tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 25

College Girls Ch. 25


My new friend Heather invited me on a weekend camping trip. I told her that I wasn't interested because I'm not the type of girl that likes to rough it in the great outdoors. I'm more of a pampered mint-on-the-pillow type of girl. However, she insisted vehemently so I accepted the invitation. Heather said that she wanted to do something nice for her little sister's eighteenth birthday. She thought it would be fun to take her sister and I on a camping trip before her father put the camper away for the winter. Heather assured me that it would just be the three of us. She also said that we were going to a "no frills" campground to simply relax and become one with nature.

The girls and I crowded into Heather's pickup truck and we were on our way. Heather's little sister, Jessica, was just adorable. Jessie is around five-foot-two with sandy-brown hair and big brown eyes. She has a petite figure and the sweetest smile I've ever seen. Heather has a cute face and a slender body, too. However, Heather is five-foot-six with bleached blonde hair and the tattoo of a heart on her arm, so she looks a little wilder than Jessica.

It was unseasonably warm for September. Even though I was only wearing a small pair of cutoffs and a tank top, I was still perspiring. We had plenty of beer so I grabbed a cold one out of the cooler. The girls and I set up the tent camper, which was nothing more than a couple of pullout beds, a mini-refrigerator and a port-o-potty. There was no air conditioner, shower or even walls around the port-o-potty. The port-o-potty just sat out in the open next to the refrigerator. A couple in their forties were only a few campsites away from us. They had a huge RV that looked as big as a bus.

I gazed at the big beautiful RV with the satellite dish on top and thought to myself, "I'll bet those people don't have to pee out in the middle of the room with everyone watching them!"

An older gentleman that works in the office took Heather, Jessica and I for a walk around the campground. He showed us the stables for horseback riding, the river for swimming and canoeing, the trails for hiking, and then he showed us the facilities. It was just a brick building with two doors on the side. One door led to the men's restroom and the other to the women's restroom. The restrooms weren't fancy, but they were clean. Then he showed us the showers. On the outside of the building in the back, there were a few showerheads sticking out of the side of the building.

He said, "These are the women's showers."

I asked, "Where are the men's showers?"

He replied, "On the other side of the building."

Jessica and I walked around the building and noticed that a high wooden fence encased the men's showers. This assured the men of complete privacy. The showers were only accessible by going through the men's restroom.

Jessie and I returned to the other side of the building and I asked the man, "How come the men's showers are enclosed by a big solid wooden fence and the women's showers are right out in the open?"

He chuckled and said, "They're not right out in the open. See, there's a few shrubs in front of them."

I sarcastically said, "That makes me feel secure!"

He continued, "Your showers are facing the woods. Besides, the women's showers are behind the building. I doubt that anyone will bother you back here."

Jessica asked, "I'm just curious. Why isn't there a big fence around the women's showers like the men have?"

He answered, "There was a tall fence, but it fell down. We just haven't gotten around to replacing it."

Heather smirked, "How convenient!"

The man continued, "I really don't see what the big deal is. Most of the people have showers built into their motor homes so they don't use our facilities anyway."

Jessica had a nervous expression on her face because she knew our camper didn't have a built-in shower, but everyone dropped the subject as we continued the tour. There were only about fifteen motor homes and travel trailers throughout the campground. Our camper was in the last row of the park. That big RV bus gave the girls and I privacy because it blocked everyone's view of our pop-up tent camper. However, on the other side of our camper was a cluster of regular tents. I asked who the tent area belonged to and the man said it was a Boy Scout camp.

I said, "Oh great. Just what we need, a bunch of little boys hanging around."

The man said, "They're not so little. They're Eagle Scouts and they're all upper classmen in high school."

After the man left, Heather looked at me with a devilish grin and said, "I'll bet we can have some fun with the Eagle Scouts."

I said, "First of all, you said we were here to relax, not cause trouble. Secondly, I'm twenty-two and you're twenty-three. Those boys are at least four or five years younger than we are. And lastly, when I was in high school, the Eagle Scouts were kind of a nerdy bunch of boys. They didn't really hang out with our crowd."

Heather responded, "But they're eighteen, which is the same age as Jessie. Besides, after school starts most of the RV people are middle-aged couples or retired people. Those boys may be our only source of fun."

I giggled and said, "By fun, you mean baring a little skin, making out where people can see us, that kind of thing?"

Jessica blushed as Heather said, "Well, I was never an exhibitionist before I met you, Mindy, but getting naked and making out with you in the bar last weekend was a real rush."

Then Jessica really turned red. I guess Heather told Jessica about our stripping game in the bar last week. When the game was over, Heather and I were naked so we made out with each other right in front of everyone. Now that Heather had experienced the thrill of exhibitionism, I guess she wanted to try it again.

I said, "Jessie, I don't want you to think I act like that all the time. Just because your sister and I got a little drunk and wild last weekend doesn't mean we should all go out and corrupt a bunch of innocent Boy Scouts."

There was a pause and then Heather said, "I'll bet we can make them lose a merit badge!"

We laughed and then I said, "Okay, but just take it slow and natural. I'm more experienced at this than you girls are."

Heather said, "Too bad it's a bunch of nerdy guys."

I said, "Actually, nerdy guys can be more fun. I love to see the expressions on their faces when I flash guys that normally are not too lucky with girls."

Jessica asked, "So we just strip our clothes off in front of these boys?

I said, "No, there's a lot more to it than that. It seems to be a bigger turn-on, and it's definitely more fun, if the boys think we're flashing them by accident. If they're under the impression that we lost our clothes by some unfortunate mishap or they think they've discovered us in the nude unexpectedly, then it really adds to the teasing effect."

Jessica meekly asked, "So we're going to allow our clothes to accidentally fall off, and then we're going to act embarrassed and flustered, that kind of thing?"

I said, "Jessica, from the way you're blushing, I don't think it will be an act with you!"

Heather giggled and said, "Mindy, I can see right now that you're going to be a bad influence on my little sister!"

The girls and I were all wearing short cut-offs, tank tops, panties and bras. We decided to get the weekend rolling by removing our bras and heading to the stables. Heather and Jessica love riding horses, but I'm not too wild about it, so Heather and I shared a horse.

My cutoffs were so short that my butt cheeks were hanging out and I'll bet the man that helped me get up into the saddle got an eye-full. There was also a worn-out spot on the back of my shorts. The hole was so big that it was easy to see what color underpants I was wearing. The man didn't say anything about it. He just smiled as the girls and I rode away from the barn. I looked around and noticed that there weren't any young girls at the campground. As a result, Heather, Jessica and I were the main attraction for everyone, especially the boys in the tent area.

As we rode around on the horses in our tank tops and tiny cutoff shorts, we pretended as if we didn't know the boys were watching us. However, the girls and I were well aware that we had a captive audience and we decided to give the boys a little preview of what the rest of the weekend would be like. The motion of the horses caused our braless breasts to bounce gently under our tank tops and our nipples poked out prominently against the front of our thin shirts. I could even see Jessica's cute little butt-crack hanging out of her too-small shorts, and all the boys could see it, too.

When Heather picked up the pace, I had to hold on tight and I instinctively grabbed onto Heather's big boobies. Heather kept pushing my hands down, but every time the horse made an unexpected move, my hands went right back to Heather's titties. While we were still ridding where the boys could see us, I began rubbing my breasts against Heather's back and gyrating my hips. I rose up in the saddle and arched my back to flaunt my backside to the boys. I'm sure they loved seeing my butt cheeks hanging out of my short shorts. We did plenty of ridding and plenty of teasing, but we didn't actually flash any of our precious body parts. We were saving those for later.

We stopped the horses where a couple of boys were within earshot and I asked loudly, "Heather, are you ready to take a shower?"

In the same tone, Heather replied, "Sure, but don't you remember? The wall in front of the women's showers fell down!"

I said, "Oh, I forgot about that. We'll be right out in the open where everyone can see us."

Heather added, "And the showers face those secluded woods. I sure hope no one tries to hike back there and spy on us."

Jessica blushed and said, "Would you guys shut up. Don't give the boys any ideas!"

I said, "Jessie, we have to take a shower. I guess we'll just have to risk it."

Jessica blushed and said, "But the boys..."

Heather said, "Jessie, there's nothing we can do to stop them from hiking through the woods to watch us strip down and soap up our naked bodies. Now let's go get it over with!"

Jessie really looked self-conscious when she saw the boys charge over to tell their friends what they'd just overheard.

I grinned at Heather and said, "You little tease! We'd better get going or the whole scout troupe's going to be out there watching us."

The girls and I returned the horses and then we went to our camper. Rather than carry all our clothes across the campground, we decided to just wear our towels. Once the three of us were in the nude, we wrapped our towels around us. Unfortunately, the towels were not full sized bath towels.

Jessica said, "This towel is too small. My butt feels like it's hanging out and if I pull down on the towel, my nipples show. I think we should wear clothes."

Heather said, "No way! Just put the towel on and let's go. Besides, I'm the tallest so I'm sure my butt's really hanging out."

Jessica said, "But what if the towel falls off? I won't have any clothes on!"

Heather just said, "Quit complaining" and then she opened the camper door.

Jessica was pretty well covered by her towel, but I couldn't say the same for Heather. Not only was the bottom of Heather's butt cheeks showing. Some of her sandy-brown bush was peeking out from below the towel, too. Regardless of our meager attire, we left the camper and began our journey across the campground.

It was starting to get dark out, but there were still plenty of older men outside barbecuing. They all watched as the three of us walked through the RV park. A few times, the breeze flipped our towels open, treating some of the men to a quick look at our hairy triangles. It really embarrassed Jessica, but Heather and I just giggled and kept walking.

Once we reached the showers, it was really getting dark out. Heather and I quickly bared our bodies to the great outdoors. We hung our towels on the hooks, but Jessica was a little hesitant to show off her firm young body in public.

Jessica asked, "What if those boys are out there?"

I heard some rustling in the woods so I knew they were nearby, but I said, "Jessie, it's so dark that they can't see us anyway."

Jessica finally took her towel off and hung it up. Suddenly a floodlight came on above us that illuminated the entire shower area. Jessica panicked and tried to cover her nakedness by putting an arm across her chest and a hand between her legs.

She shrieked, "Who's there?"

Heather chuckled and said, "Don't worry sis. The light is probably on an automatic timer."

I sensed that there were several boys out in the woods, but I didn't say anything. The three of us just started rubbing soap all over our bare skin as if we were all alone. I accidentally dropped the bar of soap and Heather quickly bent over to pick it up. She kept her legs straight and pointed her bare ass right at the boys to give them a view of the full moon. I began lathering up my hair with my back to the wall so that I was facing the boys.

With my arms up in the air, I was showing them everything I had. My five-foot-one-inch body was totally exposed to the boys, including my medium sized breasts, soft pink nipples and reddish brown pussy hair. As I shampooed my hair, I made sure that I moved around enough to make my boobies jiggle for the boys. Jessica on the other hand, was reluctant to turn around and show her most precious body parts to our audience. However, Jessica was presenting a mighty-fine little ass to the boys.

Heather saw a couple of boys moving closer to get a better look at us, so she really started putting on a show. As I continued washing my hair, Heather began rubbing her warm soapy hands all over my body. Jessica looked intrigued as she watched her big sister massage my breasts, tweak my nipples and then slowly move down the front of me until she reached my pleasure place. Heather worked up a nice lather between my legs and thoroughly shampooed my neatly trimmed bush before proceeding to my pussy lips. Her magic fingers felt so good that I began to moan, but the feeling was short lived because less than a minute later Heather instructed me to turn around so that she could cleanse my firm rear-end.

Heather started out rubbing her hands all over my soft smooth ass. Then she began working her soapy fingers up and down my sensitive butt crack. I was enjoying the sensation of having my bare bottom teased, but I couldn't refrain from reaching out and applying a little soap to Jessica's beautiful young body. At first, she tensed up and backed away, but I finally convinced her to stand still and enjoy the tender caress of my soft hands. Jessica's beautiful budding breasts were almost as big as mine are and her nipples quickly became erect when I rolled them between my fingers. She looked adorable as her checks blushed with embarrassment, but her eyes lit up with excitement.

As my soapy hand found its way between Jessica's legs I said, "I love your furry little muff."

Jessie's face turned bright red. She'd obviously never been touched by a girl before and I'm sure there was a flood of emotions running through her body. As I raked my fingernails down Jessica's soft pussy hair, I couldn't decide whether to reach behind her and brush my hand up against her cute little butt, or dive right into her adolescent pussy. Before I could make my decision, the mood was spoiled when a boy was pushed out in front of us.

Jessica immediately spotted the boy and reached for her towel, but Heather had cleverly moved it leaving Jessie naked in front of the boy. Again, Jessica panicked and put an arm across her chest while attempting to cover her soapy bush with her hand. Heather and I took a more direct approach. Without covering ourselves at all, we began to interrogate the young boy.

I asked, "What do you think you're doing young man?"

He stuttered as he said, "It wasn't my fault. They...they pushed me out here."

Heather sternly asked, "Did they force you to hike through the woods? Did they force you to spy on us? Did they force you to watch us take a shower?"

As Heather and I continued questioning the boy, we dipped under the shower to rinse the soap from our naked bodies. The boy's eyes followed the soap as it cascaded over our erect nipples and between our breasts. Then the soap continued across our flat tummies and through our neatly trimmed pussy hair. The soap finally ran down between our muscular legs and ended up on the shower floor.

Once Heather finished rinsing the soap from her wonderful nude figure, she pointed her bare body at the boy and demanded, "Is this what you wanted to see...a naked girl?"

The boy gave the impression that he was terrified of Heather. He appeared to be so embarrassed of standing in front of three nude young girls that he couldn't even look at us. The boy also seemed like he was mortified that he got caught spying on us. He tried to turn away from us, but Heather wasn't about to let that happen.

Heather struck a power stance by putting her hands on her hips and spreading her legs shoulder width apart. Of course, when you're naked, the power stance tends to show off your breasts and bush without the slightest bit of modesty. To the boy, it was more of a "look at everything I've got" stance than a power stance, but the boy was too ashamed to take advantage of the situation. He still wanted to turn away from Heather.

Heather demanded, "Look at me. Don't turn away, just look at me!"

The boy acted self-conscious as he turned to face us.

Then I said, "Look Heather, that's why he's trying to turn away from us. He's got a bulge in his pants."

Heather said, "Let's see what he's trying to hide!"

The boy said, "No, not that..." but before he could do anything, Heather opened the front of his cargo shorts, and then she pulled his shorts and underwear down all in one motion.

With his pants down, I turned the boy towards Jessica and said, "See Jessie, this is what a boy's penis looks like."

In a nervous laugh, Jessica tried to say that this wasn't the first penis she'd ever seen, but I don't think she was being truthful. Jessie seemed too mystified at the sight of the boy's little boner. Both the boy and Jessie looked extremely embarrassed. They were mutually forced to expose themselves in public against their will, yet the two teens seemed innocently intrigued to behold a member of the opposite sex in all their naked glory. To my surprise, Jessica even put her arms down so that the boy could have a close-up view of her tender young body.

It was quickly becoming a warm affectionate moment for the two teenagers until Heather shattered the mood by saying, "Yep sis, that's a penis alright, but it's not a very big penis!"

Heather's remark was the kind of statement that could crush a boy's spirit for the rest of his life, so I tried to reverse the damage by saying, "Don't worry, I think I know how to make it bigger."

Jessica watched closely to what I was doing as I lathered up my hand. Once my hand was all soapy and slick, I wrapped it around the boy's stiff member and slowly began stroking the young virgin boyhood. The Eagle Scout was trembling at my touch, but then his attention was diverted to Jessica's beautiful bush, which was completely exposed right in front of him. I could only imagine what was going on in the young boy's mind as he carefully studied Jessica's nude form. Soon the boy's penis became rigid and his body tensed up. Finally, it looked like he was about to cum when out of nowhere, Heather reached over and smacked him right on his bare ass.

The kid cried out, "Ouch! What did you do that for?"

Heather sternly replied, "That's what you get for looking at my kid sister! Her naked body is right out in the open and she has no way to hide her nice titties and sweet little pussy from you. Just look at her, standing there all embarrassed."

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