tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 18

College Girls Ch. 18


It was the start of my junior year in college and I was surrounded by bad news. Upon my arrival at the sorority house for the fall semester, I discovered that my life-long friends, Kelli and Amy, would not be returning to school. Amy opted for a less-expensive local college and Kelli quit school completely to sell cosmetics. In addition, if losing my friends wasn't bad enough, I soon learned that I was going to be punished for something that happened last year.

I sat patiently waiting for my Behavioral Studies class to begin when a beautiful woman walked into the classroom and introduced herself as Miss Compton. She was around five-foot-five, with dark hair and a firm figure. Her shapely legs were displayed prominently beneath a short skirt and accentuated with a pair of high-heels. The clingy knit top Miss Compton was wearing showed off her ample breasts and her slim waistline. Even though she was wearing a bra, I could still see her nipples poking out against the front of her form-fitting top.

Miss Compton looked to be in her mid-thirties, but she carried herself quite well. I don't know if it was her sexy voice, or the way that she sat on the top of her desk at the front of the classroom, but as she lectured, she sure had all of the boys' attention. She must have known that sitting up on the desk in that short skirt allowed the boys to catch a glimpse of her little pink panties, but she didn't seem to mind. From the way she occasionally shifted her legs around, it almost appeared as if she was daring the boys to sneak a peek between her legs. However, Miss Compton handled herself with such grace and elegance that she never appeared to be intentionally teasing the boys.

Miss Compton asked me to stay after class, so I waited around to find out what she wanted. After the other students left, Miss Compton hopped up on her desk right in front of me and her panties were once again in plain view.

She asked, "Mindy, how would you like to work for me this school year and assist me with a project that I'm currently involved in?"

I replied, "What does the job involve?"

Miss Compton explained, "I'm studying the sexual effect that young girls have on guys and then I'm going to produce a report describing the types of female behavior that entice the guys."

I asked, "So what's that going to prove?"

She replied, "I'm going to determine if boys are naturally aggressive towards girls or if the behavior of girls provoke the advances of boys. In other words, I want to find out if a woman can gain total control of a man's emotions. I think it will be important in defining sexual harassment."

I said, "To be perfectly honest, I'm really not interested in becoming a prostitute for the advancement of science."

Miss Compton chuckled and said, "I'm not asking you to sleep with the guys. I just want you to flirt with them and flash for them, or maybe pretend to lose your clothes in front of them and see how they react. How does that sound?"

I said, "It sounds as if you like humiliating young girls and using them to tease guys in the process. Otherwise, you'd just flash for the guys yourself."

Miss Compton said, "As a matter of fact, I love teasing guys, but I'm a teacher and I have a code of ethics that I must abide by."

I said, "Thanks anyway, but I'm not interested."

She said, "That's a shame. I thought that with your reputation, you'd be perfect for the job."

I asked, "What reputation?"

She said, "Well a few frat boys stated that the girls of your sorority have a tendency to shed their clothes in public once in a while."

I said, "A college girl occasionally getting a little wild is not unusual on this campus."

Miss Compton said, "Maybe so, but sleeping with professors for grades is against the rules. It is even punishable by expulsion from school with the disqualification of your transcript. You would have to start all over again at another university. It would be a shame to waste two years of college credits."

I demanded, "What are you talking about?"

She said, "Well, for starters, there's the story of how your friend Kelli and you took your clothes off in front of Mr. Wilcox. I believe you even gave Mr. Wilcox a blow job."

I said, "That was all Kelli's idea and she was the one that gave Mr. Wilcox the blow job!"

Miss Compton said, "Then maybe I can hire Kelli, too."

I said, "Sorry, but she quit school."

Miss Compton said, "That's a pity. Then I guess we're back to you. How about the time you stripped naked in Professor Clouds' classroom?"

I said, "That was during a makeup exam and she forced me to do it."

Miss Compton smugly said, "So Mindy, you can be forced to take your clothes off?"

I said, "Not likely. I'm much wiser now."

Miss Compton said, "Well if you're so wise, why did you have to sleep with Professor Blackburn to raise your Calculus grade?"

I became very nervous and asked, "How do you know so much about me?"

She replied, "I have a way with men! Besides men love to brag. There are no secrets amongst this faculty."

Miss Compton knew she had me. If she exposed my past behavior to the dean, I would lose two years of college credit and I'd be sent home. There's no way my parents would pay for my college tuition again and I'd probably be kicked out of the house. I would end up waiting tables at the coffee shop for the rest of my life.

I put my head down in defeat and said, "You win."

Miss Compton said, "Great! Then I guess I've got myself a little sex slave."

I reported to Miss Compton's office the following day and she immediately inspected my attire. I was wearing a purple mini-dress that wrapped around the front of me. The dress was held together with a single tie above my left hip. Underneath the dress, I wore a pair of low-cut white panties and a matching bra.

Miss Compton said, "That's a pretty dress, but lose the bra."

I said, "I can't take off my bra. This dress tends to separate and gap in front. It would be too easy for someone to look right down the front of my dress and see my breasts."

That wasn't what Miss Compton wanted to hear. She picked up a pair of scissors from the desk and reached inside of my dress. Before I could react, she made a few quick snips and my bra was history. Miss Compton removed my bra and my medium sized breasts spilled out in the process. As I quickly tucked my titties back inside of my dress, she dropped the remains of my bra into the trashcan. There was no doubt as to who the boss was.

Miss Compton said, "Next time, you'll follow my orders! Now bend over in front of me."

I reluctantly bent over and held my position as she gave my dress the once-over.

She said, "You were right. I can see your nipples as plain as the nose on your face."

I quickly stood up and checked to make sure that my breasts weren't hanging out of my dress as Miss Compton began to show me around the office. She started describing what my job duties were. Basically, my job duties were to do whatever she told me to do.

Miss Compton explained, "Besides being a teacher, I'm also a counselor for inmates at the prison from the other side of town. I realize it isn't a glamorous job, but the state pays me a nice salary."

I asked, "Isn't it dangerous?"

She replied, "No, not at all. I only see the ones with a history of non-violence that are nearing the end of their prison term. They have to be on their best behavior because they must prove to me that they're fit to re-enter society. Otherwise, they'll remain in jail. There's also a button under each desk that summons the security guard in case anyone gets unruly and I do have the option of requesting handcuffs for anyone that I feel could be a threat to me."

Then I asked, "Is it really appropriate for you to be dressed in a thin blouse and short skirt around these guys?"

Miss Compton giggled and replied, "Probably not, but these guys haven't had contact with a woman in a long time, so allowing them to look at me is surely a big thrill for them."

I added, "And a big ego boost for you, too!"

She continued, "Maybe so, but besides, they're prisoners and they deserve to be punished for their crimes. If my teasing causes them any undo distress, then so be it!"

I said, "I'm beginning to see what's going on here. You're not interested in studying behavior patterns, you just get a thrill out of dominating and torturing these poor guys."

Miss Compton just smiled and said, "I really am interested in studying their behavior. I received a grant to perform this study, so I truly have to create a legitimate report. However, I must admit that I do get a certain amount of pleasure from seeing these guys in a state of mental anguish."

I asked, "Why would you enjoy tormenting these guys?"

With a gleam in her big brown eyes, Miss Compton continued, "It is such a rush to have a guy's emotions in the palm of my hand. I get to show them a little skin, but they can't do anything about it. I can strip naked in front of them, but they can't touch me. I can bring them to the brink of an orgasm, and then prevent them from finishing themselves off. I can force them to worship me!"

Miss Compton's rage grew stronger as she continued, "I have the power to dominate men and I know how to use it. This power makes up for every time a guy has hurt me in the past! It makes up for planning a wedding, just to find out that the guy is running around with a nineteen-year-old girl behind my back. If young girls think they can humiliate me, then I'll show them what humiliation really feels like. Men and young girls...I can now stop them from satisfying themselves...I now have my revenge!"

I thought to myself, "Wow, this gal has issues!"

I determined that Miss Compton was the one who truly needed counseling, but I wasn't about to suggest it. As I listened to her speech, I got a little frightened because I was now a sex slave to this woman...a woman that wants to humiliate young girls! There was no telling what she was capable of doing. Miss Compton soon came back to earth and began explaining to me what I was supposed to do.

She said, "This is the waiting room and that's your desk. Just sit there and do anything I ask you to do. I have a hidden camera and I'll be watching everything that goes on in here. Just remember what'll happen if you disobey me!"

A guy in his middle twenties was led into the waiting room by a guard. The guard removed the guy's handcuffs and told me that if there was any trouble, he'd be sitting in the guard's station at the end of the hallway. Then the guard left the waiting room, leaving me alone with this guy.

I nervously sat at my desk and pretended to perform secretarial duties. The guy was tall, muscular and relatively handsome, but he also appeared rough, arrogant and angry. I expected him to be wearing a prison uniform with a number on the back, but he was just wearing jeans and a black T-shirt. Nothing much was happening until Miss Compton came out of her office with a stack of papers.

She said, "Robert, have a seat and I'll be with you in a moment. Mindy, please file these in the bottom drawer of the cabinet."

I whispered to Miss Compton, "The bottom drawer? But in this short dress...well that guy..."

Miss Compton said loudly, "So you'll have to bend over and Robert will be able to see your underwear. Too bad...get to work!"

Miss Compton went back into her office as I nervously bent over to open the drawer. I could feel the hem of my dress rising up in back and I was certain Robert could see my little white panties. I could also feel my panties creeping up into my butt crack, which meant that my ass was even more exposed to the guy. It took a while for me to file all of the papers, so Robert was treated to a nice long look at my panty-clad bottom. After finishing the task I walked past him to return to my desk. Robert had an evil stare as he checked out my petite, twenty-year-old body.

I'm five-foot-one, with medium sized natural breasts and reddish-brown hair. I have a cute and innocent look about me and this was no doubt having an affect on the guy. Maybe I was being a little paranoid, but I felt like a helpless little girl waiting to be pounced on by this guy. However, Robert just sat there and stared at me.

A few minutes later, Miss Compton emerged from her office and said, "Just another minute Robert," and then she opened my desk drawer as if she was looking for something.

She quickly closed the drawer tight and asked me to come with her. Doing as I was told, I got up from my chair and began to follow Miss Compton. What I didn't realize was that she'd closed the drawer on the one string that was holding my dress together! When I walked away, the string pulled apart and the whole front of my dress separated, right in front of Robert.

He could see my bare breasts, my puffy pink nipples and my extremely low-cut white panties. To make matters worse, I didn't stop walking in time and the string was actually torn right off the dress! I tried to quickly close the dress in front of me as Miss Compton stood behind me and examined the dress.

She said, "I think I can fix it. Just slip the dress off and I'll take care of it."

I said, "Slip it off? Um, have you forgotten, there's a guy in here?"

She replied, "Um, have you forgotten what will happen if you disobey me?"

Robert was on the edge of his seat as Miss Compton slipped the dress off my shoulders. She gathered up the dress and headed towards her office, leaving me standing there in just my little underpants.

I yelped, "Wait, where are you going my dress? I don't have any clothes on!"

She said, "Yes you do...you have your panties on. Now have a seat and I'll be right back," and then she disappeared in her office, taking my dress with her.

I was mortified as I sat down in my chair. I crossed my legs and did my best to cover my breasts with my hands as Robert just sat there and stared at me. He had a big grin on his face, which made me feel very awkward and vulnerable. Then I noticed that his hand was moving around inside of his pocket. I think he was rubbing himself as he stared at me. It was creepy!

Soon Miss Compton emerged from her office and caught Robert with his hand in his pocket. She told him to stand up and then she yanked his pants open. Out popped a huge boner and Miss Compton acted very angry about the situation.

She said, "Robert, there's no reason for you to behave like this. Mindy is just the victim of an unfortunate accident and you're looking at her in a sexual way. That's not very nice."

He looked embarrassed and said, "I...I'm sorry. I just can't help it."

Miss Compton took his rigid member in her hand and said, "What do you mean you can't help it? I can feel how hard you are. If you can't help yourself, then you should have looked away and not stared at her."

I was now standing near Robert with my arms at my sides, leaving my breasts out in the open for him to look at. He could also see my little white underpants, which were cut so low that a few strands of my neatly trimmed auburn bush were poking out above the waistband. My skimpy panties were so translucent that I'm sure my pussy hair was visible right through the thin fabric. As Robert took a good look at me, he tried to pump his penis in and out of Miss Compton's hand.

I thought she was going to let him get off, but after a few strokes she sternly said, "Robert, now what are you trying to do?"

The big guy was reduced to a little whiner as he begged, "Please...I'm so close and your hand is so soft."

Miss Compton replied, "I'm sorry, but that's not how we do things around here."

He said, "But I haven't been with a girl in so long."

Miss Compton said, "Robert, you are going to have to show me that you can control yourself around women. Otherwise, I will have no choice, but to recommend that you remain in prison."

He cried, "No, please not that. I'll be good. I promise."

She let go of his penis and told him to get in the office immediately. Robert looked so strong and rugged, but Miss Compton relegated him to a subservient level. I was amazed at her power to dominate him so quickly and easily.

I was still without a dress as I cracked open the office door a little bit. Robert was sitting on a low chair and Miss Compton was sitting on top of her desk as she lectured him. Her legs were slightly spread apart and her knees were right at Robert's eye level. She had her back to me, but I'm sure her panties were totally exposed for Robert to gaze at.

Robert's penis was still out in the open and it was as stiff as a board, but Miss Compton wouldn't let him touch it. As she talked, she would lean forward and show the cleavage provided by her low-cut blouse and push-up bra. Robert was in pure agony and Miss Compton knew it. She was enjoying her role as the tormenter. Miss Compton just sat there and started fumbling with my dress as she lectured Robert about his behavior.

Suddenly, I started feeling a moist sensation inside my panties and I began to caress my nipples. Using my fingertips, I made little soft circles over the rosy sensitive flesh at the pinnacle of each breast. As I gazed at Robert's exposed rigid member, I rubbed and pulled on my nipples until they were good and hard.

Watching Robert being dominated by a woman had a strange affect on me and soon my fingers found there way inside of my tiny underpants. I ran my finger across my moist slit and I even touched my little clitty. I continued moving my finger back and forth between my pussy lips as I slowly worked my panties down in the process. Before long, my little underpants had descended down so far that my entire butt was showing.

I was getting more and more excited as my panties continued to slide down until they reached the middle of my thighs. I wanted to put a finger inside of my tight wet pussy, but the location of my panties restricted me from spreading my legs apart. Finally, I couldn't fight the urge any longer and I pushed my panties all the way down to the floor. I stepped out of my little undies and kicked them to the side of the room. I was now completely naked as I inserted a finger inside of me. Mmm, it felt so good!

Robert tried to stroke himself again and Miss Compton pulled his hand away, spreading her legs even wider in the process. Robert had a clear view up Miss Compton's skirt and he seemed to really like what he saw, but he couldn't do anything about it. Watching Robert getting tortured ended up being a real turn-on for me and I began to slide my finger in and out of my pleasure place with even more intensity.

I don't know what it was, but seeing Robert's thick rigid member right out in the open peaked my desires. I began to imagine that Robert was my sex slave and that I was the one who was dominating him. I was wet and excited, and even though I loved looking at Robert's exposed penis, I closed my eyes because I was about to reach the Promised Land.

Without warning, the door swung open and there stood Miss Compton. Robert's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head when he saw me standing there in the nude, fingering myself. My nipples were nice and hard, and I was blushing bright red from embarrassment.

Miss Compton said, "Your dress is ready. Come in and get it."

I began to reach for my panties, but she said, "You can get those later. Just come in and get your dress."

I stammered, "But...but my panties, I mean, I'm naked. Robert can see me!"

She just said in an insensitive tone, "You should have thought of that sooner. Now quit wasting my time and get your dress!"

I felt totally humiliated as Miss Compton marched me right past Robert, giving him an unobstructed view of my naked body. He could see my firm breasts, pink nipples and neatly trimmed auburn bush. Then I had to bend over in front of him to pick up the dress, permitting him to inspect my bare butt. He must have started stroking himself behind me because I heard Miss Compton slap his hand and then she told him to stop.

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