tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 23

College Girls Ch. 23


My name is Mindy Sparks and I'm no stranger to exhibitionism. I'm a twenty-year-old college student and I began exposing myself in public when I was a high school senior. Experts proclaim that exhibitionists will eventually feel comfortable showing off their body to total strangers. In addition, experts maintain that exhibitionists will reach a point where they no longer experience the nervous embarrassment associated with public nudity. I am yet to reach that point!

A certain comfort level does exist for me when I initiate the flashing and I have a handle on the situation. When I'm in control, I'm not necessarily nervous or embarrassed. In fact, I actually feel a rush of excitement. Conversely, if my public exposure is due to an accident or at the hands of someone else, I endure sensations of frustration and humiliation. Those sensations make me feel as if it's the first time I'd ever bared my body to strangers.

Feelings of degradation were never so prevalent as they were when my Behavioral Studies teacher blackmailed me into becoming her personal sex slave. Miss Compton forced me to expose myself in public because she found out that I slept with my college professor to earn a high grade in Calculus. My Behavioral Studies teacher was compiling data for a research paper she was writing on people's reactions to random public nudity and I became the primary focus of her study.

It was the last day of the semester and according to our agreement, Miss Compton's reign as my master was supposed to end at midnight. Although being forced to show my tits, ass and pussy in public all semester was a distraction, I actually made straight A's for the term. It was probably due to the fact that studying took my mind off Miss Compton's wicked ways. Miss Compton offered to take me out and celebrate, so we opted for a popular nightspot.

Miss Compton and I went to a country bar that featured live music and a mechanical bull. We were dressed in short denim skirts, cotton blouses and little cowboy boots. We also wore bras and panties. Miss Compton had on a colorful plaid shirt while mine was plain white. I tied the bottom of my shirt just below my bra, leaving my flat tummy and bellybutton exposed.

My short blue jean skirt rode so low on my hips that it almost allowed the top of my butt crack to show. There was also the chance that a little bit of my auburn pussy hair was going to peek out in front. Since the current styles are moving away from such low-cut items, I wanted to get as much use out of the skirt as I could, so I wore it despite the fact that Miss Compton is always intent on exposing me in public.

Because of my history with this woman, I felt very uneasy throughout dinner. I was afraid my teacher would command me to perform one last act of exhibitionism. Dining with Miss Compton made me especially nervous because some of my friends hung out at this bar. However, the meal went off without a hitch and we were soon drinking and soaking up the atmosphere.

Miss Compton said that she hated for the semester to end because she enjoyed having me around as her personal sex slave. In view of the fact that having me as a slave brought her so much pleasure, I began to wonder if there was any reason for Miss Compton to cease her control over me as my master at midnight. I concluded that it would take more than Miss Compton's word of honor to convince me that the sex slave arrangement would be terminated. I needed a plan to break free of my ties with Miss Compton forever.

As I sat there contemplating a plan of action, some of Miss Compton's former students urged her to ride the mechanical bull. After a drink or two, she decided to submit to her students' whims. When she climbed up onto the bull in that short denim skirt, the guys caught a glimpse of Miss Compton's panties. It got the crowd excited and they started cheering when the bull began to buck and turn around.

Miss Compton enjoyed the attention she was getting from the collection of horny boys. She was so busy showing off that she probably didn't even realize how much her big boobs were bouncing around under the flimsy bra she was wearing. The act of being pushed forward and then thrown backwards caused Miss Compton's breasts to heave up and down. Her tantalizing titties bounced so much that a button on her shirt popped open.

The crowd got worked up into a frenzy when the spinning motion of the mechanical bull made Miss Compton's big melons sway from side to side. The new direction caused a second button on her shirt to come undone. The bucking bull actually made three buttons pop open on Miss Compton's tight shirt, revealing most of her skimpy see-through bra to the cluster of onlookers.

The operator of the bull began increasing the speed on the controller. He obviously wanted to see if he could get Miss Compton's shirt to open up any further. Then again, since she only had a couple of buttons left on her shirt that were still fastened, he might have been trying to see if he could get Miss Compton's bra to come apart.

The guys were wild with anticipation because it appeared that Miss Compton's breasts were going to spill out of her delicate bra at any second. Unfortunately, the fast motion of the mechanical bull was too much for Miss Compton to handle and she was thrown off before anything else could come undone. When she hit the mat, she landed on her back with her legs in the air.

Miss Compton's awkward fall caused her short skirt to escalate all the way up to her waist, completely divulging her scanty panties to the crowd. It was apparent that Miss Compton consumed a little too much alcohol throughout the evening because she just laid there laughing instead of scrambling to pull her skirt down. After treating her students to an extensive look at her lacy see-through undies, she stood up and slowly repositioned her skirt. However, she never bothered to button her shirt and her bra was still hanging out for everyone to see.

When Miss Compton returned to our table, she put her arms around me and said, "That was fun. You should try it."

I said, "No thanks. In the super short skirt I'm wearing, I'm afraid I'd really show off my panties."

Miss Compton said, "Well I'd like to see 'em. I love looking at your cute little body."

I laughed and said, "You're drunk! Just sit down for a while."

Miss Compton sat down next to me, but she put her hand on my thigh. She kept trying to slide her hand under my skirt, but I pushed it away. Miss Compton's risqué performance on the bull got a lot of attention and many of the guys in the bar still had their eyes on her. This ultimately meant that they had their eyes on me, too. Miss Compton is very attractive for a thirty-five year old woman, so she deserved the attention. However, I still pushed her hand away because I didn't want every guy in the bar to find out that I enjoy the touch of another woman.

Unfortunately, I guess I was also getting a little drunk myself because I was beginning to enjoy having Miss Compton caress my bare leg and it was becoming very difficult for me to resist her. Miss Compton smiled at me, so I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, which gave me an idea. If I was able to make love to Miss Compton, she would be as guilty as my Calculus Professor and then she would no longer be able to hold that incident over my head. Besides, in all of the while that I've known Miss Compton, this was the first time that I'd ever had feelings for her, so I decided to act on those feelings.

Just as I was about to suggest to Miss Compton that we should leave the bar and go somewhere a little more intimate, some of her students came up and asked her if she was going to enter the contest. We remembered seeing a sign upon entering the bar that read, "Bikini Oil Wrestling Tonight," but we didn't pay much attention to it. The guys were so excited about seeing Miss Compton's bra and panties when she rode the mechanical bull that they begged her to enter the contest.

Miss Compton was obviously in a drunken state because it took very little coaxing to talk her into participating in the event. She challenged me to a match, but I brought to everyone's attention that neither of us had a bikini. One of the guys talked to the bartender and he came over to tell us that most of the girls just wrestle in their underwear.

I was nervous about appearing center stage in my favorite bar wearing only my bra and panties, so I asked what the contest entailed. The bartender said that a large baby pool would be inflated and filled with an oil and water mixture. The object was to dunk your opponent in the liquid three times and the winner gets fifty dollars. I didn't want to enter the contest, but Miss Compton reminded me that I was still under her control until midnight, so I reluctantly agreed to compete.

After a few more drinks, the employees finished filling the pool and the competition was about to begin. Miss Compton and I went into a changing room where other contestants were getting ready for their bouts. As I looked around at the roomful of naked young girls, I noticed that they were all putting on bikini swimming suits. I began to wonder if the bartender was telling the truth about having Miss Compton and I wrestle in our bra and panties because all of the other girls had a bikini to wear.

Miss Compton didn't seem to mind because she quickly pulled off her cowboy boots. Next, she stood up in her bare feet, unzipped her short skirt and let it drop to the floor. Lastly, my teacher unfastened the few remaining buttons and removed her shirt. She was now ready to do battle. Miss Compton looked stunning in her see-through underwear. She didn't look the least bit nervous, even though it was easy to see her round rosy nipples and dark hairy triangle right through her sheer bra and panties.

I followed Miss Compton's lead and removed my clothes, too. I wished that I hadn't worn such skimpy underwear, but my skirt was so low-cut that I was forced to wear a tiny pair of underpants. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I began to fear that I might lose my underwear during the bout. The thought horrified me because I didn't want to be left standing in the middle of a crowded bar completely naked. Even with my underwear on, I still felt self-conscious because although my bra and panties were not as lucent as Miss Compton's were, the shadow of my nipples and pussy hair were still visible under the thin white fabric.

As we waited, two girls came into the room and they were holding the tops of their bikinis. Apparently, they'd torn each other's bikini tops off during their battle. This really made me fretful because there was a big crowd on hand.

We were the last contestants of the evening and as the MC announced our names, Miss Compton and I stepped into the baby pool. The crowd cheered frantically at the sight of our fragile underwear. I surveyed Miss Compton's bra and panty set beneath the stage lights and I couldn't believe what she was wearing in a public bar.

Miss Compton's white bra and panty set were made of a thin lacy material and I could see her dark pussy hair showing right through the front of her skimpy undies. Her little underpants weren't actually a thong style, but they were cut high in the back and much of the material was pushed up into her ass crack. This allowed most of her butt cheeks to hang out of the tiny panties. Miss Compton's bra didn't do much better of a job concealing her breasts. Her nipples were visible beneath the lacy fabric and she was showing a lot of cleavage.

My white bra and panties did a slightly better job of hiding my goodies than Miss Compton's did. However, the little cotton undies I was wearing were cut so low that my butt crack and my auburn bush were peeking out above the waistband. The crowd could not see through my underwear, but the audience was charged up because they could tell that my thin white bra and panty set were going to become transparent once they got wet.

I looked at Miss Compton and I suddenly realized that she had quite a size advantage over me. I'm only five-foot-one, with medium sized natural breasts and reddish-brown hair. I have a cute and innocent look about me, and this no doubt had the crowd believing that I was the underdog. Miss Compton is probably five inches taller than I am, with big tits and long shapely legs. She has long brunette hair and a beautiful face, so the crowd seemed to be rooting for her.

As the match began I moved forward, but I slipped because of the oily surface that I was standing on. As I fell, I inadvertently grabbed Miss Compton's panties and pulled them all the way down her legs. She was left standing there with her dark bush and firm butt exposed to the crowd. Miss Compton put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down into the cold wet liquid, causing me to lose round one. I stood up and tried to hand the little scrap of material back to her, but she tossed it aside and now she looked like she meant business.

Miss Compton sternly said, "Look what you did! You pulled my panties down and now everyone is staring at me. They can all see my ass and pussy!"

I said, "I'm really sorry."

She said, "Not as sorry as you're going to be. Two can play at this game!"

The front of my body was all wet and oily, and my underwear was soaked. The crowd could now see right through my bra and panties, but just about everyone opted to turn their attention towards Miss Compton because she was naked from the waist down. Even though the audience could clearly see my round rosy nipples and reddish-brown pussy hair showing through my saturated cotton underwear, Miss Compton's brunette bush and bare butt were completely exposed to everyone in the bar, so she was receiving all of the fanfare.

At the start of round two, I decided that I would just dive into the oil and get the match over with as fast as possible, but Miss Compton grabbed me by the back of my bra and held me up. I was trying to struggle free, but as I moved away from Miss Compton, I could feel my bra start inching it's way up over my breasts. I didn't want to lose my bra, but no matter which way I moved, the bra kept sliding upward.

I begged, "Miss Compton, please let go. You're pulling my bra up and my breasts are going to pop out in front of all these guys."

Miss Compton just laughed and said, "You should have thought of that before you yanked down my panties!"

My bra was slowly climbing up, inch-by-inch. I was nervous because my bra slid up so far that my nipples were about to slip out. My face turned bright red because all of the boys were highly aware of what was happening.

I was mortified when the crowd started chanting, "Pull it off! Pull it off!"

Much to my dismay, Miss Compton managed to work my bra up a little higher and my breasts popped out, exposing my puffy pink nipples to the crowd. My bra was up above my breasts, but it was still holding me up. I couldn't get loose from Miss Compton's grip, so I grabbed her bra and retaliated by pulling hard. The flimsy material ripped right off Miss Compton's body, leaving her big melons out in the open for the crowd to gawk at. She responded by breaking apart the clasp on my bra and pulling it free from my body. With my bra no longer supporting me, I splashed down into the greasy solution and I lost round two.

Miss Compton was winning, two to nothing, but she was now completely naked! As we faced each other in front of the huge crowd, she only had one thing on her mind…getting my panties off! At the start of the next round, Miss Compton went down on her knees and latched onto my little panties. I struggled in vain to hold them up, but she was pulling on them as hard as she could.

My level of embarrassment skyrocketed because I could now feel that most of my butt crack and my reddish-brown pussy hair were revealed to the crowd. I fought hard to hide my womanly charms from the boys, but Miss Compton was relentless in her effort to pull down my little underpants. The skimpy panties couldn't hold up to our vicious game of tug-of-war. Soon the thin fabric gave way and my underpants were torn apart. I lost my panties, but I managed to win the round by jumping on top of Miss Compton and forcing her down into the oily solution. It must have been a remarkable sight having two naked girls lying on top of each other in a public bar, especially with my bare ass pointed upward for everyone to see.

Miss Compton and I stood up and we faced each other. Her nude figure looked exquisite as it glistened under the stage lights. When the next round started, Miss Compton and I had each other in a bear hug. Our oily breasts were pressed up against one another and I could feel her wet pussy hair rubbing against my skin, just above my hairy triangle.

The boys went wild as I spun around to get free, but she held her grip on me. Miss Compton was now behind me with her arms around my front, right below my breasts. I could feel Miss Compton's big boobies rubbing against my back as I spread my legs for leverage, which gave all the boys a beaver shot in the process. With the boys standing only a few feet away, I couldn't handle the humiliation of knowing that they had a clear view of my sweet pink pussy lips, so my legs buckled and I fell, butt first, into the oily liquid. The fall allowed Miss Compton to win the match.

Miss Compton and I immediately headed for the changing room, but the MC stopped us and made us stand in the middle of the pool. I tried holding one arm over my chest and the other between my legs in an attempt to hide my bare breasts and naked pussy. In retrospect, I don't know why I was worried about it because everyone had already seen my nude body, but nevertheless I tried to look modest.

Miss Compton didn't try to hide anything at all. She flaunted her big boobs and hairy triangle in front of everyone. The MC announced Miss Compton as the winner and held one of her hands in the air. Her naked body was totally exposed to the crowd and she just smiled and waved as if it didn't bother her at all. Miss Compton took her fifty bucks and we were finally allowed to leave the pool area. The guys continued cheering as we headed towards the changing room because they could still look at our naked butts as we walked away.

When we returned to the changing room, we noticed that there wasn't a shower. There was just a sink with a soap dispenser. Miss Compton ran the water and then she got her hands nice and soapy. I thought she was going to wash the oil off her own body, but instead she moved forward and began washing mine!

Miss Compton started with my breasts. She massaged my firm globes repeatedly before tenderly caressing my puffy pink nipples. They became hard and erect from her soft touch and my body began to tingle all over.

Soon Miss Compton paused and got her hands all soapy again, and then she turned her attention to my upper body. She washed my arms, sides and flat tummy before moving behind me and washing my back. Miss Compton spread suds all over my back and gave me a nice massage before moving down to my bare butt.

Now she was in an area that really turns me on. Miss Compton softly slid her soapy hands all over my ass cheeks, which tickled a little, but also got my juices flowing. Eventually, she moved her fingers to the center of my bare bottom and began gently caressing my sensitive butt crack. It felt so good that I bent forward and grabbed my ankles, giving Miss Compton full access to every inch of my naked butt.

Once again, Miss Compton soaped up her hands and then she washed the backs of my legs. She even washed my feet and between my toes before moving up the front of my legs. When she slowly slid her hands between my inner thighs, I got really excited because Miss Compton was now only inches away from my pussy!

Miss Compton kneeled down in front of me and rubbed the suds into my neatly trimmed auburn bush before finally running her fingers over my pussy lips. It felt so good that I wanted to collapse onto the floor, but just as she dipped her finger inside of me, she stopped and said that she needed to rinse the soap off. I was frustrated because the passion within me was starting to build, but I just stood there as my teacher wiped wet paper towels all over me to remove the soapy residue from my young naked body.

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