problem removing her hot, confining jeans and stepped to the back of the boat. As another boatload of boys floated by, Traci unbuttoned the top of her jeans and then she slowly unzipped them so that they hung wide open in front.

Traci started to take her jeans off, but then she stopped with the top of her see-through panties showing. She started taunting the boys by demanding that they throw a strand of beads to her before she went any further. The boys quickly tossed Traci some beads, so she pushed her jeans down the rest of the way and stepped out of them.

The men in the boats next to us were thrilled at the sight of Traci's panties. The fabric was so thin that it was easy for the men to see Traci's dark pussy hair right through the front of her little underpants. Traci's firm butt cheeks were hanging out in back and the men could actually see her butt crack though the thin material.

Traci asked, "Belinda, are you going to take your pants off now?"

Belinda replied, "I don't know. Let me think about it."

Traci said, "You've had enough time to think about it. Now its time for action!"

Traci reached over and popped open the button on Belinda's jeans, and then Traci pulled Belinda's zipper down. With a shy embarrassed look on her face, Belinda tried to push Traci away, but Belinda was no match for her as Traci quickly pulled the tight jeans down Belinda's tanned muscular legs. Unfortunately for Belinda, her sopping wet panties were stuck to her soaked jeans and as Traci pulled the jeans down, Belinda's panties came down with them. All of the men around us were treated to a nice view of the little teenager's firm ass and brunette bush.

Belinda screamed, "Oh no, my pussy is showing!"

That only drew more attention to her dilemma. Belinda looked nervous and helpless as she bent over and struggled to separate her panties from her jeans. In her bent over position, all of the men were able to examine Belinda's young bare butt. The women also took a look at Belinda's exposed ass which added to the teenager's embarrassment. Belinda's nervousness caused her hands to shake, which just prolonged her panty predicament.

Then Traci reached down and said, "Here, let me help you!"

Traci took the pants away from Belinda and slowly began to sift though the bunched up material in an attempt to find Belinda's panties. Traci acted as if she wanted to help, but she was actually causing Belinda to remain naked from the waist down even longer. Red faced Belinda stood there with one hand over her hairy triangle and the other hand over her butt crack as Traci moved like a turtle looking for Belinda's underpants.

Traci said, "I know they're here somewhere."

Belinda urged, "Please hurry. I don't have any pants on and everybody's looking at me."

Then Traci said, "Hold on while I take a sip of my beer."

As Traci slowly raised the can to her lips, Belinda begged, "Come on Traci. Hurry up!"

Belinda reached for her pants, but Traci stepped away from Belinda and said, "Don't worry, I'll find your panties in a minute."

Belinda was mortified when she looked up and saw that she was the center of attention. All of the men and women were gawking at Belinda and laughing, even though they could see how uncomfortable it made her feel. Then Belinda really got nervous when she saw some boys on a passing boat taking pictures of her nude lower body. Belinda tried to hide her hair triangle and sweet young ass the best she could, but she was still putting on quite a show for the boys.

Finally, Traci freed the panties from the jeans, held them up high in the air and said, "Here they are!"

The humiliated teenager reached up and grabbed her panties, leaving her ass and pussy exposed in the process. Belinda pulled the little undies up her legs as beads flew from every direction. After Belinda pulled up her panties, she looked down and what she saw made her blush even more. The water had caused her little underpants to become very revealing. The teenager was wearing silky pink panties that didn't even come up high enough to cover her butt crack. In addition, the wet silky material had become practically transparent. All of the guys around us were gazing at Belinda's tiny undies because the dark shadow of her pussy hair was showing right through the flimsy drenched fabric.

It wasn't long before the girls and I began comparing how many beads we each had. Belinda's bare butt display netted her the most beads, while Traci's skimpy panty exhibition made her a close second. When I discovered that I had the fewest number of beads, I announced that I needed to do something to get some more.

Barbie looked over and said, "If you take your top off, you'll get plenty of beads."

I said, "I don't know if I can. There are so many guys around."

Barbie said, "Look, if a woman my age can go topless, then a young girl like you should have no problem removing your top."

I ended up taking Barbie's advice. As another boat carrying four men cruised by, I stood on the back of the boat and slowly pulled my T-shirt up over my head. When the men saw my bra, they threw some beads to me. However, Traci would not be outdone, so she stood up next to me and copied my performance. Her big beautiful breasts were showing right through her skimpy see-through bra and the men showed their appreciation by tossing several strands of beads her way.

Traci went a step further with her exhibitionist streak. She claimed that she was hot and lowered herself into the water to cool off. When Traci climbed back into the boat, her sheer bra and panty set looked like it had disappeared. The view of her round rosy nipples, beautiful smooth butt and neatly trimmed brunette bush were unobstructed by the wet gauzy material.

Traci stood next to the men in the boat beside ours. She reached up high with her hands to push her hair back out of her face, thrusting her big breasts out at the men in the process.

When Traci saw how the men were looking at her body, she looked down and said, "Oh no, look what happened to my underwear. When I jumped in the lake, my bra and panties got all wet and now you can see right through them. This is so embarrassing. I look like I'm naked!"

Traci slowly squeezed her breasts as if she was trying to get rid of the excess water, and then she said, "This doesn't seem to be helping. I guess I'll just have to stay like this."

I just shook my head and mumbled, "What a tease!"

Traci pulled out a blow-up raft and started blowing it up. When she bent over, Traci's ass was clearly visible beneath her skimpy wet panties. As Traci blew up the raft, she acted as if she was giving someone a blowjob, and she even received a few beads for her performance. Once the raft was inflated, the three of us jumped into the water. Our underwear got all wet as we splashed around in the lake like little girls.

As a boat floated right in front of us, Belinda tried to climb up onto the raft. Unfortunately for Belinda, the force of the water pushed her little wet panties down. She ended up lying face down on top of the raft with her underpants ending up below her knees. Everyone got a nice look at Belinda's bare ass before she even realized that her panties had slipped down.

Belinda shrieked when she finally discovered that her naked butt was showing. The humiliated teenager scrambled to retrieve her panties, but before she got a chance to pull them up, I snatched them away from her. Belinda dove into the water as Traci and I began playing a game of keep-away with her panties.

Belinda pleaded desperately for us to give her back the little pair of underpants. She felt so vulnerable with her ass and pussy exposed, especially since the guys around us loved seeing the damsel in distress. We really planned to give Belinda back her panties, but I accidentally threw the skimpy undies right into the propeller of the passing boat. Belinda screamed as she watched her panties get chopped up into a couple pieces. The boys were all laughing and cheering because they knew that Belinda was now forced to remain naked from the waist down.

I climbed up onto the raft and announced that I wanted to get a tan. Traci said that I should take my bra off so that I wouldn't get any tan lines and before I could stop her, Traci reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. Since my bra was already unfastened, I went ahead and pulled it off and then I handed my bra to Traci. As I laid face down on the raft, I asked Traci to toss my bra up onto the boat. I guess I should have specified which boat because Traci tossed it to the guys on the passing boat. The boat cruised away and my bra was gone forever.

All I had on were a pair of little white cotton panties as a new boat began to pass by. There were several boys on the boat and they were staring down at me with my wet panties wedged up in my butt crack. My butt cheeks were hanging out right in front of the boys. It was a little unnerving to be practically naked in front of so many people, but it was also quite a turn on.

The young boys were all begging me to roll over. At first I refused, but the boys were persistent and offered me beads, so after a few minutes I worked up enough nerve and turned over onto my back. There I was in front of everyone without a bra on. My firm breasts and puffy pink nipples were pointed up at the sun, and my soaked panties were sticking to me like a second skin. My neatly trimmed auburn pussy hair could be seen right through the wet cotton underpants that I was wearing.

I guess the beer that I was drinking was having an affect on me because I began to feel relaxed even though I was out in public and all I had on were a pair of wet panties. As I laid on the raft with my tits out where everyone could see them, I collected several strands of beads. I got off the raft and swam over to put the beads in the boat. As I climbed to the top of the ladder, Belinda reached up and grabbed my panties. She pulled my underpants all the way down my legs and left me standing on the boat deck completely naked!

I started to jump back into the water, but Barbie called out, "You don't need to hide. We're all practically naked anyway. Just stay up here with us."

The men in Barbie's boat chuckled and said, "That's a good idea. Stay up here with us!"

Before losing my underpants, I was already a little embarrassed because my bare breasts were showing, but now I was mortified that my ass and pussy were open to public viewing, too. However, I went ahead and stayed up on the deck even though I was totally naked in front of everybody! I instinctively tried to cover my titties and hairy triangle with my hands, and then I turned around just in time to see my little white cotton panties sailing through the air and into the hands of a boy on a passing boat.

As I stood up on the boat in the nude, Belinda yelled, "Paybacks are hell!"

I said, "Yes they are" as I reached down and grabbed her wet T-shirt.

I pulled up on Belinda's T-shirt as hard as I could. My hands were no longer protecting my boobies and bush from prying eyes, but I was on a mission to strip Belinda of her T-shirt. Belinda didn't know it, but her T-shirt got snagged by a screw on the ladder and began to tear apart.

Belinda fought to keep her shirt on, but since I was up in the boat, I had too much leverage for her to compete with. Soon Belinda's shirt was up over her braless breasts and I told her to give up and let go. As Belinda's big titties bobbed in the water, she refused to listen to me, so I pulled on the shirt even harder. Suddenly she noticed that her shirt was caught on the ladder and she started to panic.

Belinda screamed, "Don't pull on my shirt! You'll rip it."

I pretended not to hear her and pulled even harder. Belinda's T-shirt ripped right down the front and separated into two pieces. I continued pulling on the shirt until it was absolutely ruined. The teenager was horrified at the sight of what used to be her T-shirt. I wadded up the shredded material and threw it to the boys on the passing boat. Now not only was Belinda naked in public, she was also faced with the harsh reality that she no longer had a shirt, bra or panties to wear home. The only article of clothing Belinda had left was her jeans.

I was now standing up in the back of the boat and I didn't have a stitch of clothing on. I was surrounded by men and they were examining my bare body. I didn't want to be the only naked girl amongst all those guys, so I begged Belinda to come up into the boat with me, but she refused.

Then I saw a brick in the front of the boat that Traci's dad used for some kind of fishing net and it gave me a great idea of how to coax the teenager out of the water. I picked up the brick and then I grabbed Belinda's jeans and secured the brick in one of the pant legs.

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