tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 26

College Girls Ch. 26


I will enter my final semester of college in January, so my parents bought me a new digital camera to capture memories of my last months on campus. Even though Christmas is still a few weeks away, my mom and dad gave me the camera early so that I would be familiar with it by the time the holidays arrived. It is a pocketsize camera, but with a gig of memory, it can hold an endless amount of pictures and video. I was amazed that such a tiny camera could produce such clear and precise pictures.

Since I was home on Christmas break, there weren't many photo opportunities available. After taking pictures of my family and our dog, I put the camera away for a while. The following day, boredom set in not long after my parents left for work, so I read the manual for the camera. I found out how to take indoor pictures without using the flash and I learned how to set the timer, which allows me to get into the picture before it is snapped. I even discovered that the camera has the capability to automatically snap several pictures in a row.

Even though it was past noon, I was still only wearing the white T-shirt and tiny bikini panties that I slept in, but I went ahead and took some pictures of myself anyway. The camera was set up to take twenty pictures at a time. With a five-foot-one-inch petite body, I know I'll never be a fashion model, but I was having fun just the same. I started out with big smiles and cheesecake poses, but I quickly progressed to more provocative positions.

I lifted my T-shirt up so that my flat tummy and bellybutton were exposed, and then I lifted the shirt up even higher so that the lower portions of my medium-sized breasts were showing. When I loaded the pictures into my laptop, I was really excited because the images turned out great. The pictures were so clear that I could even see the shadow of my auburn bush through the front of my little white panties.

After reviewing the pictures, it appeared that my underpants were actually too small for me. A few tufts of reddish-brown pussy hair were poking out above the waistband and the images from behind showed that my ass cheeks were hanging out of the skimpy undies. The top of my butt crack was also exposed above the waistband of the too-small panties.

Even though I'm a twenty-two year old college student, the snapshots of me in those little-girl panties made me look like a sweet and innocent teenager. I could probably make some money selling the pictures to a teen site, but I don't have the nerve to post myself on the Internet. When I flash in public, its fun, but its final. If my picture ended up all over the Internet, I'd remain naked on somebody's hard drive forever and there's no telling who would see the pictures. I decided to save the images on my laptop and just keep them for my own personal pleasure.

I was about to take a bath, so I set the camera up to record a movie. In a film class that I took in college, I had to make a "how to" film. My video showed how to bake a cake. Boring! I decided to create the film that would have really impressed my teacher, and the guys in the class, too! The new film was going to be called, "How to Take a Bath." I filled the tub with warm water and then I started the camera rolling. I climbed into the tub and relaxed for a few minutes, but then I stood up again.

I looked at the camera and said, "Hi, my name is Mindy Sparks and I'm going to show you how to take a bath."

I looked down at myself and said, "Oh no, I forgot to take my clothes off! Look how wet I am. You can see right through my white T-shirt. Notice how easy it is to see my pink puffy nipples. They're poking right through this wet shirt. I'd better take the shirt off."

I slowly lifted the shirt up and exposed my bare breasts to the camera. I paused for a moment and gently caressed my nipples with one hand while I held the T-shirt up with the other. Then I finished taking off my shirt and I was now topless in front of the camera.

I playfully said, "There, that's better. These are my titties. I'll bet you boys out there watching this video are happy because I don't have that clumsy old T-shirt covering them up any more. Now that I'm topless, you can get a really good look at my breasts. Go ahead and look. I don't mind."

I glanced down and said, "Wait a second. Silly me! I forgot to take off my panties. These little underpants are really too small for me. Look how tiny they are. They barely cover the reddish-brown hair between my legs. And look how the water made these little undies practically transparent. My pussy is showing right through the soaked white fabric. See, right here. This dark patch is my pussy hair. I'll show it to you soon, but first let me turn around and show you my cute little butt."

Then I turned around and said, "Look how these panties are clinging to my ass. See how they're trying to ride up in my butt crack? I guess I'll just slide them down so that I can wash every inch of my body."

I slowly inched my skimpy undies down until half of my ass was exposed to the camera and then I said, "Now you can almost see my bare butt. See how firm it is? I work out all the time so that I can have a nice round muscular butt."

Then I turned around, pointed to my crotch and said, "Now most of my hairy triangle is showing here in front, too. Let me push these panties down just a little further. There, now you can see my entire pussy."

I gently raked my fingernails through my pussy hair and asked in a little girl voice, "Do you like what you see? I mean, do you like my pussy? I sure hope so!"

Soon my panties reached mid-thigh and I paused to slowly run my hands up and down my bare body. My little underpants were heavy because they were wet and eventually they dropped down my legs and landed in the tub, leaving me stark naked in front of the camera.

I looked down and in a teasing voice I said, "Oops, my panties fell off. Now I don't have any clothes on at all. I'm completely naked!"

I modeled my nude body in front of the camera for a few minutes and then I said, "Are you finished looking at me? Well, I have to move on and show you how to take a bath. Besides, I don't want to stand in this cool air for too long. See? Look right here. See how the cool air made my nipples all hard and erect?"

After I was finished showing off my breasts, I continued, "First I'm going to wash my hair because I do that standing up, and then I'll lie down and warm up in the water. To get my hair wet, I'll have to bend over and place my head in the tub. You boys out there watching the demonstration will probably enjoy this because my bare butt is going to be pointed right at the camera. Well, here goes."

With my legs straight and my back to the camera, I bent forward and dunked my head into the water. While my head was in the water, I gave the camera a full view of my bare ass. Finally, I stood up and turned to face the camera.

I giggled and asked, "So boys, did you enjoy that? Do you like seeing my butt?"

I put some shampoo in my hands and said, "Now I'll lather up my hair. See how I vigorously massage my head?"

Then I looked down and said, "Wow, washing my hair really makes my boobies jiggle. And with my hands up on my head, you boys are getting an unobstructed view of my bouncing breasts."

I paused for a second and moved my soapy hands down to my chest. I cupped my hands under my breasts and then I held them up for the camera.

I asked, "What do you think of my titties? Personally, I like my breasts. I realize they're not huge, but look how full and firm they are. I think they look good on my petite frame, don't you? My round rosy nipples are cute, too. Mmm, I love softly pinching my nipples. And see how squeezable my boobies are? Maybe I'll let you touch them sometime!"

I continued, "I guess that's enough about my breasts. It's time to rinse my hair. To rinse my hair, I'll have to bend over again and place my head in the tub. If you boys liked seeing my bare ass before, you'll really love it this time because it takes longer to rinse my hair than it does to just get it wet. Here we go."

With my legs straight and my back to the camera again, I bent forward and began to rinse my hair. My naked rear-end was on display for all of the viewers to behold as I thoroughly rinsed the shampoo from my hair. I was bent over at a steep angle, and with my legs spread apart I'll bet my pussy was even visible from behind. Finally, I stood up and turned to face the camera.

I asked, "How does my hair look? I'm talking about the hair on my head boys" and then I laughed.

I settled down into the tub and then I said, "Now its time to pamper myself."

I put my legs up on the sides of the tub and said, "First, I'll lather up my hands and run them up and down my smooth, muscular legs. Notice how I wash my feet and get between each toe."

I giggled and said, "It tickles when I wash my feet!"

Then I lathered up my legs, grabbed a razor and explained, "I have to shave my legs to make them nice and smooth."

I shaved my legs and then I moved up to the furry patch of hair between my legs.

I said, "This is my bikini line. I have to shave and trim this area so that my pussy hair doesn't hang out where its not supposed to."

I finished with the razor, ran my fingers through my auburn bush and said, "I didn't cut it all off. See? There's still some hair down here for you to play with."

Then I spread my legs wide and said, "But look how I trimmed real close down here between my legs. That's so you won't get any of those nasty old hairs on your tongue if you want to lick me. I like it when you lick me!"

I lathered up my hands and began rubbing them all over my body. Then I stopped when my hands reached my breasts.

I smiled at the camera and said, "Let's review. What are these called again? That's right, these are my titties and these are my nipples. Look how soft and pink they are. And when I gently rub my soapy fingers over them, they get nice and hard. It tickles a little, but it feels real good! Caressing my nipples makes me tingle all over. It also feels good when I massage my breasts."

I massaged one breast while rolling the nipple on my other breast between my fingers. I was beginning to get excited. After finishing with my breasts, I slowly began to move my soapy hands down the front of my body.

I said, "This is my tummy. It's nice and flat because I work out all the time. And this is my bellybutton, which is another ticklish spot on me."

I continued slowly sliding my hands down the front of me, but when my hands were about to touch my neatly trimmed auburn bush, I stood up and turned my back to the camera.

I said, "I'm sure you boys were looking forward to watching me touch my pussy, but that will have to wait because its time to wash my butt. First I'm going to get my hands real soapy, and now watch how I rub my hands all over the cheeks of my ass. Do you like my butt? It's so soft and smooth. And I work out to keep it firm, too."

I continued, "Now I'm going to take one finger and run it up and down my butt crack. Mmm, my butt crack is so sensitive. It makes me quiver when someone touches me here. I just love it when another girl does this to me. That's right, I said girl. I really enjoy the tender touch of a girl's delicate fingers on my smooth behind. Oh, don't feel left out boys! I'm sure you'd enjoy watching us."

I concentrated on my bare ass for a while, and then I sat back down and put my legs up on the sides of the tub. My legs were spread wide apart as I began running my soapy fingers through my furry patch.

Then I licked my lips, smiled at the camera and said, "This is the best part of the bath. Now that my pussy is nicely trimmed, I can show you the area right between my legs. See boys? Here, let me give you a beaver shot."

I showed my pussy slit to the camera and said, "I like to rub my fingers up and down like this" as I stroked my slit with my fingertip.

Soon I moved up near the top of my slit and said, "It really gets me excited when I touch myself right here. See this? This is my little clitty, or what I refer to as my love button. Mmm, it feels so good when I gently massage myself like this. I'd like it even more if your tongue was doing the job, but moving my fingers softly in little circles like this turns me on, too."

I moved my finger down a little and said, "Now that I've gotten myself all wet, it'll be real easy to dip my finger down here. See right here between my legs? This is my love hole. Look how my finger fits nicely in here, especially when I'm so wet. And I'm not talking about wet from the tub. I'm so excited right now that the water can't even wash away my natural juices. You girls know what I mean!"

I began moving my finger around inside of me. Then I started stroking my pussy with my finger.

I continued, "It feels so good when I move my finger in and out. See? It's going in and out, in and out, and sometimes I have to pause and move my finger around in little circles, too. Mmm, that's the spot. Yes that feels good."

I closed my eyes and stroked myself for a while, almost forgetting that the camera was recording me.

I finally broke the silence and said, "This feels real good, but I want to show you girls a little trick that will make it feel even better."

I leaned over and grabbed my hairbrush.

I held the brush in front of the camera and said, "This is my hairbrush. Notice the long round plastic handle. What does it remind you of? That's right, it looks like a boy's penis!"

I grabbed a tube from the cabinet and said, "Even though the handle is nice and smooth, I'm going to apply a dab of lubricating gel to make it slide easier. There, now I'm going to slowly work the handle inside of me. See how I'm starting out slowly, but little by little the handle is going deeper inside of me. Mmm, yes, that feels good. I'm just going to keep moving the brush in and out, in and out. While I work the brush with one hand, I'll use the other hand to gently rub my little clitty. Wow, this feels great. I think I'll just sit back and enjoy the moment."

Then I teasingly said to the camera, "What? You want to watch me while I play with my hairbrush? Well it's all right with me. I don't mind at all! It turns me on knowing that you're watching me pleasure myself. See the brush going in and out, in and out? I'm just going to keep doing this for a little while."

I was lost in my own world as I continued pushing the handle of the hairbrush in and out of my tight wet pussy. Soon the tension began to intensify inside of me and I sensed that I was heading towards a powerful orgasm.

I was short of breath, but I said, "There's something building inside of me. And it feels so good! I've got to keep working it, working it. Yes, yes, I'm getting there!"

I continued stroking myself as the feeling kept building stronger and stronger inside of me. Again I wasn't saying anything to the camera, but I'm sure the microphone picked up some of my soft moaning. Soon I was nearing the point of no return.

I softly said, "Oh, I'm so close. I'll take my other hand and caress my nipple. Yes, that's helping, that's helping! Mmm, I'm just about there...just about...now, yes, I'm there, I'm there! I'm cumming! Oh yes, mmm."

I sunk into the tub and shuttered in the water as electrical impulses surged throughout my body. I slowly removed the handle of the hairbrush from my pussy and then I dropped the brush on the floor. All I could do was lay there motionless in the bathtub, until I could recover from my intense climax. Finally, I regained consciousness and stood up in the tub.

With a wink and a smile I said, "Wow, that was great. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!"

Then I continued, "Now its time to rinse. I'll just grab this cup and let the water pour all over my soft skin. See how the water cascades over my bare breasts and continues right down over my pussy? Watch closely while I do it again. Now I'll turn around and rinse my butt. Well, I guess I'm clean...and very satisfied...so there's nothing left to do, but get out and dry off. Until next time, this is Mindy Sparks saying so long."

I grabbed a towel and patted myself dry. I turned off the camera while I styled my hair, brushed my teeth and performed the rest of my grooming ritual. I was finally finished getting ready, but I was still naked. Then the doorbell rang.

I turned on the camera and said, "Now who could that be? I can't go to the door naked, but all I have is this little bitty towel. I guess I'll just wrap it around me and hope it stays on."

As the doorbell rang again, I looked in the mirror and said, "Wow, this towel barely covers me, but I need to answer the door so I guess I'll just have to live dangerously!"

I carried the camera into the living room and set it on the table near the front door. It was still on and filming me as I answered the door. I opened the door and there stood a deliveryman with a surprised look on his face.

He said, "I really hate to bother you, but I have a delivery for your next door neighbor and no one answered. Would you mind signing for it?"

I smiled and said, "Sure."

He looked at my towel and said, "I guess I caught you at a bad time."

I chuckled and said, "You know how it is. As soon as you get in the tub, the doorbell rings."

Then I teasingly said, "It's a shame that all I could find to wrap around myself was this tiny towel!"

Still looking at my towel, he grinned and said, "Yes, it's a real shame!"

He was holding a box that I assumed he intended to give to me. However, I was forced to stand there and wait for the longest time because the deliveryman was mesmerized by my attire. I guess I can't blame him. When I looked down at my towel, I could see that it started slightly above my nipples and stopped precisely at the bottom of my pussy hair. The deliveryman was an older gentleman who appeared to be in need of a little excitement and I'm sure a young girl in a small towel was a thrill for him.

With the camera recording all the action, I thought it would be fun do a little teasing. The man's eyes were fixated between my legs, so I shifted my weight abruptly, almost daring the towel to flip up and expose my reddish-brown bush. Unfortunately for the man, the towel didn't budge, so he finally handed me the box. The package contained a holiday fruitcake. As I reached out with both hands to take the box from him, my towel unexpectedly came loose in back, but I was able to clamp down on the towel and catch it under each arm.

I acted embarrassed and shrieked, "Oops, I almost lost my towel. Luckily, the front of me is still covered. Can you hold this package while I fix my towel?"

He said, "No...Um I mean I can't. Union rules. I can't touch the package once it's delivered."

I said, "That's not a rule. You made that up!"

He said, "Sorry, my hands are tied."

The man made no effort to help me. He just stood there with a stupid expression on his face while I struggled to hold onto the towel. The front of me was protected from his view, but my ass was right out in the open for the camera to record.

I said, "Well, if you're not going to help me, then I guess I'll have to try and set the box on this chair. I just hope I don't drop my towel."

I turned sideways and slowly set the cake down on the chair. In the process, the whole side of my bare body was displayed to the man. And to make matters worse, my bent over position allowed the towel to fall away from the lower portion of my body, creating a gap between the towel and the front of me. The towel covered the sides of my breasts, but the gap between my body and the towel allowed the deliveryman to sneak a peek at my neatly trimmed auburn pussy hair.

Still in my bent over position, I turned my head towards the man and asked, "Are you trying to look under my towel?"

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